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PART 11: : Ehsaas

Keerti and Shubhankar arrived on Saturday morning. Armaan waited for them at the station. He was pleasantly surprised that his best friend and confidant, Muskaan, accompanied his sister and jiju.

"Muskaan! Tum? I thought you were on call this weekend!" Armaan hugged Muskaan

"Tumhare liye call change kar li maine….I am so curious to meet your Riddhima yaar!" Muskaan handed him her bag.

Armaan hugged Keerti and Shubhankar, "Di…I am so glad it is Saturday at last!"

"Badmaash! Kitna betaab hai apni shaadi ke liye….zara bhi sharam nahin hai….apne Jiju ko dekh….hamari shaadi ko paanch saal ho gaye, abhi bhi ladkiyon ki tarah sharamaa jaate hain…," Keerti elbowed Shubhankar, who was blushing from ear to ear.

"Di! Jiju sirf aapse sharamaa te hain, aur ladkiyon ke saath tho kya haath mein haath dekar ghoomte hain..," Armaan winked at Shubhankar.

"Yaar Armaan….you will get me into trouble.," Shubhankar glared at Armaan and they all started laughing. Armaan loved to pull his bhola-bhala jiju's leg.


The engagement was held at Riddhima's home. Atul had just arrived from Pune and had taken full responsibility for all the expenses related to the engagement and wedding despite Padma's protests.

"Maasi….meri ek hi behen hai, agar main iski shaadi dhoom-dhaam se nahin karoonga, tho meri yeh saari daulat kis kaam ki….aap bas hukum dee jiye….saari zimmedaari meri" Atul reassured Padma.

Padma thanked God for being so kind- "inke jaane ke baad bhagwan tuney sab sambhal liya hai…meri Riddhima ko itna achha var mil gaya, aur Atul apni behen ke liye kitna kar raha hai…"

Riddhima wore a beautiful pink chiffon saari with silver border for the ceremony. She left her hair loose; she knew Armaan loved it that way. She wore light make up with beautiful silver jewelry, dangling earrings and matching bangles.

"Meri beti bilkul raaj kumaari lag rahi hai.." Padma commented as she placed a small black mark behind Riddhima's ear, "kahin nazar na lag jaaye.."

Riddhima checked herself in the mirror and touched her scar on the forehead. The scar was barely visible, but she loved the feel of it- it had her Armaan's healing touch written all over it. She thought that as long as she could feel and see the scars on her body, Armaan was always there for her….she could still feel his gentle touch on them…..she did not want them to ever fade away completely.

Tamanna and Lovely helped Padma with the preparations. Shashank settled in a comfortable chair and his job was to pass comments and give his opinion on various matters.

Armaan wore black suit with a white shirt and red tie. "Wow! Mujhey pata hota ki tum suit mein itne handsome lagoge, tho main hi tum par line maar leti….hamesha scrubs mein dekha hai na college mein…usmey tho bilkul langoor lagte ho…" Muskaan teased Armaan.

Armaan playfully slapped Muskaan on her head, "badhi aayi line maarne waali…Rahul ko bataa doonga main…" Rahul was their senior in medical college, and was now an attending in Medicine at the Mumbai Medical College. Muskaan and Rahul were planning to get married soon.

Armaan and his party arrived promptly at 11 in the morning.

After the initial formalities and introductions, Tamanna helped Riddhima come out of her room. Riddhima was too shy and had her head lowered as she sat down next to Armaan. Armaan was blown away when he saw her in the pink sari. He could not take his eyes off her; she looked like a princess from a fairy tale. Riddhima also gazed at Armaan with the corner of her eyes, complimenting him with her eyes. Keerti came and sat next to Riddhima.

"Hi I am Keerti…..tumhare pagal premi ki behen!"

Riddhima started laughing at that comment and looked up at Armaan, who was embarrassed at what Keerti had just said.

"Kyon bhai…galat kaha maine?" Keerti teased Armaan.

Riddhima and Keerti hit it off very well. Muskaan also joined them; she was convinced that Armaan had made the right choice. His family welcomed Riddhima into Armaan's world with open arms. Padma was relieved that Riddhima would get a perfect "sasural"

Armaan and Riddhima exchanged rings as everyone gave them their blessings.

Armaan tried his best to hang around Riddhima, touch her or caress her at any given opportunity. Riddhima, for a change did not try to run away from his advances. She kind of enjoyed his proximity. Muskaan noticed that both Armaan and Riddhima were hopelessly in love with each other.

Lunch was served and everyone started mingling and talking to each other around the dining table.

Muskaan went up to Riddhima, "Riddhima….I am so happy Armaan had decided to marry you…you are the perfect girl for him….waise I think he is luckier than you are!"

"Thanks Muskaan…." Riddhima replied shyly

"Main Armaan ko kam se kam 10 saalon se jaanti hoon….he is a very nice guy at heart, bas thoda joshila hai….he can get carried away easily…..iss liye bahut zaroori hai ki tumhari jaisi ladki hamesha uski zindagi mein rahe… he can always stay on track….he is very driven and ambitious too……kabhie kabhie usey kisi cheez ka junoon sawaar ho jaat hai, tho usey koi rok nahin sakta….but I am sure your love will always make him see the right path….bas meri yahi advise hai….aur aaj se main tumhari bhi utni hi achhi friend hoon jitni Armaan ki…...,' Muskaan smiled and touched Riddhima's shoulder.

Riddhima just smiled and said, "Muskaan….jab zindagi bhar ka saath hai tho har dukh-sukh mein saath doongi Armaan ka…..tum chinta mat karo…."

"Armaan is one lucky man! Armaan ne kabhie tumhey pareshaan kiya na, tho sab se pehle mere paas hi aana…," Muskaan said as she saw Armaan approaching them

Armaan put a protective arm around his fiance and said, "Pareshaan? Wo tho main kab se karna chah raha hoon…par Riddhima mujhey mauka hi nahin deti…," he winked at the two women.

Muskaan laughed, "Good for you Riddhima! Aise hi tadpaate raho is bandar ko….phir hamesha tumhare peeche peeche hi ghoomega…"

Riddhima blushed at their conversation and looked up at Armaan, "Bandar? Naam achha hai tumhare liye…"

Armaan gave a dry smile, "theek hai tum dono meri taang kheench lo…par main promise karta hoon ki ek baar shaadi ho jaaye, tho peeche peeche kya, aage….oopar….neeche sab jagah tumhey pareshaan karta rahoonga.." he squeezed Riddhima's shoulder, pressing her body against his.

Muskaan just shook her head and left the two lovers. She went to Keerti, 'didi….aap aaj hi shaadi ki date fix kar do, warna aapka bhai sach much pagal ho jaayega…"

Keerti smiled as she saw Armaan with Riddhima, "samajh gayi…..bahut betaab hai mera bhai…..kuch tho ilaaj karna padhega doctor sahib ka…."

Keerti went to Padma, "Auntie….main soch rahi hoon ki shaadi bhi jaldi se jaldi kar dein….aap log sab Bangalore aa jaaiye…wahan hum sab arrangement kar denge…"

"Bangalore? Lekin yahan kya buraayi hai?" Padma asked

Atul joined them, "Maasi, Bangalore is not a bad idea….mere wahan bahut contacts hain….wahan ek mere dost ka farm house hai, wahin shaadi kar lenge….aap bas date fix kar lee jiye…."

"Theek hai beta….jaise tum sab ki marzi…ek baar bhaiyya se aur poonch loon…" Padma looked at Shashank, who had no problem where the venue was, "bas main sirf ek din hi aa sakoonga….clinic bhi tho chalaana hai na?"

So, it was decided that Armaan and Riddhima would get married in 2 weeks in Bangalore.

Riddhima could not hide her happiness as she overheard the conversation about the wedding.

She was blushing profusely and excused herself, "main abhi aayi…," she went to her room where she could express her feelings more openly. She stood in front of the mirror and saw her reflection; she hid her face in her palms and thought, "kaash yeh khushi ke pal kabhie khatam na ho"

She felt some warmth over her hands. She felt someone holding her hands and lifting her chin with his fingers.

"Itni khush ho ki kisi ke saath share bhi nahin kar sakti? Kam se kam mera tho socha hota?" Armaan stood in front of her staring at her lovingly.

She opened her eyes and gazed at him, "jab khud hosh mein nahin hoon, tho aur kisi ke baare mein kaise soch sakti hoon…"

Armaan put his finger on her lips and bent down to kiss her. She did not protest and willingly melted in his arms; both of them locked in a passionate kiss. Riddhima was more relaxed this time than the first time he had kissed her in the garden. She moaned in pleasure as his lips played havoc with her.

They finally came to their senses as they heard noises outside her room.

"Lagta hai, sab log humein dhoond rahe hain…" Riddhima pulled away.

"Dhoond ne do…."

"Armaan…please chhod do.."

"Ok…ek shart pe….jab tak shaadi hoti hai, roz ek aisa hi khatta-meetha kiss dena hoga….agar tum nahin aayi dene, tho main khud aa jaaoonga apna jurmaana lene…OK?"

"Armaan…roz ka promise kaise kar sakti hoon?" Riddhima tried to free herself from his hold

"Theek hai, jis din miss kar di, agle din phir chaar deni padhengi….manzoor hai?"

"Ok..OK…" Riddhima ran as someone knocked on her door.

"Main abhi aayi Tamanna…" Riddhima peeked out of the door.

Armaan walked out into the living room casually. He noticed that Muskaan and Keerti were giggling at him, "Kyon kya hua? Main tumhey joker nazar aata hoon jo mere par hans rahi ho tum dono?"

Muskaan took her handkerchief out and wiped his lips, "Riddhima se kehna agli baar thodi light color ki lipstick pehne….."

Riddhima was standing right behind, wanting to hide somewhere when she heard the comment. Armaan just looked around sheepishly and said, "*cough*cough* let's go now….mujhey clinic mein kuch patients dekhne hain…."

….to be continued….


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