Tuesday, 4 July 2017

part 14 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

(Ridz is looking at armaan)
Armi: no need to think to just get in, right?
Ridz: ya..but [u cud have taken anji also!!]
Armi: but??
Ridz: nothing

(Ridz looks at the surroundings...awesome ambience....but not so loud music)
Ridz: wow!!
Anji:(disappointed) will the music be like this?
Rahul: no, they'll change
(all sit on a table..after a while..music is changed to fast beats)
Anji:(tapping her feet) vuuuu!!! come lets dance
(everyone get up except atul, armaan n ridz)
Anji: hey ridz, come na
Ridz: hmm, u go, i'll join later
Anji: n u both?
Atul: hmm...ok
(they leave)
Ridz: tum bhi jao na
Armi: akeli kya karogi, we'll go together
Ridz: (smiles)
Armi: u shud have worn the skirt, u were looking..(pause) cute in that
Ridz: dint feel comfortable
Armi: ohh!! then good that u dint, shudnt do anything u r not comfortable with
Ridz: hmmm
(after a while, music is really lilting...ridz is tapping her feet n swaying rhythmically)
Armi: chale?
(ridz cant hear him)
Armi: (comes close n says in her ear) chale?
Ridz: (smiling to herself) ya, lets go
(Ridz starts slowly with hesitation but puts herself at ease after a while..everyone is dancing)
Rahul: woohooo!! we have very good dancers here
(They dance for a while...the crowd is more now..guys have surrounded the gals)
Armi: dont go dancing here n there..stay together
Amit: ya, stay in our sight
Anji: y
Rahul: arre, just dont bump into strangers thats it
Muski: kya yaar, njoy karne do na
Rahul: tho karo na, kaun rok raha hain
Atul: ok ok chill
(they continue dancing...njoying...laughing at each other's silly dance steps...whenever ridz happens to see armaan, she notices that he is looking at her..his eyes r fixed on her but looks away when she catches him)
Armi: u dance very well
Ridz: thanks
(she again saw him gazing at her)
Ridz: why r u staring at me? (she asked abruptly) [O shit! why did i say that?!!]
(Armaan is surprised and confused with her unexpected question...she could see him nervous for a second...then he pretends innocence)
Armi: me??!! nahi tho
(ridhima looks at him with narrow eyes and an arrogant smile...happy that she trapped him n evoked some reaction..instead of her usual confusion)
Ridz: [u n i know very well that u r lying!!]
(tired a bit...they decide to take a break...all gals go to washroom, on their way back)
Anji: shall we taste any drink?
Ridz: drink?? u mean alcohol?!!! no no, we'll get drunk
Sap: i want to try but i m scared too, behosh hojayenge tho?
Anji: try karte hain na, ek se kuch nahi hoga, boys r there with us anyways
Muski: even i want to try
(all four see each other, say ok hesitantly..come in...looking lost)
Armi: kya hua, sab log itne confused kyu ho?
Anji: woh hum
(ridz is pulling anji's shirt from the back..a signal not to tell)
Armi: kya hua, bolte bolte ruk kyu gaye?
Anji: ah...hmm...woh..kuch nahi
Atul: arey, kya hua
Rahul: u guys want to drink??
(gals are surprised)
Ridz: woh...hum..ya, but a bit scared
Armi: well, u can try, but not too much hun!! just one
Sap: hame kya bewada samjha hain jo peete jayenge, we just want to taste it
Muski: just to know how it feels
Amit: ok, wat do u wanna have
Ridz: which one is not so bitter?
Amit: breeezer
Anji: wat is that?(she said pointing to a girl licking her hand)
Armi: thats tequila
Atul: hey, thats very strong
Ridz: but looks exciting
Sap: we'll have that
Amit: no, not that one...too strong for first timers
Sap: anyway we r trying, lets try that
Anji: plz plz, looks very exciting
Armi: inhe kuch hogaya hain aaj, kuch zyada hi njoy karne ke mood mein hain..okay, lets go
(they order 4 shots of tequila)
Anji: u dont want?
Armi: no, we need to drive back
Rahul: today is ur day, u njoy
Ridz: kaise peena hain?
(they ask the bartender..he tells them how to drink...they drink n taste the lemon n salt)
Gals: eeeeshh!! yuck!!
(ridz starts coughing...armaan rubs her back)
Armi: easy easy... u ok?
Ridz: ya (with a weird face)
Rahul: hows it?
Sapna: doesnt taste good
Ridz: throat is burning
Atul: tho chocolate drink hain kya, jo acha taste hoga
Muski: we expected something different yaar
Anji: but no change yaar,ppl say u feel high
Amit: arre, u had just now, will affect after sometime
(after 10mins)
Anji: kya yaar, kuch bhi nahi lag raha hain, shall we take one more
Armi: anji, enough now
Amit: u wanted to taste n u tasted, done!!
Sap: but amit, just one
Rahul: nahi yaar, u'll feel the effect, wait for some time
Ridz: i think we shud wait yaar
Muski: kab se wait kar rahe hain
Atul: no muskaan, listen to us, i heard it will shoot up suddenly
(anji, muski, sapna r adamant)
Armi: zidh mat karo yaar
Anji: plz armaan, just one more
Armi: anji, just shut up
Anji: (angry) nahi, i m going to order
(she moves towards the table..sapna n muskaan follow..ridz is confused..looks at armaan)
Armi: (sighs) ab jao tum bhi
(ridz follows hesitantly...she takes the drink..takes a sip...gives the glass to anji n comes back)
Armi: kya hua?
Ridz: not interested
(they continue dancing..ridz is feeling different)
Ridz: armaan, why is this room rotating?
Armi: i think the drink is working now..lets go aside
Ridz: no no i wanna dance, its good like this..feeling light n free
Armi: no, come with me (holding her hand)
Ridz: no no, i m ok
Armi: listen to me
Ridz: no
Armi: ok, but tell me when u r not fine
Ridz: ok
(she keeps dancing when suddenly she feels giddy..holds armaan's hand)
Armi: r u ok?
Ridz: chakkar aa raha hain
(armaan holds her by her waist n takes her to a sofa outside)
Armi: dont worry, i m here
Ridz: (leans her head on his shoulder) hmm [jab bhi tum mujhe choote ho, mujhe kuch kota hain, tumhe kuch nahi hota kya?]
Armi: hota hain
Ridz: (surprised) kya?
Armi: peene ke baad aisa hota hain, just relax..shall we go home?
Ridz: ya...where r others?
Armi: donno, i will be back in a minute, stay here
Ridz: no, dont leave me (holding his shirt tightly)
Armi: ok
(ridz lifts her head to see him...he is smiling and looking at her with passionate eyes)
Ridz: [why do u look at me like this? r u just flirting with me? like u did with that girl today...when will u answer my questions armaan?]
(atul comes out searching)
Atul: she also passed out?? sab ka wohi haal hain yaar
Armi: i think we should leave now, before it gets difficult to handle them
Atul: ya, i'll get anji here first
(atul is dragging anji out, she is shouting)
Anji: i want to dance, leave me here
Atul: anji, shut up
Anji: no, i wont come.. u ppl go, i will come on my scooty
Atul: u dint get ur scooty
Anji: no, i got it
Atul: just shut up,
Anji: u shut up (slaps him)
(atul is shocked...staring at anji angrily, holding his cheek...armaan n ridz r laughing)
Atul: teri tho
Armi: chill buddy, she is not in her senses
Anji: (with a silly grin) yes yes i m not in my senses
Ridz: (giggling) anji ne isko tappad maara..hehehe
(everyone leave the disco..in the lift... going to the parking area..muskaan is sleeping hugging rahul)
Ridz: anji ne atul ko tappad maara..hahaha
Anji: i want to dance, play the music
Sap: i love u amit
Amit:(hugging her) hmm
Sap: i love u amit
(after a gap)
Sap: i love u amit
Rahul: reply her yaar, kitne pyaar se bol rahi hain
Amit: she has been telling this every 20seconds...how many times shud i reply yaar..pata nahi chal raha hain usne piya hain ya maine
Ridz: so sweet, she loves u a lot
Amit: i know (kisses sapna)
(anji is dancing..atul is controlling her...they reach the parking)
Rahul: we'll meet in anji's house, be careful ok?
(atul is driving, anji is unconsious in front seat, armaan n ridz r at the back)
Ridz: armaan, y r u sitting so far?
Armi: i m just beside u
Ridz: anji ne atul ko tappad maara, maine dekha....hehehe
Atul: lagta hain player mein iska CD atak gaya..ek hi baat bol rahi hain
Armi: hehe..u concentrate on driving
(atul turns the car n ridz falls to other side n hits the door...armaan picks her back n holds her close to him..rubbing her head)
Ridz: thanks (closes her eyes) [armaan, i m scared that i m falling for you..scared bcoz u say u dont believe in love..then y r u so different towards me..y r u so caring...y do u make me feel so special...do u love me?..do i love him..no ridz, u r just attracted to him..n he is flirting, he doesnt love u..he is just confusing u...flirting..just flirting...ignore it..see how he denied today when u confronted him abt staring...if he is serious, he would have said something...armaan, u said u dont want to dig ur grave, i wont dig mine too..i wont love u armaan..i wont]

(ridz senses something on her face...tries to open her eyes..unable to open..eyes r heavy...again senses the same..something is falling on her face...opens her eyes with difficulty...her face is wet..with water drops..armaan n atul n standing in front of her..holding a glass of water)
Ridz: (blinking her heavy eyes) main kaha hoon?
Armi: paristan mein..i m armaan,the head pari, n he is my assistant mr.atul pari
Ridz: hi (closes eyes again to sleep)
Armi: (giggling) abbey utho...its 11 in the morning
Ridz: tho
Armi: tho kya? u have to go home na
Ridz: i am at home
Armi: u r at anji's home, get up
(she gets up n sits on the bed..sees sapna n muski sleeping by her side)
Ridz: they r still sleeping, wake me later
(falls back again..armaan lifts her forcefully)
Ridz: pleaase yaar..my head is aching, peth me kuch horaha hain
Atul: haha..hangover
Armi:(ordering) ridhima, freshen up
(forces her into bathroom..ridz comes into the hall after a while)
Ridz: where is anji?
Rahul: there (showing the sofa)
Ridz: ahhh!! y is she sleeping there
Amit: she opened the door n just collapsed at the entrance..so we made her sleep there
Ridz: kyaaa??
Atul: we came here 1/2 hour ago, been trying to wake u gals
Armi: we called u so many times, none of u answered, so we came here...after ringing the bell for 10mins...anji opened the door
Ridz: goshhh!!!
Armi: amit n rahul, go n wake them up yaar
(they go in)
Ridz: o gosh!! i dont remember anything, when did we come here?
Armi: anji ne isko tappad maara, woh yaad hain? (looking at atul)
Atul: bas kar yaar, aur kitna taang keechega
Ridz: (smiling) ya, i remember that
Armi: oohhh!! tho sab yaad hain??
Ridz:(thinking) ya
(armaan looks at atul...both r smiling)
Armi: ok, i'll make coffee
(armaan goes into kitchen)
Ridz: atul, maine kuch ulta seedha bola kya kal
Atul: (smiling) ask armaan, he was ur incharge
Ridz: incharge??!! [O God!!]
(ridz goes into kitchen)
Ridz: armaan, woh...did i say something yesterday...in that state
(armaan gave a mysterious smile...looking into her eyes)
Armi: no
Ridz: plz armaan, bolo na [please dont tell me i spoke something about u]
Armi: no baba, u dint
Ridz: ok
(all gals woke up now...got fresh...come into hall..drinking coffee)
Rahul: anji, do u know that u slapped atul yesterday night
Anji: whatttt???
Amit: yes u did
Anji: ohh noo!! i m so sorry atul...i dont remember anything..gosh, how cud i??!! i m sorry atul
Atul: (smiles) never mind
Amit: and u, u were saying i love u like an imposition (looking at sapna)
Sapna: kyaa?? (with a sheepish smile)
Muski: i dint do anything right (looking hopefully)
Rahul: u dint say anything, u were just kissing me (smiling naughtily)
Muski: O God!! (hiding her face in hands)
Armi: ridz was better among u gals
Ridz: may be bcoz i dint drink the second one completely
Armi: but u were tripping
(all gals r visibly embarrassed..finished their coffee)
Rahul: feeling better?
(gals nod heads)
Armi: so drunkards...back in senses??
Ridz: armaan!!
Armi: (smiles) now listen to us...do u gals have any idea wat u did yesterday..do u realise wat risk u were at?
Anji: risk??
Rahul: none of u knew wat u were doing
Atul: n so adamant..blabbering shouting
Sapna: but u were with us right, wats to be scared abt
Armi: oh is it?
Ridz: ya, we trust u
Armi: but thats not the point, u lost control on urself...if anyone takes u away also, u wudnt know
Rahul: u were in such vulnerable state.. can be very easy targets
Atul: karate master, u were the one who were the most ballistic
Anji: tum log the na
Rahul: if ppl come with weapons, even we cant do anything
Atul: except getting into trouble along with u
Muski: y r u scaring us?
Armi: we r not scaring u, we r just telling u the dangers
Anji: dangers?
Armi: yes, there r some drugs, when they mix in ur drinks, u wudnt even know that u r raped
Ridz: (shocked) rape??
Rahul: yes, n those drugs r very harmful to ur body
(all gals r scared like hell...looking very worried)
Amit: ok relax now, just be careful when u drink next time
Armi: ya, dont just rush for the next drink
Sapna: but we were fine when we drank, donno when we lost it suddenly
Atul: thats wat i told u, u dint listen to me
Anji: hmm
Rahul: just be careful next time
Muski: no next time yaar..i'll never drink again
Ridz: me too
Armi: no need to go for such resolutions, drink in a safe place...may be not now..but after some years..if u wish to..with ur husbands (stopping at ridz at the end..n staring at her)
Ridz: [wats this now??!!! is this a game or wat?? yesterday he said he doesnt believe in love, today he is playing around with marriage!!]
(all of them go to their houses)

(At night, ridhima is thinking abt armaan, disturbed, confused and worried)
Ridz:[why is he doing this?? when i am about to get serious, he says love is nonsense.. wat to do now?? just let myself go with the flow?? no ridz, u cant trust him in this matter...stick to wat u decided last night!! dont take him seriously!! its not easy, but u have to overcome this feeling...its just the starting, things r still under ur control..be practical..else u'll end up hurting yourself]

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