Monday, 17 July 2017

part 1 : A divine touch

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"why? Why? Why?...he made a punch on the mirror and it was shattered all around '.."kyon har baar mai hi?...why always me?...kyon mujhe uske har galti ka khamiyana bhugatna padta hai?...kyon har baar wo bachke nikal jata hai??kyon kyon kyon???

i gulped hard seeing his anger!!!!...I forgot to cry'.i forgot about my life which was became like a hell!'..i was married a person'whom i didn't like'i was cheated in the name of love' . .i got pregnant'and who was responsible for it',used and ditched me'...hid somewhere'.and now i was married his elder brother'..whom i didn't like at all...

His injured hand started bleeding.he took out first aid box and tried to bandage it but couldn't able. may be he got tired so threw himself on the couch and closed his eyes. i gathered courage and uttered slowly : "'laiye,mai kar deti hun."'
but hearing my voice ,again he was fumed with anger and blasted on '"bewkoof ladki'.maine tumhe mana kiya girls!! 'why are you so stupid?...kya samajhti nahi ki ek ladke ko sirf tum logon ka jism chahiye hota hai?.."'..he said that, as if he was not belongs to man''.

i remembered the day,when i came to meet with angad,arman was sitting in the drawing room and was reading some files..he asked me'" kyon aayi ho?"...
i said nervously," wo angad se kuch notes lene they"'.
He glared me for a minute and said," jab ghar mein papa hon,tab aana'."..i couldn't understand actually what he tried to mean"'.
when i said it to angad and he was laughed out and spoke : " idiot hai wo...khud toh abhi bhi papa ka hath pakad kar chalta hai.tum uske mooh mat lagna riddhima'bada kamina hai"'.
i looked at angad surprisingly and thought in heart : "'kuch bhi ho uska bada bhai hai,angad ko aise words use nehi karne chahiye apne bhai ke liye."
angad asked : "kya soch rahi ho riddhima?"'
me : "'ummm..kuch nehi bas itna puchna tha ki wo itna serious kyon rahta?...kabhi hansta nahi kya?...tumse kaafi bada hai na?...
Angad:" yes,around 9 years''
Me : "'yeh toh bade hi aaschraya ki baat hai na angad. tum kitne cool ho..aur wo kitna khadus..angry face banaker ghumta rehta hai,mujhe toh usse dar hi lagta hai."'
Angad uttered holding my hand : "chodo na,jab wo ghar par rahega ,mai tumhe bata dunga.tum mat aana'plz.sweety ,don't be angry with me on this point.i just want to save you from his anger'.
Me :" it's ok angad'..
Actually my papa and angad's father was business partner..i got admission in the college where angad studied ' we became friends'.angad's mom was died in his childhood'..arman is angad 's elder brother'..i did not like he was a rude,angry person,always busy with his work and perhaps he never knew to laugh or even smile.
But i liked angad.i heard about him that he had so many girlfriends.and always flirted with girls.but he never did it with me'..when one day i asked him about it,he said," sab jalte hain mujhse'.isliye ye baaten kahte hain'.mujhe kya jarurat hai girls ke peeche bhagna ki?...i don't care about girls so they spread those rumours"'..
Really he was a very handsome and has good personality .i liked him .

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