Wednesday, 12 July 2017

part 18 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

next day:
Armi: ey kapda chor, where's my shirt?
Ridz: (frowns) kapda chor??!!!
Armi: ur new name..u like it?
Ridz: nonsense!!
Armi: u got my shirt?

Ridz: no, i tore it
Armi: kyaa??
Ridz: yup, u heard it right
Armi: i know u dint
Ridz: so confident?
Armi: yes
Ridz: watever!! its gone from you now
(Atul comes putting his hand on armaan's shoulder)
Atul: hey ridz
Ridz: hi
Atul: you dint run away this time?
Ridz: runaway? why?
Atul: u dint see vicky? he just passed by u?
Ridz: oh, is it? i dint notice..n he dint try to talk to me..good for me but strange
(she looks at armaan..raises her eyebrows..he nods his head)
Atul: ye tum log kya ishaare kar rahe ho?
Ridz: kuch nahi yaar, vicky called me for a treat n armaan told he will tackle this
Atul: oh, is no more running champions in our group now?
Ridz: heeheehee..has diya,khush?? armaan bolo na kya kiya tumne
Armi: i did something
Ridz: ya, thats wat i m asking, wat did u do
Armi: i wont tell u
Ridz: huh!! why do u have to make a puzzle out of everything?!!
Armi: i like it that way (shrugging)
Ridz: hmmff [u like mystifying things..who knows it better than me!!]
(that evening, after she goes home...looking for something in change into, she looks at his shirt and frowns remembering him calling her 'kapda chor' that morning)
Ridz: (pointing to the shirt) u r going to be here..with me..samjhe? i will see how he gets u back
(shakes her head in disbelief)
Ridz: [ehh!! main pagal ho rahi hoon kya?? i am talking to a SHIRT!! u've lost it ridz...lost it big time!! its just a shirt, why am i making so much fuss about it..i need pyschiatric help kya!!]

Armi: guys, i have an idea
Atul: abt?
Armi: y dont we go on a short tour, i mean the whole class
Anji: wow!! sounds cool
Armi: yup, in holidays after the final exams
Muski: majaa ayega yaar
Ridz: but where?
Rahul: hmm..khandala??
(everyone agrees)
Sap: do we have to take permission from college?
Armi: i think so, hamari monitor hain na, princy se baat karne ke liye
Ridz: no way!!
Armi: u r scared as if he is an alien...ofcourse he looks like one, but trust me..he is a human (with ann assuring smile)
Ridz: not so funny ok...i cant yaar..he is so kadoos
Rahul: well, u have to ridz, u r the monitor
Ridz: kya yaar
Armi: ok, first we'll ask the class, if they r ready, we'll go ahead
Ridz: fine

Anjali's sister engagement:
(ridhima wears a blue lehenga and pearls set, hair left loose...armaan constantly flashing in her mind while getting ready)
Ridz:[am i looking good? how will he react when he sees me?](shakes her head)[no ridz no, dont think about him, he doesnt believe in love..n by the way u should try to look good for yourself not for anybody else..not even for armaan..yes!! i dont care if he likes me or not...i dont want to impress anyone..i know i m pretty...yess, way to go girl!! see, u have everything under your control..ur heart, ur mind..u r so strong..superb!!]
(she goes to anji's house...walks into the hall..unintentionally searching for armaan..she sees him talking to anji's father...he turns to see ridhima..looking breathtaking in a white sherwani and smiling..ridhima is flabbergasted..staring at him...he is staring at her too..comes near her)
Armi: hi
Ridz: hi
(silent for few seconds)
Ridz: [why isnt he saying anything on how i am looking? so disappointing!! no ridz, dont be so desperate to get noticed by him!!]
(thinking so she wrinkles her forehead and looks at him...a little smile playing on his lips)
Armi: where is sapna?
Ridz: must be coming with amit
Armi: ok
Ridz: did u see muskaan?
Armi: she is inside
Ridz: i will go in then
(after sometime, the ceremony starts..all people assemble in the hall...ridz is tempted to see armaan and be with him all the while...sometimes controls, sometimes gives in..the ceremony is over..boys r being very helpful n courteous...armaan comes n stands near her after a while)
Ridz: di is looking very pretty na
Armi: ya, y do girls wear so much jewelry yaar, isnt it irritating?
Ridz: depends, on special days many like to wear heavy jewelry
Armi: u r looking good today, simple n sweet
Ridz: thanks [finallyy!! he acknowledged it!!]
Armi: these r pearls na (touching her earrings)
Ridz: ya, i love pearls
(Anji comes with a chubby boy)
Anji: armaan, can u do me a favour..can u please drop him at his home..his parents r busy
Armi: ya sure
Anji: thanks
Armi: (placing his arm around the boys shoulder) tumhara naam kya hain yaar?
Boy: gappu yaar
Armi: gappu!! nice..chale?
Gappu: main tho kabse tayyar, everyone is pulling my cheeks n bugging me
Ridz: (smiles) so cute (touches his cheeks..he moves away)
Gappu:(smiles) i thought u r going to pinch me
Ridz: nooo
Armi: ok..lets go now
Gappu: bye didi
Ridz: bye
Armi: (walking away) acha, tumhe rasta pata hain kya?
Gappu: haan
(its been a while n ridz is waiting for armaan...everyone is having dinner)
Ridz: anji, how far is gappu's house? armaan hasnt come back yet
Anji: hmm...not very far actually..but its a busy route..may be stuck in traffic...lets go n eat..he will join soon
(ridz goes n starts eating..she sees armaan coming in from the gate...he gets down the bike n starts walking..but she sees that something is wrong...he is not looking normal..he comes further towards them n she sees that there is blood on his sleeves..puts the plate down and rushes towards him)
Ridz: armaan, kya hua?
Armi: kuch nahi yaar, ek chota sa accident bas
Ridz: (disturbed) CHOTA SA??!! ur hand is bleeding!!
(she holds his hand and folds up the sleeve..she sees that the injury is big...blood spread over the arm..he folds his hand n blood drips from his elbow..she hisses n looks at his face n down to his hand...tensed n worried...she takes the tissues n starts wiping the blood carefully not to go over the exact wound)
Armi: its ok yaar, dont worry
(she is not in a state to respond..still cleaning the hand..folding the sleeve further up)
Armi: ridzyy!! i m ok..AAAAH!!!
Ridz: (hisses) i m sorry, did i touch the wound?
Armi: i m fine, relax
(their friends come near them)
Rahul: oh shit!!
Anji: ahhh!! ..wat happened?
Armi: i was coming back after dropping gappu..road was slippery and bike the end of this road
Sap: aur kahi pe lagi hain kya??
(ridz who is still wiping registers wat sapna said n starts looking all over his body if there are any more injuries...then looks at his face..observing every inch of it...brushes off hair from his forehead and holds it up for a better view...satisfied with her investigation she lets out a huge sigh n looks at him...seeing the pain on his face she realises that her eyes are getting wet...quickly turns her face off..atul gets a chair for armaan, drinks water n pours some on the wound)
Ridz: rahul, take him to hospital
Armi: hey, it will be gone in 2 days..i dont think i need a doc
Ridz: (raged) i dint ask ur opinion
(he looks at her surprised'n'then'smiles)
Muski: exactly
Rahul: ok ok chill...chal yaar..nahi tho ridz will burn u alive with her anger
(they leave n everyone is relieved)
Anji: ridz finish ur dinner
Ridz: (very disturbed) no yaar, i m done
Sap: thoda hi khaya na
Ridz: thats enough..ghar chale kya?
Sap: ok...amit, shall we go?
Amit: yes
(they drop her home...ridz goes into her room..still disturbed...slumps on her bed...closes her eyes with a sigh..sees images of his hand n the pain on his face..tears forming in her eyes..she questions their identity)
Ridz:[why am i so upset??!! wat r these tears for?? I am CRYING!! RIDDHIMA GUPTA!! who rarely gets tears in her eyes!!! wat for?? who is he?? a friend?? just a friend?? would i be so distressed for any other friend?? NO !! DEFINITELY NOT!! i know its a small injury..and his pain hurts me more than him!! but why?? WHY? because i love him!! yes, I LOVE HIM !!!! no feeling can be so deep except love!! THIS IS LOVE!!!]
(a small smile starts dancing on her lips...relaxing her face)
Ridz: [i dont want to runaway now..i m tired of denying to myself..enough of, i m sure it is love..if it was attraction or infatuation it would have washed out long ago!! that is why couldnt avoid him, i couldnt stop myself from looking into his eyes..ahh!! his eyes, beautiful eyes...that sexy smile!!]
(smiles widely..blushing, remembering the way he stares at her)
Ridz: [he loves me?? wat else could his eyes be saying then?? but he never said anything?? n he always says he doesnt believe in love?? his actions seems to be contradicting his words..wat if he doesnt love me?? ridzy, u were a fool n now have become selfish too.. u expect him to love u and confess it to u when u have been denying it to urself all these days]
(cursing herself she looks at the shelf n sees his shirt..grabs it and sas "i love u armaan")
Ridz: [i dont care if i m sounding crazy..i dont mind doing weird things..i m in love..i want to forget all my inhibitions..i want to love him whole heartedly..i want to experince this feeling...its just soo soo beautiful...i feel so liberated..y dint i realise it earlier!!]
(she hugs the shirt..brings it closer to her face..puts her head into it...playing with it in all funny ways..giggling like a kid)
Ridz: ok, now pintu will be my armaan, till i get the real one
(she makes the bear wear the shirt n mocks at him for wearing oversized clothes..goes n changes her dress..comes back n lies on the bed...hugging pintu..ooops hugging armaan...tries to sleep..but too happy to close her eyes..then she remembers armaan's accident)
Ridz:[OMG!! i dint even call him..his hand was so hurt..shit!! i m so occupied with my realisations..idiot!!]
(she picks up her mobile to see its too late..sends an sms.."how r u now?"..thinking she will call if he replies to it..snuggling in her bed tries to sleep...armaan filled in heart n mind...falls asleep but wakes up after sometime hearing her stomach growl, she remembers that she ate very less..goes into the kitchen, grabs some fruits n back in her room..checks her call no sms...pouts n goes back to sleep)

(next day she gets up remembering him...watever she is doing, he is always on her mind...gets ready paying extra attention to her looks..goes to college..eagerly waiting for him)
Ridz: [wat will i do when i see him??]
(waiting for him..first class over..she calls him up)
Armi: hey ridz
(ecstatic to hear his voice)
Ridz: r u?
Armi: i m fine yaar..was sleeping..forcefully u sent me to the doctor..he gave me some stupid injection n i have fever now
RIdz: fever!!! oh no..but its bcoz of injury not the injection
Armi: watever...will come to college after lunch
Ridz: (disappointed) ohh!! take rest na
Armi: wat rest, i will get bored here
(she waits for the classes to finish getting restless)

break time:
(atul n ridz r in canteen..anji n sapna come in)
Anji: hey ridz, come with me..i'll show u something
Ridz: wat??
Anji: chalo tho
(she takes her out towards the lab)
Anji: u see that guy standing there in red shirt?
Ridz: ya
Anji: he is arjun..handsome na
Ridz: haan par..i cant believe u dragged me all the way to show him
Anji: (giggles) u dint know him right, thats y
Ridz: tum bhi na
(arjun turns to catch them looking at him)
Ridz: (turns away embarrassed) oohh shit!!! anji, u kya kiya tu ne..chalo ab yaha se
(they enter the canteen n see armaan standing at the counter with bandaged hand)
Ridz: [i just feel like running and hugging him tightly]
(armaan comes n sits on a chair)
Muski: oy, where were you both??
Ridz: dont ask was so embarrassing..pata nahi woh kya soch raha hoga mere baare mein
Rahul: kaun?
Anji:(chuckles) arjun...hey armaan, kaise ho yaar? fever hain abhi?
Armi: no..i m fine now
Ridz: is it still paining?
Armi: no (not looking at her)
Ridz: [look at me armaan..i m dying to see ur beautiful eyes...and the love in them]

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