Monday, 31 July 2017

part 10 :Dil ka rishta

As decided after college Armaan came outside the college and waited for Riddhima in the parking lot.

As soon as she came,he was mesmerized by her..she was wearing white crop top with black denims shrug with black ankle length jeans with a shiney belt. She was looking breath taking, as she felt someone's gaze upon her she looked and found Armaan in a purple t-shirt with black leather jacket with a black Jeans with black belt,she felt shy under his continious gaze while he smirked seeing her checking him out; she came forward blushing hard with her head bowed.

As soon as they came face to face,Armaan felt her being uncomfortable under his gaze so to make the situation light, he said "tumhe kya lagta hai yeh koi date hai jo aise aayi ho?" Riddhima's jaw fell open with his comment,she got irritated and said "dekho" Armaan cut her in between "haan dekh raha hoon."

Riddhima:Shut up!! It was you who asked me to come with you...mera jaisa mann kiya main aayi....toh just shut up nahi toh main chali

Armaan:Kk.kkk...jhansi ki rani..I was joking, Armaan said with *pheww*look on his face.

Riddhima:Theek hai theek hai...ab chale?

Armaan:Kya baat hai,bohut jaldi hai

But as soon as he said that,Riddhima gave him a glare which shut him up.

Armaan:I mean chalo chalte hai...half an hour I remember

Armaan started his bike but Ridz was looking at it wierdly.

Armaan:Kya hua betho

Riddhima:Bike par!!!??

Armaan:Haan kyun,koi problem hai?Please beth jao...please

Riddhima:Theek hai par araam se chalana

Armaan:Hmm...pakka promise...dosti ke liye kuch bhi

With this Ridz sat on the bike,they were going smoothly until a child came in front and Armaan suddenly stopped the bike with a jerk and with this Riddhima bent on Armaan so that she won't fall.

Riddhima:Kya kar rahe ho!?

Armaan:Woh bacha agaya tha aage

Riddhima:Hmm theek hai ab chalo

Armaan:Hmm ok

Then Armaan started his bike,and they reached there....after walking some way;they sat on a bedsheet at beach.

Riddhima(confused):Uh...hum yahan kya karenge?

Armaan:5 mins wait karo

As Riddhima was admiring the beauty of the water,Armaan got up and moved behind Ridhima and put his hands on her eyes;Riddhima gasped.

Armaan:Shhh...main hoon(he spoke near her ears and her heart skipped a beat)

With this he moved to a corner of beach still keeping a hand on her eyes.

He reached there and stopped at a place and took his hands off her eyes.Riddhima was surprised,she saw that she was standing on the stairs of a wooden hut which is standing along the water and it's stairs from sand;she was mesmerized by the view as it showed the whole view of the beach.

Armaan:Aage chalo

Riddhima looked at him differently and Armaan says near her ear

Armaan:Bharosa nahi hai mujh pe??

She don't know why but she didn't want to say no,so she moved forward and Armaan smiled seeing her nervousness.

As they moved forward;they came on top of the hut and there was a table for two with two chairs.

Armaan pulls out a chair for Riddhima, like a nice gentleman so she can sit.

Riddhima Armaan ko thanks bolti hai aur bheth jaati hai ..after making Riddhima sit,Armaan comes and sits in front of her (facing her)

There was an akward silence between the two so Riddhima decided to break the silence.

Riddhima (feeling akward):Uh...umm tum itne bhi bure nahi ho jitna main soch rahi thi

At first Armaan was too shocked to react at this confession of hers,so to confirm what he heard; he asked her to repeat it.

Armaan (shockingly):Huh sorry come again?

Riddhima makes a face and repeats what she said.

Armaan (happily and hopefully):So??!!

Riddhima(smilingly and forwards her hand for a handshake):Friends!!

Armaan looked at her happily,seeing her smiling; he smiled too and hugged her out of happiness....she was shocked as he gave the hug suddenly but soon reciprocated the hug,then they came out of the hug

The rest of the date goes smoothly talking,laughing and eating.

They were about to leave when Armaan says

Armaan:Main tumhe ghar chod doon??

Ridhima:Ah nahi mujhe ghar ka kuch samaan lena hai...toh main khud chali jaungi

Armaan:Are you sure?


Armaan: Okay bye tc☺

Riddhima:Yeah you too take care

Saying this, Riddhima left leaving a smiling Armaan behind.

Armaan looked at her retreating figure until she was out of his sight,he puts his hands in his pockets...he ruffled his hair with his fingers with a dreamy and a cute smile playing on his lips.

Armaan:Dosti toh ho gayi,aur pyar....pyar bhi ho jayega!!

And with this he left from the beach still thinking about his new friend who is his love and about their friendship.

To be continued😊😊
Hope u loved it


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