Monday, 10 July 2017

part 26 : Beetein_Lamhe

"armaan?? Aap kaha hain??" riddhima  asked confusingly finding the main door of his house open.. today she was invited to his house for a lunch date as all his family members went to one of his cousin's marriage while he persisted to stay back showing excuse of some job related exam..
"main kitchen mein hoon riddhima.. tum yaheen aa jao.." he shouted from the kitchen nd she nodded obediently hearing him.. closing the door she went to meet him there but the sight in front juz forced her to laugh like maniac holding the kitchen door for support wen she found a brutally crashed egg in his left hand nd a 'belan' in his right.. he looked at her feeling highly embarrassed nd accepted sheepishly.. "kuch zyada hi zor se ho gaya, nahi??"

"hmm.. woh toh hain.." riddhima answered smiling sweetly to him finally being able to control her laughter.. she slowly came near him and asked.. "waisey kya kya milega mujhey aaj khane mein??" she asked being all excited.. the thought of her love cooking for her is too much exciting nd new to a teen girl like her.. she fantasized lots of things but not this one.. her curiosity was at its peak.. she excitedly went near the kitchen counter where some bowls where kpt covered nd opened lid of one container slowly.. but poor soul couldn't able to understand wat that dish was.. she crunched her eyes nd biting her lower lip she tried her best to figure it out but failed..  finally she couldn't hlp but asked him to solve the puzzle wth soft hesitant voice.. "umm.. yeh.. yeh kya hain armaan ji??" he felt stupid as well as embarrassed but came behind her anyway nd thn replied guiltily.. "kaali daal.." she nodded in yes nd thought.. "kuch zyada hi kaali nahi hain yeh daal!!!" but it was as if he has listened to her mind as the nxt moment he accepted sheepishly.. "kuch zyada hi kaali ban gayee hain.. umm.. wohh.. wohh.." he was fumbling wth wrds but riddhima smiled hearing his cute acceptance nd turned to face him.. "koi baat nahi.. ho jata hain kabhi kabhi.. waisey pehli baar khana bana rahein ho kya aap??" she asked lovingly nd he nooded in 'yes'.. riddhima felt extremely blissful seeing a guy taking so much effort juz for her.. this simple thought juz made her fall for him deeper than before.. "thank uu.." she said sighing in contentment nd thn asked being excited all over agn.. "par sirf daal?? Aur kuch nhi milega kyaa??" she asked pouting nd got up on the kitchen counter effortlessly.. seeing her enchanting smile, he , himself, flt excited at once nd replied over enthusiastically.. "haan.. hain na.. makki ki roti, sarsho ka saag aur raita.." he paused nd she clapped in a child like manner.. "arrey wah!! Yeh sab toh meri pasandita khana hain.. yumm.. merey mu mein toh pani aa raha hain.. waisey ban gaya hain kya sab kuch??" she asked chirpily while examining the kitchen here n there seeking for her food being extremely happy.. ohhh!! Her smile is too contagious.. "haan.. bass roti banana hain.. aur anda bhujji.." then examining the empty bowl he sighed.. "par lagta hain aab ek bhi anda nahi bacha.." he whispered nd she curiously looked at his direction.. oh my goodness!! That means before her arrival also he was trying to break eggs but all got brutally crashed like d one she had witnessed.. she felt like burst out into laughter but thinking about his sentiments she controlled herself juz on time nd followed his gaze.. nd found a pile of brutally crunched  eggs.. it was almost a dozen if more but no less!! "toh mera ranjha kafi strong hain.. aur hoga kyun nahi.. kafi doley sholey banaye hain.. takat toh hogi hi.. good riddhi .. tuney achcha ranjha chuna hain apney liye.. warna jis ladkey se meena pyaar karti hain.. dekha hain ussey?! kitna dubla hain.. mano janam janam se bookha ho!!" riddhima thought chuckling nd felt proud over her choice..
"umm..armaan ji??" she asked nd broke his chain of thoughts who was sad as he couldn't make her fav anda bhujji now.. "haan ji??" he asked smiling weakly.. "anda bhujji nahi bhi hoga toh bhi chalega.." she said smiling divinely nd he felt as if he will spend his entire life like ds only juz by staring at her.. but wait!! He has to prepare roti still.. so, he quickly collected himself reassuring his heart dat he'll stare at her later.. nd turned to take flour in a container for preparing the dough.. while he was busy in thinking how much water he should add, she juz took a carrot from the shelf nd started munching it.. "aur pani lagega.." she suggested still munching her carrot.. he felt confused wth this sudden change of her voice quality nd turned only to find her eating a carrot happily by nodding her head as well as her hanging feet to n fro rhythmically clearly expressing how right he was wen he thought of doing all this to make her feel spcl.. he went near her admiring her cuteness nd thn snatching the half eaten carrot from her he took a huge bite.. "arrey woh mera gajar tha!!" she whined but he juz showed his 32 teeth grinning wickedly.. "par aab mera hain.."
"nahi.. Mujhey poora khana tha.." she insisted nd he nodded in big 'no' nd giving a quick peck on her left cheek he went near his bowl of flour leaving a smiling as well as blushing riddhima behind.. in embarrassment she juz looked away nd didnt dare to turn bck at him.. he juz grinned seeing her looking away.. he can easily sense her heated flushed cheeks along wth her trembling lips..
finally she composed herslf nd tuned at him but her jaws hung open wen she found his both hands swimming in the bowl of flour.. "yeh kya kiya??" she asked shocked..
"tumney hi toh kaha tha ki aur pani lagega.." he pouted..
"haan par itnaa??" she asked coming near him..
"sorry'" he bowed dwn his head guiltily nd asked anyway.. "aab kya karoon??"
"aur ata daliye ismey.." she suggested sweetly..
"umm.. thik hain.." he nodded obediently..
But the whole container of flour fell upon her as she was stnding juz beneath the shelves attached to the wall where the ingredients were kept nd as a result she turned into a 'safed bhootni' :P
"hayyo rabbaa!! Aab yeh kya kar diya aapney??" she yelled aghast.
"sry sry sry.. woh galti se.." he started dusting her hair at once..
"galti se?? sach mein?? Aapko andaza bhi hain aapney kya kiya hain?? hayyee meri nayee suit.. kitni mushkil se master ji (tailor) ko pataya tha taki jald se jald yeh suit sil (stitch) de woh.. kitna dundh dundh ke yeh suit liya tha.. socha aapkey ghar aisey pehli baar aa rahi hoon toh aapki pasand ki rang ki suit pehen ke chalti hoon.. aur aap hain ki.. mujhey maidey (flour) se nehla diya.." she strted wth anger but ended wth a cute pout.. armaan smiled fully hearing her.. oh!! She loves me so much.. he thought nd felt like thanking her for taking so much effort for him but thn it stroke his mind dat she blurted out d truth without her knowledge.. now if he thnks her for ds.. she'll definitely flee away in embarrassment leaving him all alone.. thn wat will be d use of doing all these preparations.. so he decided not to say anything regarding this nd juz said.. "sorry riddhima.. par tum.. ek minute.." he left his wrds incomplete nd ran from there bt soon came bck wth a packet.. "yeh kya hain??" her anger n complaints got replaced by another round of curiosity nd excitement.. "yeh tumharey liye.. socha tha last mein dunga par abhi lagta hain yehi sahi waqt hain.." he said feeling guilty nd offered her d packet hesitantly which she took gladly nd took out a beautiful white salwar suit.. oh my goodness!! they are juz made for each other.. wen riddhima scanned d whole market to buy a red suit of his choice, here he is gfting her a suit of her fav color.. truly they think of the other more dan his / her own.. "main.. kahan??" she asked softly slightly smiling feeling shy nd hppy altogether.. "umm.. upar.. kisi bhi kamrey mein tum change kar sakti ho.." he replied affectionately smiling at his love nd nodding she juz flew from there as fast as possible..
"chal beta armaan.. abhi bhi roti banana baki hain.." he mumbled nd made himself engage in making rotis..
"zzz'" he hissed wen he mistakenly touched the hot pan.. riddhima who was coming downstairs slowly feeling utterly blessed nd hapy, shying along with thinking how to face him now as she took a quick shower nd hence her hair is wet nd open coming upto her waist.. he had nvr seen her like ds till thn nd the thought of getting compliment juz made her blush even more.. but all her thoughts got evaporated abruptly wen she heard him hissing in pain all of a sudden..
"armaan ji??" she came running there nd saw his red burnt finger nd without giving a minute to reply, she drag him to the tap nd held his finger under d running water.. while her gaze was fixed at his finger only, he was juz admiring her dreamily thinking how pretty she was looking in his gift.. when she entered 1st clad in his fav red salwar suit, he was so engrossed in his cooking dat he was unable to pin point dat she has wore his fav color.. but now he could compensate dat mistake by admiring her rest of the day.. he sighed in contentment quite loud drawing her attention to him.. he smiled nxt moment wen he found her cheeks gaining color making her angelic even more..
"zyada dard toh nahi ho raha hai,na??" she asked after some time still not meeting his eyes but wen she got no response she couldn't hlp but meet his eyes only to get lost in their own deserted land.. god knws hw long their eye lock stayed but it was riddhima who break the trance 1st my looking aways shyly drawing the best smile across his lips..
"I love u.." he whispered near her ear sending shivers down her whole body.. she closed her eyes at once feeling her heart going mad but wen nxt moment she felt him caressing her hands from back nd thn putting his face on her left shoulder he confessed.. "main tumsey bahot pyaar karta hoon riddhima.. pata nahi yeh do saal kaisey guzrenge.." it became too much for her to control herself anymore nd immediately she turned only to hugg him tight putting her head over his heart.. he smiled at once nd brought her closer if possible embracing her in his arms cozily nd protectively.. "aap sach mein jaa rahe ho??" she asked almost teary..
He sighed nd accepted.. "jana toh padega,na.. aur humney bhi yehi decide kiya tha.. aab jab tak mujhey naukri nhi milti aur tumahara school end nahi hota.. hum shadi nhi karenge.."
"mujhey nhi poori karni padhayee.. mujhey aapkey sath rehna hain.." she whined like a baby nd started crying..
Armaan detangled her at once feeling his sherwani getting wet by her tear pearls nd cupped her face lovingly.. "nahi jaan.. tumhey schooling poori karni hi hogi.. tum merey liye itna nahi karogi??" but she gestured in a big 'no' through her head.. he smiled seeing his baby angel nd embracing her again he asked.. "kyun??"
She took a deep breathe n said innocently.. "aap seher(town) jakey mujhey bhul jaogey.. geet kehti hain seher ki ladkiya bahot sundar aur modern hoti hain.. joh munda(boy) ek baar seher jata hain, woh fir wapas nhi lautna chahta aur agar laut bhi aya toh bhi gao (village) ki ladki se kabhi bhi shadi nahi karta.."
She stopped pouting nd crying in between.. armaan, on d other hnd, didnt knw whthr he should console his nave angel or laugh his heart out hearing her innocent banter.. finally deciding the 1st one will be the appropriate one, he put his head upon hers nd tightening the hug, he assured her affectionately.. "tum meri jaan ho riddhima.. main tumsey door bhi tumarey liye jaa raha hoon warna mera bas chaley toh ek pal bhi ankho se door na karoon main tumhey.. baki ladko ke barey mujhey nahi pata.. par mujhey toh wapas ana hi hain aur shadi bhi sirf aur sirf meri pari se hi karni hain.. kyunki shayad tumhey nhi pata par abhi mera bas ek hi sapna hain.. meri pari ke sath haste rote apni poori zindegi guzar dena.."  he paused nd finally she smiled.. thn breaking the hug, she confirmed hopefully.. "sach??" he smiled nd pecked her forhead after uttering a loving "mooch.."

Armaan served her all the dishes nd sat in front of her baited breathed.. riddhima on d other hand, examined d food nd smiled.. kaali daal jo ki kuch zyada hi kaali hain.. sarsho ka saag jo ki koi bhi sirf dekh ke pehchan nhi sakta.. roti jo ki pata nahi kiss desh ki shape mein bana hain aur raita.. sirf yehi hain joh dekhne se thik lag rahi hain par pata nhi khaney mein kaisa hoga.. riddhima thought n smiled again nd thn looked at her love.. "aapney khaya??" she asked affectionately nd he nodded in 'no' stupidly nd said.. "tumharey liye banaya hain na riddhima.. toh pehley main kaisey kha sakta hoon.." he paused nd she nodded understandingly smiling even more.. he was so tensed as if his whole life was depending upon her verdict.. riddhima felt an urgent need to relax him nd hence she gestured him to bend lill forward through her hand which he followed immediately.. nd without any delay, she kissed his right check tenderly uttering a soft.. "thank uu.." her gesture did magic to him as all his tension nd worry disappeared bringing a cute smile over his face..
Riddhima broke a lill piece without any difficulty as the roti wasn't overcooked but undercooked in deed.. her stupid crazy boyfrnd took every care not to mke d rotis burnt but forgot to chck whether it was cooked properly or not.. she nodded her head side ways smiling at her fate nd feeling extremely fortunate, she dipped the piece in daal.. "kaisi bani hain??" he asked like a lill child as soon as she put the 1st bite in her mouth.. she simply smiled nd gestured by her hands an 'excellent' sign.. he calmed down nd said.. "toh aur khao,na??" she ate whole food without complaining evn once.. her throat was burning due to excessive spice in daal but her smile hid dat pain smoothly.. she juz ate all looking at her love and automatically all tasteless food became d most tasty food in d wrld when she found him smiling at her so enthusiastically.. if being a guy, he could do this much for making her feel spcl, she could gulp dwn every bit of food without any tantrum to see this divine smile of his.. after all she too loves him so much..
"armaan ji.. aur nhi kha sakti main.." she pleaded wen he served her more..
He smiled nd said.. "mujhey pata hain riddhima.. par yeh tumhey khud nhi khani.. yeh tumhey mujhey khilani hain.."
"aapko khani hain?? par kyun??" she felt panicked wth d thought of eating this food by him.. oh no!! he couldn't taste it.. he will become upset if he founds wat he has actually cooked..
"lekin mujhey bhi bhook lagi hain ridhhima.. mainey subah se kuch nhi khaya.." he whispered sadly thinking she doesn't want to feed him.. her heart melted at once seeing his sad yet cute expression nd after lots of debating, finally she brought d 1st piece towards his lips.. he looked at d offer nd thn at her nd thn smiling widely he took it at once.. she waited for his reaction.. she felt bad wen she found his eyes became wide in horror but she became confused wen his expression got smoothened nd his lips showed a blissful smile.. she couldn't hlp but ask him.. "kya hua??"
He nodded sideways smilingly.. "kuch nahi.." he whispered nd thn paused but nxt moment became all happy n excited.. "jaldi khilayo.. bahot bhook lagi hain.." his excitement did nthing bt mde her confused even more..
"kya hua??" this time he asked her lovingly seeing her puzzled expression..
"main toh thik hoon armaan ji par aapko kya hua?? Aap yeh khana kaisey kha sakte ho??" she couldn;t hlp but asked him directly..
He smiled nd whispered.. "jis wajah se tum kha sakti ho.. bilkul ussi wajah se main bhi kha sakta hoon riddhima.." he intentionally took a pause only to draw her attention towards him more dan before.. "riddhima.. tumney yeh sab khaya kyunki tum mujhey khush dekhna chahti thi.. tum nhi chahti thi ki mujhey boora lage.. iss liye chupchap tumney bina kuch kahey sara kha liya.. (pause)... aur main yeh sab iss liye khayunga kyunki sirf tum suffer nahi kar sakti, riddhima.. mainey promise kiya hain apney aapsey ki kabhi bhi tumhey koi takleef nhi dunga aur har dard batunga chahey kitni bhi choti kyun na ho.. toh iss mirchi ki jalan (burning sensation) sirf tum kaisey seh sakti ho?? Mujhey bhi khani hain yeh sab.. aur main zaroor khayunga.." but he stopped wen he found her crying hearing him..
"rid.. hima??" he asked trying to cup her face but she turned away..
"riddhima??" he asked horrified..
"itna pyar na karo aap mujhsey,armaan ji.. bahot dar lagta hain.. agar aap wapas nhi aye ya fir wahan koi aur pasand aa gayee toh mar jayungi main apkey intezar mein.." she confessed her heart out chocking in between..
"main jaha bhi chala jayun riddhima par lautke mujhey tumharey pass hi ana hain.. tum manzil ho meri.. tumsey door jayun bhi toh jayun kaha.." he said soulfully drawing her attention back.. both stayed mum conversing by their gazes only.. while he found immense love as well as lots of fear n insecurity in her eyes, she found love, promise nd assurance only..
"aab jaldi khilayo.. bhook lagi hain mujhey.." he said trying to convert the intense situation into a lighter one nd understanding she smiled nd made him eat his share of food lovingly..


"naanii??? Kya hua aisey mushkura kyun rahe ho aap??" junior asked smilingly seeing his grand ma lost but smiling..
"aur kya merey barey mein soch rahi hogi.. hain na??" someone whispered near her ear making her shiver.. his voice has those overwhelming affect till now.. she closed her eyes at once nd confessed in her heart.. "I love u.."


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