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Intro : AR love story

Story Line:

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 Armaan Malik(Karan Singh Grover)  is a  rich business man. He's the owner of a huge fashion designing house in London. All the girls are fida over him'and those amazing blue-grey eyes that just any girl can get lost into.  They had this captivating charm in them..that was just simply undescribable by any girl.

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 But Armaan was crazy over only one girl, he had found the love of his life'and her name was Anjali Sharma. Anjali Sharma was a struggling model trying to make it to the top. She had modeled for Armaans  company before. Armaan had fell head over heels for her at first sight.  He knew that she was the one for him.  Armaan wanted to be one of the top business men'he wanted to expand his business and wanted to open up a another building in India. But the land where he wants to build his business is owned  by Miss Ridhima Gupta.

    Ridhima Gupta was a simple ordinary girl. She had faced many hardships in her life.  Her father had died and left them at a young age of 8. Her mother Padma Gupta had always tried to seem as a strong mother in front of her'but Ridhima knew that her mother had  cried in her room at night for months, she knew her mom felt lonely  in that big bed. But her mom never tried to show it in front of her. Her mom had worked two jobs so  she could pay off  the bills and school fees. She wanted Ridhima to have everything any normal kid had when they were young.  She didn't want Ridhima to have the feeling that they were poor or any less than any of her other friends.  But Ridhima always knew that they were but she  admired and loved her mother for all that she had done. She had studied for years to becomes a doctor. She was always interested in becoming one and  this way she would make money. She would make enough money to support her mom and give her mom everything that she deserved. Her mom was the most important person in her life.
Ridhima's dad had left this land in her name before he had died. But once he knew that he wasn't going to live long (he died of blood cancer) he had transferred that land to Ridhimas name. It was now ridhimas dream to fulfill her fathers dream.  But that was also the same land where Armaan wanted to build his business.

    Of course Ridhima has refused to give this land to Armaan and Armaan wasn't a person who took 'No!'  for an answer. But what was he going to do?  Find out here'.and keep on reading  to find out!

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Other Characters:

Rahul Malik:
  Armaans older brother,  and best friend. He wants Armaan to have everything he wants and has spoiled armaan very much.

Muskaan Malik: Rahuls wife and Armaans favorite and only babhi.

*These two will be mentioned in the story but maybe not that much.


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