Monday, 10 July 2017

part 17 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

(Ridz takes up the duty of a monitor...the first day she has to make an announcement, she steps up on the dias in the classroom...lifts her head to find all her classmates looking at her)
Ridz: [OMG!! this is like (no. of people * 2) no.of eyes stinging at me at once..OH GOD!! please dont let them know i m nervous]

(heartbeat drumming in her ears...she looks at last bench in search of armaan...he smiles n nods his head..she gathers courage and makes the announcement)
Ridz: guys, the schedule for internal exams has arrived
(she reads it out..ends with a thanks and a smile..looks at armaan..he gives a thumbs up..goes directly to him)
Ridz: was i looking nervous?
Armi: ya, in the starting but u were normal later
Ridz: (smiles) hmm
Armi: and the smile u gave at the end was very good...u know wat, u look very confident when u that often
Ridz: hmm
(from that day..whenever ridz is tensed on the stage, she looked at armaan...he would flash his million dollar smile n she would regain her 3 days she got used to the general duties of a monitor)

(Armaan calls up ridhima to remind about the match..she thinks for a while to go alone or take sapna with her...fact is that she wants to go alone...with some difficulty, she finds the place he told..match has already started..ridz is searching for armaan in the players..she spots him wearing a black short n yellow tshirt...completely engrossed in the game)
Ridz: [haaaii...he is looking so hot!!](surprised at her own thoughts)[huh??!! wat did i say?? hot??!! OMG when did i start using such words?? ridzy,he is doing something to u!! but ya, cant deny that he is hot!!]
(staring at him...sits down on a bench...armaan looks at her once n smiles...she smiles back)
Ridz: [he IS a very good player indeed..hmm]
(half time..armaan comes to her..gasping n sweating)
Armi: hey, so u came finally
Ridz: (smiles) ya
Armi: njoying the game?
Ridz: yup, u play well
Armi: (smugly) dint i tell u
Ridz: (with rolling eyes) okayy
Armi: hey, wait here after the match
Ridz: ok
(the match is over..armaan's team won..he comes to her after changing and bidding bye to his friends)
Ridz: congrats
Armi: thanks, lets go
Ridz:(confused) where?
Armi: to my home
Ridz: whaattt??
Armi: today you are being given the privilege to meet the family of the great armaan malik
Ridz: no no no [his home??!! huh!! doesnt even bother to ask if i want to go, as if he owns me..grrr]
Armi: arre..u r scared as if we will eat u raw...dont worry, we wont..cook karke hi khayenge tumhe
Ridz: (raising her eyebrows) armaaan
Armi: (mimicking her) ridhiiima
Ridz: but
Armi: chalo house is very near
Ridz: (thinking)
Armi: think later, lets go first
Ridz: aaha..wat's left to think after we go
Armi: then dont think
Ridz: ahh!! (still confused abt wat she has to do)
(armaan gets his bike)
Ridz: [ohh no!! not a bike ride again..but can u do anything ridzy, not really!!]
(goes n sits on his bike..on their way)
Ridz: [wat am i doing? nothing wrong but..let it be ridz, dont chew over small things!! u r just going to his house]
(she realises his house has not yet come even after 20 mins)
Ridz: armaan, where is ur house??
Armi: its there where it is everyday
Ridz: ahhh...its such a waste to ask u
Armi: we r very near
Ridz: u said the same thing when we started..btw wats ur definition of "very near"?
Armi: (chuckles) that means not very far
Ridz: cant u give a single straight answer?
Armi: cant
Ridz: arghh!! mysterious monkey
(they reach his house...go is cozy n nicely decorated)
Ridz: nice house
Armi: (smiles) mom!! mom!!
(a lady with a little frown on her face comes out saying "dont shout"..frown disappears when she sees ridhima)
Armi: mom, this is ridhima, ridz she is my mom
Ridz: namaste aunty[armaan looks like his mom]
Anita: hello (with a sweet smile), come in
Armi: where is dad?
Anita: in the balcony
(armaan takes her to balcony...his dad is reading newspaper..armaan introduces her)
Ridz: namaste uncle [he looks like his dad of both..hehe]
Vijay: namaste
Armi: come
(ridz just follows him to a room)
Ridz: ur room?
Armi: ya, gimme 5mins, i will take a shower n come...feel free
(ridhima moves in his room..with folded hands..observing, clothes, circket bats, balls, books, cds all thrown randomly...looks at the cds..heavy metal albums)
Ridz: [hmm...not really my kind of music]
(she moves towards the computer..switches it makes a big startup sound)
Armi: (peeping through the bathroom door) ridhima, will u go out for 2mins..please
Ridz: ok
(she comes out...looking around..his mom spots her from the kitchen)
Anita: ridhima, come here
(ridz goes near her)
Anita: armaan rarely brings his friends home
Ridz: (smiles)[hmm..true..he never called any of us home till date]
Anita: hungry?? lunch is ready..just waiting for armaan
Ridz: no aunty, i have to go home
Anita: arre..aise kaise..i wont let u go without having lunch
(ridz likes her typical indian hospitality)
Ridz: but aunty, my mom n dad will be waiting..i told i will be back after the match
Anita: its ok, call up n tell now
(ridz is thinking..armaan calls her name from his room..she goes in...he comes near her brushing his hair with hands...some droplets of water fall on her face making her cringe...he moves ahead n touches her cheeks gently wiping the drops...ridz shivers with the touch and opens her eyes...he is looking at her with passionate eyes..unkempt wet hair falling on his forehead)
Ridz: [ahh!!! these eyes..i just feel like kissing them..OMG!! wats going on...ridzy control ur mind..u r losing it]
(with a naughty smile he rubs his hair again)
Ridz:(frowning) armaaan!!
Anita: armaan!!
Armi: i m hungry..lets go
Ridz: armaan, ye sab kya hain...suddenly, u bring me to ur home n now lunch?
Armi: ya, wat big deal?
Ridz: but, i dint tell mom
Armi: i will call n tell them that u r having lunch at my place
Ridz: no, its ok, i will call
(she goes out n calls her mom...a guy comes in)
Guy: hmm...u must be...ridheema..right?
Ridz: ya
Armi: hey, he is my brother arnav
Ridz: hi
Arnav: hi ridzy...u r prettier than wat u look in pics
Ridz: thanks[looks so similar to armaan..ofcourse brothers na]
Arnav:(looks at armaan n says in a serious tone) bro, i think i m in love with her
(ridz looks at armaan..puzzled...he gives her an assuring smile)
Armi: abbey, stop flirting
Arnav: its not flirting bro..its love
Armi: tujhse badi hai..thoda tho sharam kar
Arnav: (in a filmy tone) pyaar ka koi umar nahi hota bhai..right ridzy? (winks at her n raises his hand for high-five..ridz comes out of astonishment..smiles n claps her hand against his)
Ridz: ya right [dono bhai flirting champions]
(armaan gives arnav a 'i will kill u' look)
Arnav: ok ok ab tu jal math..aur aise dekhne se main nahi darne wala..kisi aur pe try karo
Armi: ek doo kya (moves towards him with a jerk...arnav runs into his room)
Arnav: wait for me ok, will change n come
Ridz: (smiling) he is in tenth standard na?
Armi: no, eleventh
Ridz: hmm.. he's just like u..did YOU train him on how to flirt?
Armi:(hands on mouth) aww!! flirting aur main? ram ram...wrong accusation
Ridz: acha!! as if i met u just today
Armi: i've stopped flirting, u dint notice?
(he said this casually n moved towards dining table)
Ridz: [stopped flirting?? nahi tho, he still flirts with me..hey wait, is he talking abt other girls..oh ya, he doesnt flirt with them now..damn, why dint i realise?!!]
Anita: come ridhima, sit here
(they have lunch talking about her parents, their work, siblings, house, studies etc)
Arnav: ridhima, do u know how to cook?
Ridz: no
Arnav: armaan is a very good cook, u know that?
Ridz: oooo, i dint know
(finish their lunch..ridz is leaving)
Ridz: food was very was nice meeting u all
Vijay: our pleasure
Arnav: come again ok, we r a team now, against armaan
Ridz: ya sure
(they come till the gate to leave her..says bye to them)
Armi: shall i drop u at home?
Ridz: ya (she said abruptly..stopped pondering over the bike rides by now)
(on their way to her house..ridz is feeling happy..smiling to herself...but unable to figure out the reason for happiness..they reach her house)
Armi: so, here we are
ridz: was nice meeting ur parents n happened so suddenly but i had a good time
Armi: (smiles) hmm.
(she goes into her house..though doesnt want to...feeling something empty inside her)

Ridz: [i feel as if i know armaan more than others..going to a person's home n meeting his family makes so much difference?? strange!! i feel so special..his mom also told he doesnt bring home every friend..but am i just a friend?? n y do i feel so happy after meeting his family]
(she remembers the moments she spent with armaan...the rides, the tender touch on her cheek, his eyes..her mind completely filled with his thoughts)
Ridz: [ahhh!! am i going crazy? i feel like talking to him]
(she calls him)
Armi: hey
Ridz: hi, wat r u doing
Armi: nothing, u tell
Ridz: bas, aise hi
Armi: actually, i was about to call u
Ridz: y
Armi: u dint go to meet vicky right?
Ridz: oh ya, i dint problem na
Armi: nope..relax
Ridz: armaan, wat r u going to do?
Armi: donno, dint think abt it yet
Ridz: hmm
Armi: but u dont worry
Ridz: i wont
(they talk for some time n end the call)
Ridz: [ he is so warm...i m growing fond of him day by day...and i started liking it too...but wat if all this is just from my there anyway i can find out wat he thinks abt me??]
(sleeps off thinking)

Next week, in the canteen:
(internal exams r going on)
Ridz: arre yaar, why do computer engineers need to study economics
Muski: i dont like it too
Ridz: how i wish i could drop the exam tomorrow, but i already dropped one earlier, have to write it boring
Anji: i doubt if we'll ever need it in our life
Armi: i guess we need it, see when u earn big bucks in future u need to know how to manage them right?
Ridz: phew..big bucks!! we'll see...right now i just need to pass this exam
Armi: actually, i find economics interesting...i like playing with numbers..assets, liabilities, accounting...its nice
Rahul: even i like it
Ridz: someone teach me atleast the basics yaar, nahi tho main fail ho jaongi
Armi: haha...majaa ayega..first year top karo, second year fail ho jao
Ridz: (hits him) loser!! but seriously some one help me out na
Armi: okay, i will teach you..fees kya dogi?
Ridz: do tappad
Armi: get lost then
Ridz: sorry sorry
Armi: ok, maaf kiya...jee le
Ridz: so, when will u teach?
Armi: next year!!
Ridz: (wrinkiling the forehead) hmm??
Armi: the exam is tomorrow fool, tho aaj hi padhna hain na
Ridz: ya
Armi: i will come to ur house after college
Ridz: ok

At ridhima's house:
Ridz: ma, armaan will be coming home
Padma: when?
Ridz: in an hour...we r going to study together..make dinner for him too
Padma: ok
(armaan comes n after a quick chat with padma both of them settle in her room to study)
Armi: so, first tell me wat do u know
Ridz: nothing
Armi: wat?? wat do u do in the class girl?
Ridz: ahh!! its boring man!! i feel sleepy
Armi: u feel sleepy even after turning back n looking at me??
Ridz: i dont turn to look at u ok..i turn to talk to muskaan or sapna or anji whoever sits behind me..aur waise bhi tu koi hero hain jo baar baar dekhungi
Armi: koi hero se kam hoon kya? (setting his hair)
Armi: hero
Ridz: zero
Armi: ok ok, lets study now
(he is explaining her the basics of book keeping..she is trying hard to concentrate on his words instead of his face...but whenever she accidentally looks at him, her eyes r stuck...stares at his face..adoring every part..when he looks at her..she acts as if she is listening n looking at him casually)
Ridz: [focus ridzy focus, dont get distracted..u need to pass the exam tomorrow..but he is so cute, how can i not look at him..shut up u fool, study first]
(they think of taking a break to have dinner)
Armi: ridz, aunty ko bolu kya tumhara tequila scene?
Ridz: armaan, one word abt that n u r dead
Armi: (laughing)
Ridz: stop it now
(they go n while having dinner)
Padma: howz ur preparation going?
Ridz: good ma
Armi: aunty, ridhima was topper na last year
(ridz is sensing something fishy now)
Padma: ya, she was so happy
Armi: we had a party also
(ridz is now clear wat he is heading towards..she is looking at him with narrow eyes)
Padma: ya, i know, she told me it was good
Armi: not good aunty, it was very good, ridz njoyed a lot
(smiling naughtily at ridz..she is looking at him with grinding teeth and smoking eyes)
Padma: oh, is it
Ridz: ma, papa nahi aye ab tak
Padma: nahi, aate honge
Armi: so, wat were we talking,
(ridz is feeling the urge to get up n hit him..controlling herself n waiting for the time she catches him alone)
Ridz: ya, everyone was, u've not met muskaan n rahul na, i'll get them home someday
(they finish eating)
Ridz: ma, dont lock the gate, i'll lock it after armaan goes
Padma: ok
(the moment they enter ridhima's room, she holds his collar)
Ridz: tu tho gaya aaj mere haathon
Armi: (laughing aloud) it was so much fun
Ridz: (hitting him) achaa!!
Armi: ur was worth watching
Ridz: armaan, shhh!!
(armaan covers his mouth..but bursts out again)
Ridz: arghhh!!!
(she touches his waist while trying to hit him..he jerks away)
Ridz: woohoo, it tickles?
Armi: no
Ridz: let me check
Armi: no, it doesnt
Ridz: let me touch then
Armi: i m telling u na, it doesnt
Ridz: awesome...u r gone now
(she starts tickling him..he laughs aloud...she covers his mouth..feeling his lips, she removes the hand n stands straight)
Armi: now, u r gone
(he holds her hands from behind...tickling her waist..ridz laughing..twining..trying to catch her breath)
Armi: shhh!! aunty will hear
Ridz: (panting) armaan, plz
Armi: will u do it again
Ridz: yes
(tickling again)
Armi: tell me now
Ridz: no i wont
Armi: good for u girl
(releases his grip...exhausted..she leans her back against him..gasping)
Armi: ridhima
(she jolts with his her ears..turns to face him)
Armi: (smiling) r u ok
Ridz: ha?? ya
Armi: shall we go back to studies now
Ridz: yes
(they study till late night...ridz focusing hard on economics instead of armaan..then he leaves to his home)

Armaan's birthday:
(ridz wishes him at day she is eager to give her gift n see armaan's reaction..they go to a restaurant after college hours..he cuts the cake there..ridz gives him the gift..armaan opens it n looks at ridz...fully suprised)
Armi: heyyyy!! this is the one i wore that day
Ridz: yes, u like it?
Armi: (looking straight into her eyes) i love it..(pause) u've got brains girl
Ridz: i know
Armi: (smiles) when did u buy this
Ridz: when u went to get the bike
Armi: ohhh!! the same day??!! so, this was ur washroom emergency hun!!
Ridz: (giggles) yes
Atul: guys, we r also to us sometimes..n wats the gift
Rahul: hey, nice shirt man
Anji: good choice ridz
Muski: hey, wear it na
Armi: wat?? now??
Ridz: ya, go in to the washroom n change
Armi: y r u girls always in a hurry to wear new clothes, i dont get it
Ridz: u need not get anything, jus go n wear the shirt
Armi: hmmffff...hamesha mujhse modelling karvati hain..aur woh bhi free mein
Ridz: kya free mein?? shirt diya na
Armi: ok ok
(he goes n wears the new shirt)
Anji: hmmm..someone is looking handsome
(ridz is very happy...staring at him lovingly..everyone compliments him)
Armi: keep this in ur bag, i'll take it later (giving her the shirt which he took off to wear the new one)
Ridz: ok
(they talk for a while..take food n go home)

night, at ridz home:
(armaan calls her..after the hi hellos)
Armi: hey, my shirt is with u
Ridz: oh ya, i forgot
Armi: r u sure u forgot
Ridz: wat do u mean?
Armi: i suspect u took it deliberately
Ridz: huh!! wat will i do with ur shirt
Armi: donno..u must know the reason...may be flaunt it..its a celebrity's shirt na
Ridz: celebrity??!! get a life man!!
Armi: i want it tomorrow, safe n sound, washed n ironed
Ridz: wat?? safe n sound?? as if i will tear it
Armi: kya pataa, mera koi gussa uspe nikal diya tho
Ridz: exactly, wohi karoongi..i wont give it karna hain kar lo
Armi: i was just joking
Ridz: i wasnt
Armi: ridhima
Ridz: armaan
Armi: plz, thats one of my favorites
Ridz: wow!! then i will njoy more tearing it
Armi: arey yaar
Ridz: haan bolo yaar
Armi: forget it
Ridz: okayy
(ridz ends the call after a while n opens her bag...smiles looking at the shirt n remembering their conversation...takes it out...blushes...brings it close to her face...placing her cheeks on it...closes her eyes...smiles..just the fact that its a piece of clothing armaan wore, makes her blush if she is touching him...smells traces of cologne..just his smell)
Ridz:[so, this is how u smell armaan...hmm..nice]
(tugs out of her thoughts)
Ridz:[OH NOOO!! wat was i doing!!! wats this surge of emotions..this guy is sneaking into my life ridz no, dont let him creep into ur heart, if he doesnt love u back, u will be left heartbroken, but wat if he also feels the same for me...awww!! that would be so blissful!! but he doesnt say anything..just confuses me..dont take this risk ridzy..its ur HEART after all...n love...its once in a life...u dont want to do it again n again right, so be careful..but is this love?? am i in love with him?? no no, this can be anything but not love..ahhh!!! but wat is it then??]
(folds the shirt n keeps it in the shelf)

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