Thursday, 20 July 2017

part 22 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

Ridz: is it that day armaan?!! (still needing a confirmation)
(Armaan nodded)
Ridz:(mumbles) two years
(ridhima went silent...trying to go down the memory lane and guess his side of their story)
Armi: ok, dont think so hard..i will tell u

(ridz smiled...realising he is observing the changes on her face)
Ridz: [he observes everything about me...and he has been doing that from first day!!..i mean FIRST DAY!! how could could he...]
Armi: my heart skipped the moment i saw you..i dint know wat it was at that time...but it was different..very different...i never felt like that seeing any girl...not that you were looking breathtaking.. but there was something in you that caught my attention...i couldnt pinpoint it.. i was observing your every sat beside anji...smiled to her when her name was called out...looked at rahul too...when my name was called...i had this gut feeling that u'll turn back...and when u turned..i was like BINGO!!! (giggles)
Ridz: (smiles) so filmy
Armi: i know..your sharukh khan's old technique..but i dint chant "palat palat" ok?
Ridz: hehe..i dont know y i looked at u..i just remember the naughty look on ur face
Armi: ofcourse..bcoz my intuition came true.. then i was just seeing you everyday...waiting for a chance to speak to u...when u went to ask rahul to be the monitor, i could see that u like him
Ridz: ya, a small crush i were u there when i talked to him??
Armi: no, was just looking from a distance
Ridz: u were stalking me?
Armi: u can call it watever u want to... then the day finally came when u urself came to ask for the book and i knew this was my chance to make an impression
Ridz: impression??!! by annoying me??!!
Armi: if i had been sweet to u..u might have just dismissed me as any other guy in the would have taken more time to instigate a reaction or make myself stand out...and i also had this strong impulse to irritate you (grins)
Ridz: monkey!!
Armi: and see dint i make a strong impression??
Ridz: u did.. but i could have been rude to u..the way u annoyed me..wats that?..haaan..flying kites..and then "chasmish"..i was so irritated...koi aisa bolta hain kya...on ur first meeting
Armi: but u dint say anything...i knew it..again my instincts
Ridz: (smirks) but true..the impression was strong though bad..then?
Armi: then i saw that u r getting close to anjali and sapna...anjali was an easy target..she looked very i went n spoke to her casually..n she was impressed...she invited me to join u for coffee and then it started
Ridz: Gosh!! u used anjali to come close to me..i will tell her...dekhna woh tera kya haal karegi
(points her index finger in a warning way..he kisses the finger n smiles)
Armi: true but come on, we make new friends in college right... i really wanted to be their friend...but honestly, i love our gang...nice people na?
Ridz: ya
Armi: rahul was a big threat for me..i knew u were attracted to him...i hated him like anything
Ridz: hehehe...poor chap....wat did he do? it was only from my side
Armi: yaa, but could u like him?... leaving me (with wide eyes n raised eyebrows)..such a blow to my ego...u r really blind, i stand by the name i gave u "chasmish"
Ridz: (hits him) shut happens the way its my wish, i will like whomever i want to like..but was that the reason y u wud always get irritated at him n all that?
Armi: exactly...u remember that fight i had with anjali n sapna over rahul's bday party?
Ridz: ya, how silly was that
Armi: i know it was stupid but wat cud i do, i dint wanted u to go n i cant say it directly n my own friends were ruining my efforts..ofcourse unknowingly.. thats y i lost my temper but when u played the peacemaker and said that i m more important than rahul, i felt secure..i heard abt muskaan but i wasnt sure, later when i went with rahul coz his dad was ill, i confirmed about muskaan, i was relieved...i knew my route was clear
Ridz: were u sure that u loved me..or were u just attracted or something
Armi: i think it started with attraction but as days passed by and i was knowing wat sort of a person u are...i was falling for u more n more
Ridz: if u liked me so much..y were u always teasing me calling chasmish n all that
Armi: how else would i grow close to u..u were treating me just as a friend like any other guy.. but its really fun to irritate u
Ridz: bandar kahi kaa...i thought u seriously were demeaning me about my looks...n that was true na..i used to look like a nerd at that time...with glasses, boring hairstyle, my dressing... gosh!! how did u like me??!!
Armi: somehow, it never mattered to me
Ridz: n u had so many fans...some pretty ones too
Armi: big deal!! i was praying that YOU fall for me..u remember the day..we were fighting in canteen, that was the first time u came close to me..our hands were clasped together
Ridz: (thinking hard) hmm..faintly...u had irritated me for something
Armi: (giggles) i said only a blind guy will like u
Ridz: wat a pretense!!
Armi: hehe...i wanted to come close to u someway or the other...i was looking for some kind of reaction from u..but u just dint respond at all...i realised u were not the kind of girl who would fall just for looks...i wanted to find out what exactly you think about love...thats y i asked u how would u react if a guy suddenly proposes
Ridz: on sapna's bday right
Armi: yes..come here
Ridz: hmm?
(armaan drew her closer bringing her to the front and making her lean on his chest...placed his arms around her from behind)
Armi: this is better
(feeling warm in the hug, she snuggled against his shirt with a smile)
Ridz: u know wat i did with ur shirt..i made pintu wear it n i used to hug him whenever i missed u
Armi: (smiles deeply n holds her tightly) u dont need to do that now
Ridz: armaan, continue na, i want to know wat all u did in these two years
Armi: so anxious?!!
Ridz: ofcourse, this sounds like a fairytale...and looks like i made an awful delay in realising my prince charming..i m hearing some eye-openers today
Armi: ok, so where were we?
Ridz: sapna's bday
Armi: yaa...u told me that u shud know the person first...i also kind of liked the, i realised i shouldnt rush...we should know each other
Ridz: then we became friends
Armi: actually i never looked at u as a friend...from day one it was love for me
Ridz: good...u dint have to confuse between love n friendship
Armi: never
Ridz: armaan, u r such a hyprocrite!! u were in love, u were sure about it but u always said u dont believe in love
Armi: that was just for fun
Ridz: kyaa fun!! i thought u mean it and u know wat, it was one of the main reasons y i was holding back myself
Armi: actually, the first time i said it just like that, to see ur reaction
Ridz: reaction?!! that was too early man
Armi: later, i wanted to change it but i was loving the confusion on ur face whenever i said i dont believe in love
Ridz: idiot!! u confused me soo much...u said something u did something else
Armi: (laughs) see.. except for that one thing...i told u many times indirectly that i like u...i complimented you at every chance i got..i even gave u my rose on fresher's party
Ridz: hmm...may be i was being too cautious about love... the way u look at me, i could sense that there is something different, but i was not sure wat it was n i was not sure about my feelings
Armi: i knew that u were the queen of dumbos, thats y i even tried to explain on the day i came to ur house to fix ur PC
Ridz: hehehe....that worked..i must say...but i was juggling with my thoughts, if it was just attraction or love really...i needed time
Armi: hmm (burying his face in her hair)
Ridz: i even tested if i can stay away from you
Armi: i know, u were avoiding me..i was so damn worried..u just changed suddenly when i was planning my next move
Ridz: move?? is this a chess game or wat?
Armi: nothing less than that sweetheart..u donno how many strategies i used
Ridz: strategies??
Armi: ya, to find out wats in ur heart..i used to provoke u abt vicky, intrigue you and study your reactions everytime there was any topic related to love and marriage..just incase u blurt out
Ridz: hehe..but i dint...u see, i m smart
Armi: HAHAHA, u r not...u blurted
Ridz: no!!!
Armi: yes, u told me wat u were feeling
Ridz: no way!! u r lying...i was very careful abt that
Armi: but still u told me that u were thinking abt me but hesitating bcoz of my flirting ways
Ridz: huh??!! when?? i cant remember any
Armi: the night we went to disco..when u were sitting in the sofa you were murmuring that u feel different whenever i touch you...i responded but u were half sober...then i realised that its better to just let u do the talking so that i'll know wats going on in ur mind..and in the car u uttered in that subconsious state that u are scared that i dont love you back n that i m not serious abt u
Ridz: OMG!! i remember that...i really thought that u were fooling me.. but i was just thinking... how did u hear??
Armi: (laughs) u were speaking out...i was so happy...i had this strong urge to kiss you that day...God knows how i controlled myself...u were looking so cute when i lifted u to take inside anji's house...mumbling in sleep that u wont love me...hahaha, u dint know that u were already in love...i donno wat i wud have done if u wore that short skirt...i wud have definitely kissed u, nothing could have stopped me...u were looking so sexy in the mall..yummy yummy
(ridz could feel her cheeks turning red...she looked away shyly..he turned her to face him...kissed one cheek placing his palm on other one and started rubbing his nose on her face..she was feeling his warm breath across her face)
Ridz: then?
Armi: my confidence increased by heaps n then came my next strategy...i stopped flirting with other girls, started taking u for granted n began dominating you...i knew it was just few more days n u would give in soon..i dint see the need to say anything explicitly...and the day i met with the accident..the way u reacted, i was sure u loved me...everything was going fine until arjun came into picture...i was soo depressed, that i couldnt convince u through my actions, that u overcame ur feelings, that u brushed it off as attraction, that u were not loving me, that u thought i was just flirting..i felt so helpless, i couldnt be the same with u...being near u was hurting me...until one fine day, i hurt u n u cried...bringing my confidence back..n here we are holding each other at this wee hour
Ridz: hmm
(he brushed all her hair to one side n kissed at the back of her neck...a chill ran through her entire goosebumps...his lips still lingering there..she couldnt stop wondering how life changed in the last couple of hours)
Ridz: armaan, this has to be the happiest day of my life
Armi: our life
(ridz smiled inside..realising how he conveys his feelings in such simple words)
Ridz: armaan, y did u choose me...i mean u had met so many girls..then y me
Armi: i love u
Ridz: ya, but y me
Armi: i dont have an answer for that..i love u, thats it.. it never came up like a choice..i just knew it
Ridz: am i the kind of gal u always wanted
Armi: i never thought much abt that...i guess only girls think that way..dream man n all that..dint hear much about dream woman, does such a word exist??
Ridz: (giggles) u dont think so doesnt mean no guy thinks about his life partner ok
Armi: n wat abt u?
Ridz: hmmm..i wanted a good hearted n intelligent guy..not exactly good looking but with beautiful eyes n lovely smile
(armaan smiled)
Ridz: these dimples r a bonus, i dint ask for them (touching his cheek)
Armi: do u want to go inside, feeling cold?
Ridz: no, i m fine
(he ran his fingers slowly across her arm)
Armi: (whispers) u r so soft
(she looked at him...his intense eyes are looking down at her lips...he moved closer...she tilted her head away from him nervously)
Ridz: [even i want to kiss him but i donno, i m scared...the way he kissed me in the kitchen...he is so passionate... and... its just a few hours ago i knew the truth...i need time to cope up with this sudden change in our relationship...i have dreamt of all this but still..]
Ridz: tumhe ghar nahi jaan hain kya? does anyone know u r not at home
Armi: arnav knows, he dropped me here
Ridz: ohhh, is it?
Armi: ya, he knew it long ago, thats y he was flirting with irritate me
Ridz: (giggles)
Armi: n i think mom has been suspecting from some days...after i took u home
Ridz: y did u take me home so suddenly, i dint know how to react
Armi: just like that, i wanted u to meet them....that reminds me, u remember that day i asked u to go out of my room
Ridz: hmm..i remember wat u did after u called me back (blushes)
Armi: i never left a chance to touch u...that day i was almost caught (playing with her fingers)
Ridz: caught by whom?
Armi: you
Ridz: huh??!!
Armi: u switched on my computer, i heard the sound and i was like "SHITT!! i need to get her out right now"
Ridz: why??
Armi: hehe..u were my wallpaper darling, u would have understood everything the moment u saw it
Ridz: awwww!! but wallpaper??!! if anyone in ur house saw it??
Armi: no one touches my comp..arnav uses it but he knows anyways
Ridz: which picture is that?
Armi: thats a surprise, u need to come to my house to see them?
Ridz: them??
Armi: yup, i have a collection of ur pics
Ridz: (smiles)
Armi: by the way, i can show u some now
Ridz: wow!! kaise?
Armi: wats my gain??
Ridz: gain??!! helloo, they r my pics
Armi: but still, i clicked them
Ridz: please armaan, dikhao na
Armi: yaaa, wats the deal?
Ridz: wat do u want?
Armi: (looking passionately) a kiss
Ridz: y r u ASKING?
Armi: bcoz u r avoiding
Ridz: (looking away n again at him) armaan, its not like that..i..i m just getting nervous with this sudden closeness...thats it...i need some time
Armi: ok, i will show u the pictures later then..when u r ready for kiss (smiling wickedly)
Ridz: how mean?!!!
Armi: see, i m nervous to show u the pictures
Ridz: (hitting in his chest) copy cat, wats there to be nervous abt?!!
Armi: ok fine...see
(he took out his mobile n started showing the pictures..ridhima is spellbound looking at them...some are very old...taken on early days of first year...she looked at him with a radiant face)
Ridz: armaan, ye tho..o my God..someone hold me...i will burst out in delight
Armi: (hugs her) i m always ready for these services
Ridz: armaan, i donno wat to say...i m so touched by your gestures today... i feel like i am the luckiest person in the world
Armi: no, i am the luckiest, dont compete with me
(she hugs him back n they stay like that for wat seemed like seconds to them...armaan released her to look at the watch)
Ridz: wats the time?
Armi: 4, u want to go n sleep for sometime
Ridz: no (clinging again)
Armi: lets go down
(they come down to her room..she sees him looking at pintu)
Ridz: armaan, i want my shirt back
Armi: ur shirt?!!
Ridz: yes, its mine...i love ur smell in it
Armi: (smiles) ok
(he sees a book on her table)
Armi: hey, this is the one u asked for ur friend...its still here??!!
Ridz: (giggles) that was just an excuse to see u..i was missing u a lot that day
Armi: hmm..not bad...mere saath rehke intelligent horahi ho
Ridz: (sticks her tongue out) bada aaya intelligence faylaane..i think u should leave aur papa aate honge
Armi: now??!!
Ridz: may be in an hour or two
Armi: tho abhi time hain na
Ridz: armaan, incase they come soon..problem hojayegi
Armi: kya problem...lets tell them
Ridz: u've lost it armaan..we cant tell them anything now
Armi: but why
Ridz: wat do u mean by why? i dont want to tell..thats it n btw is this a time to tell these things...early morning, in my house
Armi: ok, but later?
Ridz: no
Armi: but i want to tell my parents, to everyone, to the whole world
Ridz: armaan!!!
Armi: wat??!! shall we tell our friends atleast? gosh!!! i can so imagine them making fun of me when i say i m in love...afterall thats wat i did whenever they talked about love
Ridz: (looking down) n i guess they will make more fun of u if u say that its me u fell in love with
Armi: heyyyy!! (cupping her face) wat happened?
Ridz: armaan, now i m realising that i m not the kind of girl ppl expect u to get attached to..i m not ur type
Armi: wat nonsense?? who decides wat type of girl i want, n i dont care wat ppl expect..its of no value to me O God!! u r such a moron ridhima
Ridz: but
Armi: shut up...not a word more (warning with the finger)
(ridz is silent..looking down..sulking)
Ridz: [how will the people in college react?? he is so famous n has so many girls drooling over him...i m like nothing in the college...everyone will comment that i dont deserve him...that he can get a better looking girl...doesnt matter to him but still..]
Armi: okay...fine...we'll tell them only when u r the way, for your information, atul knows about us
(she can sense the tinge of anger in his voice)
Armi: he was driving the car on the night we went to disco, he heard your ramblings n then asked, i told him
Ridz: ok
Armi: and i think rahul n muskaan r suspicious
Ridz: hmm..i also think so....(pause) r u still angry
Armi: (smiles) no...dont worry, anything for u today
Ridz: (smiles) i love you armaan
Armi: i love you too
(they embrace n he kisses her forehead)
Armi: (pouting) jaana zaroori hain??
Ridz: haan bahut zaroori hain
Armi: i dont want to go
Ridz: even i dont want u to go..see...its just..hmm...4.5 hrs...we'll be meeting in college again
Armi: ok wait..actually, i wanted to give u something but i dint have money..soo
Ridz: Thank God u dint wait for some more days to collect money
(he puts his hand in the back pocket to take out something)
Armi: so i got just this (giving a chocolate)
Ridz: wow!! thanks
(after few minutes of grizzling...ridhima makes him leave or rather chucks him out of the house..she closes the door n comes to her room..everything seems beautiful now)
Ridz:[my world has changed today..thank you God thank you soo much!!]
(she just laid on her bed...thinking of all those beautiful moments they shared..her phone rang...armaan calling)
Ridz: hey!!
Armi: hi...wats up??
Ridz: armaan, u left just 1/2 hr ago
Armi: i know...wat were u doing in this 1/2 hr
Ridz: nothing...jus thinking abt us
Armi: hmm..good...i reached home just now
Armi: so....nothing...lets talk
Ridz: armaan, get some sleep
Armi: nope
(they keep talking only to be stopped by ring of door bell)
Ridz: armaan, i need to go...will meet in college...bye
(her parents come in, talks to them briefly n back to her room...gets an sms)
Armi: sms-i love u
Ridz: sms-i love u too
(lays down on her bed)
Armi: sms-missing u
Ridz: sms-me too
(closes her eyes)
Armi: sms-i love u
Ridz:[ahhhh!! he is really crazy]
Ridz: sms-u r crazy
Armi: sms-i know
(the conversation just goes on and on until ridhima stops replying.. to get ready n go to college)
Ridz: [wat a change in just one day..yesterday, at this time i was so seemed a sad place n today its just the opposite...its been just 4 hrs..but it seems like i dint see him from ages...when will i reach college...when will i meet him...time, fly fast pleaaaasee]

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