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part 24 : Beetein_Lamhe

PART - 24

Armaan was laughing his heart out cherishing those ever green memories while riddhima juz kpt on making faces nd giving him weak threatenings.. "aarrgg.. stop it armaan.. itni bhi hasne wali baat nhi thi woh.."
"of course swthrt.. issey bhi zor zor se hasne wali baat thi.." he teased nd laughed even more forcing her to make an o-shape in her mouth.. "u r soo mean.. u knw dat..??" she asked giving him a mean glare.

"nd u r too cute nd I'm sure u knw dat.." he chuckled winking at d end .. "nd u look cutest wen u turns talli.." he announced teasing her more..
"aarrgg.. baat mat karo mujhsey.. I hate u.." she complained frowning nd tried to pick her novel which was kpt on the bed-side table but armaan was no mood to leave her this easily.. "arrey novel kyun padni hain?? waisey bhi yeh kitna boring sa novel hain.. tum meri kahani suno.. u knw wen my biwi turned talli aur upar se was being too jealous..." but he was cut short by her in d middle as she hit him wth her book declaring.. "I wasn't jealous.. u got dat mr. mallik??"


"armaan yaar tu bhabi ko rok kyun nahi raha?? Alrdy kafi chad gayee hain unhey.." rahul, a good frnd of him suggested armaan wen saw riddhima gulping down one more glass of hard drinks..
"naah!!! Mujhey dekhna hain ki riddhima kya karti hain hosh khoke…" he said wickedly..
"kameena hain tu poora ka poora… aisey koi karta hain kya.. bekar mein bhabi embarrassed ho jayegi  yaar.. tu rok na unhey.." he suggested again..
"kuch nhi hoga rahul.. I'm keeping an eye on her.. par tujhey toh pata hain kitni shy hain teri bhabi.. aur jahan tak mainey suna hain.. log drunken state mein humesha sach kehte hain.. toh mujhey aaj janna hi janna hain ki akhir riddhima ki dil aur dimag mein kya chalta hain.." he said softly still admiring her crazy yet cute antics..
"par.." rahul tried again but armaan looked at him at once nd assured.. "kuch nhi hoga.. I love her yaar.. tujhey lagta hain main aisa kuch karunga jissey ussey awkward feel ho??" rahul nodded in negative nd smiled too but thn agn he couldn't hlp but commented.. "par bhabi ko subah bahot headache hoga.." armaan smiled hearing his buddy.. oh!! He's such a gem as a person.. he felt blessed getting such a frnd cum brother in this foreign state.. it's so easier to live in a foreign state wen u hve such a true frnd who nvr let u miss ur family.. "I knw.. par itna toh chalta hain,na?? main bhi kabse wait kar raha hoon par wohh pata nhi kyun open hi nhi hoti merey sath.. shadi ke pehle toh bilkul normal thi.. par aab pata nhi kyun uss pey perfect wife banne ka bhoot sawar hain.." he sighed thn resumed agn.. "actually yeh sab meri gr8 mother-in-law ji ke wajah se ho raha hain.. pata nhi unhoney kya kya lesson di hain meri bholi si pari ko.. aur woh budhdhu hain ki meri baat samajhti hi nhi.. bas mummy ji ki agyakari (obedient) beti bani hui hain.. arrey yaar ussey main kaisey samjhayun ki mujhey meri poorani pagal si riddhima wapas chahiye.. yeh sehmi sehmi si darii huyee mrs. mallik nahi.." armaan stopped looking at rahul hlplessly..
"I cn undrstnd yaar.. par thoda time de tu bhabi ko.. dekhna sab thik ho jayega.. woh naye hain na abhi yaha itni door, apni family aur dosto se door.. thoda time to lagega hi adjust karney mein.." rahul said patting his back in a brotherly way..
"I knw.. aur ussey main ek do saal nhi apni poori zindegi de sakta hoon comfortable hone ke liye.. parr.." he paused nd strted agn.. "par kabhi kabhi dill karta hain ki sasuma ka murder kar doon.. kya bana dala meri pari ko!!" he sighed nd shfted his gaze towards her agn.. but the very scene of her angelic beauty swept away all his irritation forcing his lips curve upwards.. "aab aisey cute cute si faces banayi gi toh iss dil ka kya kasoor.. hayyee.. kitni pyaari lag rahi hain meri pari aapney aap se baatein karte huye.. oyye hoyye!! Main toh mar jawa soniye.." he said dreamily nd rahul smiled seeing his frnd so in luv wth his wifey.. :ahem ahem" rahul faked a cough only to break his day dream.. armaan quickly collected himslf nd ignoring rahul's cheesy smirk, he declared.. "nahi.. mujhey aaj janna hi hoga riddhima ki dil ki baat.. pata nhi fir kab aisa mauka miley.. I guess bhagwan bhi mujhey aaj birthday gft dena chahte hain.." his gaze shifted rightwards involuntarily but d nxt moment he smirked wen he saw mrs. Gujral, that chipku wife of barun coming towards him…
"rahul yaar.. tu riddhima  pe nazar rakhna..main abhi aya.." armaan said to him in hurry nd moved forward..
"par tu kaha……." But rahul's wrds left incomplete wen he saw armaan intentionally hitting on that lady.. "yeh bhi na.. kuch gadbad zaroor karega aaj.." rahul said to himself but smiled fully aftr that.. "pagal.." saying smilingly, he engaged himself wth his other frnz while keeping an eye on his riddhima bhabi..


"u moron!!! U did dat intentionally??" riddhima asked being completely shocked..
"I still can't blve.. tumney jaan bujhkey uss chudail ke sath flirt ki thi??" her anger was getting better of her but he juz grinned shamelessly.. "aur tumhey kya laga koi bhi yara gyara mujhey.. the gr8 armaan mallik ko impress kar sakta hain?? naahh!! Meri choice itni bhi boori nahi.." he chuckled but in spite of getting the hidden hint, she juz burst upon him.. "how could u?? tumney jaan bujhkey mujhey drink karne di?? Aur roka bhi nahi?? Goshh!!! Main kitni embarrassed thi nxt day.. kitney dino tak rahul se nazrey bhi nhi mila payee.. aur tum ho ke?? How could u armaan?? Arrgg.. I'll kill u today.. u stupid..idiot..moron.." she took her pillow nd was about to hit him wen he interrupted.. "arrey yeh kya.. tumhey toh mujhey thnx kehna chahiye jaan.. socho jaan socho.. uss din agar tumne pi nhi hoti toh pata nhi kab tak tum mujhsey aisey hi bhagti firti.. aur agar aisa hota toh hum dono ka rishta itna majboot ho pata kya??" he paused moving the pillow aside n peeped in her eyes nd as expected his wrds juz hit the bull's eye.. he smiled cutely seeing her temper subsidizing as she composed herself completely..
"still armaan.. u should hve thought a better way.. I was soo embarrassed.." she said still thinking about that day..
"oh leave it.. I loved dat drunken riddhima more.." he said nd pulled her in a bear hug..
"but I'm angry wth u for not telling this secret till now.." she said pouting only to mke him smile wider..
"I didn't want to die thn.. as I knew knowing it u would hve killed me par aab toh.." but before he could say more, she cut him at once.. "umm armaan.. rahul bhaiya bahot achchey dost ban gayee the na tab tak tumharey.." arman sighed sensing how brilliantly she tried to divert d topic juz on tym nd understanding the clue he said at once.. "haan.. thnx to him, main woh do saal Mumbai mein guzar paya..tumsey door.. warna i'm sure ek aur devdas ban jati jismey SRK ke ki jagah main hota lead role mein.." he said melodramatically nd she juz laughed..
"i cn assume kitni boori tarah pit jati woh movie.. thank god.. kitney log bankrupt hone se bach gayee.." she was no less.. "achcha ji?? Teacher se hosiyaari??" he replied nd both burst out into laughter.


"yeh tie kaha se li tumney armaan?? Bahot achchi hain.. umm.. main soch rahi hoon barun ke liye bhi aisi hi ek tie le loon.." mrs. Gujral urf shweta flirted wth him while running her fingers seductively over his tie.. armaan although felt highly uncomfortable as she pressed her fingers quite tight over his tie as if analyzing his well toned body rather than the material of d tie.. he so wanted to push her away nd also was about to do that wen his gaze landed upon his princess who was coming towards them wth her imbalanced nd shaky steps wth her face so sad as if she would burst out into tears in any moment.. although his goody boy side warned him again not to let her go through this torture but his devil mind won at last signaling him thumbs up to carry on.. he composed himself at once sighing hard nd pretended to engage himself in conversation wth shweta nd ignore his riddhima completely while in realty his mind nd heart was wth her only..
Riddhima came close to her nd stood in front of them.. thn looked at shweta.. scrutinizing her from top to bottom she shfted her gaze upon him.. thn making a sad puppy face she asked as cutely as one could be.. "tum aab mujhsey pyar nahi karte,na??" she asked nd blinked her eyes quite a few times looking at him hopefully.. but he stayed mum being completely lost in her serene beauty.. "main moti ho gayee hoon kya??" she asked pouting more shfting her gaze from him to her .. this time she analyzed herself.. "lag toh nahi raha.." she paused but agn strted wth confusion.. "par shayad ho gayee hongi.. mummy ji kehti hain ladko ko moti biwi pasand nahi hoti.." she shared her well-earned knowledge sadly.. thn nxt moment she looked at him nd asked.. "tumhey bhi pasand nahi na moti ladki??" she was on the verge of crying..
On the other hand, armaan didn't knw wat to do wth his angel.. should he scold her for talking this rubbish nd assure her dat he'll luv her no matter how much weight she gains?? Or should he juz kiss her thn n there seeing the limit of her innocence?? He became highly confused nd stood spot-rooted..
Riddhima took a 90 degree spin nd faced shweta.. but in stead of talikg to her, she said to him analyzing her.. "agar main bhi aisi saree pehnu tab toh tum mujhey firsey pyar karoge na armaan??" she said while fiddling wth shweta's net pallu.. "pakka main poori badal jayungi tumharey liye par mujhey chodke na jana armaan.. main mar jayungi tumharey bina.." she confessed nd strted crying like a baby.. nd sat down at once on the floor crying loudly than before..
His heart melt completely seeing his crying doll nd ignoring all embarrassment, he sat on the floor in front of her.. "riddhima jaan.. aisa nahi hain.. main tumsey hi pyar karta hoon.. aur humesha tumhi se pyar karunga.. tum jaisi ho waisey hi tumhey aapnayunga.. humesha.. tumhey aapney aap ko badal ne ki zaroorat nhi jaan.. na merey kehne pe aur na hi mummy ji ke kehne pe.. aur main bhi yehi chahta hoon ki tum apney aapko kabhi na badlo.. par tum ho ki sahi aur galat mein ulajhti ja rahi ho.. mainey uss punjab di sherni, thodi pagal par bahot pyari pari se pyar kiya tha.. aur humesha ussi se pyar karunga.. tum mujhey meri pari wapas dogi?? plshh??" he sked lovingly while cupping her cheeks tenderly.. she looked at him at once wth her tear filled chocolaty eyes nd nodded in yes.. he smiled widely nd declared.. "i luv u.. nd only u.." she flashed her charming smile confirming.. "sachi??" she tilted her head rightwards feeling happy finally.. "muchchi.." he said smiling lovingly nd tilted his head  towards his right mimicking her.. "yeayy.. yeay.. yeay.. suna aap logo ney armaan srf mujhsey pyar karta hain.. srf mujhsey.. iss chudail se nahi.." she sang those wrds happily while clapping in rhythm.. while all made chuckling sound looking at shweta armaan juz wanted to burst out into laughter nd hug her tight but controlled anyway..
"wat d hell??" shweta was d only one to break the silence wth her agitated voice..
"relax baby.. she's juz drunk.." her husband tried to manofy her..
"whatever.. let's go barun.. I dnt wanna stay here nd allow stupid people making fun of me.." she stomped her feet loudly nd left at once.. behind her barun left only after uttering to armaan a silent.. "sorry yaar.." who juz nodded in assurance.. all knw how shweta is.. so, her sudden leave didn't create any bad vibe in d party nd all resumed wth their chitchats enjoying in their own way..
"jaan.. dhyaan se.. u okk na??" he tried his best to make riddhima stand straight nd in return she juz grinned stupidly making his heart fonder..
"haapyy birthday armaan.." she sang in her child like voice nd threw herself upon him..
"thnk u baby.." he replied affectionately caressing her head..
"mujhey na tumhey kuch gift deni hain.." she announced happily only to make him curious.. "kya??" he asked raising his one eye brow while flashing his dimples at d same time..
"ahem ahem.." she cleared her throat nd he crunched his eyes in confusion.. "wat??"
But nxt moment he felt like beating his head against the wall for allowing her gulping dwn so many glasses of drinks as she started singing.. oppss!!! Strted yelling at the top of her voice without any 'sur or taal'.. "Pehla nasha.. Pehla khumaar.. Naya pyaar hai naya intezaar.." she left his hands nd started going here n there of the auditorium, showing her pallu wide in air.. "Kar loon main kya apna haal.. Aye dil-e-bekaraar.. Mere dil-e-bekaraar.. Tu hi bata.." she sang.. better to say she shouted at her best after riding on a table finally..
on the other hand, in spite of this extreme noise pollution, he smiled widely while others felt themselves burying somewhere to save them from this horrible torture.. armaan slowly went near her table nd offering his hand he said lovingly.. "neeche aa jao jaan.. plz.." but she shook her head in big no nd again resumed her work grinning widely.. "Pehla nasha..Pehla khumaar.."but before she can show her expertise more he stopped her.. "riddhima.. jaan.. come dwn.. plz.. tum meri baat nahi sunogi??" he tried his best to melt her heart nd succeeded too.. "aww my baby.." she pulled his cheeks bending dwn a lill nd pecked his left dimple tenderly giving him a pleasant shock.. nd thn she whispered near his ear.. "pehle tum upar aao.. mujhey tumhey kuch dena hain.." she backed off nd stood straight.. he was about to say no wen she back fired his wrds to him only aftr making it sweeter dan his using her babyish tone nd cute pouts along with.. "tum meri baat nahi sunoge??" now how can he say no to that.. he nodded side ways feeling extremely happy.. "beta armaan.. tuney khud iss sab ko invite kiya hain.. aap jhelna toh padega hi.." his mind scolded him while his hrt retorted bck.. "nd I'll.. happily.." he got up on the same table where she was standing nodding her head right n left simultaneously juz like a small kid.. "aa gaya jaan.. aab do.. kya dena hain??" he asked lovingly nd smiling in return she indicated him to bend dwn a lill through her right hand.. he bent down obediently thinking wat she's gonna do now but got the biggest shock of his life wen she uttered "I luv u armaan.. I luv u so so much.." nd captured his lips within her without any delay in a fierce kiss pouring all her locked wildness nd passion through that.. as expected it took a few seconds for armaan to match d intensity but wen he gave in completely, they landed somewhere which was a world of them only.. no one was allowed to disturb or peep into.. rahul smiled shyly finally digesting the sudden happening nd looking away from them at once he announced.. "guys.. party yehi pe khatam hoti hain.. see u tomorrow at office.. gd9t frnz.. hope u had a gr8 evening.." nd he too left wth others soon without glancing back.. on the other hand, AR were so lost in the ocean of love n passion that they completely forgot that they were not in their room but kissing each other publicly in front of his frnz nd colleagues nd that too quite boldly.. riddhima was d first one to break the kiss being out of air.. she at once leaned over his broad chest nd hugged him slowly keeping her eyes closed.. "I luv u.." she confessed again.. he sighed feeling extremely contended nd embraced her back.. "I luv u too jaan.. i luv u too.." she smiled while rubbing her cheek there near his heart nd mumbled a soft.. "hmm.."


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