Thursday, 22 June 2017

part 8 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

(Ridhima stopped...wondering y he sounds so serious...he comes near her...very near...Ridhima turns back)
Armi: no, dont turn
Ridz: why??
Armi: first turn that side
(ridz turned..her back facing him)

Armi: (in a low voice, bends his head to make sure she hears his voice) to tell..ur blouse hooks....first 2 are open
Ridz: wat??
(she turns her head to see..but cant see them)
Armi: i know u cant see, thats y m telling you
(thinking its again one of his pranks..she refuses to believe)
Ridz: armaan, not again hun!
Armi: (angrily) huh!! r u mad or u think i m joking?
Ridz: yes
(she turned back to look at him)
Armi: (angrily) i told u to remain like that
(he held her shoulders n turned her)
Armi: ok, u want proof that this is not a prank? listen then...u r wearing a black (paused)
(ridz immediately realised wat he is refering to)
Ridz: ohhh shit!!! armaan, wat to do now?
(she moved back n held his hand nervously)
Armi: ok...dont panic
(he took her pallu n passed it to her from other side covering her back)
Armi: can u walk till the ladies washroom, u might see any girl there
Ridz: hmmm [ Oh God, 2 out of 4 are open, i hope no one noticed]
Armi: ok..relax..
(ridz started walking and was amazed to see armaan walking beside her..observing the surroundings to see if anyone noticed them...ridz went into the washroom, asked her classmate to hook them and came out..she saw armaan waiting outside)
Armi: (tensed) done?
Ridz: yes..(paused)...armaan, thanks!
Armi: (angry n serious) and u thought it was a prank
(ridz is seeing armaan angry for the first time)
Ridz: (with head lowered) woh..maine socha ki tum hamesha...
Armi: hamesha mazaak karta hoon.. right? how could u even think that i will play such a prank?
Ridz: i m sorry [ his anger !!! so frightening!! i m scared to even look at him]
(armaan is looking at her angrily)
Ridz: (with head lowered n eyes lifted) bola na..i m sorry
Armi: look ridhima... i know the limits for being naughty..n such a prank is definitely out of my limits
Ridz: sorryyy
Armi: ok, chalo ab
Ridz: hmmm
(they r walking silently..ridz is tensed, sad n guilty)
Ridz: [should i talk or not? he still looks angry]
Armi: sapna nahi aayi?
Ridz: woh...usko kuch kaam tha..wahi se directly ayegi yaha pe
Armi: acha... wat is this hairstyle?
Ridz: yeh... this is called french plait
Armi: woah, fanciful name, acha hain...dont tell me anji n sapna r also going to appear in the same hairstyle
Ridz: wat???
Armi: kya dresscode u might have decided on some haircode also, band wale ki tarah (giggles)
Ridz: band wale?? God u r smiling again
Armi: hmm
Ridz: u r scary when u r angry
Armi: hmm
(Ridz sees that he is wearing a formal pant n shirt tucked in with a tie)
Ridz: u r looking very decent, in formals
Armi: thanks
Ridz: u like formals?
Armi: nah!! i had to wear today...princy's order...will be on stage for quite some time..thats y
Ridz: hmm...but tie is not set properly
Armi: where?
(arman tries to see but he cant)
Ridz: hehe..u can u see ur own tie without a mirror?..wait i will help u
(she is setting his collar n the tie...he is staring at her...she lifts her head to see him...she notices that he is observing her face)
Ridz: ok, its set now...u donno how to wear a tie also??(mockingly)
Armi: hello madam, i wore it properly, it was disturbed when u were holding my collar n doing gymnastics a while ago..
Ridz: gymnastics!! huh!!
(Anji comes n meets them, sapna joins later...gals r together for the rest of the day..armaan is busy handling the events.. impressing the audience and especially the gals with his witty talks)
Ridz:(looking at him on the stage)[ahh!! he is so adorable, just cant take eyes off]
(armaan made an announcement..the lights are off for a show..ridz is standing a bit away from the stage..her eyes unknowingly searching for him in the dark..armaan comes from a side and whispers)
Armi: mujhe doond rahi ho?
Ridz: ha!! nahi..bas aise hi [but y was i searching for him??]
(ridz went n sat with the anji n sapna...armaan n atul were checking now n then if the gals were ok... the function is over...ridz n shashank dropped anji n sapna at their houses n went home)

Next day in canteen:
Sap: hey armaan, u did really well yesterday, u were awesome on the stage
Armi:(smiles) thanks
Atul: tu tho cha gaya yaar kal, very good hun!
Anji: yup, even i heard gals talking about u today, they r going ga-ga over you
Armi:(becomes alert) oh wow! who r they?
Sap: so excited??
Armi: ya, i will see if i can have a short affair with any of them(winks)
Ridz: so shamelss!
Anji: hehehe..but it will be hard to choose armaan, there r many
Atul: really??!! arey yaar, tere tho bahut fans hogaye...tell them to form a fan club or something
Sap: hehe..armaan fan club !!
Armi: u r my true friends yaar!! wow, kya naam hain...armaan fan club!! anji, anyone from our class?
Anji: hain na...neetu
Armi: nah, not interesting
Anji: priya
Armi: nah
Ridz:[ohh!! so many gals liked him yesterday, then its ok, i was not the only one...he was charming indeed..nothing abnormal with me, good good..but no, i m not a member of that stupid fan club..wat nonsense!!]
Armi: chasmish
Ridz:(on hearing him call her) haan??!!
Armi: kya soch rahi ho? do u wanna join my fanclub?
Ridz: huh??!! wat rubbish?? sabke sab ladkiyan andhe hogaye, how can anyone like this monkey?? yuck!!
Armi: why, why cant they like me..when u can like someone like rahul
Ridz: rahul??!! when did i tell that i like rahul?? but i dont hate him the way you do, thats it
Armi: hmm...anji, continue with ur list
Anji: oh ya...then there was Anu
Armi: hmm..she is quite beautiful
Sap: haha...thats all makeup
Armi: really??!!
Ridz: even i dint know
Anji: ridz, u know nothing!! cant u see how big her eyelashes are, they r fake or she uses heavy mascara
Ridz: really?? wat is mascara?
Sap: it is used to make ur lashes look thicker and u can get extensions also in
Armi:(interrupting her) ok hold on...atul, lets jump out of this place before these gals go deep into their girly discussion
Atul: true man!! lets go
Armi: u gals carry on...we'll see u later
Sap: hey wait, shall we go for a movie tomorrow?
(everyone says yes)
Armi: but which one?
(sapna tells some name)
Armi: i've already seen it
Atul: its ok, come again with us
Armi: ok

Movie hall:
(Armaan is sitting beside ridz)
Armi: hey ridz, story bolu kya?
Ridz: shut up armaan, i will kill u if u leak the story now
(the movie starts)
Armi: i will just tell who the murderer is
Ridz: (slaps him on shoulder) armaan, if u keep irritating i wont sit beside u
Armi: ok ok, nahi bolunga
(they continue seeing...fighting who wants to rest their arm on the common chair handle..but everytime arman touches her, she feels something inside but then brushes off her own thoughts)
Ridz: [ may be it is a common feeling when someone from opposite sex touches you, its just that u r not used to it..he is just ur friend..hmm...a very good friend, dont spoil ur brain ridzy]
(armaan tells her something but she cant hear bcoz of high volume in the theatre..she moves closer)
Ridz: wat??
Armi: the heroine's friend is the murderer
(Ridz looks at him..fuming...armaan is calmly looking at the screen)
Ridz: ughh!! why r u like this?
Armi: (giggles) donno
Ridz: main tumhe baad mein dekhloongi
Armi: all the best
(the movie is over, they r coming out of the hall)
Ridz: hey, y did u misguide me, she was not the murderer
Armi: you dint want to be guided, so i misguided
Ridz: ahh!! all the time i was thinking that she did it
Armi: (laughing loudly)
Ridz: i will never sit beside u in a movie
(they go home)

After some days:
(Ridz is walking in to the canteen)
Armi: atul, i sometimes feel so bad for girls yaar
Atul: why?
Armi: bahut na-insaafi hua hain unke saath
Atul: wat na-insaafi??
Armi: haan..God sent them on earth without fitting brain into their body
Ridz: wat nonsense!!
Armi: u know, their IQ is good but slightly less than human beings
Anji: shut up, gals r intelligent
Armi: yes, they just lack common many ever times u tell them something, they dont understand
Sap: wats ur problem man!
Ridz: ya monkey, why r u gibbering?
Armi: dint i tell u that vicky is falling for u
Ridz: ya but thats just ur imagination..nothing like that
Armi: ya imagination..huh! u know wat..i met a friend yesterday after a long gap..i dint know that he is vicky's friend also..he told me that vicky is getting serious about you...n he wants me to help tell me miss ridhima gupta how can i help vicky to woo you??
Ridz: wat?? i dont believe this
Anji: cool ridz, finally u have someone who fell for you..njoy
Ridz: armaan, r u serious?
Armi: yes
(Ridz thinks for a while)
Ridz: (in a firm tone) ok..armaan u r going to help..not vicky but me
Armi: whatt??
Ridz: yes, tell me how can i make him understand that i m not interested in him
Anji: y do u want to do that? he dint propose to u yet
Ridz: i dont want him to propose..i dont want him to get more serious about me to the extent of proposing n then face my will be too hard for him..he is a nice guy, i dont want to hurt him
Anji: huh?? u've gone mad ridz...someone is interested in you...instead of enjoying the attention..u r trying to ward him off..
Ridz: shut up anji..i dont want any unnecessary attention..that too if it causes pain to someone later..
(Everyone is staring at awe)
Armi: ok..we have to do something then
Sapna: but wat can we do
Armi: she can tell him indirectly that she has a boyfriend
Ridz: boyfriend?? who? i dont have any
Armi: u can say my name

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