Tuesday, 20 June 2017

part 7 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

Valentines day:

(Ridz is waiting outside the restaurant..she sees none of her friends around)
(armaan comes from behind and whispers in her ear "happy valentines day"...which sent a chill down her spine...she could listen her heart beating fast)
Ridz: hahhh!! you??
Armi: darr gayee??

Ridz: (pretending) nahi daree [ was i scared or something else...i felt so different!! his voice...is still echoing inside!!]
Armi: u r looking good
Ridz: thanks [ again that look!! koi mujhe batao wat it means!!]
Armi: wat r u thinking...dont tell me you have come prepared to propose to me today
Ridz: huh!!?? u wacko...i will kill u
(she starts beating him..but he blocks her every move...she gets tired)
Armi: thak gayee??
Ridz: haan but i wont leave you ( she starts messing his hair)
Armi: hey, dont touch my hair..i get irritated
Ridz: wow!! after so many days i know something that irritates u n u expect me to leave u now??
Armi: (with crossed fingers) ok sorry sorry
(Atul comes in)
Atul: hi guys, happy valentines day
Ridz n armi: hi, happy valentines day
(anji comes)
Three: hey anji, happy valentines day
Anji: happy valentines day to u too
(all of them go in)
Anji: arey yaar, ye sapna ka surprise kya hain?
Atul: lets see..here she comes..who is the guy with her?
Sapna: hi guys..happy valentines day
(everyone say hi and wish her for valentines...all of them have a question mark on their face)
Sapna: ok..so here is my surprise...he is my boyfriend Amit
All: ohhh!!
Armi: nahiiii !! (putting his fist on his forehead..head lifted..like a old hindi heroine)
(everyone is shocked)
Atul: isko kya hua?
(armaan opens his eyes slightly to make sure that everyone is looking at him)
Armi: ye tu ne kya kiya sapna!! ek bechaara bebas masoom insaan ko pyaar ke kue(well) mein dakhel diya??!!
Ridz: oy, dramebaazi bandh kar
Armi: ok (n sits straight)
(everyone laughs..sapna introduces them to amit)
Anji: hey sapna, tell us ur love story
Armi: ya, tell us
Ridz: y do u want? u dont believe in all this right?
Armi: ya, but they r interesting to listen..like film stories
Ridz: (looking at amit) dont mind him hun! he is a nutcase..tell us ur story
Sap: well, its a simple one yaar..we are friends from many years..donno when we started loving each other..one day he proposed n i accepted..thats it...
Ridz: so sweet
Anji: ya
Armi: boring yaar...koi twist nahi hain?
Sap: abbey bandar! meri life mein tujhe twists chahiye?
Armi: hehe..no yaar..good that u r happy..
Ridz: ya, we r happy for u
(they have dinner..say bye to each other n leave...sapna left with amit...ridz is waiting outside for anji to get her scooty from parking area..anji will drop her at home)
Armaan: waiting for me??
Ridz: no, for anji
Armaan: this is for you
(arman gives a chocolate)
Ridz:(with wide eyes) chocolate!!! thanks..i love chocolates
(she opens it n starts eating hastily like a kid)
Armi: woah !! just a chocolate makes u so happy??
Ridz: ya (with mouth full of chocolate)
(she makes a kiddish sign which means asking do u want?)
Armi: no, u njoy
(Ridz is holding helmet in one hand and chocolate in other hand...her hair is falling on her face bcoz of light wind..she tries to set them with her arm...arman notices this n moves forward and delicately tucks away a strand of hair from her face n put it behind her ear..his fingers touched her cheek when he took his hand back)
Ridz: thanks [his touch!! y is it so different!! may be its normal between a boy n gal when they r friends]
(Anji comes n they go home)

(vicky keeps trying to talk to ridz..she is not so interested but courteous enough to avoid...one day armaan sees her talking to him in the corridor before going to canteen)
In the canteen:
(armaan is sitting with leg stretched out in the way and ridz comes in)
Ridz: yo monkey...payr hataa
(armaan moves his leg n she comes in..armaan thinks for a few seconds)
Armi: ridhima, i strongly feel vicky is falling for you
Ridz: no armaan..nothing like that
Armi: hah!! as if u can read everyone's mind
Ridz: i dont think he feels that way...wont i know if someone likes me
Armi: (in a serious tone) no..u dont know
(Ridz looked at him..confused..trying to figure out wat he meant...he is just looking at her..without any expression)
Ridz: but..
Armi: i just told u wat i felt
Ridz: hmmm

(after a month..College annual function is announced...everyone is busy preparing for the event..arman is in the organising committee)
Anji: hows the preparation going armaan?
Armi: ya..so far its good...
Sap: when does it start? is it ok if we come by 7
Armi: ya 7 shud be ok but it will be late when the function in over..u gals be careful
Ridz: ok...hey gals shall we decide on a dress code
Armi: dress code??!!
Sap: ya...for a change
Armi: tum ladkiyan bhi na
Ridz: hehe...so, wat to wear..skirt?
Anji: no way, i wear it regularly
Ridz: hmm..jeans?
Sap: wats so special in jeans ridz, its casual..but i never saw u wearing it, y?
Ridz: donno...will try some day
Atul: hi guys
Armi: thank God tu aagaya, these gals have almost forgot that i am a guy and i am sitting here with them, made me listen to their girly talk (with a irritated face)
Atul: haha...tho kya discussion horaha tha?
Sap: nothing yaar, we were just discussing wat to wear for annual function
Atul: hmm
Armi: how abt saree?
Ridz: arey, just now u were irritated n now giving ideas?
Atul: ya, atul came n saved me, i m ok now (giggles)
Anji: waise idea tho acha diya usne
Sap: yup
Ridz: but i never wore a saree
Anji: its ok, first time for me too
Ridz: ok done

Ridz getting ready to go to the college function:
Ridz: ma, not so low, pin it up
Padma: ridzy, it wont look good, old ppl wear like this
Ridz: no no, its ok, i wont be comfortable with so much skin exposed
Padma: this is not exposure ok, saree is meant to be worn like this
Ridz: ok, slightly low then...ya, this is fine
Padma: ok
(after sometime ridz is ready with her blue saree, a set of small necklace n tops)
Ridz: ma, i wont wear glasses today, i will look like aunty with saree
Padma: but ur head may ache, soch lo
Ridz: its ok, i can manage for one day
Padma: r u sure u want to leave ur hair open, u may have problem managing the saree n loose hair, first time right?
Ridz: (thinking) hmmm...can u do a french plait quickly?
Padma: ok

(Shashank dropped ridz at the college..she entered inside..her eyes searching for her friends...cant see anyone...she slowly walked further in her 'never worn before' outfit..holding the pallu with one hand and pleats with the other...faltering)
Ridz:(talking to herself in a low voice) dint anyone come yet?
("BOOO"...came a voice from behind..ridz, who was already struggling with her saree got scared with the sudden sound and tries to turn back fast stepping on her own saree creating commotion...looses her balance and trips)
Ridz: (screams) aaaahhhh
(her hand is searching for something to hold...eyes closed in fright...just when she thought she fell on the ground...she realises she dint fall...someone is holding her...at the waist...and she got something to cling her hand...sure that she is safe now, she opened her eyes...to see who saved her)
Ridz: Armaaaan !!!
(Her hand holding his shirt collar...armaan is staring at her...she stands taking his help for balance...his hand is still on her open waist...she takes away her hand releasing his collar...armaan loosens his grip n takes his hand back slowly...the trailing touch of his hand sent a shiver all over her body)
Ridz: thanks (looking uncomfortable) [O my God! that touch!! ridzy, dont ponder..that part is sensitive, u would feel that way if anyone touches there]
Armi: u r welcome
Ridz: hey wait, wasnt it you who scared me in the first place
Armi: (smiling naughtily)
Ridz: youu monkey...ughhh...i take back my thanks..
Armi: (laughs)
Ridz: (irritated) stop laughing
Armi: ok ok...u know wat..u r looking like a girl today
Ridz: wat do u mean by "looking"... i AM a girl
Armi: hehe...u dint wear glasses today?
Ridz: no..dint feel like wearing them
Armi: hmm..come, i will show you something..can u see that tree?
Ridz: (curiously) yes
Armi: the light hanging on it
Ridz: yes
Armi: the guy walking under it
Ridz: yes
Armi: what is his shirt color?
Ridz: yellow
Armi: r u sure?
Ridz: ya...why?
(she looked at armaan..confused with his questions)
Armi: wow, u can see without glasses...thats great (laughing)
Ridz: huh??!! armaan, u r dead now
(starts beating him n messing his hair)
Armi: ok ok..sorry
Ridz: hmm
Armi: ok last one hun!..we will check the near objects now..how many fingers are these? (showing three fingers)
Ridz: go to hell
(she starts walking away)
Armi: Ridhima..wait
Ridz: no
Armi: (in a serious tone) please stop

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