Sunday, 16 July 2017

part 1 & 2 : AR love story

part 1 :

Person: Excuse me? Is this Armaan Malik?

Ar: Yes it is, may I ask who this beautiful voice belongs too?

Person: Armaan!!! I hate you …you already forgot me as soon as you went to India. I had told you to call me as soon as you reached your hotel in Mumbai but obviously you forgot, I mean of course you did you can't even remember who your talking too!

Ar: Ehh Anji darling of course I knew it was you. How could I forget your beautiful voice? But as far as I remember you started it with the "Excuse me? Is this Armaan Malik?"

An: Ugh fine! But why haven't you called me?

Ar: Sweety that's because I just reached my hotel and you called me. But tomorrow I'm meeting that lady to talk to her about that land. Umm whats her name again…hmmm yeah Miss Gupta! But I think I'm gonna go to bed now I'm really tired after the flight. I'll talk to you later babe. Good Night beautiful.

As he hung up the phone he couldn't help but smile thinking about how angry she had gotten about the fact that he hadn't called. He had fallen for her at first site. He had just walked into the shoot to see who the new model was for his fashion designing house but he had no idea he would lose his heart. He couldn't remember how or what but the next thing he just remembered asking her for coffee and they had just hit it off after there first coffee date. He was so in love with her, she made him so happy. Not a lot of people knew they were going out because he didn't want the press and media to get into their personal lives. He had left London thinking he'd be back soon . But as he was laying there in his bed he couldn't help but miss her. He just wanted to sit there and hold her and talk to her. He sighed and just hoped that tomorrow his meeting with Miss Gupta would end early and she'd agree to giving the land to him . He wanted to start his line of clothing here too. He knew he'd convince Miss Gupta, I mean he had come all the way from London personally just to meet her for that piece of land, she'll obviously see how badly he wanted it.

His phone rang and interrupted his thoughts.
Ar: Hey bhaiya.

R: Hey lil bro. How are you? You reached your hotel?

Ar: I'm fine and yeah I have reached my hotel. What about you how are you?

R: I'm perfect like always. So your meeting that Miss Gupta tomorrow right?

Ar: Yes bro I am meeting her, we're going to have lunch tomorrow and talk. Why?

R: Because I wanted to tell you to stay there a week longer after the meeting. I'm coming to India in a week or so as soon as I finish up some work here. Muski has really been missing her family and I just thought that I could take her to visit her family,I mean she is pregnant after all. You should always keep a pregnant women happy! Haha but anyways I thought then maybe after me and you could chill a lil together in India. Sound good?

Ar: Haha good I'm glad your thinking about Muski babhi! And sure that sounds great bhaiya. I'll stay as long as you say.

R: Haha sweet. I'll see you soon. Bye

Ar: Bye bro
As he hung up he sighed and thought I guess I'm going to have to wait a little longer till I see you Anjali. He decided to go take a shower and then go to bed. After all tomorrow he needed to be his best to convince Miss Gupta!


part 2 :

The bright rays of the sun seeped through the curtains and woke up Armaan. . He got up and looked at the time…it was 8:00 in the morning. He still had 4 hours till his meeting with Miss Gupta. He went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth. God he just hoped everything went well and she agreed. He didn't exactly know what he would do if she said No to him. Thinking to himself Armaan….don't stress your self dude……how about you go for a jog. That always helps you relax. He changed into his sweats and went out for a jog. He had his ipod playing…

Tu Hai Meri Soniye,
I'll Be With You Night And Day
Jab Tujhe Dekhe Nazrein,
Kismat Connection Ho Jaaye....

Suddenly he felt himself bump into someone and fall. "Sh*t"

Girl: Excuse me? The girl said in a slightly irritated voice.

He looked up at the girls face. She had a head band in her hair to keep the hair from falling on her face but there were still some strands that were falling on her cheek. But that wasn't what had caught Armaans attention first. It was her eyes, her big green almond shaped eyes that were outlined in eye liner to make them stand out even more. Hmm she 's showing a lot of attitude but I still have to admit she has beautiful eyes. But still who does she think she is showing me so much attitude?

Ar: What do you mean excuse me? You hit into me..shouldn't you be saying sorry…or do you not know how to?

Girl: Hello?!?! You were the one not paying attention and bumped into me. I am definitely not saying sorry..

Ar: Oh sweety yes you are saying sorry. You hit into me remember? Your not very smart are you, because you obviously can't see that this was all your fault.

Girl: Excuse me? You barely know me, and for your information I'm very smart. and ughh. tum kya apne aap ko bahut smart samajhte ho kya?

Ar: No no sweety samajtha nahi..I am smart he said with a slight smirk on his face. That's exactly how I know that this is all your fault.

Girl: Ahaha your very funny, or rather should I say blind! This was all your fault!

Ar: Hello?!?! Who are you calling blind here chasmish!

Girl: I'm calling you blind….and my point just got proven..cuz honey I DON'T have glasses

Ar: Well then maybe you should get some now!

Girl: Ugh just shut up. Your soo irritating….and you know what, why am I wasting my time arguing with you? Your obviously too dumb to understand that this was all your fault. I'm leaving…GOOD BYE!
She started jogging the other way…far from him!

Ar: Yeah like I have all the time in the world to argue with you….he yelled after her

She turned around and gave him a glare, "What ever!" she yelled.

Armaan got up and started jogging back to his hotel. He had definitely not had a great start for this morning. But he couldn't let anything else go wrong. This lunch meeting was important. He just went back to his room and jumped into the shower. As he got out of the shower and put on his clothes he couldn't help but think about that girl. I mean jeez kya attitude tha…! Who does she think she is arguing with me, it was her fault she hit into me and then she tries to blame it on me. And she just argued with me and never ever said sorry. Dude just stop it…armaan thought to himself..don't ruin your mood by thinking about that girl. Hmm alright its 11 and you need to reach at Italian caf by 12. So if I leave now I'll reach there 10 minutes early. Hmm better early than late ;)


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