Thursday, 27 July 2017

part 25 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

ridhima looked around to see if anyone saw them..armaan moved her to a side and covered her blocking people's view)
Armi: happy?? ab bolo
Ridz: (smiles) kya
Armi: u liked this? (tracing the chain down her neck with his finger and fiddling with the pendant)
Ridz: hmm (quivering slightly)

Armi: u like pearls right
Ridz: ya, they look
Armi: (interrupting) u (looking straight into her eyes ardently)
(she lowered her eyes and lifted them again to see his burning gaze)
Ridz: dont look at me like that
Armi: like what?
Ridz: armaan please
Armi: (smiling mischeviously) whom should i see then?
Ridz: i donno
Armi: shall i look at other the way, my whole fanclub is waiting
Ridz: shut up, dont see me, dont see anyone
Armi: arre, ankhen hain tho dekhunga na...i m see my pretty fans (turning to go)
Ridz: eyyy (holding his collar)
Armi: woah!! violent version of chasmish!! i am scared (faking a shiver)
Ridz: arghhh!! monkey!! i m leaving
Armi: hey wait wait, wats the hurry?
Ridz: (frowning) nothing
Armi: tumhara fuse kitna jaldi off hojata hain yaar...ok, lets go...our gang must be waiting
(walking towards the exit)
Armi: u r very possessive
Ridz: hmm
Armi: and i like it
(arjun came to them)
Arjun: hi ridhima..hi armaan
Armi: hi
Ridz: (hesitantly) hi (looking armaan at an angle)
Arjun: i am arjun
Ridz: i know (bit her tongue mentally)[i should have pretended like i donno him, that day i went n see him n now i said i know him...thats it, i m gone today..armaan ke haatho]
Arjun: (smiles widely) happy birthday
Ridz: thanks
Arjun: okay, bye
(ridz turned towards armaan with a guilty face...he is looking at her seriously)
Ridz: i know.. u r angry that i said i know him, sorry!!
Armi: hmm...thats not the point ridhima, i could see the love in his eyes...its going to hurt him
Ridz: but wat can i do?
Armi: yes u can, the sooner he knows abt us the better for him (ridz opened her mouth to speak) i know i know u r not yet ready, the reasons for which i never understand n i doubt if u even have, lets go
(all of them went out..she cut the cake...ate some applied some on faces...had dinner and dispersed.... armaan dropped her home)
Ridz: armaan, r u still angry abt that arjun thing?
Armi: slightly...u r a newborn today, so sab maaf...jee le...but i think u r taking a bit longer to make up ur mind
Ridz: (thoughtfully) hmm
Armi: cheer up now....goodnight kiss? (moving forward)
Ridz: (running) NO...bye
Armi: bye

(From next day, armaan would not leave a chance to pester her about not wearing his gift..saying filmy week, he stopped her in the corridor)
Armi: see, u dint wear it today also, me and my gift have no value
Ridz: hey bhagwan!! (smacking her forehead)
Armi: (smiling naughtily) y r u disturbing him now, i spoke truth right?
Ridz: OKAY!! i dont give you any value..happy??
Armi: who will be happy hearing such words from his girlfriend...poor me!! (wiping his fictional tears)
(ridz smiled looking at his puppy face and ruffled his hair..he looked at her seriously)
Ridz: oh, i forgot u get irritated if anyone touches ur hair
Armi:, i like it when u do that...i lied so that u'll do it whenever u want to irritate me, which is quite often
Ridz: aahhh!! u r impossible!!
Armi: i know (raising his collar)
Ridz: there must be something that irritates you truly...wait, i will definitely find out
Armi: all the best
Ridz: no thanks
Armi: ok, so back to the main topic, y dint u wear the chain? (leaning to the wall)
(ridz stormed off shaking her head...she closed her ears with hands when she heard his evil laughter from behind)

Next week:
(one day, armaan wore the shirt she gifted on his birthday)
Ridz: [aaaah! he looks amazing in this one...i feel like leaving everything and keep staring at him]
(she was turning back often that day to look at him..she was busy doing that followed by blushing everytime when someone called her name..she recognised the voice after hearing it twice)
Ridz: (frightened) yes sir!!
Sir: if u r not interested in the class, u can go out
Ridz: (hanging her head with shame) sorry sir
(sir shot a demeaning look and continued the lecture)
Armi: sms - kya hua?
Ridz: sms - was looking at u :(
Armi: sms - hahaha
Ridz: sms - pyar ke side effects ;)
Armi: sms - :)

After 1 month:
(ridz is coming out of the library when arjun sprang up infront of her suddenly)
Arjun: hi
Ridz: (flurried) ah..ya..hi
Arjun: how r u?
Ridz: (fake smile) fine
Arjun: i love you ridhima
(Ridz is appalled...staring at him with a dumb face..jaw dropped, eyes widened and brain benumbed)
Arjun: i m waiting for your answer
(he snapped his fingers infront of her eyes)
Arjun: helloooo...ridhima
Ridz: haan?!! ya
Arjun: do u like me?
Ridz: no..i mean..i donno
Arjun: u want time?
Ridz: (searching for words) no no, i..[O God!!! wats this??!!]
Arjun: i will wait
Ridz: i m committed [SHITT!!! did i say that? did i really say that just now?!! Gosh!!]
Arjun: (highly disappointed) ohhh!!! i dint know..(pause) may i know who he is
Ridz: [hey bhagwan, ab kya bolu.. i should not complicate further.. will tell the truth] armaan
Arjun: armaan!! oh...i must have guessed (in a low voice looking at the floor thoughtfully)
Ridz: i m sorry
Arjun: i thought...u r single
Ridz:, i m not...sorry again
(they stood there for a few seconds silently)
Arjun: ok..bye
Ridz: bye
(she walked in to canteen, still in daze..everyone is seated there)
Atul: hey ridz
(ridz collided with a guy walking..muttered a sorry n turned to her friends)
Muski: r u alright?
Ridz: mean...i donno (slumped in the chair holding her head)
Anji: kya hua, itni confused kyu hain?
Ridz: arjun proposed
All: oooohhhh
Armi: what?!! when??
Ridz: just now..when i was coming here
Armi: wat did u say?
Ridz: i told the truth armaan
Armi: yes!! yess!! yesssss!!!! (jumping and punching his fist in the air)
(everyone is looking at them with the most confused faces ever)
Anji: y is he a frog...and wats the truth?? guys, i m so lost, somebody tell me wats going on!!
Sapna: i m as clueless as u yaar, kya horaha hain.. armaan, ridz
(atul, rahul n muskaan r smiling...seeing each other..armaan slumped in the chair n smiled leaning back..ridz also sat..looked at him n both smiled)
Ridz: we r in love
(sapna n anji shook their once said "kyaaa??!!")
Armi: ya, u heard it right
Muski: hame pehle se shak tha
Sapna: tho hame kyu nahi bataya??
Rahul: sirf shak tha yaar, kaise bolte
Anji: atul, y r u so silent, looks like u knew this
Atul: hmm...ya, kind of...armaan told me
Anji: how mean!! n u dint tell me..i mean..u dint tell us
(there was bright spark in atul's eyes for a second...he gave a light smile..anji looked away)
Armi: he knew even before i told ridhima
(then they demanded the whole story...armaan n ridz told them)
Rahul: armaan, chupa rustum...2 years!! how cud u wait man!!
Armi: woh chod...i m waiting from 6months for her permission to tell u guys
Muski: too bad ridzy...we were suspecting that he loves you...but we dint know it was from so long..n that too mutual...wah wah
Sapna: armaan!! wat were u saying, love is blind ha? must be wearing glasses,really?? now who is blind
Armi: see, she is my love n she wears glasses, so i was right na
(ridz hits him)
Sapna: and you, miss innocent...y did u stop him from telling us
Ridz: yaar, i wasnt convinced that u ppl will accept us, i mean as a pair...
Anji: Gosh!! ridzy, wat made u think so...u make a lovely pair
Ridz: no, u guys always teased me abt my
Anji: that was for fun!! u look cute when u r pouting, thats y...brainless creature, u took it seriously?!! i cant believe this (wide eyes)
Muski: haan yaar, trust us, u r perfect for each other
(everyone smile happily and go towards the class)
Armi: finally!!! u've been stopping me all these days n u urself let the so called "secret" (making quotes) out..n that too u told arjun....leaving all our friends (giggling)
Ridz: ya, i was caught offguard, i just blurted out...n dont laugh at him ok, bechara
Armi: hmm, but seriously i love that guy man!! he did wat i cudnt do from all these days..i am at peace now
(ridz is thinking deeply)
Armi: ridhima
(she is still lost)
Armi: ridhima, y r u so disturbed?
Ridz: i donno, everyone will know abt us...and i m still not comfortable with this
Armi: and you'll never be, this is the way things workout for you ridhima, u need something to push u ahead, u wont do things on ur own...remember wat i did abt the monitor thing?
(ridz nodded pouting)
Armi: dint u hear wat they said? we r perfect for each other
(ridz still silent)
Armi: okay, lets do this..first tell me wat makes u think you dont deserve me
(ridz stared at him)
Armi: come on, speak out
Ridz: i donno armaan, lets go to the class, we r late
Armi: we can go 5mins dont avoid the up
Ridz: may be the way i look
(turned her holding the shoulders and cupped her face)
Armi: u r beautiful ridhima, from inside and outside...some people may agree, some may not... but that doesnt matter... u cant impress everyone in this world, no one can, so dont try to...just be yourself, your real
self...thats who i fell in love cute chasmish!! (pulling her cheek)
(ridhima is listening carefully)
Armi: is there something about ur looks that u want to change? that may make u feel better? mind u, its for u..not others
Ridz: may be glasses...but...(pauses thinking)...u r right armaan...i shouldnt change unless i see the need to change..i will go for lens when doctor recommends, when i really need them...u like me like this right?
Armi: absolutely
Ridz: ok (with twinkling eyes)
Armi: good...arre yaar, y do u keep turning me into a moral science teacher?
Ridz: (giggles) u fit that role well, wat say?
Armi: yeah, i have a backup career...hey, anything else u want to change? wearing sexy short skirts? (winks)
Ridz: noooo (hits him and entangles her arm with his)
(he looks at her arm n smiles...they start walking to the class...ridz is again lost in thoughts)
Armi: wat now?
Ridz: hmm..i was thinking if i should tell my parents
Armi: is a lucky day...chasmish is turning brave
Ridz: armaan, i m serious
Armi: ok ok, i always wanted to be open abt us, u were the one hesitating...but, y so suddenly?
Ridz: i dont want them to know through some outsider, its better i tell dad knows some people in college, so u know, they may..
Armi: hmmm...u r right...shall i be with u when u tell them?
Ridz: no, let me talk first
Armi: u think they'll have any problem?
Ridz: may not..they like u...lets see
Armi: wat if they dont approve me? (worried tone)
Ridz: lets be positive armaan, we can convince them
Armi: yaa, but incase they dont agree...i m just asking..wats there in a question?
Ridz: a lot...if i have to answer, i need to put myself in a place where i have to choose between u n them...n i dont want to even imagine myself in that situation
Armi: you love them a lot, is it?
Ridz: ofcourse
Armi: and me? (with curiosity n nervousness in his eyes)
Ridz: dont u know?
Armi: i want to hear it from u
Ridz: i love you...ok?
Armi: whom do u love more?
Ridz: stupid question..i wont answer
Armi: escapist!!
Ridz: watever!!
Armi: if u ask me the same thing, i'll say ur name without thinking for a moment
(ridz stopped and looked at him...his eyes full of love, voice so genuine...she looked away)
Ridz: [can i ever be like him? waiting for years... loving without any honest]
(he nudged her with his elbow...nodded his head questioningly)
Ridz: armaan...i m their only child... i donno wat to say
Armi: dont say anything ridhima, i understand...u r right, my question is stupid, will never ask that again
Ridz: (relieved) hmm
Armi: by the way wat did u think abt future?
Ridz: dont tell me u r thinking abt marraige just after final year
Armi: nah!! i was talking abt career..who's desperate abt marraige now, ha? bolo bolo
Ridz: ok stop it decide yet, u?
Armi: hmm..may be MBA
Ridz: we r 20mins late, u think sir will let us in?
Armi: arre haan yaar..kya kare? chalo wapas canteen chalte hain
Ridz: ok
(they see atul n go near him)
Armi: hey, u dint go to the class?
Atul: dint feel like attending
(they go to canteen...atul is looking depressed)
Ridz: atul, wats the matter?
Atul: nothing new yaar, my same old tragic love story
(ridz n armi looked at each other..atul continued)
Atul: people say u shouldnt expect anything in love... true love is only abt giving...sounds good in movies and novels but it is so damn hard to implement in real life yaar...afterall i am a human being, how can i not expect her to love me it too much to ask for?
Armi: no man!! u deserve her!!
Atul: after so many days, she spoke to me normally today, i m so happy (smiling dreamily)...u must be thinking i m crazy.. excited abt such small silly things
Ridz: no atul, we can understand, every small thing matters in love
Armi: ridhima, tum samjhao na anji ko
Ridz: samjhane se koi kisise pyaar karta hain kya? she herself must feel it
Atul: i donno if i can even expect things to change
Armi: dont lose hope atul, everything will be fine
Atul: hmm
Ridz: [y is he giving him false hopes, who knows wat future holds for armaan bhi na]
(they spoke till the next class starts n went back to classroom)

After the college:
Armi: r u going to talk to ur parents today?
Ridz: hmm...let me see...depends on their mood...i m so tensed armaan, how will i say?
Armi: simple, go n tell ur mom, "mom, i love armaan"..thats it
Ridz: aaha...not so easy!! can u say the same to ur mom?
Armi: yes, i said
Ridz: (surprised) said??!! u told them?? when??!!
Armi: (scratching his head) actually, few days ago...i n arnav were fighting, i refused to give him my bike bcoz he roams on it till the last drop of petrol n i have to drag it to the petrol bunk everytime...ughh!! he is such a pain!!
Ridz: dont u think u r sticking too much to the actual topic?
Armi: ehh?!! oh ok...(sheepish smile) so he was blackmailing that he'll tell mom abt us... we were so lost in our fight, we dint realise when mom came into the room..she asked and i told her..she must have told dad
Ridz: wat did she say?
Armi: she said she was guessing...she is fine with it, she likes u can anyone refuse u ridzy?
Ridz: (smiles) hmm...i m getting some confidence now... hope it goes as smooth it went in ur house

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