Monday, 24 July 2017

part 24 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

(4months passed afternoon all went to sapna's home...talked for a while when muskaan and rahul got up)
Rahul: guys, excuse us
Ridz: why? where r u going?
Sap: ridz!! (with wide eyes)

Ridz: what??
(sapna shook her head in disbelief)
Ridz: [huh!! wats happening, am i missing something here??!!]
(rahul n muskaan looked at each other)
Anji: u go ahead
Rahul: we wont lock the door, just knock before coming in
Armi: we wont disturb u man!!
(they left smiling)
Ridz:[oh shit!! i m such a dumbo...they just wanted some privacy]
Sap: they needed some time alone ridz
Ridz: (guilty face) ya, i understood now, i hope i dint embarrass them with my questions
Anji: well... u did
Atul: ok, leave it..lets do something
(ridz looked at armaan..he is looking at her angrily..ridz is confused..went n sat beside him)
Ridz: what?? y r u so angry at me?
Armi: if we had told them abt us, we could have spent some time together..they r our friends u see, they have the right to know
Ridz: hmm..i know..but no
(armaan looked at her with daggers in his eyes..n she found it funny for some strange reason)
Ridz: u r looking cute
(daggers in his eyes grew sharper)
Ridz: ok ok, i m sorry

(by each passing day they r growing closer and ridhima's inhibitions were faidng away..she wanted to hug armaan, kiss him, just be in his arms for a while..but they never found a chance to be day they r in library..near the racks...ridz feels sudden urge to kiss him..looks one else in the row...she quickly moves n kisses his cheek)
Armi: (smiles n whispers) thank you
Ridz: (giggles) thank you?!!
Armi: ya, u could think of this, thats a big thing u see
Ridz: after so many days na...but wat to do armaan, we r always surrounded by people
Armi: i told u to not throw me out of ur house that day..u dint listen to me
Ridz: ya, i regret now
Armi: yaar, y r ur parents not going anywhere, tell ur relatives to get married na
Ridz: (laughs) wat reason should i cite? plz get married bcoz i want to kiss my boyfriend leisurely?!!
Armi: u really want to?? (looking passionately)
(ridz lowered her eyes)
Ridz: armaan, take me somewhere...just u n me...i want to be with u for sometime
Armi: hmmm...where...where..(thinking)...hmm..r u ready to bunk the class?
Ridz: okay..anyway i have no mood to attend classes today...came to college just to see u
Armi: oye hoye, ridhima gupta, the topper is ready to miss the classes...kya baat hain!!
Ridz: kya kare!! sangat ka asar hain!!
Armi: tum nakhre bahut karti ho yaar, i dint know this earlier
Ridz: u'll know many things dear...just wait
Armi: oooo,we'll see...ok then, we'll go to my house..right now, thats the only decent place i can think of to take you....arnav may come home soon, otherwise its empty
Ridz: [as much as i want to be with him, y do i feel as if i am doing something wrong...i know my limits but...] this wrong??
Armi: wat is wrong?? bunking classes?
Ridz: no, thinking of some privacy
Armi: i dont think so...nothing is wrong as long as u dont hurt or harm anyone
Ridz: hmm (still thinking)
Armi: lets drop the idea if u r hesitant
Ridz: no, i m fine
Armi: ok, lets go then
(they went to the parking area...he smiled looking at his bike)
Ridz: what??
Armi: my bike had the foot guard on one side..i removed it that day in the college before we went shopping for ur dad's shirt
Ridz: (surprised) kyaaa??
Armi: ya..wat all i did to come near u...phew!! hardwork!!
Ridz: i was struggling to sit there at the back without falling on u
Armi: (giggles) i know
Ridz: monkey!!!
(she got onto his bike)
Armi: come people wont suspect now when they can suspect if u sit beside me in class?
Ridz: (irritated) okay u go, i'll come in taxi (getting down and walking away)
Armi: (holding her wrist) hey, just kidding...
(ridz turned smirkng)
Armi: its so easy to irritate you!!
(she narrowed her eyes)
Armi: haha...tumhara naam tho...(ridz fuming) ok, i better shut my mouth now (dropping his head)
Ridz: (demanding) chalo ab!!
(armaan opened and closed his mouth crossing his hands on it showing an attempt to control his tongue...ridz giggled...they went to his house)
Ridz: i like ur house
Armi: good...afterall, its going to be ur house, eventually
(ridz smiled and hugged him quickly when they got in..he hugged her back n held her for a while)
Ridz: i can stay like this forever armaan
Armi: (kissing her forehead) me too
(they went in...ridz went into his bathroom to freshen up...washed her face...she came out and saw him with towel in his hand...he came forward but instead of giving the towel moved closer n sucked the water drops on her chin...she shivered...he smiled n wiped her face)
Armi: u want to eat something?
Ridz: no, not hungry
Armi: even if i make?
Ridz: wow!! then yes!
(armaan made omelet for her..they came n sat in sofa infront of tv)
Ridz: yummmy!! wow armaan!! this is the best omelet i ever ate
Armi: hehe..thanks
Ridz: decided then, u will cook after marriage
Armi: aaha...high hopes...i wont!!
Ridz: u cant eat if i cook..soch lo
Armi: no problem, i will adjust
Ridz: (pouting) hmmff
(he pulled her towards him n kissed her cheek..she smiled)
Armi: i will cook..lets get married (he paused n ridz is nodding with mouth full) now!!
Ridz: (astounded) WHATTT??!!! (coughing...he gave her water to drink patting her back)
Ridz: wat did u say?
Armi: ya, lets get married...we can live together then
Ridz: (shaking her head in disbelief) u have gone mad!!
Armi: why??
Ridz: wat do u mean by why? is this an age to marry?
Armi: we're at the age permissible by law
Ridz: oh really?!! how informative!!
Armi: see, i m 21 and u..hmm.. wats ur age?
Ridz: 20
Armi: perfect!!
Ridz: nonsense!! and u r 21 becoz ur bday is gone this year, otherwise u r just 5months elder to me..21 it seems!! (arching down her lips)
Armi: watever!! think abt it
Ridz: i m still sane to think abt it...we're still in college armaan!!
Armi: hmm...(sinking his head in her neck) i love u
Ridz: i love u too
Armi: then lets get married
Ridz: [again?!! okayy...lemme play this..haha] actually..armaan, i..hmm
(armaan became attentive)
Ridz: i love u but ...hmm...i m not sure if i want to marry you
(his face turned grave..after few seconds, ridz burst out laughing)
Ridz: Oh My God!! see ur face!
Armi: youuu!!
(he started tickling her..she jumped out of sofa)
(he gripped her n continued tickling)
Armi: say sorry
Ridz: no...aahh..hahaha..ok sorry
Armi: say i m the best
Ridz: i m the best
Armi: aaha, trying to trick me?!!..say armaan is the best
Ridz: haha...armaan is the best
Armi: say u'll marry me
Ridz: i'll think
Armi: really?!! think right now!!
Ridz: armaaaan!! (catching breath) ok ok, i'll marry u
Armi: good!!
(he left her but again pulled her back into a hug)
Armi: dont ever say that again..not even for fun
Ridz: i wont
(she looked at him...his eyes full of love...she moved forward n kissed him..which turned into a long passionate one..when they broke apart)
Ridz: armaan, u dont have to ASK me abt marriage...its obvious when we love each other right?
Armi: ya, but when?
Ridz: huh!! after 3-4 yrs
(her thoughts went towards marriage...and her parents)
Ridz: wat will my parents do when we get married, they'll be left alone
Armi: dont worry, we'll take care of them
Ridz: i m falling for u more with each passing day
Armi: i cant fall any further, i've hit the rock botton already (smiles)
(the door bell rang breaking the conversation..armaan opened the door)
Arnav: hey bro, so soon?!...(sees ridz..surprised) hi no...hi bhabhi!!
Ridz: r u? (pleasantly surprised at his new way of addressing)
Arnav: perfect! as usual
(they spent some time seeing their pictures in his computer, arnav n ridz teaming up against armaan, teasing him, imagining armaan cooking for the rest of his life...playing caroms)
Ridz: see, one player less...arnav, do something man! do u have a grilfriend??
Arnav: nah!! i told u i love u, even before bhai confessed..but u dint accept my proposal, my heart is broken, cant think of anyone now (making a sad face)
Ridz: ohhh!! so sad!! 2mins of silence for ur broken condolences (closing her eyes n lowering her head..arnav did the same)
Armi: abbey, dramebazi bandh karo dono
(ridz n arnav started laughing...after playing for a while..ridz went back home)

(next week, a day before ridz birthday)
Armi: ridhima, shall i come to ur house at 12?
Ridz: NO
Armi: pleaasee
Ridz: r u nuts?? mom n dad will be there
Armi: FINE!! celebrate with them..u dont need me right
Ridz: armaan!!
Armi: okay okay

(he called her at 12 sharply)
Armi: happy birthday!!
Ridz: thanks
Armi: open ur bag
Ridz: which bag?
Armi: ur college bag
(she opened the bag thoughtfully)
Ridz: opened
Armi: take ur notebook out
Ridz: done
Armi: flip the pages
(she did and found a greeting card, opened n read it)
Ridz: (smiles) thanks
Armi: open ur bag now
Ridz: again?! ok
Armi: there is a gift lying there somewhere under the books
(ridz searched n found it..opened to see a thin gold chain with a pearl pendant)
Ridz: AWWW!!! (gaping at it)
Armi: u liked it?
Ridz: its beautiful!!
Armi: i know, all my choices are beautiful, including u
(ridz blushed)
Armi: i wish i was there to see u blushing
Ridz: right now, even i want u to be here, missing u soo much
Armi: (excited) shall i come then?
Ridz: no no
Armi: darpok!!
(they spoke for sometime n went to sleep)

Next day:
(ridz getting ready to go to college)
Ridz: [shall i wear the chain? but wat will i tell if mom asks? i'll do onething, i'll take it with me]
(she went to college n evryone wished her..armaan came... wished her n glanced her bare neck.. frowned n went to his place)
Armi: sms - y dint u wear it?
Ridz: sms - its gold armaan, wat if mom asks?
(no reply from him...she turned back..he is disappointed and angry)
Ridz: sms - i m wearing it now
(she wore it n turned back..he gave a broad million dollar smile)
Armi: sms - looking good on u

Coffee break:
Anji: hey ridz, nice chain, birthday gift?
Ridz: (smiles) ya
Sap: who gave it?
Ridz: (tensed) n dad
Muski: nice!!
(her phone beeped indicating a message)
Armi: sms - coward!!
(she looked at him...he is looking at her with a straight face)
Ridz: sms - shut up!!
(after the break..walking towards class)
Ridz: armaan, y did u have to give such expensive gift
Armi: nah!! not so expensive
Ridz: where did u get the money?
Armi: had been saving since some days, no problem..ok listen, meet me in library after this class
Ridz: ok
In library:
(she is searching for him near the books when he dragged her into a corner)
Ridz: ey...kisi ne dekhliya tho?
Armi: O God!! y r u so cautious ridhima, for once plz forget evrything n think abt us
Ridz: hmm
(he kissed her cheek)
Armi: your "happy birthday" kiss
(she kissed him)
Ridz: your "thank you" kiss

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