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Last part : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta

Armaan arrived at the Gupta's house to collect his belongings. He was shocked to see Anjali waiting in the living room. She was not alone; Dr Akash Mittal was also there. 

"Anjali….tum kab aayi ? …..main tumhey laney aa jata….." Armaan apologized. 

"Armaan…..I am sorry…..main tumhey bina bataaye wapas aa gayi…." she interrupted Armaan, "I need to tell you something important……main jaanti hoon tum mujhsey kitna pyaar karte ho…..par mujhey ab Akash sey pyaar ho gaya hai…." She pointed at Dr Mittal, who just smiled and nodded his head. 

Armaan just stared at the two of them in disbelief.

"Akash bhi mujhey bahut pyaar karte hain….we want to get married Armaan" she continued.

Anjali's words were music to Armaan's ears. He was a little amused that Anjali was still under the illusion that Armaan loved her, but he was in no mood to clarify things to her; he was happy she had found someone who loved her as much as she loved him.

He squeezed Anjali's hands, "Anjali….tum jaanti nahin…… I am very happy for you….Akash is a very lucky man!" He then shook Akash's hands and whispered, "Thank you Akash….I will always be grateful to you…." Akash nodded his head, as he understood why Armaan was really thankful. Akash was aware of Armaan and Riddhima's relationship, he also knew about the recent accusations on Armaan and he had just found out about Armaan's first marriage from a furious Dr Gupta, who had just come back from the hearing.

He took Armaan aside and said, "Armaan, I am happy for you….main jaanta hoon tumney itney saal Anjali ka bahut achcha dhyaan diya hai….par ab wo meri responsibility hai….I want to give her all the love she deserves as a woman and a wife…she is special to me…"

Armaan had tears in his eyes; he hugged Akash and congratulated him once again. He looked at Anjali and smiled at her, "Anjali, I just want you to be happy…..don't worry about me…..waise bhi kaam mein itna busy rehta hoon ….I think I will be fine as long as you are happy." Armaan did not feel the need to tell her any more details or mention Riddhima's name in case it triggered a relapse in Anjali's condition.

He walked upstairs to collect his belongings. He thought, "everyone deserves to be loved in this world….I am glad Anjali has found true love after all…."

As he was about to leave, Anjali gave him an envelope. He opened it to find divorce papers. She said, " Armaan, please tell Riddhima that main uski amaanat usey waapas karr rahi hoon…." Armaan was stunned by her statement and smiled through his tears. He thanked Anjali and thought, "Main tho hamesha Riddhima kaa hi tha…tumhara kabhi tha hi nahin Anjali…" he knew that her Schizophrenia was treatable but not curable…..some illusions would probably never go away…..but he did not care… this point he was not even sure that a divorce would be needed if his marriage to Riddhima would be accepted by law…..either way, he was the happiest man on earth today…..and could not wait to get back to his love….

Armaan arrived at Riddhima's place…..or rather, their home. She received him at the door with open arms helped bring his entire luggage inside.

"Riddhima….main hamesha ke liye tumhare paas aa gaya hoon." Armaan put his bags down and put his arms around her waist.

"Par….Armaan…tum Anjali ko kya jawaab dogey?"

Armaan took out the divorce papers from his pocket and held it in front of Riddhima.

"Armaan but…legally you can't divorce a mentally handicapped wife…"

"Riddhima….don't worry jaan….agar hamari Madhupur waali shaadi kanoon ke saamney kabool ho jaati hai tho…these papers are not needed but if not….then Anjali herself wants the divorce as she is getting married to Dr Akash Mittal…" Riddhima could not believe what she heard. She had been waiting for this day for a long time….the day she could call herself Armaan's legally wedded wife. Even though she knew they belonged to each other but the knowledge that they would be united in front of the society gave her great sense of relief…..she would not have to hear anymore gossip about her relationship with Armaan…..and above all Ishaan would have a real dad…..and she his wife…..She buried her head in his chest and started sobbing, "Armaan….mujhey kabhi umeed nahin thi….."

"Riddhima….yeh haq hamesha tumhara hi tha….. jahan sachcha pyaar hotha hai….wahan raaste apney aap ban jaate hain….chahey der se hi….dekho main tumhare liye kya layaa hoon?" he dug into his pocket and took out a box. He slipped a ring into her ring finger and kissed all her fingers one by one…..

Ishaan walked in, " Doctor Uncle! Aap sirf mama ko kissey kyon de rahe hain…main bhi tho itney din baad mil raha hoon aapsey…." He ran and hugged Armaan. Armaan picked him up and showered him with kisses too, " Achcha Ishaan yeh batao….tumhey Ishaan Mallik naam kaisa lagta hai?"

"Ishaan Mallik? Dr Mallik tho aap hain…..aap mere dad tho nahin hain."

"Aur…..agar ban gaya tho?" Armaan smiled and asked.

Ishaan's face lit up; "sach! Doctor uncle?" he could not believe his ears

"Doctor uncle nahin…aaj sey tum mujhey PAPA bulaana…OK?" Armaan placed him down on the floor and mischievously smiled at Riddhima, "kyon, Dr (Mrs) Mallik aapko tho koyi aitraaz tho nahin?"

Riddhima smiled back and hugged him tightly.

Ishaan ran to his room as he was very excited and wanted to call his "Sapna bua" to give her the good news.

Armaan kissed Riddhima's lips, "Riddhima main chahta hoon hum teeno yahan se kahin door chale jayein…."

"Par…tumhara job tho yahin hai….SMI chhod ke kaise jaa sakthe ho….you have to become the country's best neurosurgeon…" Riddhima was surprised at his comment.

"Nahin…mujhe iss desh ka nahin balki iss duniya kaa sabsy achcha pati aur pita ban na hai….neurosurgeon tho main kahin bhi reh kar ban saktha hoon….main SMI mein nahin rehnaa chahta…jis jagah mere pyaar ki aur tumhari itni dis respect huyi hai….wahan main nahin reh saktha…main aaj hi apna resignation de aaya hoon…." Armaan kissed her again and did not let go of her; he held her face close to his….. "Riddhima…..I love you a lot….tumharey bina main paagal sa ho jatha hoon…please promise to never leave me again…."

Riddhima whispered, " Main tumhey ek aur baat bataana chaahti hoon….ab main chhod ney ki soch bhi nahin sakthi kyunki….kyunki…..main do bachchon ko akele nahin sambhal sakthi …" she blushed and buried her face in his chest.

Armaan was in seventh heaven, he lifted Riddhima and twirled her around and laughed joyfully. "Riddhima…Riddhima….is that true?….I am going to be a dad again…..this is the best news I have heard today…better than anything….you know main apni beti ka naam kya rakhoonga?"

"Beti? ….abhi sey kaise pata tumhein?"she had a puzzled look

"Main jaanta hoon…mujhe bahut experience hai…." He winked

"Achcha…yeh kaun si medical textbook main likha hai?" she challenged him

"Madam….tum aaj itni khubsoorat lag rahi ho….isska matlab beti hi hai….yeh Dr Armaan Mallik ki textbook mein likha hai….GOT IT?" They both laughed as they remembered how Armaan used to boss around by saying "GOT IT!" after every sentence when they were both students.

"Achcha kya naam rakhoge?" she giggled.

"Mmmm," he pondered, "Neha!" he beamed.

"Neha? Nahin…nahin…kuch aur soch te hain," she frowned, "how about Riya?"

"Naaaa," he shook his head…..

They both kept arguing and walked in to join Ishaan but could not come to an agreement.


Armaan had been acquitted of all the charges against him. His license was re instated again but he had made up his mind to resign from SMI. His department and colleagues were heartbroken but he was firm about his decision.

Anjali and Armaan did get a formal divorce after which Armaan and Riddhima had their marriage registered legally so that no one would ever point fingers at their relationship.

"Riddhima….ab aaj ke baad hamaare rishte par koi ungli nahin uthaa sakta," Armaan cupped her face outside the court as all their friends and well wishers congratulated them.

"Armaan…..hamara rishta dil ka hai…….aur dil ka rishta hamesha amar rehta hai……chaahe koi kuch bhi kahe," Riddhima smiled back.

Anjali moved to Ooty after getting married to Dr Mittal. She soon discovered that she was also pregnant with Akash's child. Anjali's illness remained stable for a long time. Akash Mittal recognized her early symptoms of relapse and would stay on top of her treatment.

Shashank Gupta was forced to take an early retirement by the Board of the SMI. Dr Jain became the new dean. Shashank and Padma moved to the US to live with their son, Rahul (sorry Rahul fans, I did not elaborate on his character as I could not find an appropriate role for him), who was a cardiac surgeon in Washington.

Armaan and Riddhima moved to Darjeeling as there was a new state of the art medical facility coming up there. Some NRI doctors had invested in that facility to make it into a tertiary care center for advanced medical care for people from all over the country. Armaan was asked to start their Neurosurgery program there. Riddhima worked as a Pediatrician there. They did indeed have a daughter who was promptly named 'Neha' as per Armaan's wishes, before Riddhima could change his mind.

Thanks everyone for reading and appreciating my fan fic. I hope I could convey to everyone that if one finds true love in this world, recognize it and stick to it…..IT IS GOOD TO SACRIFICE IN LOVE BUT NEVER SACRIFICE YOUR LOVE ITSELF! Armaan and Riddhima were lucky to get another opportunity to be together…not everyone is that lucky but at the same time…as they say …TRUE LOVE ALWAYS FINDS ITS WAY…..

Even though, I alluded to some medical facts in my story, it was basically a love story with a medical background. There are a few medical facts I did highlight, like the sanctity of the Doctor-Patient relationship and the ethics around it. Readers who are interested in going to Medical School might have learnt something about the ethics of Medical Practice.

Being a doctor and a parent myself, I tried to convey the internal conflicts a doctor-parent has to go through when their own child or loved one is sick. Trust me- it is a difficult situation as I have been through it myself on several occasions.

Thanks everyone...

A beautiful song dedicated to our lovebirds A and R: one of my favorites from yesteryears….

"yeh vaada raha" from "yeh vaada raha"

La, la la la la la, la la la la la la la
La, la la la la, la la la la la
Tu tu hai vohi dil ne jisse apna kaha
Tu hai jahan main hoon vahan
Ab to yeh jeena tere bin hai saza
O mil jaaye is tarah, do lehre jis tarah - 2
Phir ho na judaa, haan yeh vaada raha
La la la la la, la la la la la
Main aawaaz hoon to tu hai geet mera - 2
Jahan se niraala manmeet mera
Mil jaaye is tarah, do lehre jis tarah
O mil jaaye is tarah, do lehre jis tarah
Phir ho na judaa, haan yeh vaada raha
Tu tu hai vohi dil ne jisse apna kaha
Tu hai jahan main hoon vahan
Ab to yeh jeena tere bin hai saza

Kisi mod pe bhi na yeh saath toote
Mere haath se tera daaman na chhoote

La la, la la la, la la la
Kabhi khwaab mein bhi tu mujhse na roothe
Mere pyaar ki koi khushiyaan na loote

Mil jaaye is tarah, do lehre jis tarah
O mil jaaye is tarah, do lehre jis tarah
Phir ho na judaa, haan yeh vaada raha
Tu tu hai vohi dil ne jisse apna kaha
Tu hai jahan main hoon vahan
Ab to yeh jeena tere bin hai saza

Tujhe main jahan ki nazar se chura loon
Kahin dil ke kone mein tujhko chhupa loon

Kabhi zindagi mein pade mushkilein to
Mujhe tu sambha le, tujhe main sambha loon

O mil jaaye is tarah, do lehre jis tarah - 2
Phir ho na judaa, haan yeh vaada raha

Tu tu hai vohi dil ne jisse apna kaha
Tu hai jahan main hoon vahan
Ab to yeh jeena tere bin hai saza
O la la la la la la, la la la la la la la la
Phir ho na judaa, haan yeh vaada raha

Yeh vaada raha

THE END...or rather Beginning 

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