Thursday, 1 June 2017

Part:1-Ek Tha Raja….Ek Thi Rani


In a beach a guy was on his knees infront of a girl saying “Will you marry me Anjali!?”.He was waiting for his answer.The girl replied “Of course Atul..warna main engagement kyun karti? I LOVE YOU A LOT ATUL..I WILL MARRY YOU” .The whole area was decorated with red roses and
candles . When Atul heard this he smiled,then he gave Anjali  a rib crushing hug .Then they had a very romantic dinner and at 12:00 am Atul  dropped Anjali home.
Next morning:
Anjali,Riddhima and Muskan were having a conference call and Anjali was telling them about last night:-
Anjali-guys am sooooo happy…aaj uske parents aayenge!!( will come)
Muskan- Thik hai main tujhe tyaar karungi .
Riddhima- Mughe bhi aana hai…par office main bahot kaam hain..teen-teen meeting hain plus Rajgarh se Delhi phir Mumbai..bahot time lagega.
Muskan – Aaja ridz bahot mazza karenge!!
Anjali-koi nahi …chalo byee mumma bula rahi hai.
Ridz and Muski-Byeeee!!!
They hanged up.
Atul was in the cafe waiting for his friends to  tell them about last night.He saw a guy in business suit along with another.Atul waved them to catch their attention.They came towards Atul and hugged him.Then they settled down to drink coffee and chat.

Atul-salon itna time kaise lag gaya ..tum larkiyo se bhi zyada time lagate ho!!
Guy 1- Yeh sab Raoool ki galti hain!
Guy 2(Rahul)-Armaan file main parh raha tha??
Atul cut him in between
Atul- Basss!! Meri baat toh suno.
Armaan and Rahul-okay..carry on
Atul –Maine Anjali ko prupose kardiya.
Armaan- chaaaamp??kab??
Rahul-Tere andar itni himmat kab aayi ?
Atul started to tell them about last night.They finished their coffee and bid bye.

In the evening:

Anjali was getting ready.She was wearing a blue saari as it her marriage date fixing and Atul was coming too.(wink)And Muskan was waering a beautiful baby pink anarkali.
Mukan-Anjie tu toh eni soni(sundar) lag rahi hain.Atul toh aaj mar hi jaega.
Anjali(blushing)- Thanks muski.
Muski-oh my god..Anjie and blushing..Ridz ko koi call karo!!
Muskan called Riddhima on Video call.Ridz picked up on the second ring.
Ridz-Hiiiiii!!!!miss you all..chalo apne dress dikhao
Muskan showed her their dresses.
Ridz-WOW!!!!aaj kisko marna hain  anjieeee…muskiiii
Both blushed.
In hall
Atul’s family were sitting there along with Armaan  and Rahul.
The Girls came down and sat on the sofa.Mr.Sharma introduced Muskan to Atul’s parents.Muskan and Rahul felt tug in there hearts.Pandit ji came and looked in their Kundli and said:
“Ek shubh mahurat hai 3 mahine baad 25 ko .”
Families of Atul and Anjali agreed.Atul and Anjali were on cloud 9.
All were elders talking.Youngsters went towards the garden.
Yay!!First part done .. hope you all like it. Plz like and comment.

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