Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Part-B ; ~If Tomorrow Comes (AR OS)~

RECAP: AR fight...They don't talk for nearly 3 days and finally Armaan who was returning home from his shoot decides to break the ice but as soon as he reached home he was greeted with a sight that literally shook the earth beyond his feet...


There stood in the middle of the living room was Ridhima with none other than Abhimanyu Modi and they both were sharing a deep, passionate hug. Abhimnayu was just about to kiss her shoulder when Armaan who all along stood numb in shock roared in extreme anger "RIDHIMA... As soon as Ridhima and Abhimanyu heard him they parted from the hug and looked towards Armaan who was shaking with rage. Without even waiting for them to say something or asking anything he marched angrily towards them and grabbed Abhimanyu by his collar...HOW DARE YOU, TUMHARI HIMMAT KAISE HUI MERE GHAR ANE KI AUR MERI PATNI KE KAREEB ANI KI... yelled Armaan as he began punching Abhimnayu making Ridhima gasp in horror. "Ar...Armaan chodo use...leave him said Ridhima trying her best to part Armaan away from Abhimanyu as he was beating him really badly. "Nahi Ridhima...I will kill this man today...ISKI HIMMAT KAISE HUI TUMHE CHUNE KI...replied Armaan, again punching Abhimnayu...Armaan, chodo use...Abhimnayu ko yaha maine bulaya tha...I called him here...just leave him Dammit Said Ridhima, now raising her voice as well and just as Armaan heard what she said he stopped beating Abhimanyu and left him abruptly while he immediately turned towards Ridhima, confusion written all over his face...Tumne bulaya? Kyu? Are you mad, tum achi tarah se janti ho yeh kaise admi hai phir bhi tumne use yaha bulaya...WHY? asked Armaan highly annoyed at this piece of information. Ridhima stood mum hearing his question which only increased his irritation "Ridhima main tumse kuch puch raha hu, tumne is admi ko yaya kyu bulaya...ANSWER ME DAMMIT... "Because she loves me...pyaar karti hai mujhse said Abhimanyu getting up from the floor where Armaan had literally thrown him before. Hearing Abhimnayu's words Armaan clenched his fists as tight as he could trying his best to control his anger "Ridhima I am asking you something and I WANT AN ANSWER said Armaan with his fiery gaze stuck on Ridhima who did not dare look up at him. "Ridhima...ab sach bata do sweetheart, there is no point hiding the truth anymore said Abhimanyu in a sugary tone as he walked towards Ridhima and placed his palm at the small of her back making Armaan furious...HOW DARE YOU TOUCH HER He yelled angrily and was just coming ahead to give him another blow when Ridhima held him back and finally broke her silence  "Abhi sach keh raha hai Armaan, we...we both love each other she said, still looking down. "Ridhima, you need not lie and defend this ass...main janta hu yeh tumhare sath batameezi karne ki koshi... "I am not lying or defending anyone Armaan, main wahi keh rahi hu jo sach hai...I...I love Abhi and...and main usi ki sath rehna chahti hu ab... she said cutting him in between "Sun liya tum... Abhimnayu tried saying something but Armaan just pointed his finger at him and said in a no-nonsense tone "I am talking to MY WIFE and I do not APPRECAITE some third person to speak in between...To ise pehle that I lose my temper and break every little bone in your body I suggest that you shut your mouth." Armaan then held Ridhima's wrist angrily and without saying anything further he dragged her towards their room and banged the door shut behind him, he had enough already and he now wanted some answers. He pulled her harshly towards himself making her bang against his chest...To Ridhima tell me, You love this...this Abhimanyu right? Uske sath rehna hai tumhe ab. Clearly all the years we were together, all the love we had does not matter to you anymore...Fine! Sab man liya maine he said while she finally looked up at him almost shocked at how easily he got convinced but soon enough recovered from her shock as she heard his next words "Lekin sirf ek baar, meri akhon mein dekh kar yeh sab kaho...Sirf ek baar Ridhima and I swear I won't ask you anything else Ridhima kept looking in his eyes but soon averted her gaze making him smirk a little...I knew it, janta tha ki tum nahi bol... he went to say something but was cut short by that one line that pierced his heart "I love Abhi she said in one breath, looking up in his eyes. "Sun liya? Now leave me... She said getting out of his hold while he stood numb hearing her, how could she betray him "Why??? he asked in mere whisper but that whisper was so painful that it could make the coldest of hearts cry. "I...I don't think the why's or how's  are of any importance anymore...Plus tumne hi kaha tha, that you won't ask anything Said Ridhima softly. "Huh... he chuckled sarcastically "You know what, you're right, main Jana bhi nahi jata ab, I am clearly not interested in knowing about your so called *Extra Marital Affair* He said emphasizing on the words extra marital affair, while she just turned her face away from him. "Tumhe us Abhimanyu ke sath rehna hai na, you love him right? To you're absolutely free to go koi nahi rokega tumhe, infact tum chaho to mein khud hi tumhe drop kardunga...You know why Ridhima? he asked walking extremely close to her and holding her shoulders he made her turn towards him "Kyuki now I DON'T want to stay with you, main ek aise ladki ke sath reh hi nahi sakta jisne mujhe dhoka diya ho...Infarct meri life ka sabse bada regret yahi hoga ki maine tum jaise dhokebaz se pyaar kiya, that I showered my love on a woman who deserved none of it...Isilye Please tum chali jao yaha se... He said in a tone that nearly tore Ridhima's heart. She looked up at him to see nothing but fire in those eyes that once held eons of love of her "Good Riddance He said literally jerking her away from himself and walking out of the room angrily, while she just stood there watching go away from her and wiped off the lone tear that had made its way through her eye.
A very angry Armaan went towards his study and banged the door hard behind him. KYUUU...WHY he yelled thrashing everything that came in his way. He could just not believe the fact that the woman who he loved to death cheated on him. How could she do that do him "Kyu Ridhima...kyu kiya tumne aise...AHHH He said while he infuriatedly pulled his hair as angry tears poured down his eyes...He stayed in the study for quite some time quietly cursing his fate and crying his eyes out an only came out when he heard some noise come from out. As soon as he came out of the study he wished that he had not for there he witnessed a site that he would have never wanted to see, Ridhima was walking down the stairs with all her luggage in hand and he knew that it was it she was going away...forever.

Tum mere ho iss pal mere ho
Kal shayad ye alam naa rahe

Armaan just kept looking at her as she slowly made her way towards Abhimanyu who was stood there with a shameless grin plastered on his face. Abhimnayu took the luggage from her and bending forward placed a kiss on her cheek making sure to let Armaan see it, while Ridhima just stood there devoid of any expressions or emotions.  Armaan who had his gaze fixed on Ridhima boiled with anger when he saw Abhimanyu kiss his Ridhima in front of him, but what actually triggered him was that Ridhima did not say anything; rather she just let him do what he was doing, It was as if she was someone else altogether...Somebody he did not know at all.

Kuch aisa ho tum tum naa raho
Kuch aisa ho hum hum naa rahe

"Chale... said Abhimanyu and holding Ridhima's hand he made his way out of the house, while Armaan just watched her go away with someone else leaving him all alone. He was just so upset and hurt, it was as if someone kept stabbing his heart and he could do nothing about it.  Just then his eyes landed on a small photo frame that held a picture of a cutely sleeping Ridhima and just in the heat of the moment he grabbed it and without thinking twice he thrashed it on the floor.

Yeh raaste alag ho jaaye
Chalte chalte hum kho jaaye

He kept looking at the broken picture frame on the floor forcing his heart to forget the person in that picture. He tried his best to find some peace by looking at the broken glass scattered all over her picture but that did nothing but increase his pain because no matter what said and done he still loved her...He just could not help it, he loved her a lot and that was that fact could just not be  changed. And so having lost the battle with his heart he walked slowly towards the broken picture and bending down he slowly removed all the broken pieces of glass from it.

Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
Is chahat mein marr jaunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga

Armaan then took the picture and placing it close to his heart cried so bad that even the angels above were weeping at his state. "Please come back...Please come back he chanted between his cries no longer able to bare this pain anymore. Yes he was very angry at her but more than that he was devastated, for him life meant Ridhima now that she left him he had no idea how to live.

Meri jaan mein har khamoshi hain
Tere pyaar ke nagme gaunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
Is chahat mein mar jaunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
On the other hand, Ridhima who was by then in the car with Abhimanyu sat absolutely motionless as the later drove through the empty roads of the city. Soon enough he stopped the car and that brought Ridhima out of her zone, she looked around to see that he had stopped in front of her old apartment and without saying anything she opened her door and was just getting down when he stopped her "Ek minute, Yeh mat samjhna that now you can do as you please...I have my eyes on you 24/7 so just one wrong move and you are well aware of the consequences so be careful...Is that clear? Hearing him Ridhima just nodded robotically and without any further exchange of words she took her luggage and walked towards her house. She unlocked the door and walked inside the place she once called home, but now it was nothing but a place of shelter. She suddenly felt so cold on the inside, she felt so lonely and deep down she knew that this loneliness was going to be her companion for life, especially after the decision she took. Just at that thought her eyes welled up and unable to hold her emotions any longer she broke down and fell down on her knees crying her eyes out. She could not forget the accusations and pain that Armaan's eyes held as she left their house. She wanted to go hug him right then and tell him that she loved him and only him but she could not do so... "I am sorry...I am so sorry Armaan she said between her cries feeling complete broken just as the thought of being the reason behind his pain, but she had to do that, she had to hurt him to save him. She pulled her knees to her chest and sobbed hard, she closed her eyes and let herself drift back to that unfaithful day that changed their life for the worse, the day when she went to meet Abhimanyu Modi...
It had been nearly a week since Armaan's accident and since the day Ridhima received that horrible message from that unknown number which had taken away all her peace. It was around afternoon when Ridhima had woken up from her nap that she had taken on Armaan's insistence. She looked at her side and smiled seeing Armaan still fast asleep with a small frown as he had lost the warmth of her body against his. She bend down and placed a light kiss on his cheek which instantly erased that frown and brought a sweet smile on his face. Giving one last glance at him, she got up from the bed while tying her hair in a messy bun. She picked up her cellphone from the side table and was shocked to see another message from the same private number that had sent her that message about Armaan's accident a week back. With trembling fingers she managed to open the text and read its contents:

"If you want to know who am I and what I want then meet me at the location sent below...And yes you better not tell anyone about this message or the consequences will be borne by your dear husband and trust me it won't be nice...so just do as told and be there by 5pm

Ridhima almost stopped breathing for a second after reading that message. God she was just about to consider the earlier message to be some nasty prank but after reading this she was assured that this was something very serious and not just prank. Her mind began racing with a thousand questions as to who could be behind all this but she could not think of anyone. She re-read the text and wondered what to do, should she go? It could be very risky she knew but if she does not go then how will she know who the culprit is? She debated on whether to tell Armaan or not but the small threat in the message was enough for her to decide against doing that. Finally after weighing all the pros and cons she decided to just go and find out and so leaving a note for Armaan, she quickly got dressed and left the house. Ayush her personal security insisted on accompanying her but she refused saying she was going for some personal work and did not want to be disturbed and so having no choice he too backed off and let her go alone.
After Driving for nearly 30 minutes and following her GPRS she finally reached the mentioned location. Taking a deep breath she got down of the car and with a thumping heart she walked inside to meet the so called blackmailer. As she walked inside the place which seemed like an old, disowned garage she found a young man standing there with his back towards the entrance. "Agayi tum...Kafi der nahi laga di ane main said the guy still with his back towards her. "Kaun ho tum? Aur humse kya chahte ho? she asked back in a voice as firm as she could manage. "Areyyy, itni bhi kya jaldi hai humse milne ki, vaise bhi you know me very well...Humare bohot purana rishta hai you know he replied back and she could clearly hear the smirk in his voice. "Dekho...mere pass yeh faltu time nahi hai, so just stop with the drama and just tell me who you are and what you want... Replied back Ridhima."Ahaan...I like firm women, they are just so sexy he said in a flirty tone while she cringed her nose feeling disgusted at his tone. "Khair tumhe zyada wait nahi karaunga... Dekh lo main kaun who I am right in front of you... Said the man and slowly turned around to face her. "Abhimanyu Modi... she whispered in complete surprise to find him there.  "Bingo! Bilkul sahi jawab" said Abhimanyu shamelessly folding his arms across his chest. "Iska matlab...woh accident?Woh text? Woh sab tum...you are behind all this. Lekin kyu? WHY? What do want? Asked Ridhima in a perplexed tone. "Tumhari pati ki barbadi, that's what I want, I want to destroy your husband replied Abhimnayu as he angrily threw the nearest object making Ridhima flinch. "He beats me every damn time, He always takes away the best chahe Woh College ho ya films. He is always everyone's first preference kyu? Kya kami hai mujhme...Lekin ab nahi, ab main use batana chahatu ki harna kya hota hai, I want him to feel pained, I want to hurt him to the best that I can and I WILL...aur is kaam mein meri help tum karogi said Abhimanyu, while Ridhima shook her head in disbelief "Tum pagal ho gaye ho, Just because Armaan is doing well or has done well for himself has nothing to do with yopur failure. Armaan apni kaam ki izat karta hai, he worships his work that's why he is so successful...Unlike you jise lagta hai ki success bas baithe baithe milta hai. Woh tumhari tarah nahi hai who takes things for granted and then blames others for being a bloody LOSER... "ENOUGH... Yelled Abhimanyu cutting her rant there and there. "Tumhari bakwas sune ka mere pass koi time nahi hai, and yes let me warn you before you say anything else ek baar yeh video dekh lo it might just make you shut your mouth" spat a highly pissed Abhimanyu and then without waiting for her to say anything he showed her a video that got her breath stuck in her Thorat. "Yeh...how?Kaise ? Ho...How did you get this ?" Stammered Ridhima..."kya hua awaz kyu band ho gayi tumhari?Don't you have anything else to say ? Or wait you can't say anything else anymore right? "Smirked Abhimanyu "I am sure your aware ki Agar ke yeh video media ke hath agayi, ya for that matter social media par bhi leak ho gayi to tunhare Armaan ka career humesha- humesha ke liye khatam ho jayega" said Abhimanyu while Ridhima still stood numb watching the video that had Armaan reading out the entire script of the film that he is currently working on with Mr. Sinha to his manger. Now the fact the he was reading the script to his manger was not the problem but the fact that it was recorded and if gone viral the entire story of the film would be out was the problem. "I am sure tum Mr. Sinha ko itna to janti hogi to know that he will not spare anyone who leaks anything about his movie...aur yeh to puri ki puri script leak hui hai" "But yeh tumahre pass Aya kaha se ?" Asked Ridhima trying her best to hide the fear in her voice. "Yeh sab mere pass kaise Aya is not really important you know, let's just say I have my sources..." he replied back then walking extremely close to her he said in a very dangerous tone "tumhe andaza bhi nahi hai ki main Armaan Malik ko barbad karne ke liye kis had tak ja sakta hu...Aur Agar tum chahti ho hu main aise kuch Na karu to tumhe bas Meri ek baat mani hogi" "kaisi baat?" Asked Ridhima in a small voice, "tumhe Armaan ko chodna hoga, you have to leave him forever...Bohot gurur hai use Na tum par, bohot pyaar bhi karta hai lekin main uske isi gurur ko todna chahta hu, I want him to know how is it to be lonely and alone and yeh sab sirf tab hoga jab tum use chod dogi" replied Abhimanyu in a negatively determined voice. "What rubbish? Aise kaise ho sakta hai, how can you even think ki main tumhari yeh baat man jaungi. Bilkul nahi main Armaan se bohot pyaar karti hu and I will not leave him under any circumstance" said Ridhima with equal determination in her voice and just proceeded to leave when she heard him speak yet again "Karna to tumhe padega hi sweetheart, nahi to be ready to pay for the consequences...Abhi to sirf ek chota sa accident karwaya Hai but if you do not listen to me to I promise you, not only will I spoil his career but will also KILL HIM, the rest is your choice".  Ridhima gasped hearing his words, what on earth was she supposed to do. She knew for a fact Abhimanyu was serious, she could read the fire in his eyes but how could she just adhere to his demand? How could she just leave Armaan like that? How was she supposed to live without that one person who was literally her life? But was her love, their love greater than his life? All these questions kept running in her head like a broken tape recorder and not knowing what to say she just walked out from there .She somehow drove back home with a heavy heart and on reaching home she came face to face with a very pissed off Armaan for she had left without security. She did not want to fight with him, she did not intend to but she her mind was so pre-occupied that she ended up lashing out on him and a petty issue which could have been solved right there was dragged for no reason. How she wished they did not  fight that night at least she could have been in his arms for one last time but destiny was probably not very nice to her. The next few days were pure torture on one hand Armaan had not spoken to her at all and somehow she was glad for she was sure she would have broken down in his arms and that she could not afford and on the other hand Abhimanyu's words kept haunting her. Eventually having no choice she made up her mind to give in to Abhimanyu's demand for she could bare anything but would not be able to bare anything happening to Armaan moreover she knew that he loved his career a lot and she did not want him to face that sort of criticism. She called Abhimanyu to tell him that she would do as told provided he promises that he would keep his word and cause no harm to Armaan to which Abhimanyu instantly agreed because he knew that nothing could hurt Armaan more than Ridhima leaving him and from there was derived the whole scene of Ridhima having an affair with Abhimanyu.

~End Of Flashback~
Ridhima who was thinking about the last few days and her decision to leave Armaan, had fallen asleep in the same sitting position still near the door. "ARMAAN... Screamed Ridhima as she woke up with a thud from a very bad dream where all she could see was Armaan looking at her with the most pained expression in his eyes and as much as she tried to go near him, the further away he went. She looked around to understand where she was and that's when reality hit her, she was in her house away from Armaan and now there won't be any Armaan either.

Aankhen khule toh main dekhun tujhe
Sirf yeh hi farmaish hai
Pehli toh mujhko yaad nahi
Tu meri aakhiri khwahish hai

She hurt him beyond words today and he would definitely hate her now and this very thought killed her a million times. She hugged herself closer and cried, she cried thinking about all the good times she had with Armaan and that those would remain just memories from now.

Seh loon main ab teri kami
Mujhse yeh hoga hi nahi
Tum aise mujhme shaamil ho
Tum jaan meri tum hi dil ho
Shaayad main bhula doon khud ko bhi
Par tumko bhool na paaungi

"Infarct meri life ka sabse bada regret yahi hoga ki maine tum jaise dhokebaz se pyaar kiya, that I showered my love on a woman who deserved none of it... Armaan's words kept ringing in her ears tearing her heart every single time. But she felt he was right she actually did not deserve his love,  she deserved every bit of hate from him for  hurting him so much.  I AM SORRY ARMAAN...I AM SO SORRY she cried helplessly...

Main phir bhi tumko chaahungi
Main phir bhi tumko chaahungi
Iss chaahat mein marr jaaungi
Main phir bhi tumko chaahungi
It had been nearly a month since Ridhima left Armaan and life was pure hell for the both of them. The happy go lucky Armaan had transformed into a complete workaholic he had stopped interacting with anyone on the sets, he had stopped playing pranks on set and was only bothered with giving his shot and leaving. On the days when his work got done early he would just come home and lock himself in his room and brood over whatever happened. He wanted to hate Ridhima after what she had done to him but he just could not. The more he tried not to think about her the more she came in his mind. On the other hand Ridhima too was in the same condition maybe worse actually. Abhimanyu forced her to leave the film that she signed and when she tried refusing he not only threatened her again but also beat her black and blue. That was the day she realized that Abhimanyu was way more dangerous than what he seemed and she had to be more careful as he could very well just back off from his word and still hurt Armaan. Fortunately for her both John and Ayush were aware of the actual situation and she could trust them to be extra cautious. The day Armaan met with an accident John suspected something to be fishy and started investigating more into the matter, they happened to track both Armaan and Ridhima's phones to get any clue and that's when they found out about  the texts Abhimanyu had sent Ridhima. They confronted Ridhima directly and having no choice as they were very clever she did tell them everything but made them promise not to tell Armaan anything, they were against the idea but when she literally broke down in front of them and was on the verge of begging them, they had to agree but on the condition that Ayush would stay with her and protect her and though reluctantly she had to agree.
After a few days there was a huge bash thrown by one of the biggest producer in town. He had called the who's who of the industry and everybody made it a point to tick their attendance for this man was someone who everybody wanted to please. Armaan had come alone and the media literally pounced on him as he walked in asking him various question about the alleged rumors of his separation with Ridhima that had been doing the rounds since sometime now but he remained tight lipped and without bothering to answer any question or pose for the camera he walked in straight inside the party. After sometime Ridhima entered the party but what caught everyone's attention was that she walked in with Abhimanyu, the media had already gotten some hints about the fact that AR were separated but they had no clue about Abhimanyu and Ridhima being there. Without wasting anymore time the media surrounded Abhimanyu and Ridhima bombarding them with questions about their relationship status Ridhima was just going to answer no comments and move ahead but was highly surprised when she felt Abhimanyu slip his hand on her back and reply "Well, all I can say for now is that I am a lucky man I have a beautiful lady in my arms what more does one want. Ridhima tried moving out from his grip but he held her tightly "Right? Ridhima he ask looking at her with an extra big smile and then looking up and as she followed his gaze she saw Armaan standing in the far corner of the lobby looking at the two of them with absolute fire and unexplainable pain in his eyes. Ridhima kept looking at him without blinking, she had seen him after a whole month and oh boy did she miss him, He seemed to have grown a slight beard while his hair was a little longer. She was just taking in his presence when she felt Abhimanyu dig his nails on her waist a little harshly making her hiss inaudibly " Right Ridhima? he asked again while giving her a meaningful look and this time she just nodded and forced a small smile out of her lips. She looked up again to see Armaan but he was no longer there and she knew that she hurt him again, her eyes welled up at being so helpless, at being the reason behind his pain but she had no choice she herself was stuck. Ayush who was escorting Ridhima and Abhimnayu for the evening sensed Ridhima's emotions and somehow dragged them away from the media saying that it was late and they should just get in now. The party was on in full swing, everybody was enjoying except of course Armaan and Ridhima who were very much lost in their thoughts. Abhimanyu purposely kept Ridhima very close to himself and kept touching her just to piss Armaan off.  And Armaan  who had his eyes constantly fixed on them felt so torn up, he wanted to kill Abhimanyu for as much as laying his eyes on Ridhima but how could he, his Ridhima...oops sorry not his anymore, Ridhima herself let him come close to her. Ridhima looked up to see Armaan staring at her with the most wounded expression, his eyes held questions that in spite of having answers of which she could not answer them. Suddenly she felt suffocated in that huge, properly ventilated room, she could not take it anymore, she could just not stand the accusations that those grey eyes held in them. Moreover she felt disgusted with Abhimanyu's touch; it was like everything was against her and so feeling very restless she excused herself and went towards the restroom where she immediately splashed some cold water on her face to calm herself down a bit. After a while when she did feel a bit better she came out from the washroom  but was in no mood to just go back to the party as of yet so she decided to go up to the terrace for a little while, right now she really wanted to just be alone for some time so without any further ado she went towards the elevator that and call it some sort of divine planning that just then even Armaan who was planning to just leave the party entered the same elevator just on time before the doors shut. He looked up to find Ridhima alone in there trying her best to not look at him, an awkward silence surrounded the air as they desperately waited for the lift to stop so they could just get out which was actually weird because normally they would die to have a few moments of alone time for themselves and today they wanted to run away from each other. Just as they both were thinking about this the light went off and the elevator stopped abruptly. "Yeh...yeh kya ho..ho raha hai?Li...light kyu chali gayi? stammered Ridhima as sweat beans started forming on her forehead as she was highly claustrophobic and very afraid of the dark. "Uhmm I don't know...Maybe because the weather is a little bad replied Armaan taking out his phone from his pocket to get someone to help them but unfortunately the network was really bad so he just left a message to John hoping that it gets delivered soon. He then looked up to see a very, very frightened Ridhima standing in the far corner of the lift. She looked so terrified that he just wanted to go and engulf her in his arms, he wanted to soothe her and tell her that it's okay everything would be fine for he was well aware about her anxieties but their current situation in life forced him stay right where he was and not move and inch. Suddenly the lift jerked loudly taking away even the little breath that Ridhima had left within her "Ar...Armaan she called out for him in a very scared tone, her voice sounded like she would stop breathing any minute now and that's it the moment Armaan heard her call for him he could no longer hold himself and without any further thought he went towards her and took hold of her hand to provide her with some relief "Ri...Ridhima its okay, I am right here okay...kuch nahi ho... he tried his best to calm her down but she cut him in between by hugging him very tightly "Mu...Mujhe bohot da...dar lag raha hai...Please mujhe bacha lo... she cried hiding her face on his chest. For a second he did not know how to react it was just so unexpected and he had no clue if he still had the right to hold her in his arms but soon enough he felt her tears soak his shirt and her small fists pulling him closer all inhabitations flew out the window and he securely wrapped his arms around her. At this point all he could think off was that Ridhima needed him and he HAD to be there for her, Shh...it's okay Ridhima abhi bas light ajayegi...sab theek ho jayega...You just try and realx hmm? he said gently rubbing his large palm over back to ease her fears.
"Na...nahi ku...kuch theek nahi hoga... She said shaking her head against his chest making him frown at her words...Tu...tum please mere pass raho...muj...mujhe bacha lo please...Tum please ba...bacha lo...tum she kept on chanting this hugging him even tighter if possible while he did not understand why was she behaving like that, he knew she was scared but her voice was so helplessness it was like she was actually asking him to save her from something but what. However keeping all his thoughts aside he first decided to calm her down for she was crying really bad and he was scared that she would fall ill if she does not stop. He very gently detangled her from himself which was a task in itself, then he lovingly cupped her face in his hands "Ridhima, look at me...meri taraf dekho...I said look at me baby he said almost as if it was the most normal thing to say, he then forced her to open her closed eyes and look at him and even though it was very dark she could still see his face and his greyish blue eyes through the slight light coming from his phone. "Do you trust me? he asked hoping against hope that her answer would still be a yes in spite of everything that happened and he was not disappointed for thought after a moment but she did nod her head making him smile wide "to bas is mujpar vishwas rakho...I promise I won't let ANYTHING happen to you, just trust me baby he said lovingly wiping off her tears, while she simply crashed herself in his arms once again and this time he obliged without a second doubt because at that point the only thing that he could think of was Ridhima, for that one second it was as if everything was back to normal and it just felt so right, suddenly even the darkness did not feel that dark anymore. Ridhima on the other hand sobbed silently on his neck but this time it was not because of the dark but because she wanted this moment to stay forever, she wanted him to hold her in his arms and protect her from thus unruly world, she cried because she missed him so much and she wanted to savor every second of being with him, it was like she was trying to bask his presence within her as much as she could...

Baahon mein teri aake lagaa
Mera safar toh yahin tak hai
Tumse shuru tumpe hi khatam
Meri kahaani tumhi tak hai

It had been nearly twenty minutes that they had been stuck without any help in the elevator. Armaan even tried banging the door but he got no response. The lack of ventilation was making Ridhima really sick, she had started sweating profusely and even her breathing had turned heavy plus all the crying that she had been doing had only added up to her problems. Armaan was really worried looking at her state, he once again tried calling someone but the networks were really bad. He sat in a corner with Ridhima almost jammed on his chest; he kept rubbing her sweaty palms and also ran his hand through her back time again to give her some sort of relief. He tried to detangle her from himself lest she felt more suffocated but the harder he tried the more she resented and eventually he gave up and just let her be in his arms since that's what she wanted and honestly that's what he wanted too. After a few minutes he felt her eyes drop and that really made him panic "Ri...Ridhima don't close your eyes...akhein khuli hi rakho bacha please...Ju...Just sometime more sab theek ho jayega he said worriedly patting her ice cold cheeks in order to keep her eyes open but he really was not sure of how long will she be able to resist. She kept clinging to him even in her partially unconscious state afraid that if she let go he would leave her. "Tu...tum yahi rehna mere pa...pass...stay wi...with me " she kept chanting through her half open eyes making his eyes moist. She looked so vulnerable at that moment and that very site pinched his heart real bad. "Main yahi hu Ridhima...I am right here sweetheart" he mumble pulling her cold body closer to himself as he placed a comforting kiss on her forehead...

Dil ko jo de raahat si
Tujhme hai woh khamoshi
Sau baar talaash liya khudko
Kuch tere siva na mila mujhko
Saanson se rishta tod bhi loon
Tumse tod na paungi.. hmm..

As time passed by Ridhima's condition only worsened, it was getting really difficult for her to breathe but she somehow managed to keep her eyes open because Armaan just did not let her close them. After some time thankfully there was somebody who realized that the elevator was stuck and that there was someone inside. An electrician was called ASAP and after a little effort they did manage to get the door open. As soon as the door opened Armaan took an almost unconscious Ridhima in his arms and brought her out, completely ignoring the thousand gazes that followed him. He made her lay on a couch placed on the lobby of the building and immediately called for some water which was brought to him without any delay. He took some water in his hands and sprinkled it on her face at first she just stirred a little bit as he sprinkled some more water she started becoming more aware of what was happening. Everyone present there stood watching the scene, highly confused at what was happening for as far as they knew Armaan and Ridhima has parted ways but it did not seem so. Abhimanyu who was was also a part of this audience stood there with boiling blood as he watched Armaan gently run Ridhima's palms. This angered him so much because he could clearly see that Ridhima too did not resist his touch and he feared that she must have told him everything. However keeping the place and people around in mind he forced himself to calm down and taking a deep breath and masking on an expression of fake concern he walked towards Ridhima "Arey Ridhima? Yeh kya Ho Gaya ? Are you okay dear ?" He asked as he approached her and almost pulled her hand out of Armaan's grip. The look he gave her was enough to remind her the harsh reality she was stuck in. Oh god how she would die to go back to that dark place at least she could be with Armaan but one look at Abhimanyu and she knew that her dream is over now, it's time to get back to reality. She tried getting up to which Armaan was going to help her but she stopped him by showing him her hand and called for Abhimanyu to help her, she did not even need to look at Armaan to guess the amount of pain she caused him. She closed her eyes to stop the tears that threatened to pour down her eyes. Abhimanyu helped her sit up and then turned towards Armaan "Thank You so much Armaan MERI JAAN ka khayak rakhne ke liye...I owe you for this" said Abhimanyu purposely  stressing on the words Meri jaan to make sure that Armaan burns in the fire of jealousy. Armaan felt so humiliated at how Ridhima refused to take his help, just sometime back he built some hope that possibly things can get back to where they were but destiny really had its own plans. He saw Abhimanyu caress Ridhima's hair and clenched his fist tight to stop the rush of anger flowing through his veins. "Chale?" Asked Ridhima meekly to which he nodded and helped her get up. All this while Armaan just stood there watching her go with Abhimanyu, this was not only painful but also humiliating! The way she clung to him sometime back actually had raised some hopes in his heart of possibly getting his love back but all she did was crash his hope into a million pieces, how could she do that to him ?This was definitely not his Ridhima, she could never do that to him. Involuntarily a lone tear slipped off his eye and he turned around to hide his pain and just then Ridhima too turned to take one last look at him, God she hated herself for what she just did but she had no choice. The moment Armaan held her in arms it was as if she reached her heaven but unfortunately she did not have the liberty to stay there forever, she had to leave. She loved him (Armaan) beyond death and so even if it killed her to do so she had to do that for him, for his safety, his wellbeing. "I am sorry Armaan" she mumbled deep inside her heart as she walked away with Abhimanyu but left her soul behind with Armaan.

Main phir bhi tumko chaahungi
Main phir bhi tumko chaahungi
Iss chaahat mein marr jaaungi
Main phir bhi tumko chaahungi

~Ridhima's Apartment~

 Abhimanyu walked in very angrily while Ridhima walked meekly behind him. The moment they reached inside he looked at her with absolute anger in his eyes "Tum Armaan ke sath kya kar rahi thi he asked with girthed teeth...Wo..woh the lift got st...stu...AHH Ridhima was cut in between with a tight slap on her face. "Main tumhe pagal dikhta hu yaha...DO YOU THINK I AM MAD? Yelled a very angry Abhimanyu. "Tum apne app ko bohot smart samajti ho na? You very well knew Armaan bhi us lift main hai, isliye waha gayi thi na? RIGHT he asked grabbing her hair and pulling them as tightly as he could making her hiss loudly...AHH...na..nahi main sach keh rahi hu...AHH maine jaan kar nahi...AHH she tried her best to justify herself but he just pulled her hair more making her cry out in extreme pain. "NOT A WORD, mujhe tumhari koi bakwas nahi suni...Ek baat yaad rakhna I still have that video saved with me and also agar tumne koi bhi chalaki ki na to I swear tumahre akhon ke samne tumhare Armaan ko maar dalunga aur tum kuch nahi kar paogi...SAMJHI he screamed pushing her so harshly that she literally fell down and banged her head on the table making it bleed a little. Abhimanyu gave her one last warning look and stormed out of the house leaving a very broken Ridhima behind. She sat there crying her heart out, why was life so cruel was all the emotional turmoil not enough that now she was being physically abused as well. How much was she to bare and even after that she was not sure if all her efforts are even going to be useful. "Tumahre akhon ke samne tumhare Armaan ko maar dalunga aur tum kuch nahi kar paogi Abhimanyu's words rang in her head making her cry harder "AHhh...WHY...WHY ME? WHY US...AHHH She yell cried no longer able to bare the pain bursting through her heart.

Kya us gali mein, kabhi tera jaana hua
Jahan se zamane, ko gujre zamana hua
Mera samay toh, wahin pe hai thehra hua
Bataun tumhe kya, mere saath kya kya hua

How she wished she could just run to Armaan and tell him everything, tell him to fix everything, tell him to protect her, protect them. After sometime Ayush who had gone somewhere came back and on seeing Ridhima sitting on the floor and crying so bitterly he understood what must have happened what more with that cute on her forehead. He mentally cursed himself for leaving her with that beast of a creature and without wasting anymore time he walked towards her and somehow got her to get up from the floor. He took her towards her room and asked her to freshen up and take some rest. She absent mindedly nodded with tears still rushing down her face and shut the door giving him the cue that she wanted to be alone. She walked towards her bed and without bothering to change or anything she just got in and curled herself up and cried yet again. How she wished she could just run to Armaan and tell him everything, tell him to fix everything, tell him to protect her, protect them...That night was horrible, she missed Armaan so much but all she could do was cry herself to sleep with a slightly bleeding head and a completely shattered heart.

Khamoshiyan, ek raaz hai, seene mein dafan hai kahin
Khamoshiyan, jo paas hai, main tumse kahungi kabhi
Baat loongi main, saath mein tere Milne toh aao zara...
The night had been bad for both Armaan and Ridhima. On one hand Ridhima was beaten and tortured physically and emotionally and on the other hand Armaan spent his entire night staying awake, thinking about all that happened. He was still very mad at Ridhima for what she did, for the way she insulted him and publically chose Abhimanyu over him but at the same time he could not forget her eyes that held so much of torment in them. The way she clung to him in the elevator, the way she pleaded him to save her, he did not know why but that bothered him so much. "Kyu Ridhima, ek taraf itna pyaar deti ho aur dusri taraf hi aise harkat karti ho that you force me to want to hate you...Main kya karu dammit kuch samaj nahi araha mujhe...I just don't know what to do he thought as he ran a frustrated hand over his hair while he laid on his bed. With these thoughts constantly playing in his head he eventually drifted to a very uncomfortable sleep.

~Next Morning, Malik Mansion~
Armaan woke up a little late with a throbbing headache. He groggily walked downstairs and asked the maid to get him a cup of black coffee. Till then he sat on the couch of the living room and switching on the television he browsed through the channels casually but stopped on a filmy news channel that highlighted how Ridhima had signed and left mid-way a Mr. Kapoor film. It kept on talking about how unprofessional she was and how difficult it would be for Mr. Kapoor to now find a new heroine and what not was being said. Armaan had heard this news a few days back already but that time he was too busy to give any heed to it, but now to think of it leaving a film in between was so unridhimaish. Ridhima was never the types to abandon a film half way through and this film in particular was her dream role he knew that, then why would she leave it. "Aisa kya hua hoga joRidhima ne Mr. Kapoor ki film chod di...Why do I feel that I am missing something very important he thought. He was thinking about all this when his maid came with his mug of coffee breaking his chain of thoughts. He thanked her and took the mug from her. He then asked her about where John was as he wanted to discuss something with him "Sir, John is the staff quarters, shall I call him for you?'' The maid replied politely to which Armaan shook his head saying "No need Lisa it's not very important I'll go meet him in a while. The maid simply nodded her head and left from there. Armaan had his coffer randomly browsing through his text messages and then got up to go meet John. As he reached the staff quarters he saw John talking to someone on phone since his back was facing the door he could not see Armaan and so continued with his conversation. Armaan thought he was probably busy with some personal matter and so decided to leave and talk to him later but just as he was leaving he heard John say something that instantly caught his attention "I know...but I think its high time we tell Armaan sir the truth, things can't go on like this forever. Armann wondered what John meant and who was he talking to, but if that initial statement surprised him the next thing that John said literally made him skip a heartbeat "Par who Abhimanyu kabhi bhi apni baat se phir sakta hai...Aur Ridhima maam, unka kya woh kab tak yeh sahegi, first he was mentally torturing her Ayush but now he has even resorted to physical abuse...Ek baar socho agar in sab ke vajah se Ridhima maam ko kuch ho gaya to said John trying his best to put his point forward. "Ridhima... Armaan whispered loud enough for John to hear it and turn around, John was shocked to see Armaan standing there and just by looking at his face he could guess that he (Armaan) had heard everything. Disconnecting the call ASAP he walked towards Armaan "Sir app... "Who were you talking to John, aur tum Ridhima...Ridhima ke bare mein kya baat kar rahe the... asked Armaan Coming staright to the point without even letting John complete his sentence. John just bowed his head hearing Armaan's question what was he even supposed to say, he had given his word to Ridhima that he would not tell Armaan anything but now he was stuck...John I am asking you something...ANSWER ME RIGHT NOW yelled a very angry Armaan. "Sir woh...woh Ridhima maam... John tried his best to speak up but when he still spoke in broken words Armaan got really mad "RIDHIMA KYA JOHN...CAN YOU JUST STOP BEATING AROUND THE BUSH AND SPEAK UP DAMMIT...yaha meri jaan ja rahi hai thinking about the worst case scenarios aur tum baithke paheliya buja rahe ho...JUST SPEAK UP DAMMIT yelled Armaan and that's it John had no choice but to say the truth for he knew Armaan was way too angry now and saying anything but the truth could lead to a horrible disaster "Sir Ridhima maam ne aap se jhhot bola hai, she dows not love Abhimanyu...Who jo kuch bhi kar rahi hai apke liye kar rahi hai said John with his head still bowed down. "What? Jhoot bol rahi hai?Mere liye kar rahi hai? What do you mean John...saaf saaf kaho tum kehna kya chahte ho asked a highly confused Armaan. John sighed and then began telling everything in detail. How Abhimanyu had planned his accident, how he had been blackmailing Ridhima after that, how he had called her and showed her the video he took of Armaan, how he forcefully made her leave the film for he feared that if left alone she might act smart and go against him that's why he made it a point to cut off all her social ties, he told him how Abhimanyu beat her up when she refused to leave the film and even last night. Armaan was shocked beyond words hearing all that. God he had wanted to hate that woman who had bared so much of suffering just for him, his career, and his well-being. "Yeh...yeh Maine kya kar diya...Ri...Ridhima Oh My God...Jo...John is she okay? Who itna sab akele sehti rahi aur main...John please tell me she is okay...wo...woh theek to haina? Asked a very panicked Armaan. "Sir...Sir relax maam theek hai... Joh said in order to calm him down but Armaan was not ready to listen "How can I relax John...maine Ridhima ko itna galat samjha, use itna kuch suna diya...Dill dukkha diya maine uska and woh sab kuch chup chap sehti rehi...I...I need to go see her...main abhi ja... Blabbered Armaan continuously as he actually made his way out the house in order to meet Ridhima right away. "Sir meri baat sunie...just listen to me once said John forcing Armaan to stop. "Sir please abhi aap shant ho jaiye, one wrong step and Ridhima maam will have to suffer...Aap please pehle andar chaliye, meri baat suniye then you can do as you want As soon as John mentioned about Ridhima Armaan somehow calmed down a little and nodding slightly he walked inside with John to hear what he had to say. "Sir I understand is waqt aap sirf Ridhima maam se milna chahte hai but I suggest you wait a little said John. "WHAT? Are you mad John? I can't wait dammit, she needs me now...maine pehle hi use itna galat samjha... said Armaan feeling guilty for accusing her of cheating him. John sighed hearing him, he knew convincing Armaan would be a task but it was necessary "I know sir, lekin Abhimanyu is really dangerous who kuch bhi kar sakta hai and we have to be careful, Use bilkul bhi pata nahi lagna chahiye ki aap sach jante hai. Sir I know its hard but please just corporate a little. Aaj raat Abhimanyu Delhi ja raha hai for 2 days...aap tab Ridhima maam se mil lena, main khud apko le chalunga sir, but please abhi aap shant ho jao. Said john and though Armaan really wanted to refuse and just go meet Ridhima now and engulf her in his arms right way, he wanted to apologies to let her suffer so much  but at the same time he knew John was right he would have to wait for it would be really foolish to take such a big risk. So though hesitantly but Armaan did agree. "Hmm I guess you're right, filhal koi bhi risk lena can be very dangerous...Us Abhimanyu ko to main chodne nahi wala I will make sure he cries every tear in his body for doing this to me, to Ridhima to us...He will pay for this and he will pay bad...John, Rahul (His best friend  and head inspector of Mumbai police) ko phone karo abhi said Armaan in a no-nonsense tone and John did just as told for he knew he was not to mess with Armaan at the moment. Armaan spoke to Rahul telling him exactly the whole situation "Rahul I want him to be punished as brutally as possible...usne jo Ridhima ke sath kiya hai..." said Armaan while closing his eyes to calm the anger rising within him. "Dekh Armaan for now you calm down and John is right tu Ridhima se tab Milna when Abhimanyu leaves we have to play it safe Armaan. And you don't worry I will think of something as soon as possible is Abhimanyu ko to main bhi nahi chodne wala and that's a promise buddy." Assured Rahul.Armaan thanked him and then keeping the phone he simply walked back to his room without saying anything. He didn't have anything left to say, he felt horrible for doubting Ridhima, he felt bad for telling her all those heartless words that he told her the day she left, he felt ashamed at not being there with her when she needed him the most. He remembered her pleas in the elevator and that made him feel even worse she was actually asking him to save her but he did not, he left her alone..."Kaise...kaise nahi padh paya main un aokhon ko...kaise nahi dekh paya un mein woh dard...kaise kar Di Maine itni badi galti...I am sorry Ridhima, I am sorry jaan...Tumne mere liye itna kuch saha and I was so mean to you, Maine tumhe hi galat samjha...I am so so sorry Ridhima" he cried and he cried bad holding her picture close to his heart.
~That Night Ridhima's apartment ~
A nightie clad Ridhima sat in the living room with the television showing some random show but her mind was miles away. She was thinking about how her life had turned upside down in a matter of a month. She could not help but think how beautiful life was before and how ruthless it had become. *DING DONG* rang the bell forcing her out of her thoughts. "Is time kon hoga ?" She wondered aloud but the bell just rang again making her just get up and actually check who it was. She opened the door and was surprised to see Armaan standing there wearing a full sleeves black T-shirt and black track pants. Shocked would be an understatement he was probably the last person she was expecting. "Andar nahi bulagi?"asked Armaan breaking her reverie. "Uhmm ha...ha co...come" she said moving a aside to let him in. He went and sat on one of the couches while she came and just stood there in front of him. For a few minutes nobody said anything, Armaan just sat quietly looking at her and now that he actually gave a proper look he noticed that she had lost some weight in the past month, the eye bags under her eyes were enough proof to all the sleepless nights she must have had but what actually shook him was the small band aid on her forehead and the light hand imprints on her left cheek and it did not even take him a second to understand who was behind all that and that very thought left a very bitter taste in his mouth. Just as he was taking her presence in Ridhima spoke up finally breaking the silence between them. "Tum ya..yah kyu? I...I mean... "Jawab lene aya hu... he replied back without even letting her complete, today he had resolved to make her confess all that she did and the reasons behind it herself. He wanted her to speak out and though he knew that it's gonna be a tough task to get through her yet he was ready to do that, it was important. He knew she was hurting and the only way for her to heal would be if she herself spoke up. Moreover she would never agree and come up with some excuse to deny everything if he told her that he knew the truth so the best thing was to let her speak for herself. She looked up at him totally baffled with his reply "Kai...kaise jawab Asked Ridhima almost stammering actually. "Ki tumne mujhe kyu choda...I thought you loved me phir kyu tumne mujhe chod diya Ridhima...why? he asked looking at her straight in the eye making her shiver under his intense gaze. "Armaan...ma...main already tumhe bata chuki hu that I lo...love Abhimanyu and isi vajah se... "SACH Ridhima...aaj sirf sach suna chahta hu main said Armaan getting up from the couch and nowstanding face to face with her. "Armaan ma...main sach hi bol rahi hu she said and tried to move away from there no longer able to stand his questioning eyes any longer but just as she was about to move he held her arm stopping her right there. "Aaj nahi Ridhima, aaj tum kahi nahi jaogi till you talk to me, till you tell me the truth...Main sach suna chahta hu Ridhima aur woh bhi tumse said Armaan holding her firmly in his arms as she tried her best to get out of his hold. "Ar...Armaan kya kar rahe ho...Ch...chodo mujhe...le..leave me... she said trying her best to get out of his grip but the more she tried the tighter he held her. "Tum mujhse pyaar nahi karti? he asked straight away completing shutting her protest. She looked up to see his intense grey eyes staring at her deeply. "Bolo Ridhima kya tum mujhse pyaar nahi karti? he asked again this time pulling her a little closer to himself. "Answer me Ridhima... he demanded. Ridhima closed her eyes hearing his question as a lone tear rolled down her eye. She somehow tore a piece of her heart and shook her head with closed eyes. As she did that Armaan left her shoulders making her open her eyes at the sudden movement. She sighed in relief thinking that he believed her and just turned to go away from there but stopped right there when she heard him give out a knowing laugh "Tumhe to jhoot bolne bhi nahi ata Ridhima he said making her turn around to face him his own eyes had turned misty but he somehow controlled his emotions and walked towards her slowly. "To kya keh rahi thi tum...tum mujhse pyaar nahi karti right? he spoke stepping closer and making her step back with every words that he said. "Na...nahi karti she said still not looking up at him as her back finally banged on the wall making them both stop their movements. "Really now? he asked bending towards her ear purposely letting his breath touch her face. She closed her eyes felling him so close to her and somehow managed to nod her head as answer to his question. I would really believe you Ridhima lekin kya haina your body language really does not seem to support your answers. Tum bol kuch rahi ho lekin tumhari yeh band akhen to kuch aur hi bayan kar rahi hai... He said still bending towards her making it difficult for her to even breathe. God was she stuck what was she to say but even before she could say anything he himself moved a bit away "Acha chalo man liya tum mujhse pyaar nahi karti to please muhe batao meri photo tumare living room mein kya kar rahi hai...Tum to Abhimanyu se pyaar karti ho right? he asked taking hold of his picture that was neatly kept on the side table of her living room...Woh...who...yeh photo she stammered not knowing what to say but once again he himself spoke up not giving her a chance to think at all "Hmm, I am sure yeh galti se tumhare pass ayi hogi right? "Uhmm ha..ha galti se she nodded without even thinking twice but regretted it the very next second 'Hmm I thought so...Koi baat nahi I know how much you dislike clutter in the house to ek kaam karte hai, is photo ko na jala dete hai. No point holding onto it na tumhare kaam ki ha nahi and mujhe bhi kuch khas pasand nahi hai so better let's just get rid of it lets just burn it off...Ha that's a good idea...Tum ruko main abhi matches lata hu. He said and without waiting for a reply he moved towards the kitchen and soon came back with a box of matches in his hands while Ridhima stood there with wide eyes looking at him...Ar...Armaan that not needed " she said trying to stop him but he was admant "Arey of course its important Ridhima and vaise bhi tumhe kya it's not that you love me that you would care...Right Ridhima? he asked one last time looking at her dead in the eye hoping that she would now break her wall and finally admit the truth but when she did not answer he smiled saying "Very well then lets burn this... He lit the match stick and placed it on one end of the picture that he held with his other hand. He looked towards Ridhima with red bloodshot eyes. She had her gaze fixed on the burning picture, it was as if her soul was burning and not the picture she saw the flame reaching his face and that's when she could no longer take it "NAHIII she yelled and ran and took the picture from him and blew out the fire from it burning her hand in the process but she cared less about that. She then turned towards him with angry tears in her eyes and held his T-shirt tightly in her fists...How dare you...Tumhari himmat kaise hui yeh karne ki, don't you know how much I love you kitna pyaar karti hu main tumse aur tum yeh...How dare you do this "she asked turning red in anger as her tears poured down. She looked up at him waiting to hear his answer but instead of answering her question he just stood there with a small watery smile adoring his face and that's when she realized what she just said and her hands automatically lossend its grip on hm...Abhi bhi kahogi tum mujhse pyaar nahi karti he asked slightly tilting his head. "Meri ek photo jalta dekh tumhe itna bura laga Ridhima aur tumahre bina to main pal pal mar raha hu what about that? Tumhe use koi farak nahi padta? Please sach boldo Ridhima...Please he pleaded through his tears as he cupped her tear stained face in his palms and gently touched her head with his. She just cried holding his hands tightly against her face...Ar...Armaan main she tried saying something but her blocked throat did not help her. He gently made her look up at him "Pyaar karti ho mujhse? he asked again  looking staright in her green orbs she first tried shaking her head but one look at his eyes and she nodded through her tears indicating a yes. He smiled widely seeing her nod and before he could say something she crashed herself on his chest hugging him as tight as possible while he too wrapped his arms tightly around her. "I am so...sorry Ar...armaan...so...sorry She chanted this and cried hysterically on his chest pulling him as close as possible while he gently rubbed soothing circles on her back to comfort herShh...shhh its okay bacha bass...bas baby he said as he squeezed her in his arms. After sometime when he felt her cries decrease a little he gently pulled her up from his chest making it a point to still keep her in his arms "Ridhima look at me baby...meri taraf dekho he said softly wiping her tears away and making her look at him. "It's not your fault Ridhima...Is main tumhari koi galti nahi so please don't be sorry, galti to us Abhimanyu ki hai and mark my words he will repent this said Armaan trying to explain her that it was not her fault but unfortunately he lost her at Abhimnayu for hearing his name she turned completely numb. "Tumahre akhon ke samne tumhare Armaan ko maar dalunga aur tum kuch nahi kar paogi these words of Abhimanyu was suddenly remembered by her and she automatically stepped away from Armaan making him frown at her sudden change in body language. "Rid... he tried coming close to her but she stopped him immediately "Na..nahi tum...tum mere pass...nahi...tum...tum jao Armaan...woh Abh...Abhimanyu woh...woh tumhe kuch...Nahi...tum...tum jao she said between her tears as she kept stepping back stumbling on a few things but every time he tried to hold he she just put her hand in front to stop him. "Ridhima meri bat sun... he tried to say something but she stopped him abruptly "Nahi...tumhe kuch nahi pata Armaan...kuch nahi she cried slowly sliding down on the floor making Armaan's heart wrench hearing her blood curdling cries. "Tum chale jao yaha se Armaan...tum please chale jao she cried helplessly burying her face in her palms. Armaan's eyes too turned moist seeing her so helpless. He went towards her and slowly crouched down to where she was sitting and for a few seconds he just looked at her and as she realized his presence she looked up from her palms to see him staring at her with misty eyes "Please go Armaan she whispered still shedding her tears. "NO! He said plainly still crouched on the floor as he kept his eyes locked with hers "Ek baar tumhe apni zindagi se jane diya hai maine Ridhima and that was by far the biggest mistake of my life, phir se tumhe chodkar main yeh galti dohrana nahi chahta He said while a tear slowly betrayed him and made its way down his eyes as well. "Armaan please understand tum nahi jante...tum...tum bas jao yaha se Armaan, tum kyu nahi samaj rahe?" she said still being adamant and that made him loose his cool as well he grabbed her shoulders and pulling her towards himself said "Tum nahi samaj rahi Ridhima...I am not going anywhere and that's final... He said with equal determination in his voice however he softened a little when he heard her hiss inaudibly as his grip was a little too tight on her shoulders. He loosened his grip and this time spoke with a softer tone "Ridhima  Main sab janta hu, sab kuch janta hu main whatever Abhimanyu did with me and more importantly with you...I know everything baby. Ridhima looked up at him a little surprised that he knew everything. Armaan saw her puzzled expression and to put an end to her confusion he told her about he had overheard John and Ayush's phone conversation earlier that day. Ridhima did not know what to say, everything was in the open now there was no more lying but somehow she could just not push Abhimanyu's words out of her head "Jab tum sach jante ho Armaan then why are you making it more difficult...Chale jao Armaan please just go said Ridhima turning her face away from him as fresh tears made its way on her face. Armaan chuckled almost sarcastically hearing her still asking him to go "Tumhe abhi bhi lagta hai I will leave Ridhima? Do you really think I will leave you in this mess all alone? Do you really think I am that selfish ki apne career ke liye ya for that matter apni jaan ke liye mein tumhari jaan khatre main dalunga? Tumhe aise insaan ke sath chodunga who has absolutely no respect for women?...I can't believe you think so low about me Ridhima he said really hurt by her request this time. On hearing him Ridhima immediately looked up at him to find a few tears roll down his face as well and she knew this time she actually hurt him "Aise nahi hai Armaan...Aisa nahi hai she said placing her palm on his cheek. "To phir kaisa hai Ridhima? he asked her, his tone almost a whisper. "I am just scared Armaan...Very,very scared she said almost inaudibly as another lone tear slipped of her beautiful green orbs. "I know...I know my love he replied softly. "But trust me Ridhima...Main kuch nahi hone dunga, na tumhe, nahi mujhe...Now the only person to suffer will be Abhimanyu Modi and that is my promise to you he said while she kept staring at him without saying a word. "Trust me? he asked slowly wiping her tears to which she just sniffed and nodded making him smile his dimpled smile. "In that case do you mind giving me a hug? he asked her in the most affectionate tone as he opened his arms wide and she really did not need a second invite for the very next second she almost jumped on him making him loose his balance for a second but soon enough he balanced himself and gathered her tightly in his embrace. He could feel her tears soak his T-shirt while his own tears did not seem to stop "I missed you so much she mumbled still hiding her face on his chest. "I missed you too...more than what you would ever know...I am sorry Ridhima, sorry for wanting to hate you sorry for not being there...I am sorry baby he replied hiding her own face in her hair. "It was not your fault...It was not she replied still amidst her tears. He did not say anything to that but just held her tighter in his arms indicating how grateful he was to have her in his life. After what felt like forever Armaan felt Ridhima's breath turn shallow against his chest and understood that she had fallen asleep. He picked her up and took her to the main bedroom, he first took some ointment and applied it on her hand which she burned while taking the burning picture from him and now he just watched her sleep peacefully in his lap, though she did hiccup once in a while due to her constant crying but yet she looked so calm, so serene, it was as if she was sleeping so peacefully after ages. He bend down a little and placed a lingering kiss on her forehead "I love you he mumbled and swore deep in his heart to not spare Abhimanyu for causing to the love of his life so much pain.

~2 days later~
Two days had passed by in the fastest of paces. Ridhima had turned very whinny and absolutely refused to let go of Armaan for even for a second for she was really scared about Abhimanyu's next move and though Armaan tried his best to reassure her yet her heart had this undying fear which she could just not help and so he just stayed with her comforting her to the best that he could. They had both still not gone home and still stayed at Ridhima's old apartment. Rahul had come up with a plan to catch Abhimanyu red handed cuz though they did have his text messages that he had send Ridhima yet that was not enough and so came up the plan to get some more solid proof. Armaan was not very happy with the plan cuz it included Ridhima having to meet that vulture again but somehow Rahul and Ridhima convinced him that it was the only way to get rid of him forever and so having no choice he too agreed. So finally the the D day had arrived, today was the day Abhimanyu was to return from Delhi and today was the day they were going to throw him out of their lives forever. "Ridhima are you sure you want to do this sweetheart ? Tum bas ek baar bol do and I'll get Rahul to cancel the whole plan" asked Armaan as he stood inform of her in the living room of her apartment. Ridhima smiled seeing his concern for her and lovingly cupped his cheek in her palm "Ha Armaan, I am very sure and hum dono jante hai that this is needed we have no choice. Agar Humein Abhimanyu ke khilaf sabot cahhiye to we have to do this" She said making him sigh and lean his cheek more on her palm. "I know...it's just that I don't want you getting hurt baby, tumne already bohot kuch saha and ab yeh..." Armaan said feeling genuinely bad. "Armaan mujhe kuch nahi hoga and ab to tum ho na don't worry I will be..." "guys sorry to interrupt but we have no time, Abhimanyu agaya hai he is parking his car already we have to get into action" Said Rahul coming in and interrupting them as he had seen Abhimanyu's car in the parking lot. "Armaan I'll be fine tum jao okay" said Ridhima assuring him one last time while he just gave her a half hearted nod and kissed her forehead lightly one last time before leaving with Rahul to hide in near the kitchen so Abhimanyu won't see them. After a few minutes Abhimanyu walked in and was shocked to see Ridhima sitting on the couch with all her luggage around her "Yeh sab kya hai...?" He asked with a firm voice making Ridhima's heart beat raise a little bit still somehow she kept her calm and getting up said "Main Armaan ke pass vapas ja rahi hu...I can't do this anymore." "You what ? Kya kaha tumne...can you pls repeat that for me?" Said Abhimanyu in a daring tone. She somehow managed to look up at him and mustering the courage said "I...I am going main yeh aur nahi kar..." SLAP Abhimanyu cut her words with a tight slap causing her to almost fall down and Armaan who had been witnessing the whole thing was boiling with anger he was just going to go there and give Abhimanyu a piece of his mind but much to his dismay Rahul held him back in his place. "Tum janti ho Na tum kya Bol rahi ho? Tum janti ho Na main kya kar sakta hu... Need I remind you about that video of Armaan that I have that can DESTROY his career in a span of a few seconds" yelled Abhimanyu and then furiously grabbed her hair making her hiss very loudly and making Armaan clench his fist as tightly as possible to stop himself to go and kill him "Or do you need me to remind you maine kaise ek baar already tumhara pati ki jaan lene ki koshsih ki and how easily I can do it again." He said and pushed her away harshly, she closed her eyes expecting to hit the floor but instead she felt a pair of strong arms catch hold of her. It did not take her a second to know who those safe arms belonged too and so without saying anything she got up and hugged him tightly. He wrapped his arm protectively around her while his eyes shot daggers at Abhimanyu Modi who was absolutely stunned to find him there, his shock only grew when Rahul too came out along with his team and spoke in a no-nonsense tone "Mr. Abhimanyu Modi you are under arrest, you have breached the code professionalism by taking Armaan's video, have attempted to kill him and have physically abused a woman." Abhimanyu stood numb hearing all the charges when did the game change against him he wondered but somehow he composed himself to not look like a weakling "I am sorry officer but do you have any proof against all the charges that you have continently charged against me" he asked hoping that this would let him buy some time. " I very well knew you would ask for proof and here it is...I am sure we won't need anything after this" said Rahul showing him the video they took while hiding  in the kitchen, of how Abhimanyu hit Ridhima and how he keenly admitted to having been the reason for Armaan's accident and taking his video. Abhimanyu was baffled he had nothing left to say and moreover Rahul did not let him speak further he instructed his junior to arrest him and take him away but just then Armaan who held a crying Ridhima in his arms stopped him. "Wait Rahul...Abhi kuch baki hai" he said confusing everyone, he gently detangled Ridhima from himself to which she tried protesting but he just showed her his finger saying one minute. He then walked towards Abhimanyu and then without saying anything slapped him hard across his face "This was hurting my wife and thinking that it was okay to do so" he said and once again slapped him hard " And this was for trying to break our relation...Bohot smart samjte ho Na khud ko tum you jealous little cow. Khud se tum apna career bana nahi page to dusro ki khushiyan chine chale...Till now I just disliked you but now I am disgusted by you. I cannot believe you used a woman to beat me! Honestly speaking you are the most spineless person I have ever seen in my life and I pray ki tum zindagi Bhar jail main sadte raho because a piece of trash like you deserves just that" said Armaan holding him tightly fork his collar and then Harshal throwing him away. "Take him Rahul and make sure ise itni gandi saza mile ki yeh zindagi Bhat yaad rakhe. " Said Armaan while the police handcuffed Abhimanyu who still had the audacity to look at Armaan in the eye. Soon enough the police took Abhimanyu away and thanking Rahul profound AR too made their way back to their house.
~Malik Mansion~
It had been an hour since Armaan and Ridhima had come, Armaan noticed how awfully silent Ridhima had been, he even tried to talk to her but she only answered in monosyllables making him sigh. They had just had their dinner which again was just Armaan talking and after that Armaan had gone to keep the dishes in the dishwasher. Thereafter he came back to their room and found Ridhima standing near the balcony in her lavender nightie simply staring at the stars. He slowly went towards her and gracefully slipped his arms around her waist and kept his head on her shoulder. She didn't say anything but just leaned back on him placing all her weight on him as they silently stood there and admired the moonless night. "Kitna kuch Badal Gaya Na Armaan..." said Ridhima after a soothing silence. "Kaha badla hai Ridhima tum ho, mein hu aur humara pyaar woh bhi to vaise hi hai Na." Said Armaan caressing her waist and probing her to just say what's in her heart. "You know Armaan jab Abhimanyu be mujhe tumhe chodne ke liye kaha Na tab mujhe laga sab kuch khatam ho Gaya, I felt so so numb I did not even know how to react, it was all just happening and I had no choice, no say in what I wanted. The day I left from this place mujhe laga ki main ab kabhi vapas nahi a paungi...I thought it's all over" she said in low tone as a lone tear escaped  her eye. "Heyyy" said Armaan turning her around in his arms. "Tum woh sab kyu soch rahi ho Ridhima? Let's just forget whatever happened ab hum sath hai nai aur ab tum apne ghar mein ho, the place where you belong" he said gently swiping off her tears. She just sniffed a bit and hugged him really tight." Main janta hu jo bhi hua use bhulna is not that easy but with us together it should not that be difficult either...I know yesterday was really bad but what I also know is that our Tomorrow is going to be very beautiful because it has the two of us together...right?" He asked as he lovingly caressed her head, she nodded her head against his chest as she was now in much better zone hearing his words. "I love you..." she said looking from his chest, he smiled hearing her and kissed the tip of her nose "Arey my jaan I love you tooo" he said with that million dollar smile which made her smile too and then without any more words he took her lips in a deep passionate kiss that radiated nothing but love. The kiss held a promise to love and cherish each other forever. After a very bad phase of life they were finally back together, they were where they belonged in each other's arms, in their very own heaven.

-Tanishka (Tani)

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