Friday, 2 June 2017

Part-A ; ~If Tomorrow Comes (AR OS)~

She stood in front of the huge dressing table adjusting her beautiful red saree and checking her last minute make-up making sure that she looked fine for the award function held that night, just then her husband walked in looking dashing as ever in a three piece black suit "Ridhima hurry up yaar, we're late already aur kitna time lagega..." he stopped his rant midway as he caught hold of the site of his gorgeous wife who looked absolutely breathtaking in that saree. "WOW! Someone's looking hot!" He hooted as he leaned against the door frame of their room watching her apply her lipstick. Hearing his comment her cheeks turned red on its accord while she just bit her lip to hide it. "Vaise if I am not mistaken abhi tum yaha isliye aye ho cuz shayad hume late ho raha hai" she said now turning towards him who still stood by the door busy in admiring the beauty in front of him. "Ho to raha hai par you
know what I have an amazing idea..." he said in a flirtatious voice as he moved slowly towards her, "kaisa idea?" she asked with a raised eyebrow as she kept stepping back with every step that he moved forwards till she finally hit the wall behind her "Well you know main soch raha tha ki yeh award shows vaise bhi kitne clich se hote hai nahi? So why not we give this one a miss and just stay at home and spend some time together...You know sirf tum aur main, just me and you" He said while lightly biting on her earlobe and making his way down her bare neck, she shut her eyes at his seductive tone and touch but the very second she registered his words her eyes flung open and before he could realize what happened she pushed him a little away by placing her hands on his chest "Mr. Malik please control yourself because mein apki bato main akar apka yeh bakwas idea bilkul nahi mane wali" she said making him pout "But whyyy" he said whining at her flat refusal. "Because aaj mere pati ko Best Actor ka award milne wala hai and I most definitely don't wanna miss such a precious moment" she said with a million dollar smile. "Abhi award mila nahi hai...Sirf nominate hua hu" he said making her frown "Jo bhi ho, mujhe pata hai na award to tumhe hi milega...Oh God I am so excited" she said almost jumping in excitement making him smile too "Kya baat hai, itna confidence" he said with a teasing smile as he gently pulled her closer through her waste, "Confidence nahi...over,over,over confidence " she said giving him her best smile that never failed to make his heart flutter in joy "I love you" he said simply as he placed a kiss on her nose and took her in warm hug...
Somethings just never changed they had been together for eight years now out of which they were married for a year and a half and yet the love between them was just as fresh as a newly formed relation. They were both very successful actors and in fact the first time they met was on the sets of their very first film where they became the best of friends and thereafter there was no looking back, their friendship culminated into love and after dating each other for a long time they finally decided to get married and by far it was the best decision of their life..."Armaaan we better leave nahi to sach mein bohot  late ho jayega" said Ridhima breaking the hug after a few seconds. Armaan sighed hearing her, he knew she was right and as tempting as it was to stay at home alone with wifey he knew it was not possible so not really having a choice he nodded his head "Hmm chalo" he said giving her his hand to hold which she gladly took and soon enough the two of them made their way out of the house. As they reached their parking lot Armaan called John their head security in charge and reminded him to be careful and alert at all times,  being a celebrity had its own set of disadvantages they always had to have security with them and though Ridhima despised having to roam around with a 24/7 bodyguard in tow but Armaan was very strict regarding security, especially for her because though they had a million admirers but the number of haters was no less as well and so not having a choice Ridhima had to agree. "John I want to everything to be perfect is that clear?" asked Armaan to which John gave a formal nod. Thereafter AR finally got inside the car and set off for the venue with their bodyguards following right behind them.
~Award Function~
As soon as Armaan-Ridhima entered the venue the media went into a complete buzz, clicking their pictures from every possible angle possible while fans who stood outside hooted loudly for the lovely couple...Soon enough they reached the media box where the journalists were waiting eagerly to ask a gazillion questions:-
 "Armaan last year was a good year for you at the box office...Your movie Dill Mill Gaye (haha nice move na :P) crossed the 200 crore mark how do you feel about it?" asked a reporter, "Thu thu thu..." said Ridhimaas almost inaudibly for only Armaan to hear as soon as she heard the reporter praise him while he smiled at her shaking his head because he knew that this was one habit she had picked up from him as he was normally very cautious about the *NAZAR NA LAGE* factor..."Well it feels amazing, being an actor all one wants is for their audience to like their work and touchwood I have so far been lucky in that department...Even for Dill Mill Gaye so many fans tweeted to me, messaged me saying they loved the movie, they loved the character and that itself is like he best reward one can get, Rahi bat box office collections ki to woh to har baar change hoti hai but yes I am glad this movie did well with the numbers as well, isi bahane mera producer bhi khush hoga and hopefully he decides to take me in his other films also" replied Armaan winking at the end making everyone chuckle. "Ridhima five actors have been nominated for best actor tonight out of which one is Armaan, who according to you should take the black lady home?"  Asked another reporter "All nominees are good but most definitely award to Armaan ko hi milna chahiye and I am not saying this because I am his wife I am saying this because he really does deserve the award. The character he has played is so difficult to pull off but Armaan ne itne ache se kiya hai that while watching the movie I absolutely forgot Armaan kon hai because woh itne ache se character mein ghus gaye...He did an outstanding job and truly deserves to be rewarded for it" replied Ridhima with a genuine smile while Armaan who stood right beside her with an arm around her waist pulled her closer to himself "Bohot achi achi batein karne lagi hai app" he said smilingly while looking into her eyes "Bas jo sach hai wahi bol rahi hu" she replied back to which he just lovingly kissed her forehead, while the media who witnessed this sweet little interaction between the couple could not stop ohing and awing and clicked a gazillion pictures and videos of the same. "Ridhima Ji last year apne koi bbhi movie nahi ki, apke fans apko bohot miss kar rahe hai aur jana chahte hai ki kab woh apko bade parde par dekh sakenge" asked another reporter bringing them back from their lost in love session "Ji Ji very soon hopefully I have been reading a few scripts and have even found some interesting so hopefully mere fans jald hi mujhe bade parde par phir se dekhenge " Replied Ridhima honestly. "You both love going on holidays and make it a point to do so whenever possible but your last two vacstions have been to a beach place  so do we expect the next holiday to be at a hill station" asked one reporter making both Armaan and Ridhima giggle "kasam se yaar kya analyse kiya hai apne ki ab do bar pani main gaye ab to paka pahado main jayenge " said Armaan with such funny expressions making everyone chuckle, "Nahi, nahi on a very serious note abhi to hum dono hi kam main itna busy hai ki I doubt hume holiday plan karne ka bhi time milega, destination ke bare main sochna to is like another question all together..." replied Ridhima "But I swear jab bhi plan karenge na apse zarur discuss karenge ki apke analysis ke  basis pe hume ab kaha jana chahiye" said Armaan in a mock serious way only to receive a smack from Ridhima "Armaan tum bhi na...bas karo ab" "arey yaar but it was such a funny question...okay okay fine ill just shut up" he said finally as Ridhima glared at him. "Abhi hum jante hai ki aap dono hi anadr jana chahte hai so jane se pehle apne fans ke liye kuch kehna jayenge?"  said a reporterTo which both nodded their heads and Ridhima started  "Thank you guys for always loving and supporting us, we are so so so grateful for the love and messages that you keep sending we read them all and feel so blessed and and..." "And the Maliks love you too" said Armaan completing her message making her smile wide "Yes and the Maliks love you guys too" she said...Finally AR bid farewell to the media and made their way towards the main venue.
The award function started in all its flair and frolic; the night witnessed a number of outstanding performances, some masti here and there and the talented best were felicitated for their tremendous work done in the year gone by. As the show was nearing its end it was finally time to announce one of the most prestigious awardsfor the night; that is Best Actor-Male, Popular. The lights went off as the nominations were shown on the screen making Ridhima's heart thump with anxiety, she sat with her eyes tightly shut and her one hand held Arman's hand tightly while the other had its fingers crossed in a tight knot and as Armaan saw her he could not help but laugh a little for at the moment she looked no less than a school girl desperately waiting to hear that she topped the examination. "Ridhima, baby I should be the one nervous and crossing my fingers tum kyu apne bechare ungliyon ko todne mein lagi ho" he said teasingly only to receive a hard glare from her and before he could say anything else they heard the host speak "So ladies and gentlemen the wait is over, Finally woh waqt agaya jiska hum sabko intezar tha, the award for best actor male- popular goes to none other than the dashing and super talented ARMAAN MALIK" "YESS..." Ridhima squealed loudly "Congratulations Mr. Husband" she said turning towards Armaan and placing a light kiss on his lips "Thank You so much wifey" he replied with a million dollar smile and finally got up from his seat to go and collect the award.  Shaking hands with the host who had presented him the award, he preceded to say a few words " *Sighing deeply* I am honestly so overwhelmed at the moment that...that I am actually out of words, I just don't know what to say...You know when I was a kid I used to watch these award shows with my parents and I would often grab a bottle, spoon, anything and go in front of my mom saying one day I will get the best actor award and I will say this and  I will say that and dekho aaj jab sach main award mila hai I forgot my speech all together *chuckling*. Getting this award like I already said has been a childhood dream for me, it's been something that I have desired for practically whole my life and today when I hold this in my hand I can only visualize that little Armaan smiling at me and saying you did it buddy, it makes me feel that I did justice to my dream and that feeling is just so beautiful that mere words can't express it and I thank God every second for letting me feel it. There are definitely a lot of people who I have to thank for this, first and foremost my parents who have always stood by me and my choices love you mom and dad, my director who was the one responsible to shape my character, my producer, my co-star and everyone who has worked on the film you guys are awesome...I would now like to mention a special someone without whom not only is this speech incomplete but so is my life..." He paused for a second and looked at the front row were a visibly excited Ridhima sat with the most infectious smile adoring her face " Ridhima ...Thank you for believing in me when even I could not do so, thank you for being there with me through both the good and the bad, thank you for making everything in my life seem perfect, thank you for loving me unconditionally even when I act like a jerk, thank you for coming into my life, thank you for being my wife." He said keeping his gaze fixed on Ridhima who's eyes had turned moist hearings his words.
Sacchi si hain yeh taareefein
Dil se jo maine kari hai
Jo tu mila to saji hai
Duniya meri humdum
 "This award belongs to you my love, had it not been for you I would have never been able to achieve this and so I request you to please come up on stage and take your award Mrs. Ridhima Malik kindly come and get this award in the hand that it deserves to be in"  The entire auditorium was echoed with a huge round of applause while everyone cheered for Ridhima to go on stage.
 O aasma mila zameen ko meri
Aadhe aadhe poore hain hum
Tere naam pe meri zindagi
Likh di mere humdum

She was a little hesitant at first but one look at Armaan and all her inhibitions flew out the window and standing up she slowly made her way towards the stage where her husband stood with his hand held out to receive her. As they came towards the center of the stage he took the award and gave to her "Congratulations Mrs. Malik" he said lovingly placing a kiss on her forehead. She looked at him and mouthed a thank you to which he shook his head saying "thank you" and finally took her into a warm hug making everyone smile and bless the lovely couple.
Haan seekha maine jeena jeena, kaise jeena
Haan seekha maine jeena, mere humdum
Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena
Na seekha jeena tere bina humdum
After the beautiful night that had woven a million memories in their hearts Armaan and Ridhima were finally home with exhausted bodies but content hearts...As soon as they entered their room Ridhima placed the award on a shelf that held their awards and smiled with utmost pride looking at it. She was busy in admiring the award when she felt two strong arms creep around her waist. She leaned back with closed eyes resting her body against his chest with a relaxed sigh as he kissed her temple. "Tum Khsuh ho?" he asked after a few moments of staying in the same position. As soon as she herd his questions she opened her eyes and turned to face him while still being in his arms "Meri akhon mein dekh kar bolo tumhe kya lagta hai?" she asked back staring straight into his eyes, he too looked deep into her eyes as if trying to actually read them  "Armaan aaj main itna zyada khush hu ki main bata nahi sakti...I am so proud of you and I am so so so so so happy"  she herself spoke up which needless to say brought up those ready to kill dimples on his face. She stood on her toes and placed a light kiss on his lips "I love you" she whispered lightly and placed her head on his chest and hugged him tightly through his waist while he sighed contently and pulled her closer to himself "I love you too" he said placing his cheek above her head and placing a kiss on her hair. They stayed in each other's embrace for what seemed liked eternity and broke apart only when Armaan saw Ridhima trying her best to stifle a yawn "Tired?" he asked gently brushing off the fringes off her face. "Hmm" she replied in a sleepy tone. "Jaldi se change kalo, this saree must be very uncomfortable by now na? And then just come and sleep you look exhausted" said Armaan while caressing her face lightly and actually very tired to argue or say anything else she simply nodded and went to the washroom to get rid of the saree that had stared to stick to her body and change into something more comfortable. After 20 minutes she came out wearing a comfy pair of tank top and shorts, she saw that Armaan who had also changed into his track pants and vest was already lying down on the bed with closed eyes and so without wasting anymore time she too jumped on the bed and directly went towards her favorite position and that was in hubby dearest is arms. Armaan who was very much still awake smiled widely with closed eyes as he felt her place her head on his chest and taking his arm she placed it around her waist, he opened one eye to check that she was comfortable and once assured he made sure that she was well covered in the blanket and placing a light kiss on her head he wished her goodnight and soon the two of them dosed off ensconced in each other's arms.
~Somewhere else~
A man in his late 20's sat in a huge, dark room where the only source of light was the small lamp light kept on the side table ...CRASH..."har baar...har baar tum mujhse jeet jate ho...Every damn time" yelled the man as he furiously threw the empty glass of liquor that he held in his hands. "College ke dino se le ke aaj tak you have been better than me. Har koi bas tumhe pasand karta hai...Jise dekho Armaan...Armaan karta rehta hai...what about me dammit? MERA KYA...Yeh film bhi mein karne wala tha, yeh award aaj mera hota lekin as always the director chose you over me...AS ALWAYS YOU WERE GIVEN PREFERNCE" He yelled again now thrashing the bottle kept on the table. "You know what...ab bas bohot ho gaya pichle dus(10) saal se I have let you win over me, I have let you take whats mine but ab nahi...Ab main tumhe batunga how it feels when someone takes away something precious from you, ab tumhe batunga ki harna kya hota hai...Tumhari sabse pyaari cheez ko tumse dur karunga and that is my promise to you" he said as his entire body shook with range while his red eyes depicted nothing but fire.
~Next Morning~
It was around 11 am when Armaan had come back to their room from his morning workout session at the gym which was inbuilt in their house.  He smiled seeing Ridhima cozily tucked in the bed still fast asleep, shaking his head at is sleeping beauty he went towards the curtains and swiftly drew them apart letting the sun rays fall in the dark room. "Good morning lazy bones..." he said as he heard Ridhima whine because of the sudden disturbance caused by the light. "Tch Armaan, let me sleep na aaj Sunday hai...don't disturb me" she said in an annoyed tone as she pulled the blanket over her head making Armaan chuckle all the more. " itna to sone diya, main workout karke bhi agaya and your still sleeping...Had hai yaar Ridhima kaha gaye who din jab patni subha subha uthke pati ke liye sab kuch tayar karti thi? Sach main woh agaya hai...what do you call that...ha Kalyug...ghor kalyug I tell you" he asked teasingly as he pulled the comforter away from her face..."Urghhh to hell with your kalyug Malik, mera blanket wapas karo and sone do mujhe" she yelled highly annoyed at her beauty sleep being disturbed. "NO" He replied back simply shaking his head. "Urggg ARMAAN I hate you" she said finally sitting up with a huge frown on her face, "I know that sweetheart, I love you too" he said cheekily and bending down( as he was still standing near the bed) he  placed a light kiss on her cheek making her smile in spite of herself and seeing her finally awake and smiling he was just coming ahead to hug her when she literally screamed so loudly that he almost fell down..."NOOO!!!". Shocked was an absolute understatement, he was beyond shocked hearing her scream so loudly and before he could think any further she stood up from the bed and pointing a figure at him spoke in a firm tone "Mere samne bhi mat ana till you have taken a shower and are absolutely sweat free". Armaan frowned hearing her words, well ya he was all sweaty from his workout session but she too had just woken up and was anyway still yet to take a bath "What? Ridhima tum bhi na, like mana I am all sweaty lekin tum to aise behave kar rahi ho jaise abhi abhi naha kar ayi ho...chalo ab yeh sab chodo aur mujhe ek achi si morning kiss do" he said once again trying to take her in his arms but she placed her hands in between stopping him right there. "Bilkul nahi! First go take a shower aur phir mere samne ana" she said not ready to budge at all. But of course if she was stubborn then so was he, "Acha to tum bilul nahi manogi? Bilkul mere pass nahi ayogi?" he asked her to which she simply shook her head telling him a flat no. "Are you sure? Matlab ek baar soch lo phir se..." he said once again making her frown now "Arey ismein sichna kya hai...I am absolutely sure pehele tum naha lo phir hi mere pass ana" she replied back. "Theek hai phir, yeh mat kehna maine warn nahi kiya tha tumhe" said Armaan while Ridhima looked at him confused "Tumhara Matlab...?AHH" she began to ask him what he meant but was stopped midway when she felt Armaan pick her up bridal style. "Armaan kya kar rahe ho...niche utaro mujhe" she said hitting her tiny fists on his chest as he made his walked towards the en-suite bathroom. "Sorry wifey no can do! Tumne hi to kaha to have a shower first to main wahi kar rah ahu, par phir maine socha ki tumhe bhi to nanhna hoga and phir tum phirse mujhe wait kaaroge to come near you to maine socha why waste time and water when we can simply bathe together" Said Armaan kicking the door of the washroom to open it, while Ridhima blushed hearing him but still tried to maintain a false faade "Armaan..." She tried to protest again but he simply cut her in between "No Armaan, please na yaar Ridhima mushkil se to thoda time sath main milta hai and I absolutely don't want to waste any second of it...Please" he said with the cutest pout ever and how could she probably say no to that. "Your very good at getting what you want Mr. Malik" she said with a smile as she lightly punched his chest as he finally made her stand near the bath tub "That I am..." he replied winking at her and making her cheeks turn red on its own accord. So now that Mrs. Malik was finally convinced Mr. Malik quickly did the needful of filling the tub with hot water and her favorite jasmine body oils and soon the two of them got inside to enjoy a nice, long, relaxing and absolutely romantic bath.
It was past two in the afternoon and when Armaan and Ridhima who had a wonderful mooring just got done with having their brunch and so they were just casually chilling in their living room, watching some Netflix with Armaan sitting and resting his back on the couch while Ridhima laid with her head on his lap...While Armaan was very munch engrossed in the show Ridhima's mind was racing elsewhere, she had something really important to discuss with Armaan but was a little apprehensive about his reaction and so  completely restless she kept playing with his fingers and tossing and turning in his lap. After sometime Armaan too sensed her restlessness and even tried asking her what the matter was but she just denied saying that it was nothing and that she was just probably tired because of yesterday's function and though he was almost one hundred percent sure that it was not the reason he just nodded his head for that time. However even after 30 minutes when he sensed that she was still restless and very much lost in thought he simply shut the television, breaking her chain of thoughts completely. "Arey...TV kyu band kiya? What happened ?" she asked looking up at him "Yahi to main puchna chahta hu, what happened? Why are you so restless baby? Kabse dekh raha hu main...and don't even try saying ki kuch nahi hai, itna to janta hu tumhe ki bata saku kab sach bol rahi ho aur kab nahi and let me tell you a small secrete Mrs. Malik you are a horrible liar...Isliye ab yeh sab drama chodo and mujhe batao ki akhir baat kya hai? Why is my sweetheart so lost?" Asked Armaan looking straight into her eyes and gently caressing her hair and that very touch somehow made her feel much better and a little relaxed "Armaan woh...woh uhmm" "tch, bolo na Ridhima kya baat's just me sweetheart itna kyu soch rahi ho just say whatever you have to" said Armaan encouraging her to talk. "Hearing him she just took a deep breath and decided to finally just tell him everything, she anyway had to and all the delay was driving her mad "Arman woh tumhe yaad hai day before yesterday main Mr. Kapoor ke se milne gayi thi? He had offered me a film and usi ke narration ke liye main unse milne gayi thi, remember?" she asked him to which he nodded his head waiting for her to continue "Well we had the narration and he is really interested in casting me for the film lekin..." she stopped in between again not knowing how to proceed further "Lekin kya baby? Don't you like the script?" asked Armaan to which she instantly shook her head "Nahi Armaan the script is really nice, one of the best that I have heard in a long time...lekin usmein, I mean movie me, mujhe...matlab mere character ko...uhmm she has certain intimate scenes to do" said Ridhima averting her gaze from him. They were both professionals and thoroughly respected the art of film making but she for a fact knew that he hated her getting close in that way with anyone else apart from him, be it on screen or off screen. Forget him even she did not like him having to perform such scenes but still she was way more calm in that way and maintained that gap well between their personal and professional life where as though he did the same but at times he does tend to cross that line and take even professional matters in their personal space. On getting no response from him she looked up at him to find him lost in some thought, the hand with which he caressed her head earlier had also stopped its motion. "'s okay I understand, tum...tumhe itna sochne ki zarurat nahi hai, I know you are not comfortable in this and..and it's okay main mana kar dungi's okay" she said plastering a small fake smile on her face while he just continued to look at her without saying anything. "Uhmm woh mujhe thoda sa kaam hai so...ill just come" said Ridhima getting up from his lap and trying to leave without meeting his eyes lest he reads the disappointment in them. However she was stopped right there by Armaan who had held her wrist in attempt to hold her back "Ek minute Ridhima...maine ab tak tumhe apna decision nahi bataya" said Armaan. "Nahi Armaan its okay...mujhe paat hai already ki tumhe nahi chahiye main yeh film karu...and..I..I am fine with it" she said still not looking at him. "To yeh bat meri akhon mein dekh kar bolo...tell me that you are okay to let go of such an amazing film...bolo" said Armaan now standing right in front of her. "Armaan main...I..." she tried her best to form a complete sentence but her throat that had chocked up with emotions just did not her do so..."Pagal ho puri, aur kuch nahi" he said jokingly slapping her face to which she immediately looked up to find him standing with a slight smile on his face.  "Come here...sit down" said Armaan taking her hand and making her sit down on the couch while he himself crouched down on the floor in front of her "Listen to me very carefully...Ridhima ha yeh baat sach hai ki mujhe tumhara kisi aur ke sath intimate scenes karna pasand nahi hai lekin use bhi bada sach yah hai ki that is a part of this job...And I most definitely don't want to come in between your career. Jitna important mere liye mera career hai utna hi important meer liye tumhaar career bhi hai and I understand ki Mr. Kapoor is a dream director to work with and main janta hu how badly you want to do this film to main kaise mana kardu...What do you think I am one of those chauvinist husbands who restrict their wives to do everything. Mer kitni films mein aise scenes hote hai and I know you too find them uncomfortable to watch lekin tum mujhe kabhi mana to nahi karti na. Aur tumne bhi to shadi se pehel inspite of us dating aise movies ki hai na, so marriage should not be a reason to hold you back from doing films that will enhance your career. I know what you will be doing is completely professional and I have no objection in it if that's what the character demands. Ridhima I respect the fact ki tumne mera opinion lena chaha...but I absolutely don't like the fact ki mujhse bat karne ke liye tumhe itna sochna padha, itna dar rahi thi tum mujhse...Do you think I am that bad ki main tumnari marzi ki khilaf jake tumahre career le decisions  lunga?" asked Armaan a little hurt by seeing he so scared to just talk to him about something. "Nahi Armaan, main janti hu ki tum aise kabhi nahi karoge...but I don't know I just got really scared...Woh Muskan (their mutual friend ) bol rahi thi ki men normally change after marriage isliye mujeh laga ki kahi tum bhi mana kar doge and...And...I...I am sorry" she replied back with a small pout to which he lightly hit her head..."Tum na such main pagal ho aur tumse bhi badi pagal woh Muskan hai pata nahi kya bakwas bharti rehti hai tumhare dimag main..." said Armaan getting up from the floor and sitting beside her on the couch. "Tch sorry na, ab maaf kardo please, dekho maine kaan bhi pakad liye...pleash" she said placing her head on his chest and apologizing very cutely and though he had already melted, yet he kept a starightv face and said "Ek shart par..." "Kaisi shart?"  She asked. "Promise me ki aaj ko bad agar mujhse koi bat karni hogi, ya kuch batana hoga to you won't be thinking twice to do so and also promise me ki tum main kya sichunga, ya I am married now ya aise koi bhi weird se reason ki vajah se apna career dhav pen ahi lagogi...Always remember your progress and success will only be a reason for my happiness "said Armaan placing his palm in front of her while Ridhima placed her hand on his sealing the deal with million dollar smile on her face, within that one minute she thanked the almighty a million times to bless her with a husband like Armaan who loved her and respected her so much. Without waiting another second more she hugged him as tight as possible "I love you" she said looking deep in his eyes, "Yahi to problem hai na...I love you too...isliye to gussa bhi nahi ho sakta" he replied back with a small pout which soon turned into a smile when he felt a light peck on his lips. "Oye Hoye..." he said making her blush and hide her face in his chest while he wrapped his arms tightly around her, holding as close to himself as possible.
~Few Weeks later ~
Life went by in the usual for both Armaan and Ridhima, the film Ridhima was to start was to go on floors in the next one and a half month while Armaan who was currently working on a movie was really busy with its shooting and stuff, which gave him very little time at home and with Ridhima as well. However today was not just any other day, Ridhima was to walk the ramp for a very big designer and though it was not her first time yet she was nervous because she always had something called performance anxiety which tends to make her very nervous before starting or doing anything... It was around 10 in the morning when Armaan was getting ready to go to his shoot "Armaan can't you just take a leave today? tumhe pata hai na how nervous I am for the show?" asked Ridhima with a little pout as she took it upon herself to button his shirt which he willingly let her. "Ridhima, Sweetheart you know ki agar main yeh kar sakta to I would not have thought twice to do so, lekin  tumhe pata hai na Mr. Sinha (his director) is very particular with his dates...But you don't worry I will definitely be there for your show and hey why are you nervous? You're going to be absolutely amazing today and I am very sure about it isliye ab yeh sab tension chodo and just relax okay!" he said lightly patting her cheeks To which she replied with a plain hmm and continued to fiddle with his buttons. "Arey bass hmm, that's not fair at least is bechare ko ek smile to milni chahiye don't you think so?" he asked jokingly to lighten her mood but it did not really help. "Tum pakka aoge na?" she asked him with a childlike innocence which melted his heart "I promise" he replied kissing her forehead lovingly and assuring her that he would be there for sure. "Acha ab jaldi se ek pyaari si smile do fast fast" he said smiling at her while she only returned a small smile making him frown. "Hmm to Mrs. Malik aap aise nahi manoge na...koi baat nahi I very well know how to make you smile" he said while she stood confused for a second but the very next second she broke into fits of laughter as he started tickling her through her waist..."" she said between her giggles and tried to escape him but he had held her firmly through one arm as he continued to tickle her with the other..."Uhun pehle bolo ab ache se smile karogi..." he said with a boyish grin..."" she said still laughing uncontrollably while he finally took some mercy and stopped tickling her"Tum...Tum bohot bure ho" she said as she stood there there catching her breath..."Anything for that one smile sweetheart" he said winking at her but the depth that those words held touched her heart real deep..."I love you sooo much" she said with a genuine smile, "I love you too meri jaan" he replied with a light peck on her lips. "Acha ab I must rush nahi to bohot late ho jayega and you don't worry the show will be amazing and I'll be there before time, take care and all the best in advance" he said affectionately while she nodded and thereafter he left for his shoot while she got her stuff ready for her show as she had to reach the venue by 1pm as the show would begin by 3 pm.

~2:30, The Venue For The Show~
A fully dolled up Ridhima was pacing to and fro in the VIP lounge waiting for Armaan who was supposed to reach nearly half an hour back. She tried calling him a few times but his phone was constantly unavailable. "yeh Armaan bhi least pick up the damn phone" she muttered angrily after dialing his number for the 3rdtime. When suddenly she heard someone talk from behind and just hearing the voice boiled her blood with extreme rage "Kya hua Mrs. Malik...apka pati nahi aya? Seems like he has his other priorities..." Turning around swiftly she saw the face she despised the most. There stood with an absolute shameless smirk the one and only Abhimanyu Modi. "Tum yaha kya kar rahe ho? Don't you know this place is especially reserved for those performing?" she asked him trying her best to control her anger. "Arey Arey tum to gussa hogayi...woh kya haina mujhe pata chala ki aaj ki showstopper tum ho and like you know me and ypur so called husband share a veryyy longgg relationship to maine socha tums ek bar mil lu" he said in a complete sarcastic tone with that sadistic smile still intact on his face (Yes Abhimanyu is the guy who was angry in the beginning and who is also Armaan's arch rival). Ridhima just ignored his comment and turning her face away from him once again tried to call Armaan "Lagta hai apke pati ko apke liye time nahi hai...Tch maine to suna tha ki he really loves you a lot and can do anything for you but seems like all those things were not true. Its seems like his work is more important to him than you, tabhi to yaha hone ka  bajai woh kahi aue baith kar shooting kar raha hai" Said Abhimanyu casually but the fact that he questioned Armaan's love was enough to ignite the fire within her "Sabse pehli baat to yeh...Armaan mujhse kitna pyaar karta hai is something I or he need not justify to anyone and most definetly not to you. And dusri baat ha Armaan ke liye apna kaam bohot important hai, he worships his work and that's why he has earned the name and fame that you could never do because unlike you he does not take his work for grated, and now if you please excuse me I have far more important commitments than to stay her and chat with you" Said Ridhima in a firm voice while looking at Abhimanyu straight in the eyes and without waiting for his reply she walked out from there leaving a highly pissed off Abhimanyu behind.
Though Ridhima did not believe a word of what Abhimnayu said yet the fact that Armaan was not yet there was really making her upset. There were only 15 minutes left for the show to start and she was really feeling bad that Armaan had not yet turned up but still she did not lose hope and kept calling Armaan...After a few minutes when he still did not answer she started to worry if he was okay, just then Ayush her personal bodyguard came to her with a phone and said "Maam...Mr. Malik is on the line, unke phone ki battery chali gayi hai so he is calling from John's  (head security of the Maliks and also Armaan's personal bodyguard) phone". As soon as she heard that it's Armaan's call she literally snatched the phone from Ayush "Armaan Kaha ho tum? Are you okay main kabse call kar rahi hu?" she asked him getting all worried, "Ridhima relax baby I am fine, woh, my phone's battery died so..."  "Hmm, Par Armaan tum ho kaha Show chalu hone mein sirf 10 minute baki hai aur tum...where are you???" She asked getting a little hyper. "Ridhima sweetheart I am coming..." "lekin tum ho kaha, you were supposed to be hear at 2" said Ridhima cutting him off in between. "I know, I know jaan but woh shoot delay ho gayi and...Forget all that main bas nikal chuka hu and..." "Tum abhi Nikle ho ?" She asked in a low tone again cutting him off in between. He did not answer for a few seconds and that gave her the answer she needed "Today was important for me Armaan" she said in a mere whispered and the hurt that she held in her voice literally broke his heart but he was really not at fault the director was just not letting him go without completing the shot, yet he did his best and left at the earliest that he could. "I know baby I am so sorry my love... I am trying to reach as soon as I can bacha and...and Ridhima ? Hello ?" He went on talking only to realize that she has disconnected the call "damn..." he said banging the steering wheel and driving faster than before in order to reach on time. On the other hand Ridhima was really hurt. She was upset, angry even at Armaan, how could he do that to her, he should have been there on time, though normally she would be rational at such times and would understand his situation but somehow after what Abhimanyu said she just could not think practically she knew it was not true but still at that point she just wanted him to be there and he was not. She wiped the angry tear that rolled down her eye when someone came calling her for the show. She sighed taking a deep breathe, one thing that she learned in the show biz  industry was that no matter what the show must go on and so being as dutiful to her profession as she could she went with the lady who has come to take her for the show was about the start.
The show had started and true to its style it was extraordinary. All the models walked the ramp one by one flaunting the dress that adored there petite figure. Since Ridhima was the showstopper for the evening her entry was last, needless to say her mood was already dampened by Ambhimanyu and then Armaan not being there just ignited her already low spirits, yet plastering a smile on her face she proceeded to walk the ramp and call it divine vengeance or some miracle just as she reached the center stage a panting Armaan entered the venue and as if something in her heart sensed his presence she looked towards the entrance to see what her eyes had been longing to see, herArmaan...As he saw her looking towards him he made the cutest puppy face and held his ears apologizing for being late which somehow melted her heart. He was there was all that mattered to her and if he managed to drive so fast so as to cover an hour long distance in 20 minutes then the man should be forgiven but of course she was Ridhima and thoda bhav khana to banta haina and so without bothering to give him any sort of attention, she then turned back to complete her walk while the crowd hooted loudly and the loudest of all was of course Armaan who was enthusiastically cheering for his lovely . After sometime the designer walked in with Ridhima and proceeded to close the show for the evening. After the show Ridhima went to her vanity van and was surprised to find a huge bouquet of pink lilies lying on her dressing table. She walked towards it and caressing the beautiful flowers she picked up the small attached to the bouquet

"To The Most Beautiful Woman,
You were amazing today...I am sorry I was late but always remember I LOVE YOU and I am very proud of you <3
Yours and only yours,
A small smile played on her lips as she read the short yet sweet message again. How was she supposed to be angry with such a loving husband, she thought. Just then she felt two strong arms hold her in a gently yet firm grip "I am sorry" he whispered in her ears and she dint even have to turn to guess who it was, she closed her eyes and leaned her body against him just feeling his presence while he held her closer to himself placing a light kiss on her temple. "Hmm so should I assume that I am forgiven?" he asked after a few moments of staying in the same position, "Ab aise sweet sweet chezein karoge to how can I even be mad at you" she replied now turning towards him still in his arms though. "Ya I know...I kinda have that charm on women you know" he said with a mock attitude only to receive a tight smack from her..."Ouch! That hurt..." he said rubbing his arm where she hit him "Good! It was supposed to" she replied sarcastically. "Abhi to you deserve one more smack...Itna late koi ata hai kya, matlab you were literally this close to miss my performance" she said showing him the space between her two fingers to indicate how close he was to miss her show. Armaan bit his tounge hearing her, Mrs. Malik was obviously not the type to let him go without giving him an earful "Woh...woh know...uhmm" he stammered thinking of the most apt justification " Woh kya ha?...nahi nahi bolo na woh kya? " she asked angrily with her hands on her hips, "Mar gaye beta..." thought Armaan to himself. "Arey woh...hey abhi to tumne kaha ki you forgive me to bas baat khatam ab tum gussa nahi ho sakti...Ab allowed nahi hai" he said smilingly as he came up with such a valid point. "Oh really...Gussa nahi ho sakti? Hmm let me tell you main exactly kya kya kar sakti hu" she said with a sweet smile and the next second she picked up her hair brush from the dressing table making his eyes widen and making him run for his life..."Rid...Ridhima yaar niche rakho use lag jayegi mujhe" he said shielding himself behind the couch placed in her vanity van..."I suppose that's the whole point Mr. Malik" she said still trying to get hold of him. After running around for ten minutes Armaan somehow managed to get that hair brush out of her hand while she stood there with puffed cheeks and arms folded against her chest..."Sorry na!" he nudged her slightly to which she turned her face away from him..."Tch..I love you na" he said nudging her again to which she looked up at him, he had made the cutest puppy eyes and titled his head a little indicating her to let go, she could not help the smile that was making its way on her lips and tried hard to hide it by biting them but Armaan was fast at catching them..."I can see that smile...and you know what they say hasi to phasi" he said taking her in his arms while she too gave in and finally smiled at him..."Oye hoye, main mar jawan kya smile hai soniyo" he said in a flirtatious tone making her giggle and blush at the same time...She then placed her head on his chest and hugged him tightly while he too held her closer finally their day ended on a good note.
The next few days went by in the same way with Armaan being really busy in his film while Rihima too had started the dress trials for her next film. She did not tell Armaan about her interaction with Abhimanyu because she knew that he would simply get really angry and may do something wrong in anger, plus as she got busy with her dress trials she too forgot about that incident...It was just another day when Ridhima was sitting with her designer in the studio deciding the look for her character when her cellphone rang, annoyed at being disturbed she answered without looking at who was calling but hearing the person on the other line her heart almost stopped beating, her hands were trembling and she was just about to drop the phone when her designer who saw the change in her expressions shook her a little and asked her what happened. Ridhima looked at the designer blankly and spoke in mere broken words..." have to go...AYUSH! AYUSH get the car quick Ar..Armaan ka accident ho gaya hai...JALDI KARO" she yelled at Ayush as tears started streaming down her face. Ayush did as told while the designer who pretty much understood what happened did not question her any further and plus Ridhima was not really in a state to answer anyone...Ridhima got in the car and asked Ayush to drive as quickly as possible towards City Hospital and throughout the way she only prayed to God, begging him to keep Armaan okay...After sometime they reached the hospital and not even waiting for Ayush to park the car or open the door for her Ridhima got down and rushed inside asking the receptionist about where Armaan was she made her way towards his room as fast as her legs were carrying her. "Armaan..." she panted as she reached outside the ward, "Ar..Armaan kaha hai? is he...woh theek hai na? kuch bolo!" she asked Mr. Sinha (Armaan's director) and John..."Maam please calm down..." John tried saying but was cut by a furious Ridhima "Calm can I calm down dammit waha mera pati...Yeh sab hua kaise? How did you even let this happen John? Armaan's safety is your resposniblity and aaj who yaha kya kar raha?" John just bowed his head hearing her get so mad, he was already feeling bad about what happened but there was only little he could do. Seeing Ridhima get hysterical Mr. Sinha thought to finally speak up "Ridhima listen to me once, jo bhi hua us mein John ki galti nahi hai...There was an accident on set, we were shooting for a fire sequence and God knows how things became so uncontrollable, the fire would just not die out and since Armaan was in the middle he tried his best to get out and in the process ended up hurting himself as he jumped out and his head landed on a stone kept there" Ridhima gasped hearing him, God how she hoped that he was okay. "Is he okay? ne kya kaha" she asked still petrified at the news she got. "He iss till being examined but you don't worry Armaan is a fighter, tum dkehna use kuch nahi hoga" said Mr. Sinha assuringly. Afetr a few seconds the doctor came out and needless to say Ridhima was the first one to rush to him..."Do...Doctor Ar...Armaan...How is he? Hes fine right" "Mrs. Malik don't worry Mr. Malik is absolutely fine now, sir pe halki se chot ayi hai, nothing to really worry about and the smoke has cause a little discomfort in his chest but that should also be fine soon. He just needs some rest and he will be fit as a fiddle" said the doctor with a smile while Ridhima let out a breath she did not even know she was holding. "Can...can I see him?" she asked to which the doctor replied in a positive and without waiting to hear anything else she rushed inside his room. Her heart twisted in pain as she saw him lying on the hospital bed with closed eyes and an IV attached to his right hand while his forehead was covered in a white color bandage. Taking slow steps she came and sat on the stool next to him.

Sun mere humsafar
Kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar
Ki teri saansein chalti jidhar
Rahungi bas wahin umrr bhar
Rahungi bas wahin umrr bhar, haaye

She sat there for a few minutes just looking at him and trying to assure her heart that he was okay. Tears formed in her eyes as she slowly brought a shivering hand and placed it on his cheek lightly while a lone tear made its way down her eyes...
Muskurana bhi tujhi se seekha hai
Dil lagane ka tu hi tareeka hai
Aitbaar bhi tujhi se hota hai
Aaun na hosh mein main kabhi
Baahon mein hai teri zindagi

Feeling the soft touch on his cheeks, Armaan opened his tired eyes as he was anyway not unconscious. Seeing him open his yes gave her so much relief that words could not define, she bowed her head as more tears rolled down her cheeks. She was so,so scared hearing about her accident, it was like someone took away her life from her.

Hai nahi tha pata
Ki tujhe maan lungi Khuda
Ki teri galiyon mein iss qadar
Aaungi ab har pehar

Armaan was well aware of her state, he knew she was really worried for him and so without saying anything he took her hand that was on her cheek and kissed it lovingly. He then slowly cupped her face and made her look up at him. "Hey!!! I am fine, kuch nahi hua mujhe" he said gently wiping her tears with his thumb while hearing him she could no longer hold herself and hugged him as tight as she could and even though he was still lying down he reciprocated the hug.

O sun mere humsafar
Kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar
Ki teri saansein chalti jidhar
Rahungi bas wahin umrr bhar
Rahungi bas wahin umrr bhar, haaye

"Shh...Shh I am fine bacha, kuch bhi nahi hua" said Armaan caressing her back as
as she cried on his chest. "I was so sc...scared...mujhe...mujhe laga..." she said in a broken voice, trying to form a proper sentence but was unable to do so. "Shh...I know, I know" said Armaan placing a light kiss on her hair in order to soothe her. After a few minutes when did calm down, she broke hug and immediately got up afraid that her tight hug must have hurt him more than he already was "I...I am sorry...tumhe lagi to nahi na? woh pata nahi..." "Shh Ridhima realx! Main bilkul theek hu and you did not hurt me" said Armaan cutting her in between while she just nodded her head without saying anything. After sometime he tried to sit up but was left groaning in pain making her alert " careful!" she scolded him and helped him to sit up..."Abhi bhi dard ho raha hai?" she asked him as he sat with closed eyes. Hearing her question he opened his eyes and shook his head "Nahi...just a little tired" he replied honestly. "Tum sach main theek ho na?" she asked him still a little unsure "Ha baba main bilkul theek hu, aur vaise bhi superman ko dard nahi hota" he replied back jokingly making her smile a bit. "Jaan nikaldi tumne meri...if you ever do this again I swear I will beat the shit out of you" she said as tears welled up in her eyes again, while he smiled at her so called threat "Aye aye captain" he said saluting her making her smile none the less...After sometime the doctor examined him and declared him fit to go home on the condition that he would not take  too much stress and would rest well to which he had no choice but to agree for wifey dearest was so not going to take no for an answer.

After reaching home Armaan was subjected to complete bed rest by Ridhima and he did not even bother arguing knowing very well that she would not budge come what may. So it was just after dinner when he just sat quietly on the bed taking all the medicines that Ridhima was giving to him, though he really wanted to refuse to take them owing to the horrible bitter taste but seeing how tired she was from the day's events he decided against it and just did as told. After she gave him the last pill she asked him to lay down and get some sleep as it was already late and plus he must be drowsy with all the medicines, but he refused saying he would wait for her to go and change and the they would sleep together.She tried to retort but since he was not willing to listen she just gave in and quickly getting changed in her night dress, she too got in bed and slept hugging him after making sure that he was comfortable and not in any pain or anything.
At around 2 am Ridhima woke up with the blazing sound of the alarm that she had set on her phone as he was to take his medicine. She got up and took her phone to switch off the alarm when she saw that she had received a text message from some unknown number. She opened the text message only to receive the biggest shock of her life...the message read:-

"He won't be able to escape all the time...aaj bach gaya phir nahi bachega tumhara pati"
Reading that very line was as if someone had placed her on a death bed...She sat there blankly staring at the phone petrified at who could send such a message, was it even true or just a joke. She tried to trace the number through true caller but it was a private number. Her hands trembled with fear as she re-read the message just then Armaan who had gotten up sensing her absence from his arms tapped her shoulder to which she flinched hard making him frown..."hey it's me..." He said assuming that she was just startled by the sudden touch but on having a closer look he realized that something was wrong, Ridhima was sweating profusely and she looked terrified about something "Kya hua? Tum aise kyu baithi ho? Aur tumhe itna pasina kyu araha hai? Arey you okay? Tabyat to theek hai na tumhari? Asked Armaan in a concerned tone, while Ridhima just stared at him blankly what was she even supposed to say, she herself did not know what was happening "Ridhima...kya hua bacha? Koi bura sapna dekha apne?" asked Armaan lovingly, breaking her chain of thoughts. "Uhmm woh...woh kuch nahi...ha sapna...koi bura sapna dekha to bas..." she replied deciding in that split second that it was not the time to tell Armaan about this, the doctor had told him to rest and stay stress free, perhaps this was just probably some dirty prank she convinced herself. On the other hand Armaan was very mch convinced with her lie because he felt that she had a tough day emotionally because of her accident and so must have had a bad dream as she was thinking too much about it. He took her in his arms and rubbed her back soothingly "Don't worry it was just a dream and bure sapne sach nahi hote...tume zyada socho mat okay sab theek ho jayega...Do you want to talk about it?" he asked her in such a gentle tone that melted her heart. "No...I don't " she whispered against his chest, holding him as tight as possible and wishing for all this to actually just be a dream. Armaan kissed the top of her head and kept rocking her in his arms till he finally found her a little relaxed, thereafter he broke the hug and tucked her hair properly "Ab so's very late and I know your exhausted" he said kissing her forehead while she too nodded but first gave him his medicine, which he again took without any fuss and thereafter they both laid back down and while Armaan was asleep in no time owing to his medicines Ridhima was miles away from sleep for as hard as she tried she could just not get her mind off that message.
It had been nearly a week since Armaan had his accident and was at home resting as per Ridhima's strict instructions. Ridhima could still not get over that text for obvious reasons but she had still not told Armaan or anyone else for that matter. It was around evening when Armaan who had been sleeping under the effect of his medicine had woken up, he frowned for a second as he did not find Ridhima beside him because as far as he remembered she too had fallen asleep with him. Just then his hand landed on a small note kept on his bedside picking it up he read it

"Have some work! I'll be late!
He frowned at the note for it was so abrupt unlike the notes she usually kept for him, plus what work did she have at that time he wondered. However shrugging his thoughts thinking it might be something important he made his way towards the living room as he really wanted to just get out of bed. As he reached the living room he found John and Ayush there having some sort of a deep conversation Armaan frowned hard seeing them if both of them were here then who was with Ridhima he thought. "Ayush what are you doing here? Tumhe Ridhima ke sath hona chahiye na? I am paying you to be with her at all times and guard her to jab woh bahar hai to tum yaha kya kar rahe ho?" asked a visibly pissed off Armaan. "Sir actually...Ridhima maam refused to take me along, she said unhe koi personal kaam hai and I am not to disturb her" replied Ayush with his head down. "What??? Yeh Ridhima bhi na, she knows I hate her going anywhere without security..." Said Armaan more to himself as he immediately took his phone and attempted to call Ridhima but all in vain as she would just not answer making him worry all the worry. "Damn this phone" he said running a frustrated hand on his hair."Ayush aaj ke bad chahe kuch bhi ho jaye, even if Ridhima says no you will accompany her at all times...IS THAT CLEAR?" Said Armaan in a no-nonsense tone to which Ayush nodded with a second doubt. For the next one hour Armaan kept calling Ridhima to receive absolutely no reply which needless to say worried him to no ends as it was already past 8 and he had no clue where she was. Just then a very exhausted Ridhima entered the house making Armaan take a breath of relief but the very next minute all his anger came back "Kaha thi tum Ridhima? I have been trying to call you since forever can't you answer your call even once? And what rubbish is this why did you not take Ayush with you don't you know it's not safe for you to roam around alone...HOW CAN YOU BE SO CARELESS DAMMIT" Yelled Armaan angrily making Ridhima shut her eyes tightly, she was expecting him to be mad but for now she was too drained to give him any justification and so without saying anything she just walked off going towards their room but that did nothing but ignite his anger more and so before she could move much he grabbed her arms roughly "Main tumse baat kar raha hu, don't you dare walk out on me till I am done" said a really angry Armaan. "Mujhe kuch nahi kehna hai...and I am really tired so please leave me alone" said Ridhima trying hard to get out of his hold. "Kehna padega..." " SAYS WHO DAMMIT?" said Ridhima cutting him off in between as she harshly shrugged his hands off her. "Main koi do sal ki bachi nahi hu that I need to be told what's right and what's wrong I am a mature adult and I think I have the right to go out and do things as per my wish without taking anybody's permission. Isliye please stop asking me these questions they are juat annoying and stop babying me around because I am not a baby" yelled a highly irritated Ridhima, shocking Armaan momentarily as he had never seen her speak like that before but then soon his anger took over his shock "You know what you're right, main hi pagal hu that I worry for you so much, meri hi galti hai that I love you much that I want to keep you safe at all times...I am sorry for treating you like a baby and annoying you with these silly questions, aaj ke bad se you can do whatever you want, I won't bother to ask anything" said Armaan and without bothering to hear her reply he stormed off towards their room while a teary eyed Ridhima stood there silently watching him go away from her...
It had been 3 days since AR fought with each other and it had been the worse days of their life so far. Neither of them spoke to each other,Armaan had resumed going to his shoot while Ridhima too kept herself busy in  her dress trials and stuff at home. They would dine together but nobody would talk, they would sleep on the same bed but with their backs facing each other, they lived together but were as good as strangers, in short life was hell for both of them. It was around eight in the evening when Armaan was driving back home from his shoot and was thinking about the last three days "teen din se humne baat nahi kiya hai yaar, this is getting too much now...Mujhe shayd itna gussa nahi hona chahiye tha yaar she already looked so tired that day aur main upar se us par hi baras pada...Lekin phir she should not have been so careless either na...Goddd kya karuuu" he said to himself banging his fist against the steering wheel. Finally after having a mini debate with his inner self he decided to finally let go anyway the distance was killing him and he knew Ridhima was not happy either. So deciding to put an end to both their miseries he stooped at a florist and buying a bunch of her favorite pink lilies he headed straight home to mollify his upset princess...Soon enough Armaan Rachel home and used his spare keys to get in so as to surprise here but as soon as he opens the door he was greeted with a sight that literally shook the earth beyond his feet...

Note:-- hello everyone! So here goes the first part of this  OS that is dedicated to the person who forced me to write on this topic...:p our very own Arima Di!
I don't really know how it's shaped up but I hope you all find it at least decent enough to read :)


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