Tuesday, 6 June 2017

part 9 : Beetein_Lamhe

PART - 9

"Goood morning naani"'' junior barged into Riddhima's room nd threw himself over his granny. As usual Riddhima smiled without opening her eyes nd hugged junior in a cozy manner. Armu, too, relaxed and settled comfortably within granny's hug.

"mumm'" but Arima stopped seeing the scene. The purity and the innocence of the scene made her smile whole heartily. She came to wake her mumma up but stopped midway to see her son sleeping smilingly in her mumma's embrace.
Arima went closer to the bed nd sitting beside armu, she kissed his forehead softly after ruffling his hair nd then run her palm gently on riddhima's forehead. Unwillingly, a tear drop fell from her eyes. She quickly wiped it off nd whispered..
"miss u dada.. kash aap bhi yahan hote"

She was going away without disturbing the duo wen she heard riddhima's call..
"arriii.. idhar aa.."
Arima nodded her head sideways nd smiled satisfyingly. She still wonders how her mumma always recognize her presence. She turned gently nd saw her mother sitting with the support of the bed post. Besides her, Armu was sleeping. Riddhima again called arima but dis time waving her hand. Arima came n stood in front of the bed..
"baith.. (sit)"

She sat without saying a word but soon put her head on her mumma's lap. Riddhima smiled nd ran her fingers through arima's hair to soothe her.
"kya hua arrii?? Papa ki yaad aa rahi hain??"
Arima nodded in 'yes' without raising her head.
"arrii' aisey emotional nahi hote, bachcha.. tu tohh 'dada ki princess' hain na!! jab dada apni princess ko aisey rote hue dekhenge toh achcha lagega kya unhe??"
Arima raised her head nd riddhima saw the clear lines of tear stream from both her eyes. Riddhima cleared her tear nd welcomed her into a motherly hug. Unwillingly, arima's eyes welled up again.
"sshhh' arrii' bachcha.. chupp'"

"mumma.. dada kyun chalein gayee, kyun mumma?"
Riddhima felt helpless but suddenly feeling something she looked sideways, nd found Armaan (senior) looking at her with pleading eyes. He, still, can't tolerate his princess crying nd dat too for him was the worst feelings for armaan..
"plz riddhima.. princess ko chup karao na.. I can't see her like this"
Armaan said n Riddhima blinked her eyes understanding the situation.
"bachcha mainey aapko kitni baar kaha ke aapke dada kahin nahin gayee hain.. wohh toh yahin hain.. hum sab ke sath.. humare dil me.. u knw dat, right??"
"par mumma.."
"par war kuch nahi arrii.. aab jaldi ja aur mu dhoke (face wash) aa'"
Arima nodded like a gud gal. seeing her old choti arrii riddhima pinched her cheek. Arima smiled a lill but riddhima said with attitude, "aur haan.. meri chai lana mat bhulna"
"aur meri chocolate milk shake bhi" ' both the ladies looked at the source nd found their junior awake with wide open eyes.

"tu jag raha hain??" arima asked astonished.
Riddhima suppressed her giggle with great difficulty. He is so like HER armaan(senior).. big nautanky.
"of course mom.. hw could u think one can slp wen sum1 cries so LOUDLY?"
Junior intentionally emphasized on the last word.
"main nahi ro rahi thi" came Arima's quick denial..
"of course, u were mom.. dekho u wasted my happy time with my girl frnd"  junior announced shamelessly nd in return got a smack on head from his naani.. "badmashh" ' riddhima scolded smilingly while junior whispered a soft "cholly naani" nd winked. Riddhima, too, blinked her eyes supporting her grand-son.
"what?" shouted a shocked Arima.
"aab tujhe kya hua Arrii .. suna nahi merey BF ne kya kaha.. aab ja aur hum dono ke liye break fast le aa.. aur haan.. thoda jaldi.. dekh merey BF ko kitni bhook lagi hain.. (riddhima cupped junior's face nd he, too, made a bechara face :p )' (then again turning to arima).. koi manners nahi hain iss ladki mein.. humarey private moment barbaad kar diya!! (then again turning to junior) Baby.. aap nasta karlo.. fir hum bahar jayenge.. (junior hugged nd kissed riddhima's right cheek, riddhima felt strong urge to laugh but she can't spoil her junior's nautanki.. all she want is his happiness.. so she started..) tu abhi tak yahin hain?? Bad manners arrii.. aisey kisi ki private baat nhi sunte.. go nd bring OUR  brkfst"
Riddhima said to arima melodramatically..

"aarrgg' aap dono ka kuch nahi ho sakta.. iss shaitan (smacking junior.. 'oouchh' came junior's quick cry nd he started massaging his head, pouting his lips) ka toh samajh aata hain but aap kab se itni shararat karne lagi ho mumma?? I wonder dada kaisey sambhal te the aapko??"
Arima said frustrated.
"u knw wat mom.. u r sooo jealous of my GF' wohh itni beautiful jo hain.. aur aap toh.." junior shot back to arima.
"aur.. aur main toh kya armu?? Main beautiful nahi hoon?? Aarrggg.. u're gone junior shirgill"' arima announced but junior was faster dan her.. he jumped off the bed from other side nd ran out of his granny's room as quick as possible. Arima, too, followed him.

"sambhal ke.." riddhima shouted but dat fell into deaf ears.
"pagal.." riddhima smiled merrily' "haan.. par bahut pyarey bhi hain.. I still can't blve junior kitna mature ho gaya hain itni si age mein.. princess ko pata bhi nhi chala aur armu ne uski mind bhi divert kar di'" armaan (senior) replied happily nd placed his head on riddhima's shoulder.
"hmm.." riddhima whispered but then sum thing stroke her mind nd she said wth attitude.. "after all BF kiska hain??"
Armaan laughed aloud knowing his naughty wifey nd decided to play along.. "achcha ji.. pati ke hote hue BF?? Not expected from u, mrs. Mallik.."
Riddhima suppressed her smile nd acted as best as she could.. "aab merey pati ko main sundar nahi lagti toh kar bhi kya sakte hain!! At least my BF found me beautiful aur wohh merey pati se bahut zyada handsome bhi hain!!"
"huh" armaan pretended to be hurt nd looked away smilingly..

Riddhima laughed nd came down the bed to get fresh' she was about to enter the wash room wen she heard..
"mana ke aapka BF bahut handsome hain par mujh jaisa deewana aapko kahin nahi milega..Riddhima ji.."
Riddhima smiled remembering some old incidents nd locked the door after entering. She opened the tap nd threw chilled water to her face. Then when she looked in the mirror, she couldn't help but smile. Of course.. HE (senior armaan) was her big deewana.


"arrreyyy??? Aap yahan??? Iss waqt???"

"haan.. wohhh'"

"aap pagal ho gayee ho kya?"

"wohh main.."



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