Sunday, 2 July 2017

part 13 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

Armaan: oh wow!! thats nice!! Congrats!!
Ridhima:(surprised) thanks
Atul: armaan, you r second
Armaan: ohh!! perfect!!
Ridhima: perfect?
Armaan: yup, i m happy that i am second

Ridhima: huh??!!
Armaan: (smiles) u r happy na
Ridhima: ya, very much
Armaan: good, lets go n check others
Ridhima: [i thought he wud be sulking n disappointed..he is cool abt it!!??]
(they go to the notice board..all friends give high fives n congratulate ridz)

(first hour is they meet in canteen..all are waiting for armaan to join them..they see him talking to a girl on the way)
Anjali: (looking at him) pakka flirt kar raha hoga..look how she is blushing
(ridz turns immediately to see them)
Sapna: (smiling) kuch log kabhi nahi sudarte
Ridhima: (angrily) why does he do that? poor girls.. they may think he is really interested in them
Muskaan: arre...they wont fall for him just bcoz he is flirting
Sapna: may be just njoying his attention
Rahul: they know its for fun..fikar not yaar
Ridhima: (irritated) dont support him ok?
Anjali: y r YOU so angry?? he is not flirting with u right?
Ridhima: nahi..aise hi [thats wat is the main problem, i donno if he is flirting with me or not]
(armaan comes in whistling...sees that ridz is angry..she is looking at him with fuming eyes)
Armaan: kya chasmish, first aake bhi itna gussa??
Atul: she is angry that u r flirting
Armaan: flirting with whom? (looking at ridz n smiling mischievously)
(ridz gets alert with his words)
Ridhima: (angrily) that girl [how i wish i cud say "me"]
Armaan:(pretending arrogance, setting his hair) wat can i do if i have so many fans in the college? cant disappoint them yaar
Ridhima: ja be bandar
Armaan: y do u care if i flirt with them? (looking straight into her face)
Ridhima: woh...i m just concerned for girls
Armaan: ohh...naari udhdharan sanstha ki president!! mere ghar pe morcha leke tho nahi aaogi na...with signboards "armaan malik, stop flirting"
Atul: haha.."armaan malik, down down"
Rahul: one more "armaan, no maan"
(three guys start repeating the slogans..anji,muski n sapna r laughing)
Ridhima: (closing her ears) arghhh!!! stop it!!
Atul: arre..we r showing our concern for gals...
Rahul: ya, we r supporting u yaar..
Ridhima: i dont need it
Armaan: u need it ridz..waise bhi girls cant do anythg without boys help..
Anjali: oh..shut up, we can do everything on our own
Armaan: nah!! u cant
Sapna: acha?? tum toh baat hi mat karo..subah hi toh haar gaye ridz ke haathon...
Muskaan: to be precise ladki ke haathon
Armaan: that i did intentionally...bcoz gals r weak-hearted..she would have cried 2 buckets by now if she had lost
Ridhima: oh really?? how generous!!...loser!!
Atul: hey ridz, wat r u goin to ask armaan, u won the bet na
Armaan:(pretending) bet? i dont remember anything
Ridhima: shall i hit u hard on the head? u'll get ur memory back
Anjali: this is not fair armaan, it was you who started the bet thing
Armaan: ok ok..bolo kya karna hain?
Ridhima: (thinking) hmmmm....stop flirting wid girls
Armaan: ye lo.. phir se shuru hogayi naari udhdharan sanstha ki president
Muskaan: y r u so worried abt that yaar
Anjali: get a life ridz..nice chance, ask something big
Ridhima: no, this is enough
Sapna: abbey dumbo, how r u going to check if he is flirting or not, u cant spy him everywhere..too easy escape for a bet
(armaan is chuckling)
Ridhima: oh ya..cancel that one
Atul: then?
Ridhima: (thinking)...hmmm...
Anjali: ok think later, now shall we plan some celebration?
Sapna: celebration??
Anjali: everyone has got good marks yaar..n ridz topped..i think we shud celebrate
Armaan: i agree
(everyone says yes)
Anjali: how abt going to a discotheque?? jee bhar ke nachenge
Sapna: superb idea!! i've never been to a disco..
Muskaan count me in...wat say ridz, no need to even ask u, i m sure u have never gone
Ridhima:(giggles) ya, good guess..never danced out of my bedroom..hehe
Armaan: r u gals sure?
Anjali: y, is it a bad place to go?
Atul: no, its not like that, but we need to go in pairs?
Sapna: hey i will call amit then
Ridhima: hey, please take us na
Armaan: is everyone here above 18 yrs?
(everyone says yes)
Atul: but r u sure none of ur parents will object?
Ridhima: hmm...i m not sure..i will just say i m going out
Armaan: kya zamaana baap se jhoot bol rahi hain...
Ridhima: hey nautanki, chup kar
Rahul: it will be late night..soch lo
Ridhima: oh !! then i will say i will stay with sapna or anji that night
Sapna: i will say the same
Muskaan me too
Anjali: my family is out of town for a marriage..u can stay in my house
Armaan: baap re, ye sab tho chupa rustum nikhle...dekho tho kitna jaldi plan banaa liya..
(all gals giggle)
Armaan: these gals are adamant man!! we have to take them, no choice
Rahul: bigad gaye (sighs)
Anjali: haha...ok then, plan fixed, tonight..but which one?
(Sapna tells a name)
Atul: its expensive yaar
Muskaan: woh tho hain
Sapna: poora pocket money jayega ek din mein
Rahul: true
Ridhima: dont worry doston!! armaan hain na
Armaan: what??
Ridhima: itni zaldi bhool gaye..hamara bet..which u Mr.Armaan the bill..thats my wish
Armaan: kyaa??
Atul: bechara yaar, dont be so hard on him
Ridhima: u shut up! wat did he say when we had the bet.."ladki ho, soch lo" if ladke sab kuch kar sakte hain..tho karo ab
Rahul: but ridz
Ridhima: one will support him..thats it
Anjali: thoda share karte hain na
Ridhima: nahi
Sapna: how will he manage yaar
Ridhima: acha?? do u think he wud have let me go if i way!!
Armaan: OKAY..i m ok wid it
(everyone is looking at armi..making signals with eyes)
Ridhima: i m seeing ur signals.. if anyone helps him..i will kill them..ok
Rahul: ok, now listen, dress up properly, none of us know any martial arts to protect u if u invite trouble
Anjali: oh thanks but we dont need ur advice...we know wat to wear, ok.. n i know karate
Rahul: ooooo!! if anyone gets into any problem go to anji..dont come to us
Sapna: kaise ladke ho..shame on u
Muskaan: we'll yell "anji, bachao"
(all laugh)
Atul: ok then, we'll pick u at 9
(all of them come out of the canteen n walk towards the class...armaan comes near ridz)
Ridhima: so, how does it feel to give a party on losing a bet?
(Armaan smiles n pats her on cheek..his one touch melted away her anger)
Ridhima:[was i too harsh on him?? poor guy..flirting ka gussa aise nikal gaya..par mujhe itna gussa aaya kyu??]

(all meet for lunch in canteen that day...ridz is coming when vickys stops her...she cudnt avoid this time)
Vicky: congratulations Ridhima
Ridhima: thanks
Vicky: so, when is the treat?
Ridhima: treat?
Vicky: ya
(Ridz is very uncomfortable..doesnt know wat to say)
Ridhima: ah...woh..treat
Vicky: ok, i'll give then, u just have to come
Ridhima: ahh!! thanks but i cant come..i m busy now
Vicky: tomorrow?
Ridhima: no...[O God! wat to say now??!!]
Vicky: (disappointed) hmmm...ok
Ridhima: sorry
Vicky: some other time?
Ridhima: (smiles) [looks like he didnt understand that i m not interested]

Rahul: ridhima, looks like ur plan dint work today?
Ridhima: wat plan?
Sapna: to avoid vicky
ridz; ya, he came suddenly, i dint know wat to do
Armaan: wat did he say?
Ridhima: he asked for treat
Anjali: then?
Ridhima: i dint respond..then he said he will give treat..i said no
Muskaan: ye tho seriously try kar raha hain yaar
Armaan: (sarcastically) karne do..she doesnt want to go for simpler solutions right?
(ridz is pissed off now)
Ridhima: enough armaan!! u cant taunt me everytime just bcoz i dint follow ur advice
(armaan is also looking at her angrily)
Sapna: hey, both of u chill
Rahul: y r u fighting bcoz of some vicky
(ridz n armi cool down)
Ridhima: n this idea was also given by this monkey...but i donno y he cant see that i m avoiding him
Atul: bcoz as they is blind
Armaan: then love must be wearing glasses na (giving quick n naughty glances to ridz)
Sapna: glasses??
Ridhima: [wat is he talking abt? me or love?]
Armaan: ya, bcoz it cant see properly..blind right?
Rahul: imagine all the heart shape balloons wearing glasses
(everyone laugh)
Sapna: now everyone who gives a balloon must give glasses too
Atul: imagine the guys who sell those balloons..balloons in one hand glasses in the other hand
Anjali: heights of imagination man!!
Armaan: and guess wats the problem with its eyes...shortsightedness!!
Muskaan: y that
Armaan: bcoz it cant see future problems...cant see the problems coming far down the lane
Sapna: dont tell me u still think the same about love
Armaan: ofcourse...wat will change my opinion
Ridhima: [OH NO!! not after all this!! back to square one??!! is he still the same??]
(she gets a bit scared about her feelings now...looking at him with questions in her eyes..he is just looking at her..without any expression)
Muskaan: jab tak pyaar hota nahi sab yahi kehte hain
Armaan: no way!! i wont dig my own grave
Ridhima: [ then why does he behave like that with me?? is that all just flirting?? God..why is he so confusing??]

(The college is over..ridz is coming out with anji)
Ridhima: main soch soch ke pagal horahi hoon yaar..kya pehnu?
Anjali: do u wanna buy something?
Ridhima: but we dont have time
Anjali: its ok, we'll tell them to pick us from shopping mall instead of house
Ridhima: ok then, first i'll go home n then we'll hit the mall...but first i need to convince mom dad

Ridhima's home:
Ridhima: ma plz, just one day na
Padma: will come n pick u even if its late
Ridhima: all my friends will go to anji's house after the treat...i want to be with them...i will miss the fun..anyway tomorrow is holiday
Padma: (looking confused n indecisive)
Ridhima: plz plz...n i stood first reward for that?
Shashank: teekh hain jao..but be careful
Ridhima: yayyyy!!! thank u
Padma: shashank!!
Shashank: dont worry, she is not a kid now...let her learn to take care of herself
Padma: hmm

(Ridz n anji r in the mall)
Ridhima: hey hows this one?(showing a white sleevless top with coin work)
Anjali: nice, try it
(she wears it n comes out)
Anjali: sexy dear, go for it
Ridhima: (smiles) ok..shall i try a short skirt?
Anjali: wat ridz, one makeover after another?
Ridhima: i just want to try..i m not sure if i'll be comfortable
Anjali: try first
(ridz keeps trying different models)
Ridhima: how do ppl wear such short things man!
Anjali: u need to get used yaar
(she goes to try one more)
Armaan:(on phone) kab se do minute do minute bol rahe ho yaar, ho kaha tum log
Armaan: ladies casualwear, 3rd floor
Armaan: i dont see u
Anjali: here
(anji pats him from behind...ridz comes out n says "anji"...both armaan n anji turn to look at her..armaan starts staring at her...ridz who was already feeling shy..sees armaan's gazing at her n scurries to hide behind the mannequin)
Ridhima: anji
Anjali: y r u hiding
Ridhima: come here first
(Anji goes to her)
Ridhima: wat is he doing here?
Anjali: just came searching for us, we're getting late, decide fast now
Ridhima: i will just take that top
Anjali: skirt?
Ridhima: no, i m not comfortable right now, i dont think i can carry it off
Anjali: ok, jaldi karo then
Ridhima: first take him away from here
Anjali: arghh!! ok baba
(anji drags armaan to a distance..he is looking back)
Armaan: arre, y r u dragging me?
Anjali: she is not comfy with u being here
Armaan: oh sorry (swiftly turns his head)
(ridz pays the bill, goes back n wears that top,comes out n gets into the car, armaan is driving)
Armaan: so wat did u buy??
Ridhima: this (showing the top she is wearing)
Armaan: tum ladkiyan bhi na, kareeda aur pehen bhi liya?
Ridhima: haan, howz it?
Armaan: its good, skirt nahi liya? (smiling)
Ridhima: nahi
(he is in a black shirt)
Ridhima: [ he is looking very handsome today]

(All meet at the disco...rahul muskaan n amit sapna go in..atul, armaan, anji, ridz r confused for a second..see each other...armaan grabs ridhima's hand n takes her in)

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