Saturday, 8 July 2017

part 16 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

(Armaan is driving the bike..very fast..ridz holds the handle behind her...which is not so convenient..then she puts her hand on his shoulders..still maintaining the gap...struggling not to slide forward when he applies break)
Ridz: armaan, go slow na
Armi: why? r u scared?
Ridz: no

Armi: then?
Ridz: nothing [arghh!! he doesnt know my problem or is he pretending not to know??cant even see wats on his face now..i m sure he must be smiling smugly at my discomfort]
(finally..they reach the shopping mall..with ridz successful in her efforts all through the ride...park the bike..walking from the parking area..ridz is relieved)
Ridz: so, how many girlfriends did u have till now?
Armi: oh..u still remember that topic?
Ridz: hmm [i hope i m not sounding too keen]
Armi: (smiles), five
Ridz: and how long did each one last?
Armi: (thinking)hmm..2 months or so...shortest was one week...longest was 3months i think
Ridz: [he has been flirting n confusing me from so many months..wat to conclude then?]
Ridz: then how come u dont have one now?
Armi: actually, i have
Ridz: really?? [he has a girlfriend??!!]
Armi: guess who it is
Ridz: no idea[why would i be so confused if i had any clue abt that??]
(they get into the lift)
Armi: you (looking into her eyes affectionately)
(surprised..bewildered..happy..probing his eyes for truth)
Ridz: (mutters) me??? [he sounds so genuine!!]
Armi: (cracks up) its so easy to trick you..such a sweet dumbo!!
Ridz: huhh!! (beating him) dont ever play this game again...or else (angrily)
Armi: (still laughing) else wat...u cant do anything
Ridz: i swear i will just kill u (grabbing his neck in her hands)
(he looks deeply...exploring her face...opens his arms slightly..her heart is beating fast)
Ridz: [is he going to hug me??!!]
(lift door opens..breaking the silence...they come out..looking away)

(they go to the menswear section)
Armi: so, wat do u want to buy?
Ridz: donno, thats y i got u idiot
Armi: hmm...lets see a formal one..he can wear to work
Ridz: ok
(they r walking when ridz sees a shirt)
Ridz: hey, hows this?
Armi: its nice, but dont u think its too trendy for ur dad's age
Ridz: ey, my dad is not old ok
Armi: (sarcastically) oh ya, just an infant
Ridz: shut up..please wear it n show na
Armi: wat?? now i have to do modelling also
Ridz: yesss
Armi: will charge u for this
Ridz: zyaada shaane mat ban...jaa
(he wears the shirt n comes out...looking gorgeous...ridz is staring at him)
Armi: i know i m handsome..par aise publicly line mat maaro yaar..thoda tho sharam karo
Ridz: shut up!! first stop exposing..half the shirt is open
(she moves forward n buttons it)
Armi: just a demo na
Ridz: phir bhi
(done with her task..she looks up n catches him gazing at her..but, he continues staring this attempts to cover up or look away)
Armi: so, did u like the shirt?
Ridz: its really nice on u..but, i think u r right...papa may not like to wear it
Armi: hmm..i will go n change then
Ridz: wait!! [actually, i can but this for armaan, his bday is coming up in 2weeks..this will be a good gift..he has tried it too..looking great!!]
Armi: wat r u thinking?
Ridz: nothing...go
(they see some more shirts for her dad...armaan wears them for her)
Ridz: wat abt the size?
Armi: i think its the same as mine
Ridz: ok
(they decide on one n pay the bill..while coming out)
Ridz: u go n get the bike..i will be back in 2mins
Armi: now what
Ridz: washroom
Armi: ghar hi tho jaana hain
Ridz: (making an awkward face) urgent!!
Armi:(smiles) ok go
(she goes quickly n buys that shirt...armaan drops her back at home)
Armi: bye
Ridz: ey..andhar ao was asking abt u
Armi: (smiles) is it?? par phir kabhi..this weekend we have a football match..need to go n practise..i m already late
Ridz: oh hun!! do u really play or just a show off?
Armi: yo chasmish, i m the captain...ppl from my school still wait eagerly for our matches
Ridz: obviously...afterall, monkey playing football is quite a wierd scene na
Armi: decide after watching
Ridz: hmm??
Armi: done..u'll come n see the match this weekend..
Ridz: okay
Armi: i will pick u up
Ridz: no no..i will come on my own [i dont want to strain myself through that bike session again!!]
Armi: i have to go..bye
Ridz: bye

Next day morning:
Ridz: (hugging) happy birthday papa
Shash: thank u
Ridz: this is for u (gives the gift)
Shash: wah wah!! gift?!!
Ridz: khol ke dekhiye na
Shash: (opens the gift wrap) shirt??
Ridz: ya, u liked it?
Shash: very much!! good selection
Ridz: thanks..actually armaan helped me in selecting
Shash: hmm..thank u
(padma is looking at them..smiling at their bonding)

(Break time..walking towards canteen)
Armi: did ur dad like the shirt?
Ridz: ya..thanks
Armi: thanks se kaam nahi chalega..modelling ke pasie do
Ridz: kyaa?? ye kuch zyaada nahi hua
Armi: aur nahi tho kya...pehle tho mujhe kangaal kiya disco lejaake...aur ab free service??
Ridz: (laughs) acha hua..u deserved it...but seriously i m also bankrupt right now [after buying two gifts at once]
(both r silent for 2seconds)
Armi: chodo yaar..we r sounding like two poverty-stricken dukhi aatmas
Ridz: haha..true
Armi: but do u need any money
Ridz: nah..was just kidding

In canteen:
Anji: hey guys, i have a good didi is getting married
Sap: wow! congrats..but how come suddenly
Anji: they had gone to a marriage last week..remember when we went to disco..
Sap: ya
Rahul: (cheekily) n u all got drunk
Muski: oye chuchundar, apna moo bandh rakh
Anji: so the guy's parents saw her at the marriage...they liked her a lot..n came up with the alliance
Atul: wat does the guy do?
Anji: he is a doctor in US
Rahul: ohh!! good yaar
Anji: the engagement will be next month..n marriage after 6months
Ridz: didi knows him?
Anji: no..she saw his pic..spoke over the phone
Ridz: is she happy?
Anji: i guess so..she was ok with this
Ridz: but i dont understand yaar, how did she decide..i mean she doesnt know anything abt him right?
Anji: she said he seemed nice n then my parents know his parents
Ridz: she marrying his parents or him..she should know the guy right
Anji: ya, even i cant get the funda behind this yaar..but its her decision
Ridz: i find arranged marriages scary..i mean u donno wat sort of person he is..u marry him, go to his house leaving ur family..just hoping that he turns out to be a good person..its so risky yaar
Sap: but in most of the cases they r happy yaar
Muski: but then some love marriages also dont work out well
Anji: i think getting the right guy is a matter of luck yaar..chahe woh arranged ho ya love
Ridz: hmm...i just hope i dont have to go through that 'ladki dekhna' session in my life..taking a tea tray..people staring at u..taking your interview...wat crap? aur ye sab sirf ladki ke saath karte hain..ladka baita hain aaram se..
Anji: aaj kal bahut kam log ye sab karte hain yaar..its more casual nowadays
Ridz: hmm..thats somewat better
Rahul: n then they have this horoscope funda also..there should be some logic in that too..
Ridz: but can u marry someone u dont love...isnt it hard for the guy n gal
Armi: u need not be worried abt all that ridz
Ridz: why
Armi: u already have someone who loves you
Ridz: (mumbling with a confused face) who?? [God!! is he going to say "me"?!!!]
Armi: (after a pause) vicky hain na
(everyone laugh)
Ridz: shut your mouth tight ok..i dont want to hear his name again..especially from you [i m so could i even think that he will say his own name..after knowing him all these days...y dont i learn something from experiencesl!]
Armi: y..its true right..n then there is this new aashiq also..wats his name yaar?(looking at rahul)
Rahul: arjun
Armi: yaaa..arjun..see you have choice too
Ridz: but i dont love any of them
Armi: tho kisi aur se pyaar hain kya?
Ridz: nahi
(she looked at him casually while saying this...she saw the curiosity in his eyes getting replaced by something else)
Ridz:[hey wait..was that disappointment by any chance??]
Muski: it a must that she love someone?
Armi: no..just generally
Sap: tho anji, do u like ur jiju?
Anji: ya, kind of...looks cool..i m all happies..paise maangne ke liye ek aur jo mil jayega (winks)
Ridz: kya yaar..i miss all this fun...con of being the only child
Muski: tu fikar mat kar..hum sab hain na
Anji: haan..mere jiju matlab tum sab ke jiju...jee bhar ke satao
Armi: bechare..woh tho gaye kaam se, char char saaliyan...but plz dont drink n slap him also
Anji: shut up...baat ko kahan se kahan le jaate ho yaar
Rahul: but true na
Anji: shut up..shut up..shut up (to three guys before they could say anything)

Next day, class room:
Madam: students, time to change the monitor
Ridz: Oh no!!! not again
Sap: (warning) no escaping this time ridz
Ridz: no way yaar...hey, armaan is second na..then i need not worry
Anji: ya, i dont see him leaving this chance to boss around the whole class
Ridz: probs then
(madam looks into the results sheet)
Madam: so ridhima, u r the monitor
Ridz:(stands up) ma'm, i dont want to be
Madam: (surprised n angry) again??
Ridz: hmm..yes mam
Madam: ok, who is second?
Ridz: armaan ma'm
Madam: armaan, do u want to take this responsibilty??
Armi: no ma'm
(everyone is surprised, ridz is shocked...looks at him..he is not looking at her)
Madam: ohh!! then..(she looks at ridz..ridz is looking confused)
Ridz: but ma'm
Madam: ok, u both sort it out n tell me the decision by evening
Armi n ridz: ok

After the class:
(armaan is going out of the class..ridz follows him)
Ridz: armaan!!
Armi: ya
Ridz: wats this?
Armi: wats wat?
Ridz: (confused) y did u refuse?
Armi: bcoz i dont want to be the monitor
Ridz: (angrily) armaan, u r lying n u very well know i m scared of all this
Armi: yes, i know, thats y i refused
Ridz: is this ur idea of taking revenge for losing the bet?
Armi: shut up ridhima..kya bakwaas kar rahi ho...i dont give a damn for that bet..i want YOU to be monitor..
(Ridz is staring at him)
Armi: u remember i said its "perfect" that i m second...i wanted to stand second not first..i wanted u to win..and even if i wasnt second, i would have made sure that who ever stands second would refuse to be the monitor..i would have bribed them bullied them do watever to make u leave with no chance to escape..
Ridz: but armaan..i..
Armi: long will u run away like this...wats the use of ur intelligence when u hide it from the world... u have no idea how far u can go with the potential u have..its all being suppressed bcoz of ur stage freight...bcoz u dont want to talk to people.. u drop out of seminars, leave ur interests, stop giving ur ideas...all bcoz of ur inhibitions...u have to take the first step n this is the best way i could think force u to take that step..
(ridz is thinking)
Armi: if u still think i m taking revenge..then fine.. go n tell ma'm that i agreed (turns to leave)
Ridz: no armaan...i will be the monitor
Armi: (turns back smiling heartfully) thats the spirit!!
Ridz: (smiles)
Armi: ye pehle nahi bol sakti thi...u made me give a lecture like a moral science teacher..phew!! mera poora cool dude image spoil kar diya...hmmff(frowns) mere kisi fan ne suna tho nahi na(looking around)..they will feel bad yaar
Ridz: ahh!! fans!! (mocking face) kitna show off karte ho...but armaan...i m nervous
Armi: relax yaar...if u have any problem, come to me..we'll solve it together, ok?
Ridz: (smiles thankfully) ok

At home:
Ridz: ma, i m the monitor now
Padma: wow!! thats nice!! finally u got the courage to take it
Ridz: (smiles) ya, actually armaan forced me into it..he dint leave me any option to escape
Padma: hmm..thats good, i told u na u just have to make the first move..he got ur pulse correctly
Ridz: hmm
Padma: i know u r tensed but dont worry, u'll learn fast
Ridz: (smiles) hope so
(goes into her room)
Ridz: [why do u think so much for me armaan..y r u so caring..i m falling for ur character too!! but wat abt him?? will i ever know wats in his heart??]

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