Saturday, 22 July 2017

part 23 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

Ridz: (standing infront of her wardrobe and tapping her lips)[kya pehnuuu?!! hmmm..]
(her face lits up seeing the dress she wore on first day of college..the day it all started)
Ridz:[lets see how he reacts to this..thoda out of fashion hain abhi...par chalega]

In college:
(ridhima is sitting in first bench n waiting for armaan eagerly...he came in n looked at her...smiled n immediately narrowed his eyes and furrowed eyebrows...his smile deepened...went to his place)
Armi: sms - woooo...someone's remembering special days
Ridz: sms - :-)

Armi: sms - love u
(ridz turned back n caught him gazing at her...she blushed n turned)
Armi: sms - oye hoye!!

Break time:
Ridz: (enthusiastically) hey, lets go to canteen [dint see him properly from morning]
Muski: kya baat hain..aaj tu badi khush lag rahi hain?? kal tho badi chup chap thi
Ridz: nahi..bas aise hi [ek din mein bahut kuch ho sakta hain doston]
Anji: gals..u carry on..i wont join u
Ridz: why??
(muskaan hit her with elbow and whispered "atul"..ridhima bit her tongue)
Ridz: [oh ya, i forgot abt stupid of me, everyone's life doesnt change with mine]
Sap: come on anji...atleast try to be normal with him
Anji: please yaar...dont force me
Muski: we r missing u yaar
Ridz: haan yaar...plz ao na
Anji: me too..but.. (sighs) u go ahead
(they leave n anji goes to library...they enter the canteen n see the boys sitting at the last table..with armaan occupying the corner seat...he signalled with his eyes to sit beside him...ridz went n sat...he grabbed her hand under the table immediately)
Armi: (whispers) missed u
Ridz: (surprised smile) armaan!! (in a low voice)
(he smiled naughtily n looked away interlocking their fingers...quashing her attempts to break free)
Atul: Anjali dint join us today also (looking at pepper n salt case on the table...more like talking to himself)
(everyone rose their eyes n looked at each other silently)
Atul: guys, i wont be with u from tomorrow...i know she is avoiding you for me...she deserves to be with u and have fun...i cant ruin ur friendship
Armi: atul, she'll come back to us...u need not do all that ok
Atul: she wont, i know, its me or her now
Sapna: o comeon atul, wats this, you or her!! we cant choose ok...we want both
Atul: ok leave it...enough of sad topics..lets talk something else now
(they talk for a while, have coffee n leave...while walking back to the class..armaan n ridz r walking together..atul comes n taps their shoulders)
Atul: love birds, kya haal hain??
Ridz: Atul!!!
Atul: what? sach hi bola na
(armi n ridz smile)
Atul: he told me how he sneaked into ur house at midnight
Armi: eyy!! i dint sneak in, she opened the door for me
Atul: watever!!
Ridz: neighbours wud have called the cops if i dint let u in, thank me for that ok
Armi: oh ridhima, i m bowled over by your humanity, thank u so much (giving her a quick hug)
(ridz is baffled.. looking around nervously..armaan winked at her n hugged atul)
Atul: what??? why ME??
Armi: just like that..u r my friend na
Atul: nautanki saala!! i know, it was to cover up your PDA
Armi: (chuckles n pats him) samajhdaar hain
(atul is walking ahead towards the classroom..ridz is looking at armaan with fuming eyes)
Armi: woah!! i know u liked it, stop acting now
Ridz: [true!!]
(she erased the frown and smiled)

Evening, at ridz house:
(mobile rings...keerti calling)
Ridz: heyyyy!!
Keerti: ahh!!! finally!! after 3days..does someone bother to tell me wat happened?
Ridz: (chuckles) arey yaar, chill
Keerti: chill ki bachchi...first tell me did u talk to armaan??
Ridz: ya
Keerti: i love you bola??
Ridz: nahi
Keerti: whyyy??
Ridz: kyunki usne bola pehle
Keerti: what?? when? how?..ok, just forget it..dont bother to answer now..i m coming over right now...i have an assignment to finish, but i dont care...woohooo...i m so happy ridzy
Ridz: (laughs) ok ok
(keerti comes to her n listens to the whole thing...smiling dreamily)
Keerti: didnt i tell u from the day i met him...that he loves u
Ridz: yaaa...but listening to those three magical words makes a difference yaar, a world of difference
Keerti: i m happy for you sweety (hugs her)
Ridz: (smiles)
Keerti: hmm...i donno when mine will take this happy turn
Ridz: yours??!! (wide eyed)
Keerti: yaaa...there is this guy in my senior actually...i like him n i think he likes me too
Ridz: hmm..wats his name?
Keerti: shubhankar
Ridz: oooo! bengali??
Keerti: ya..he is a calm person yaar..but i know wat he feels for me
Ridz: how do u know??
Keerti: well, in general, i mean...normally..(ridz nodding)..i am talking abt human beings ok...they can realise if someone loves them...u didnt bcoz u are...(pauses n thinks)
Ridz: youuu!! teri tho (squeezing her neck and shaking her)
Keerti: sochne de na (tapping her chin)
Ridz: mere izzat ka faluda bana rahi hain!!! (hitting her)
Keerti: (laughs) hain kya?
Ridz: kya?
Keerti: izzat
(they fight for sometime chasing around n collapse on her bed)
Ridz: arey yaar, tell him na
Keerti: ya, will do that soon

(one week pass by..armaan n ridz are blissfully unaware of anything going on around them...happy in their own world of newly confessed love..stealing glances in the classroom, talking over the phone latenights, sending sms during classhours)
Break time:
(Rahul walking out of the class..stops infront of anjali)
Rahul: Anji, u can join us now, atul has decided to stay away from us in the breaks
Anji: ahh...i..hmm
Armi: (shocked) whatt?? when did he say that?
Rahul: he told me
(gals r looking at each other confusedly..they go to the canteen..anji is silent all the while...they see atul while coming back... armaan stops n ridz stops along with him)
Armi: atul, wats all this nonsense?
Atul: i donno yaar, i cant see her sad...i've already hurt her by telling my feelings..i dont want her to lose anything now
Armi: aisa kuch nahi hain...bas tumhe apne aage peeche ghumane ke liye ye sab kar rahi hain..girls r like that..just attention seekers
Ridz: (infuriated) wat crap?? how can u say that armaan??
Armi: wat else do i say then, she is overreacting.. cant she be normal with him??
Ridz: i agree they can be friends but it depends on her armaan, she finds it hard to be casual now
Armi: oh ya, hard!! wat was she doing earlier then, she knew he was falling for her, y didnt she do all this then?
Ridz: she dint understand at that time
Armi: u gals dont understand anything, wasnt it the same with u when
Ridz: (pissed off) shut up armaan, dont include me ok, i already told u, i was confused
Armi: hahh!! confused!!
Atul: STOP IT GUYS!!! u've gone mad or wat? dont fight bcoz of me
Ridz: its not bcoz of u atul, how can he assume n generalise things
Armi: it was a fact, i dint assume
Ridz: now who decides wats fact and wats not
Armi: me ofcourse
Ridz: u r so arrogant!!
Armi: yes, i am..u know wat, its u who assume things, u did that just now
Ridz: arghhh!!! get lost!!
Armi: u get lost
(ridz walks off to the classroom without even looking back at them..she dint turn to see him in the class...still the time class is done, she cooled down)
Ridz: [may be i should check on him]
(she turned back n saw armaan, tension and gloom written all over his face....staring at her...she melted in a flash)
Ridz: [shit!!! he is upset! may be i was rude, i should apologise]
(just then she gets an sms)
Armi: sms - i m sorry
Ridz: sms - its ok, i m sorry too
Armi: sms - when i said u dint understand guys, i meant vicky
Ridz: [O no!! i thought he was talking abt himself...God, y do u take sense out of my brain when i need it the most] sms - sorry, i misunderstood, btw wat did u do 2 him?
Armi: sms - meet me later, will tell u
Ridz: sms - grrrr ok [God, this guy, har cheez mein suspense!!]
(after the college)
Ridz: i m feeling bad for atul n anji
Armi: me too, i know how hurt he is thats y i lost my temper today n argued with u
Ridz: hmm..but wat can we do, we cant make anyone love a person..(sighs) tell me, wat did u do to make vicky understand
Armi: u remember i told u we have a common friend?
Ridz: ya
Armi: so, i told him to try n make vicky understand that u r not interested in him, thats y u were avoiding him and it clicked, thats it
Ridz: so simple?!!! y dint u do it earlier then? i was going crazy running away from him
Armi: (laughs) if i did it that so soon, how wud i get a chance to act as your boyfriend n tease u all the while?
Ridz: oo yaaa, u n ur stupid acting idea
Armi: arey yaar, now its true na, we can let it out now atleast
Ridz: no armaan
Armi: (sulking) we cant even hold hands..plz ridz
Ridz: no, abhi time hain
Armi: hmmfff
Ridz: armaan!!
Armi: okayy (sigh)

Next week:
(break time, atul is walking out)
Anji: Atul!!
(atul stopped)
Anji: join us for coffee na
Atul: (pause) ok
(everyone smiled..atul is back with the gang..though anji n atul would interact less, they were trying to be normal with each day armaan met ridhima outside the class)
Armi: ridz, y dont u sit with me in the last bench
Ridz: no
Armi: but y
Ridz: people will suspect
Armi: O God!! this girl!! u used to sit with us earlier also na
Ridz: its different
Armi: huhh!! wats different?!! tell me
Ridz: (pouting) nothing
Armi: darpok!! bas darte raho, dont talk to me
(he walked off into the class)
Ridz: [y m i getting so apprehensive, may be i m thinking too much, time to get a bit liberal]
(she went n sat beside armaan..his face lit up)
Armi: u have to make me plead for everything is it?
(ridz smiled...class started n armaan is concentrating fully on ridhima...looking at her, grabbing her hand under the desk, writing something on her hand with finger)
Ridz: armaan, stop it
Armi: nope
Ridz: i wont sit here again if u do all this
Armi: no no..plz plz plz
Ridz: ok...listen to lecture now
Armi: nah!!
Ridz: we will fail in exams n stay in the same class, then we can romance one more year, ok? is this ok with u?
Armi: teekh hain meri amma, ridhimaaa...suno lecture...tumhe tho army me hona chahiye..ughh!!
(ridz looked at him from the corner of eye n smiled looking at him taking down the notes)
Ridz: [he is such a cutie pie...i love him to death]
(class is over)
Armi: shall we go on a long ride?
Ridz: sounds cool, when?
Armi: this sunday?
Ridz: ok

(ridz tells that she is going shopping with keerti, informs keerti abt her plan..calls him)
Ridz: armaan, where shall i meet u?
Armi: walk two streets down ur house ok, i will pick u
Ridz: u idiot, sapna's house is two streets away from mine, uske ghar ke saamne milna hain kya?
Armi: ok, walk in other direction then
Ridz: done!
(They go on a long ride...on the highway...ridz hugged him from fast air blowing across her face)
Ridz: [awww...this is so nice...just holding him n moving...not thinking abt anything else]
(after a long ride, they stopped at a place to sit for a while)
Ridz: hey, i told my mom i am out for shopping, i need to buy something before going home
Armi: ok, no problem
(they talked all the way back...n went to the mall...waiting for lift...lift opened and its empty...they entered n armaan grabbed her swiftly n slammed his lips on hers as soon as the lift closed... ridhima was getting nervous that the door may open any moment n it would be so embarrassing to get caught in that position...she broke the kiss n moved back looking at him incredulously)
Ridz: armaan!! we just had to go 4 floors up..door may open anytime and you
(armaan turned her towards the panel where he kept his finger on the 'door close' button..armaan stared at her smugly..she looked away biting her tongue...he removed his hand n door opened)
Armi:, wat do u want to buy?
Ridz: anything
(just browsed through the shops for a while...clothes, accessories, shoes...commenting on wats good wats bad wats weird...she bought a chudidar and they went home)

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