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part 10 (last part) :Want to spend everyday with U

Part 10

after comming out of the hall armaan got hold of her hand pull her toward himself ridhima was jamed to his chest her eyes were lowerd and she was turning read
R: armaan.............
A: ridhima plz look at me i want to tell u something

(she looked up in to his eyes)
A: ridhima i m very sorry for lying to u i dont have any work but i just wanted to b with u alone so i was thinking to take u to the beche i know u love beach right!!
R: i knew it armaan u dont have to b sorry i also wanted to b with u n ya i love beches
A: u knew that i was lying to u (she node in yes) how??
R: u were stimring when u were talking and the u started to appologies imedeatly
A: u know me very well
R: yes i do and same goes to you too
armaan just gave out his dimpled smiled and huged her making her go red agine
they both set in the car and made their way toward the beach
it was very beautiful night with full moon n lods of stars in the sky it was bit windy which was making the atmospier more romantic
they both satled on the sand were just looking at the water
A: uhh i wanted to ask u something!!
R: ya you dont need permition to ask the question
A: umm actuly i want to know that what do u want to do?? i mean the wedding when n where n..............
he trailed of looking at her bulsh harder at the mention of the word wedding
R: armaan can we wait till i finish my MBA??
A: of course ridhima we will wait till then but do u thionk that we should at less fix the date for the wedding n all coz i know we have to do so many things n form my side it will b only arjun so.....................
R: why u say that we will do everything together armaan u are not alone now i m with you armaan
A: i know that
R: u dont have ask me for all this u can talk to dad about this and fix the date
A: ridhima i want everything to b perfect and also to b just like you want it i know you must have thought about your marrige n how u want it to look like and where you want it n all thats why i am asking you
R: thank you armaan sooooooooooo much this made me so happy but armaan its not neccesery that everything had to b the way i want it you can also do things that you want
A: no ridhima (hold her hand) righ now i want everything i want but ....
R: but............
A: after our marrige it will b only my way or highway (he said that with a noty smill and winked at her at end)
ridhima just stared at him and then started blushing realy hard
R: armaan
A: what?? i have desided that after our marrige i m going to make you my PERSONEL ASSISTANT u know what i mean right..............
Ridhima was blussing so hard now and was felling very shy after hearing armaan's sameless coments she his her face on his shoulder
A: ridhima SWETART i think u are supose to hid ur face on my chest not the shoulder
she looked up at the word and swetart and the looked at him with open mouth and wide eye at his coment and got up felling all the more shy now
R: its getting realy late we should leave armaan (not metting his eye)
A: ridhima i m sorry i was just try to b romantic with u i m very sorry ridhima plz forgive me
R: its not that armaan u dont have to be sorry for anything its just that...........
A: ridhima i m such a fool n idiot that i dont even know how to talk to my fiance i thought that u would love it if i be more romantice with you i m very very sorry plz forgave me
R: armann i.......... (she stoped on seeing armaan's face his eyes were watery)
R: armaan i love u so much plz dont say sorry i said that coz i was felling shy never anyone flirted with me so i dont know how to react n i have known you for long and never thought the u coud say this i mean you are bit defferent n i love it armaan
she hugged him
R: u are not fool nor idiot you are my armaan my finca i love you
armaan huged her back
A: so you like it when i flirt with you
R: just node in yes still hugging him
A: ok so u not mad at me
R: no armaan i m not mad at you but i still think that we should leve
A: u want to leave me plz stay for bit more i just love it here
R: ok
A: ridhima u know when i was at the college all my friends had gf and all but i mever had one so my dad alwas said that "you going to need a lods of practice my boy " now i understand wht he said that
R: why
A: gf are to get me trined to b a better husband keep my beloved wife happy
ridhima blished at the word wife
A: i still remeber how my dad used to romance with my mom all the time he wud never ever miss out on it he want leave a single chance to irreted mom i used to ask him y u do that y u make mom so angry n then he wud say u wud know it when u have ur wife
R: armaan u know dad is also like that he wud not leave single chance to b with mom alone
A: i saw that at ur b'day party he is very cool dad u know ur parents always remind me of my parents
R: armaan y u say that they are ur partents too u know mom wud b more than happy if u called her mom she alwasa had this thing to have son of her own
A: i will do that from now on call them my parents or our parents i m very gr8 full ot u ridhima u gave me ur love, ur parents love u gave me new life to wich i can leve with the fullest i love u so much n thnx u for comming in to my life...............
R: armaan do we realy need to be very formal with each other i mean we love each other then.....................(she looked down on felling very shy)
A: you are right we dont have to be formal at all..... I think we should leave now its getting realy late
ridhima nod in yes and both left the beach and maid their way to the car.
they both set down in the car and armaan strted to drive the car
they reach ridhima's house
Next day armaan and arjun comes to her house
all together desides that they will do the engagmnet next week and then the marrige after ridhima finishes her study.
armaan asked shashnk and padma to come and stay with them after marrige as there will b no one to take care of them but they keep on dening it .
the week passed very fast and it was theri engagment day
armaan did not had any relative except arjun so its was onle them shashnk did not invited too many people just the close relative and the ceremony took place
now they were both engaged


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