Tuesday, 18 July 2017

part 21 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

Ridz:[why is he calling so late...if i hear his voice i will be depressed, but i want to talk...kya karoon??]
(he keeps calling)
Ridz:[must be some emergency, will answer]
Ridz:(weekly)hello..ahem..ahem..(louder) hello

Ridz: yes armaan
Armi: were u asleep?
Ridz: ya
Armi: howz ur headache?
Ridz: better
Armi: (sighs) i've been calling u from evening, sound sleep?
Ridz: hmmm
Armi: i called at your land phone also, no one answered
Ridz: land phone??.. oh ya, my parents r in pune, have gone to attend my cousin's marriage
Armi: when r they coming back?
Ridz: tomorrow morning
Armi: ohh, y dint u go??
Ridz: bas aise hi..jaane ka mood nahi tha
Armi: but can u stay alone??
Ridz: no problem, actually i thought of calling sapna to be with me, but i slept off n its too late to call her now
Armi: hmm...be careful then, lock the doors properly n close all windows
Ridz: ok
Armi: bye
Ridz: bye [y dont u believe in love armaan?? how can anyone be such a good person, such a nice friend but when it comes to love, completely against it?? all these are related right?? may be he'll fall in love when he meets a very beautiful girl...very attractive.. modern and gorgeous... who can make people gape at her when she walks in..someone who matches his cool dude image... yeah, how can he fall for a chasmish like me?? he has a whole bunch of girls drooling over his charms...but is love all about looks?...isnt it for the person's character also.. hmm..everyone may not think like me!! but one thing is for sure, though he is flirtatious and looks easy going, he will be devoted to his girl, whenever he falls in love that is..he cares so much for his friends, can imagine how he will treat her..she will be a lucky girl!!]

(she looks at the mobile, missed calls from her mom, dad and armaan)
Ridz:[GOSH!! i was sleeping like a donkey, how didnt i hear any of these]
(she calls up her mom)
Padma: (worried) ridzy, r u ok?
Ridz: yes ma...i know u r worried bcoz i dint answer ur call, i was just sleeping..thats it..nothing to worry
Padma: ok..u shud have come with us
Ridz: hmm
Padma: is sapna with u?
Ridz: no, i dint call her
Padma: shall we start now
Ridz: maa, i m fine..dont worry.. start early morning as u planned..no need to drive at night
(talks to her dad also n cuts the call)

(she goes into bathroom n takes a shower..comes out and hears the mobile ringing... its armaan)
Ridz: [AGAIN??!!]
(picks it)
Ridz: hello
Armi: ridhima, open the door
Ridz: DOOR?? wat door??
Armi: ur house door, i m standing in front of it
Ridz: WHATTT??
Armi: yes, come fast
Ridz: (coming to the door) this is not a prank right?
Armi: not at all..and before someone mistakes me to be a thief, open it..hurry up
(peeps thru the curtain n sees armaan in the dim light standing at the door holding the mobile n heeding the surroundings tensely.. opens it.. he gets in quickly n closes the door)
Ridz: (flustered) wat r u doing here?
Armi: lets go to ur room first
Ridz: (frowning) huh??!!! my room??
(he holds her hand and drags her to her room)
Ridz: why r u here?...at this hour?
(no answer)
Ridz: armaan??!!
(they go into her room and he closes the door)
Ridz: ye sab kya horaha hain? tum pagal hogaye ho kya? itni raat ko aaye ho aur ghar mein koi
(armaan turns n places his finger on her lips)
Armi: sshhh!! stop shouting!!
(ridz calms down n looks at him confused)
Armi: y were u crying? (cupping her face in his hands)
(puzzled at his question and the way he was holding her face...looks into his eyes...tears dwelling in her eyes..she looks down avoiding his gaze)
Ridz: no, i wasnt crying
(his hands still under her face..armaan lifts it to face him...she looks at his intense eyes...the warmth of his touch and concern in his voice are evoking all the pent up emotions in her...tears blurring her vision...unable to control anymore...she holds his wrists n closes her eyes shedding the fat tears silently...thunderstruck, she opens her eyes wide...she froze...feeling his lips on hers...without breaking the kiss, he wipes her tears..she looks at him as he closes his eyes n tears roll down his cheeks...getting into her senses, she registers wat is happening and realises wat this kiss means...heart racing with esctasy...she closes her eyes and kisses him...he smiles breaking the kiss and releases her...looks into her face intently n asks)
Armi: do i still have to say why i am here?
Ridz: yesss, bcoz i m dying to hear it
Armi: (kisses her forehead n looks into her eyes) I LOVE YOU
(quickly hugs him....with tears of joy...they stand there...embracing each other)
Ridz: [God, just freeze my life here..i dont want anything more]
(holding each other...blissful..they lost track of time...heart jumping inside joyfully...sweet smile dancing on their lips..wishing that the time just stops there...she can feel his kisses now and then on her head and hair.. a sudden thought sprouts up in her mind and blurts out)
Ridz: is he really here? or am i dreaming again??
Armi: i am real (whispers in her ear and bites it)
Ridz: AWWHH!! (frowns and jerks away)
Armi: that was a proof that this is not a dream (smiles wickedly)
Ridz: YOU!!!
(he grabs her and holds her tightly)
Armi: just stay close to me..u donno how much i was dying to hold u like this
Ridz: [isnt it me who has to say this?!!]
Armi: i love you chasmish
Ridz: Oh My God!! I still cant believe this is really happening..u love me armaan, u really do, it wasnt my imagination!!
(her face glowing...eyes twinkling...suddenly she feels her foot off the ground..armaan has lifted her up holding her waist..he twirls her round and lands her safely..she is giggling like a child)
Ridz: I am on cloud nine armaan, i feel like screaming out loud
(she looks at him and sees all the love in the world in those teary hazel eyes smiling at her)
Ridz: y r you crying NOW?
Armi: from ages, i've been dreaming about this day
Ridz: me too
Armi: and i thought it will remain just a dream
Ridz: even i felt so
Armi: its all ur fault
Ridz: (pushes him away) my fault??!!!
Armi: (pulling her close again) i gave u so many hints that i love u, u never seem to understand them
Ridz: i..i understood.. but... you were so confusing
Armi: oh really?? confusing it seems...wat can i do if u r the dumbest creature on earth
Ridz: shut up!! y do u have to give hints, cant u just tell straight away that u love me?
Armi: OH!!! is it?? y dint YOU say if it was so simple?
Ridz: how would i say, without being confident abt ur reaction, anji-atul ki tarah hojata tho?
Armi: wat makes u think my concern was different from urs?
Ridz: GOSH!! we both were struck at same thing?!! kirti was so right!!
Armi: kirti??!!
Ridz: i asked her for advice, she told me that u might be waiting for some clue from my side
Armi: really??!! i love her man!!
Ridz: eyyy!!!
Armi: i mean it..i seriously love her for that...she atleast knocked some sense in u, which u wasted anyways later
Ridz: hmmfff..jo bhi..now, finally.. we r together
Armi: hmm
Ridz: i love u armaan
Armi: i love u too
(she suddenly remembers her dream)
Ridz: shit!!! i planned to react in a different way when u propose, i forgot that...just got carried away
Armi: (smiles) wat was the plan?(putting her hair behind ear and rubbing her cheek with thumb)
(his touch sends a shiver down her body...closes her eyes..forgets wat she was talking..also getting a bit nervous with this closeness..the whole thing didnt sink in yet)
Armi: were u saying something?
Ridz: hmm??!!(opens her eyes)
Armi: so how did u plan to react?(with a naughty smile)
Ridz: (coming out of his spell) react?!! yaa, i thought i'll just say OK when u say i love you and then tease abt ur past girlfriends and all..its all wasted now
Armi: (laughing madly) pagal!! mere aane se pehle tho ro rahi thi aur ab dekho..ye karna tha, woh karna tha (mocking)
Ridz: stop laughing!!
Armi: but seriously, y were u crying so badly (kisses her eyes)
(she smiles...his every touch is warming her heart)
Ridz: armaan, my heart was broken yesterday.. i thought of telling u abt my feelings but when u were scolding atul for telling anji...after hearing wat u said abt love, i was so hurt
Armi: i m sorry, i made u cry
Ridz: its ok
Armi: i know how it feels when u r hurt in love, i experienced it when i thought u like arjun
Ridz: arjun??!!! that senior?? where does he fit in our story??
Armi: wait wait...i will tell..first tell me did u have ur dinner?
Ridz: no, i woke up with ur call n u were here by the time i got fresh
Armi: lets eat first, i am hungry....u have something at home?
Ridz: i hope so
(they go n search in kitchen..find some food in fridge, heat it up)
Armi: i m here so late in the night, will it be a problem? i mean neighbours
Ridz: i donno armaan..i have no idea abt these things
(ridz takes out plates)
Armi: one plate is enough
Ridz: y?
Armi: we'll share...i want to feed you
(pleased with his words...ridz puts the plate on table n goes near him...feeling the desire to kiss him but hesitating to put the step ahead...looks into his face..a moment of confusion where to kiss...he is looking at her curiously...gives a peck on his cheek n moves back...he holds her waist n pulls her back towards him...kissing her...she is trying to go...but he is not releasing her from liplock...hand strong around her waist...her heart beating fast...unable to judge her own feeling...a bit scared...feeling breathless...finally he sets her free)
Ridz: (astonished n feeling dizzy) [WHAT WAS THATT??]
(she can still feel his lips on hers...like a stamp)
Armi: (smacking his lips) yummyyy!!! i m not hungry anymore, i m full
Ridz: (blushes) but i m hungry
Armi: oh, u want one more?? (coming near her)
Ridz: (hitting him) shut up, lets eat first (amazed at this version of armaan)
(they pull the chairs closer n start eating..he is feeding her and himself...staring at each other)
Ridz: is this all real armaan? i m still not able to believe its true
Armi: hmm...u want a reality check?
Ridz: oh please, dont eat my ear again..eat the food, y arent u eating, u r just feeding me
Armi: kha raha hoon yaar
Ridz: ok, tell me where did arjun pop up from?
Armi: hmm..good question...u remember the day after i met with that accident
Ridz: hmm (with mouth full)
Armi: and u went to see arjun
Ridz: (nodding her head defensively) no no...i dint go, anji dragged me
Armi: i thought u r interested in him..bcoz when i came into the canteen, i dint see u and asked sapna abt u, she told me u went to see arjun
Ridz: O God!! ye sapna bhi na....she dint tell u that anji took me without telling anything
Armi: no
Ridz: stupid girl!!
Armi: n then u came back embarrassed and said "pata nahi woh kya soch raha hoga mere baare mein"
Ridz: did i?? i dont remember
Armi: ofcourse u wont remember, i remember everything clearly...my world came down crashing that day..here i was trying so hard to make u fall for me n all that was being flushed into drain infront of my eyes.. i was so depressed
Ridz: oh nooo!! i dint even realise wat i did armaan, that was such a bad miscommunciation..shit!! was that y u were looking so dull and then started avoiding me
Armi: ya
Ridz: u idiot!! even in that case, how does me going to see him signal a "no" to u?
Armi: ofcourse it does, bcoz i was thinking u went to check him out, when will a girl do that? only when she is not serious abt anyone right?
Ridz: hmm...my fault..sorry
Armi: (smiles) its ok...that was such a terrible phase of my life (nostalgically)
Ridz: Gosh!! i was in that dejected mood for just 2days and i cudnt bear it..its so painful...how could u bear it for so long armaan...its almost 2months
(realising what he has gone through..all those days...she feels awful....armaan smiles painfully)
Ridz: i've hurt u so much..forgive me
Armi: no problem, ab milgayi ho na
Ridz: (smiles) hmm..so now wat made u come to my house so late in night n kiss me? by the way y did u kiss me first n then say i love you? isnt it the other way around generally (curiously)
Armi: (smugly) thats bcoz i was sure that u love me
Ridz: ohoho..wat made u so sure?
Armi: your tears
Ridz: huh??!!!
Armi: yess..when i lectured atul that day, i really meant all that i said, bcoz i was already suffering thinking that u dont love me...i was actually feeling hurt and helpless...but i was still hoping that my thoughts were false...then i saw u change drastically after that incident..u were looking devastated...you gave my shirt back..i could see the hurt in your eyes..which was exactly wat i was going through...and then in the lab, u were getting restless when i came near you... the quiver in your voice.. the way you were avoiding my touch...and finally the tears you were trying to hide from me when u wanted to go home....made me sure that u love me n i was also sure that u think i dont love you
(ridz is listening silently...like a story...remembering all those moments..leaves a sigh at the end)
Ridz: so, all those brought you here to confess
Armi: ya, thanks to those tears, good that u cried
Ridz: whatt?? u feel good if i cry?? u stupid fellow!! (hitting him)
Armi: (laughing) stop stop!! i mean just that one time...come on, its bcoz of that, we r together
Ridz: hmm...n y did u come so late in the night?
Armi: i wouldnt if u hadnt told me that no one's at home..i was going crazy from afternoon thinking abt u.. that u were hurt...thats y i called u..but when u finally answered n told that u r alone..i just couldnt control myself...i was so anxious..i dint wanted to waste a single second
Ridz: ohh!! then wat u wud have done if i wasnt alone at home?
Armi: i would have waited one more day n told u tomorrow..but we would have missed kissing like that..if we met somewhere outside
(ridz blushes...they finished eating...coming out of kitchen)
Ridz: so, wat now?
Armi: nothing, u sleep, i will keep looking at you
Ridz: (smiles) no, i am too happy to close my eyes..u dont want to go home??
Armi: nope..u r not realising the value of this time..donno when we'll meet alone like this
Ridz: oh really?!!
Armi: yes, when r ur parents coming back?
Ridz: morning
Armi: ok..hmm.. how do u go to terrace from here?
Ridz: terrace?? there is a staircase..but there is ladder from my balcony also...why? dont tell me u want to jump from terrace...khushi ke maare
Armi: eh no..silly girl..come with me
(takes her out to the balcony and makes her climb the ladder)
Ridz: aaj tho tum mujhe marvake hi chodoge...its a special day but plz dont try to make it over special armaan
Armi: shhh!! kitna bak bak karti ho!!
(ridz frowns..they reach the terrace)
Armi: wow!! its nice here!!
Ridz: hmm (looking at the sky...cool breeze flowing through her hair)
Armi: nicer when i hold u (whispering in her ear from behind n his hands crawling around her waist)
(ridz shudders feeling his lips on her shoulder which is half covered due to the sleevless top..not knowing wat to say or wat to do..she just remains silent with closed eyes...all this seems so strange...after few seconds, he speaks up)
Armi: ridhima
Ridz: hmm
Armi: when did u fall in love with me?
(ridz turns to look at his passionate eyes..the eyes that made her fall in love with him...the looks that gently pierced his way into her heart...but when did that happen..she digs into her heart in search of the answer...fails to get a clear response)
Ridz: i love your eyes armaan
(armaan flashes a charming smile)
Ridz: they were the first to catch my attention...then we became friends...i started liking u...but i donno when i started loving you...and i was just not ready to accept it..i was denying the fact to myself...but the day u met with accident, it pained so much to see u hurt, that day i realised that u r not just a friend...u r special, infact very special
(armaan is listening attentively..both sit down..leaning to the wall)
Ridz: wat abt u? when did u fall in love with me?
Armi: (smiles mysteriously) it happened one day
Ridz: which day?
Armi: its a special day
Ridz: u never stop throwing puzzles is it? atleast now, u can make things clear right? which day armaan? (in a pleading voice)
Armi: ok, u try to guess
Ridz: how will i know wat u felt when u felt?
Armi: ok, here's the clue..u were looking very beautiful that day
Ridz: was this supposed to be my savior? how will i know when u found me beautiful n when u didnt?
Armi: u r beautiful every day (looking sharply)
Ridz: (blushes) but which one day is that? okay, lemme try...hmm...i'll start with same as mine..anjali's sis engagement?
Armi: no
Ridz: the day we went shopping? to buy shirt for my dad..i thought u will hug me that day
Armi: (smiles) i really wanted to but no, its not that day
Ridz: when we went to disco?
Armi: no
Ridz: annual function, when i wore saree i think i was looking pretty that day
Armi: yes, u were looking beautiful but not that day
Ridz: ahh!! on my bday, when u guys surprised me
Armi: hmm..new hairstyle..but not that day
Ridz: any day we were fighting, for remote in anji's house or just like that our usual fights, when we came very close
Armi: no
Ridz: armaan, r u sure u remember the day? or just fooling me around
Armi: i remember the day
Ridz: okay, final guess, our fresher's party..u gave me rose that day to say i am the most beautiful girl in the class
Armi: yes, u r but not that day
Ridz: ufff, i m tried now..i cant think of anymore days
Armi: (smiles naughtily) u were wearing a pink dress that day
Ridz: hmmm?? hey, i have many dresses in pink...useless clue
Armi: u were sitting beside anji in the class and you turned back to look at me when ma'm called my name
Ridz: okay....why did she call ur name?? did u do some mischief??
Armi: no...it was attendance time
Ridz: attendance?? (thinking aloud) but we have roll numbers...which dint change from first year...and they always take attendance by numbers...when were they calling names... only before we got them...pink dress...i turned back..(lightning struck her and she swiftly looks at him with wide eyes and hand on her open mouth) OH MY GOD!! first day of college!! now, i remember.. its coming back slowly...i turned hearing your voice and you had a naughty grin on your face!!

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