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part 9 :Loves Me Loves Me Not

Sap: have u lost it armaan? how can she say that?
Armi: its just to make him stop thinking about her, wats wrong in that?
Anji: huh! its not that simple..the whole college will start talking about u two
Atul: yes armaan, anji is right..wats wrong with u dude?
Armi: let them talk, i have no problem

Ridz: but i have..i m not so cool with these affairs n acting stuff
Sap: armaan, zyada hindi filmein dekhoge tho aise ideas hi ayenge..hehe...u need a reality check man!
Ridz: this wont work, gimme another idea
Armi: this was a pretty simple one, u just had to let him know that u r attached
Ridz: huh!! simple?? [ acting like a boyfriend girlfriend is simple?? he is so mysterious sometimes!! should i thank him for the idea or scold him for its stupidity!]
Armi: ya, incase he is very serious about you and any problem arises it would come upon me, i would have handled it..
Ridz: hmmm [he is right in a way but going around like a pair??!! no no, no way!]
Armi: but since u dont want to do that...lemme think then...hmmm...stop talking to him
Ridz: wat?? how will that work?
Sap: i get wat he is saying..if a gal avoids talking to a guy, thats a clear signal that she is not interested
Ridz: hmm..but he will feel bad if i avoid him
Armi: its up to u to choose, if u want to make him feel bad now or hurt him later
Ridz: hmm..first one is better i think..but avoiding a person is quite difficult for me..its so unlike me
Anji: ridz, everything is difficult for you..u dont want to hurt n u dont want to avoid
Armi: if u dont want to encourage him further, u need to do this
Ridz: hmm..ok then, i'll try to avoid

A week later, coffee break:
Atul: hi guys, hey ridz did u see the notice board?
Ridz: y wats in there?
Atul: there is an inter-college seminar next week on operating systems..thats ur area of interest right?
Ridz: really?? i will go n check
(she comes back after 5mins...disappointed)
Anji: wat happened?
Ridz: it looks interesting but only for those who participate
Sap: so wat, u have one week to prepare
Anji: we will help u to write the papers
Ridz: i can write the papers but
Armi: but?
Ridz: i cant participate..i cant face so many people standing on the stage
Armi: ahh!! u r crazy ridz..
Ridz: its easy for u to say...but very difficult for me to overcome that stage fear
Armi: (thinking) hmmm
Sap: i m sure u gave up the chance of being a monitor bcoz of the same reason
Ridz: yes
Armi: n she wont get the chance this time bcoz i will top the exams
Ridz: eh hello..hold on..i m going to top
Armi: sorry, better luck next time..
Ridz: hah! day dreaming !!
Armi: lets have a bet then?
Ridz: done..wats the bet?
Armi: jo tum kaho
Ridz: soch lo
Armi: i need not think.. i am confident...tum soch lo...ladki ho...
Ridz: ladki hoon..tho?
Armi: can u do watever i say?
Ridz: yes, i m not scared [bcoz i trust you !! i know u wont tell me to do anything improper!]

(Final exams time, everyone is busy studying..practical exams going on)
Day of the computers practical exam:
(All of them reached the college, waiting outside the lab..a peon comes in n pastes something on the notice board..someone rushes to see wat it is)
Guy: ohhh noo!!!
(everyone moves towards the notice board)
Guy: the exam is postponed, there is some technical problem in the lab
Everyone: ohh
Sap: when is it then?
Guy: after all the theory exams
Armi: hey, wats everyone doing here
Ridz: practical exam is postponed to the end
Armi: ohhh.. good chasmish u'll get more time to TRY to win the bet
Ridz: boss..not TRY...i WILL...ok?
Armi:(smiles) lets see

(the exams are over, just one postponed practical left)
A day before the practical:
(ridz phone rings)
Ridz: hi armaan
Armi: hi..kya kar rahi ho chasmish?...pad padke chasme ka number badaa rahi ho kya?
Ridz: no, i m very computer is down with some problem, donno how i will practise now..
Armi: oh shit
Ridz: u must be happy now....i will score less than you tomorrow
Armi: shut up duffer, did u try to call at the showroom for service, they may send someone to fix it
Ridz: ya tried, they dont have anyone right now
Armi: shall i come n try?
Ridz: u? r u sure..i mean its a timewaste for you
Armi: its ok, i m coming
Ridz: ok

(Armaan comes to ridz house..padma opens the door)
Armi: hello aunty
Padma: r u?
Armi: fine aunty, aap kaise ho?
Padma: good..ridz is waiting for u..she is so nervous from morning..was in a very bad mood until she got ur call
Armi:(smiles) where is she?
Ridz: in her room upstairs..this way..
(ridz is in a tshirt n tied up..she cleaned her room before armaan comes to put her girly things out of sight)
Ridz: hi armaan
Armi: hi, where is ur PC?
Ridz: here
(armaan works on it for sometime asking for some cds, passwords)
Armi: ahh! finally!! i m reinstalling windows...will take sometime...
Ridz: (relieved) thanks armaan
Armi: relax chasmish...look at ur if u lost some war..
(Armaan is free now..looks around her room observing the things)
Armi: ur room is nice
Ridz:[he doesnt know that i cleaned it just before he came..hehe]
(he looks at her soft toys..lifts the big teddy bear)
Armi: (mockingly) wats this?
Ridz: this is bear friend
Armi: pintu !!?? hehe..tum ladkiyan bhi na...names for toys also !!??
Ridz: ey..he's not a toy, he is my friend
(grabs the teddy from his hands n hugs it..smiles with a blink)
Armi: (smiles) cute
Ridz: wat?
Armi: ur friend..he is cute
(arman looks at the big poster of shahrukh khan on the wall)
Armi: shahrukh khan !!!??
Ridz: ya, my favorite
Armi: i donno y so many gals like him
Ridz: he is so romantic !! look at his eyes..they r so mesmerising...can spend hours looking at them..and the way he looks at his heroines
Armi:(interrupts) like this?
(Ridz turned to see armaan...he is looking straight into her eyes..the same mysterious look she has been struggling to find the meaning for..the enigmatic stare which confused her all these days)
Ridz:[ O my God! wat does this mean now?? does that mean he has been giving me romantic looks all these days? is this wat people call passionate eyes?? but y am i unable to move my eyes away from them..i thought this happens only in movies]
(The computer made a startup sound)
Ridz: (with a jerk as if coming out of the spell) haan
(armaan turned towards computer giving a smile)
Ridz: [now wat does that smile mean??]
Armi: ok, ur system is fixed now
Ridz: haan?? ok..thanks
Armi: you are welcome.. i will leave now
Ridz: ok
(both went downstairs)
Armi: bye aunty bye uncle
Padma n shash: bye
(ridz accompanied him..both of them r standing at the gate)
Ridz: bye armaan, good night
Armi: (smiles) good night
(she stood there as he started his bike n drove off...looking at him till he disappeared at the end of road) 

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