Tuesday, 4 July 2017

part 25 : Beetein_Lamhe

PART - 25

"pehla nasha pehla khumar.. naya pyar hain naya intezaar.." armaan sang teasing his love who was desperately trying to find a hiding place.. but unfortunately was getting none.. "kar loon main kya aapna haal.. aye dil-e-bekarar… merey dil-e-bekarar.. tu hi bata.." he didn't show any pity to her extremely embarrassed face nd continued his singing or better to say his teasing.. finally she gave up
nd sighing she turned to face him.. "stop now armaan.." he nodded his head side ways indicating a big 'no' nd she felt like beating her head on the wall.. can he evr leave a chnce of not teasing her?? It has been ages now but whenever memories of that evening came across to them, he teased her hell out.. "plz armaan.. bahot ho gaya abhi.." she pleaded helplessly.. nd he, this time, replied wth a straight face.. "okk jaan.. I won't sing this song anymore.." he declared pretending to be upset while her face lit up immediately.. she looked at him without any delay nd uncertainly confirmed.. "sach??" he kpt his expression same as before nd nodded in yes.. "thank uu.." she said beaming.. he nodded approvingly but thn started sadly agn.. "par mera abhi gana gane ka bahot dill kar raha hain riddhima.. umm.. main koi aur gana gayun toh chalega kya??" he asked innocently nd without being able to peep through his extremely good acting, she nodded in 'yes' at once falling in d trap..
ohh!! She so loves his voice.. he sings truly well.. although he was nvr trained but she adores the quality of his voice.. so pure.. so overwhelming.. she wonders wat if he had taken proper lessons.. he may have tried his luck in that carrier too then..
"of course u can armaan.. yeh bhi koi poochne wali baat hain kya.." she said being excited like a young gal who gets chance to hear her rock star live..
armaan smiled seeing her reaction.. he still cnt understand why she likes his singing.. he sings quite 'besura'.. but then comes the ans.. it's his riddhima.. his love.. who loves everything wat he does.. nd wth this he often thinks does dat mean she loves his teasing sessions too?? Well.. that's still unanswered though.. but somewhere he,too,knws dat she feels alive wen he does all these nautanki nd leg-pulling..
Riddhima sat properly wth cross-legged nd brought the pillow upon her lap.. thn putting her both hands on it, she rested her head on her palms nd smiling at him she indicated him to start through her eyes..
Armaan nodded smilingly nd thn cleared his throat.. "ahem ahem.." quite dramatically only to get a loving pat on his head.. "itna bhi bhao khane ki zaroorat nhi patidev.. plz do the honor nd start.. I'm waiting,na.." she said teasingly yet affectionately forcing him to give a quick loving peck on her forehead.. "at ur service madame.." in return she juz smiled wide nd mumbled.. "pagal.."
"khullam khulla pyar karenge hum dono.. is dunia se nahi darenge hum dono.. pyar hum karte hai chori nahi.. mil gaye dil jora jori nahi.. ham karenge jo dil kahe.. hamko jamane se kya.." armaan paused to examine her reaction and as expected found her freeze on her spot.. her eyes are wide open.. mouth is lill open making a small O showing her shocked state.. eyelids don't dare to blink even once.. in short she looked extremely hilarious.. he so wanted to burst out into laughter rolling on the bed holding his stomach but managed wth gr8 difficulty juz on time.. it took almost 2minutes for her to came back to realty nd first thing she did was threw that pillow which was on her lap directly on his face.. "u moron.." she shouted nd barged upon him beating him back and blue.. but he juz kpt on laughing.. "hahahaha.. jaan.. yehi song suit karta hain tumhey.. after all sab ke samney itni wildly kiss karne ki himmat kaha hoti hain har kisi mein..." he said taunting along wth laughing in between.. "armaan.. I'll kill u today.." she announced still striking him wth her thin palms.. "hahaha.. again?? U cnt kill me swthrt.. i'm alrdy dead.." he said teasingly but fortunately she didn't took it to heart like alwaz as today she was too engrossed by her anger rather than any other emotions.. "huh!!! I can.. wanna see my dear darling husband??" she said crunching her eyes meanly while backing off a lill nd then took a water filled jug from the table nd wen she was about to throw it on his face, he poked his tongue at her nd got down from d bed at once running here n there where she was following him miserably wth the jug in her right hand nd all her known slangs on her mouth.. "tch.. jaan.. apney pati ko gali nahi detey.. remember ur mummy ji's to-do-list.." he was in no mood to stop teasing her now.. but she juz shouted feeling angrier than before in each passing second.. "aarrgg.. dnt drag my mummy ji armaan.. woh toh bas meri bhalayi chahti thi.." she shot back trying to infuse sense in him.. it's true that watever her mummyji taught her did nothing but the opposite of their expectation but still he has no right to tease her mother.. stupid!! idiot!! moron!!! her anger was almost on the verge of explore.. "yeah yeah I saw the effects also.. I bet tumhey nahi unhey lessons lene ki zaroorat thi aur woh bhi the great teachr mr. armaan mallik se.." he said proudly still escaping her brilliantly like before.. "aarrgg.. stop at one place armaan.. mujhey yeh pani tumpey fekni hain.. warna mera gussa kam hi hoga par.. par main bahot thak bhi gayee hoon.. so, dnt u dare to run again mr. mallik!!! achcha nahi hoga warna.." she ordered as well as threatened him while panting hard in between.. on d other hnd, he juz chuckled… "buddhi ho gayye ho tum!!" her hung face rose up immediately as she shouted in disbelief.. "tumney mujhey buddhi kaha??" he gave her his cool attitude nd replied.. "I knw sach karwa hota hain.." he said as a matter of fact nd sat on the railing of the window.. "you.. aab toh pakka tum gayee kaam se mr. husband mallik.." she said scowling nd threw the water towards him but he juz winked nd disappeared from there before any droplet can touch him and also left a frowning riddhima behind who was scowling by her own.. "aarrgg.. koi baat nhi.. abhi wapas ayega na kuch der mein.. dekh loongi tab mein.. main buddhi??? Aarrgg.. I so hate u mr. mallik nd I promise u'll hve to regret for teasing me this much today.." but her cursing got disturbed wen she heard a cheerful voice from her back..
"goooddd morning naaniii.."
Junior wished her singing his wrds while opening the door.. as alwaz his greetings drew the best smile on her face.. she at once turned towards him nd stretching her arms wide she greeted back.. "to u too bachcha.." nd getting the usual welcome from his darling granny, he ran at once nd hugged her lovingly around her waist.. "how r u now naani??" he asked breaking the hug after a few seconds.. riddhima smiled remembering last night's encounter nd assured.. "I'm absolutely fine armu.."
But before they can continue their endless banter, arima came nd extended her hand to armu offering him a glass full of milk.. "no ways!!" junior declared at once making his usual yucky face nd arima sighed in response.. but she didn't say a word as she knws her wrds won't do any positive effect on her son.. so, she juz looked at her mother asking for hlp through her eyes.. riddhima smiled bck nd blinking her eyes in assurance she extended her hand for the glass.. arima gladly handed the glass over her mother nd stood there as a spectator hoping to enjoy her son's daily dose of nautanki.. "no ways naani.. u cnt force me.. can u?? I knw u cnt force ur armu to do sumthing dat he hates.. hain na naani??" he asked hopefully nd riddhima nodded in yes.. smiling widely he poked his mother his tongue nd sat on the bed keeping his legs hung from one end.. "mumma yeh aap??" arima asked riddhima dejectedly but riddhima shushed her gesturing by her left hand.. she went near armu nd strted lovingly.. "par bachcha.. jismey aapki bhalayee ho woh karneke liye force toh nahi par emotional blackmail zaroor kar sakti hain aapki naani.." she paused chuckling at d end drawing both mother-son's attention towards her.. while arima smiled fully seeing her mother's cheekiness, junior juz looked at her wth a betrayal look.. "yes armu.. I cn do dat.. nd u knw dat ri8??" riddima replied reading junior's priceless expression.. "naani.. plzz.. aaj nahi na.. ek din milk nahi peene se kya ho jayega??" he pleaded her cutely.. "no baby.. u hve to.. aap merey liye itna nahi kar sakte??" riddhima said pretending to be hurt.. and as expected junior juz sighed.. "aap humesha aisa hi karte ho.." he said sadly nd took the glass from her hand.. then closing his nose by his left hand he gulped down d whole glass of milk in one go.. "yuck.." he said making a eww face.. riddhima smiled nd offered him some water which he accepted willingly.. thn swallowing some he accused his mother.. "wat's this mom?? Why do u give me this yucky milk everyday?? Issey achcha to milk shake de deti.. itna ganda nahi jata mera har subah.." but arima was no less .. she juz grinned nd proudly declared.. "woh kya hain na betu.. jab I knw ki lakh nakhrey dikhane ki vawajoot tu end mein simple milk hi pee lega toh faltu ki effort kyun karoon?? Bekar mein energy waste karna achchi baat nahi hain,na.." she winked nd left wth d empty glass grinning widely while junior juz shouted from behind.. "u r soo mean mom.."
"I knw dat baby.." came his mother's witty reply..
Riddhima smiled nd sat beside him on the bed.. "armuu??" but he didn't look at her.. oh ho!! Toh mera beta gussa hain.. riddhima thought nd smiled at her angry grand son.. "srry na bachcha.. par yeh aapki bhalaye ke liye tha.." she used her usual cute tone.. it nvr became flop wen she uses this tone either to her junior armaan or her crazy senior armaan.. both love her so much dat alwaz melt immediately wenevr she behaves cutely..
"I knw.." came his low dejected voice..
"toh gussa kyun hain mera beta aapni naani se??" she tried her charm agn..
"naah.. gussa nahi hoon main.." he replied and looked at her at once grinning stupidly.. "bas thoda footage kha raha tha.. u knw I luv u more wen u try to manofy me like this.." he announced proudly making riddhima laughed aloud..
"badmashh.." she said lovingly nd ruffled his ear..
"mumma.. yeh rahi apki green tea.." arima said breaking their moment.. armu looked at his mom still smiling while riddhima made a yucky face this time.. "chii..mujhey nhi peeni.. kitni baar kaha hain tujhsey arrii mujhey yeh ghas fush ki sarvat mat pila.. aisa lagta hain jaisey garam pani mein honey milakey pee rahi hoon.. yuck!! mujhey meri coffee chahiye.. kaha hain meri coffee???" she threw her usual tantrum..
"aur kitni baar mainey bhi aapsey yeh kaha hain mumma ki zyada coffee aapkey liye thik nahi.. bahot zyada addicted ho aap coffee se.. aur chahey jitna bhi nakhrey dikhalo aap morning mein aapko chai hi milegi aur woh bhi herval tea aur agar itni hi problem hain toh kal se juice peeni padegi aapko har roz.. but no coffee for u.. not in d morning at least.." arima repeated her daily ans once agn..
"maa main hoon teri.. par manmani teri chalti hain.." riddhima accused arima like a lill child nd mumbled under her breathe.. "meri toh koi value hi nahi rahi aab.. buddhi jo ho gayyee hoon main.." arima sighed seeing her mother behaving like a lill baby nd looked at armu for hlp..
Funnily, she has to seek hlp either to her mother or her son to control the opposite one as controlling this grand maa – grand son duo is simply impossible to her..
Junior smiled assuringly nd started.. "naanii.."
"armu.. nahi.. aur waisey bhi from wen u r teaming wth ur stupid mom??" riddhima asked him feeling betrayed while arima's jaw hung open hearing her mother.. "mummaaa????" she demanded dejectedly.. but poor soul.. how does she expect importance wen this awesome duo is conversing wth themselves.. and as alwaz riddhima didn't pay any heed to her accusing tone while junior juz cut her saying.. "tch mom.. we are talking na.." poor arima juz stood there pouting by her own..
"naanii.. im not teaming wth mom.. u knw na.. I cn nvr leave ur team.. parr.." he paused but resumed again wen riddhima looked at him.. "par this time I've to agree wth mom.. for a change she's right this time naanii.." riddhima turned her face in the opposite direction making junior sigh.. while arima juz felt like killing herself.. 'for a chage!!' this phrase means she is wrong mostly.. arrgg.. yeh ladka.. she so wanted to burst upon armu but there she is.. no one even gave a slightest gaze towards her reaction.. humphh.. she stood there frowning by her own watching both her mom n son doing their every day nautanki..
"naani.. aap merey liye itna nahi kar sakti??" he used his cutest tone.. ohh!! This duo is juz like each other!!! stupidly insane but too cute.. arima thought nd couldn't hlp but smile hearing her son..
"de.." riddhima looked at arima again nd demanded her tea..
"good gal.." arima chuckled only to get a deadly glare from riddhima.. nd in return she juz held her both hands up in air showing her defeat..
"kitni ajeeb sa taste hain.." riddhima said sipping once.. "dheere dheere adat ho jayegi mumma.." arima said lovingly but her mother is still in her baby mode completely.. "mujhey nahi dalni itni gandi adat.."
"fine.. toh kal se main apko orange juice dungi.. happy??" arima said coolly..
"tu meri apni beti hain arrii.. aisi sauteli betiyo ki tarah behave mat kar.." riddhima's accusations were in no mood to end today..
"aur aap bhi mumma ho meri, mumma.. aisey bachcho jaisey nakhrey na dikhayo.." arima accussed her too..
"huh.. main nakhrey nahi dikhati.." riddhima declared at once making arima chukle..
"hahahaha.. says who?? Do I need to remember u mumma ki papa kitney pareshan hote the apki never ending tantrums ke wajah se.." arima teased her back..
"tu toh baat mat kar mujhsey.. papa ki chamchi.. I wonder aisa koi bhi din tha kya jiss din tuney mujhey support kiya ho.." riddhima accused back..
"umm… wohh.. umm.." arima pretended to think nd thn replied.. "naahh!!! My papa was d bestest.." she announced teasingly making her frown more..
"bestest my foot.. idiot hain poora ka poora.." riddhima replied angrily remembering his morning teasings..
Arima chuckled nd bending dwn she pecked riddhima's right cheek lightly.. "papa was soo right mumma.. u look too cute wen u r angry.."
Nd wth this all her anger nd tantrums flew from the open window nd finally she smiled fully..
"no mom.. naani look cutest wen she smile like this.." junior presented his opinion too nd jumped  in riddhima's lap while she nd arima juz smiled wider seeing their darling armu trying to slp again.. "armu.. abhi nahi sona betu.." arima said..
"kyun mom.. sone do na plz??" he pleaded sweetly..
"no.. come outside.. nd hlp me in cooking.." arima said nd without giving a chnce to him to answer, she left..
It took a few seconds for him to register the meaning of her wrds nd thn he sat up on the bed shouting in happiness.. "thank u mom.." nd within a few minutes he was in the kitchen all clad in his newly bought chef's apron grinning stupidly at his mother.. "main kya karoon mom??"
"kya khana hain breakfast mein??" arima asked smilingly..
"noodles.." he replied at once..
"fine.. yeh le.. yeh veggies chop kar.. magar dhyan se.." arima handed him a bowl full of veggies..
Armu accepted gladly nd came back to dinning area being super excited..
"hmm.. toh aab master chef armaan shirgill apna kamal dikhaney waley hain.. taliyaan taliyaan.." he announced proudly slightly bowing down in front while both the ladies laughed heartily hearing him.. actually, the effect of master chef junior influenced him so much that the very next day wen he 1st saw the show, he bought a chef's apron for him nd was continuously pampering his mom for allowing him to use the kitchen at least once.. he knws he could hve get an easy 'yes' from his naani effortlessly but his extremely intelligent mom alrdy said his naani not to allow him trying anything in d kitchen which his dear naani accepted without any objection saying his mom is right this time.. nd god knows how many times he has pampered his mom till now for allowing him to experiment his hands in the field of cooking..
Armu took the knife in complete 'rajnikant style' nd wth attitude tried to cut an onion while keeping it on the dining table without peeling or holding while thrusting the knife nd as expected it skidded nd jumped from there directly to the kitchen door making riddhima laughed aloud as she was sitting there only to kp an eye on him.. nd his unique style of chopping onion made her remember something or someone….


"armaan?? Aap kaha hain??" riddhima  asked confusingly finding the main door of his house open.. today she was invited to his house for a lunch date as all his family members went to one of his cousin's marriage while he persisted to stay back showing excuse of some job related exam..
"main kitchen mein hoon riddhima.. tum yaheen aa jao.." he shouted from the kitchen nd she nodded obediently hearing him.. closing the door she went to meet him there but the sight in front juz forced her to laugh like maniac holding the kitchen door for support wen she found a brutally crashed egg in his left hand nd a 'belan' in his right.. he looked at her feeling highly embarrassed nd accepted sheepishly.. "kuch zyada hi zor se ho gaya, nahi??"


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