Tuesday, 11 July 2017

part 27 : Beetein_Lamhe

"naanii??? Kya hua aisey mushkura kyun rahe ho aap??" junior asked smilingly seeing his grand ma lost but smiling..
"aur kya merey barey mein soch rahi hogi.. hain na??" someone whispered near her ear making her shiver.. his voice has those overwhelming effect till now.. she closed her eyes at once nd confessed in her heart.. "I love u.."

But before she can loose herself completely in d eyes of her love forgetting armu and arima's presence, junior's whining tone brought her bck to the reality.. "mommm??? U alrdy made d noodles?? Dat's cheating.. I was supposed to chop the veggies.. but u chopped separately in d kitchen.. it's so not done! Seriously.."
Riddhima at once looked at her laadla who was all huffing n puffing feeling betrayed nd cheated dat too by his own mother.. 'stupid arrii.. yeh bhi na..' riddhima mumbled under her breathe disapproving her daughter's stupidity.. poor armu.. he was so hppy n excited about chopping the veggies! so wat he took a lill more time.. umm.. well.. not lill but actually long tym but still she should've waited.. he's juz a kid.. it's obvious dat he'll face difficulty in chopping as he nvr tried it before.. but arii is arrii.. she cnt nvr stop herself being rational.. uff!! riddhima thought while going towards her pouting grand son to soothe his annoyance.. "bachcha??" she asked lovingly patting his shoulder tenderly..
"no naani.. aap mujhey samjhane ki koshish bhi mat karna.. main nhi samajh ne wala.. kyunki main bahot gussa hoon.. bahot bahot zyada gussa.. aur main itni asani se nhi manne wala.." he literally shouted d last line so dat his mother could hear him better.. while riddhima sighed in helplessness, arima juz chuckled at her nautanki son..
"rehne do mumma.. aap aao.. noodles thandey ho rahey hain.." arima's tone was annoyingly soothing nd as expected junior huffed even more..
"arrii.." riddhima tried to put sense in her but she blinked assuringly cutting her mother in between..
"no mumma.. sach mein.. I thought ki koi bhukha hoga, jaldi noodles bana deti hoon.. fir wohh aram se veggies chop kar sakta hain.. after all lunch mein abhi bhi bahot tym hain.. toh kisi ko jaldi chop karne ki zaroorat bhi nhi padega.. but.. I guess..." but before arima can say more, junior turned at once nd asked enthusiastically.. "lunch mein??" he was at once so happy feeling his mother didn't ditch him, dat he juz uttered a phrase while questioning her..
"yup.. aab lunch bananey mein bhi toh veggies lagtey hain na master chef ji??" arima immediately bit the inner side of her lower lip controlling her smile.. oh! How easily her son has fallen in her trap.. 'arii.. I'm proud of u.. tu sach mein armu ki mom hain.. if he cn do nautanki.. u're no less.. bravo gal..' arima mentally did some victory dance praising her wittiness in between wen nxt moment her son declared happily.. "oh mom.. I luv u.." nd attacked his fav brkfast without any delay.. "yumm.. mom.. thnk u so much.. I was really vry hungry.." he said wth grt difficulty as he has stuffed his mouth wth too much noodle.. much more dan the capacity of his mouth.. arima laughed aloud nd ruffled his hair lovingly.. nxt she gave her mumma her breakfast nd thn went to switch on the t.v..
"arrey yeh toh meri fav serial hain.. kitney din ho gayee issey dekhey huye.. thank god abhi repeat aa raha hain.. woww.. lagta hain romantic scene ane wala hain.. see mumma.. heroine tie bandhney ja rahi hain.. i'm hell sure dat hero will do some romance in this scene.. humesha aisa hi hota hain! heroine ko tie knot karna hota hain ya fir button stitch karna nd channel waley usmey romnce pakka add kar detey hain.." arima declared her well gained knowledge about daily soaps enthusiastically while sitting cross legged on the sofa.. as hero started pulling the heroine by her waist, arima becme evn more excited seeing her theory being proved ri8 once again nd unconsciously she stuffed one spoon full of noodles in her mouth nxt momnt nd strted chewing them making noises.. riddhima smiled fully seeing the duo.. both are still kiddos! well.. armu is actually a kid but who can tell seeing arri now dat she's armu's mother not his elder sis or frnd.. both are acting like school going kids only, munching their fav brkfast forgetting the world!..
Sighing happily, riddhima settled beside arima nd started eating slowly but suddenly her food got choked wen she saw the scene on the t.v. hearing arima's cometry.. but as if it wasn't enuf to bring back old embarrassment,  armaan (senior) whispered near her ear making her red like currently ripe fresh tomato.. "kuch yaad aya??"


"riddhimaa??? Kahan ho tum yaar.. plz mujhey late ho raha hain.." he shouted from his room expecting to get a reply but he got none.. frowning, he shouted again.. "jaan.. where are u??"
She wasn't home that moment but went to their neighbour's apartment as her frnd cum neighbour askd her to come once nd hlp in sewing the broken button of her son's school dress.. the kid was getting late nd his mother was unable to fix the button properly.. seeing armaan still in shower, riddhima went to their apartment to hlp d kid so dat he won't receive any scolding at school for being late or wearing improper uniform.. finally, biding bye to the kid, wen riddhima opened the gate to enter her apartment, she couldn't hlp but slammed her forehead wen she heard her darling hubby getting crazy singing her name in various fashion.. sighing at her luck, she went to their room smiling sweetly only to see the most adorable n cutest scene ever.. his hands were tangled wth the tie.. he was trying hard to tie but failing miserably while his lips were contuniously moving up n down pronouncing her names as loud as possible.. he was certainly oblivious of her presence as his singing his wifey's name didn't seem to subsidize in near future.. in fact he was innovating new scales nd tones to call her surely hoping dat one attracting call might bring her reply finally.. feeling herself falling for him all over again, she gently went closer nd stood in front of him still admiring his cute faces wth her loving gaze.. "lao.. main kar deti hoon.." finally she said controlling her urge not to kiss him thn n there on his continuous pouting lips.. she certainly couldnt afford dat now or else her hubby dear would leave no chnce to maximize his opportunity to romance wth her making himself late for the prestigeous meeting.. nd she knew how much imp this meeting was to him.. he did his best to mke it a great success so that it can gift him a promotion uplifting their lives to a new level.. she couldn't let her desire ruin his perfect moment.. a lill distraction nd he'll mess up wth the time management badly.. sighing deeply she controlled her emotions and took d tie from his hand.. on the othr hand, armaan opened his eyes at once wen she offered hlp.. but his smile of relief soon transformed into a frown wen he remembered how long he had sung her names but she didn't reply.."kahan thi tum? Kitni der se boola raha tha main??" his tone was whining.. smiling as cutely possible, she apologized melting him d vry momnt.. "sorry na baby.. wohh mrs. Ghai ne bulaya tha.. actually rohan ka uniform ki ek button stitch karna tha aur unsey ho nhi raha tha.."
"hmm.." came his monosyllabic answer but soon she smacked him hard on his hand wen she felt him snaking them around her waist pulling her close to himself.. "tchh.. mat karo na baby.." armaan grinned shamelessly hearing her protest nd pulled her even closer.. "baby???" she whined but nxt momnt melted wen he bent his head down to capture her lips into a swt loving gentle kiss.. "I luv u.." he confessed again nd pecked her forehead affectionately.. she sighed in utter contentment nd buried her head below his chin over his rhythmically thumping heart.. it was her safest home.. she felt bliss whenever she puts her head over his beating heart.. so soothing so contending! after a few minutes, she whispered finally.. "armaan??"
"hmm.." he was still lost in the moment but she had to bring him back to reality.. he was truly getting late for office.. "baby.. you've to go to office.. remember? Aaj ek imp meeting hain tumhara??" she said slowly emphasizing each word so dat her darling husband could come out of his dreamland nd prepare himself for d meeting.. "oh haan.. main toh bhul hi gaya tha.." he broke d hug nd said guiltily.. "I knw.. waisey bhi tumhey romance ke alwa kuch aur kahan soojhta hain??" she said teasingly while covering his collar wth the tie.. "meri galti nhi hain ismey.. tum pas ati ho toh main sab kuch bhul jata hoon.. tumhey kisney kaha tha itni sundar dikney ke liye.. haan??" he blamed her like a lill adamant baby, who has to win d argument at any cost.. "oh achcha? toh yeh meri galti hain ki tum mujhey dekh ke sab bhul jayey ho??" she asked smiling at her cute husband who nodded obediently hearing her statement.. "bilkul.. achcha khasa gabru jawan hua karta tha main.. par jabsey tumsey mila hoon pagalo jaisa haal ho gaya hain mera.." he whispered near her ear bending his face downward nd as expected she shivered in his hold.. "armaan.. mat karo.. der ho jayegi.." she gasped but managed to say anyway.. he smiled but said.. "tum apna kaam karo.. aur mujhey apna karney do.." but nxt momnt she left a loud moan wen his cold fingers started drawing imaginary patterns on her bare warm back.. but she knew d more she'll tell him not to do, the more he'll do exactly dat to annoy her to no extent.. so, wth grt difficulty she kpt on tying his tie with her eyes closed, in between digging her own teeth in her lips to divert her mind from armaan's caresses nd finally, as if after ages, wen she felt the knot of the tie has done, she pushed herself back breaking his embrace nd inhaled deeply, exhaling wth equal force nxt moment.. armaan smiled wider dan before seeing his effect on her but nxt moment he got a big shock wen he looked at his knotted tie.. "riddhima?? Yeh?? Err.. yeh kya hain??" his astound tone forced her to open her eyes nd wen her eyes fell on the spot where he was gaping, she bit her lip in utter embarrassment.. "sorry.." that was all she could manage to say.. "it's.. umm.. it's okk.. it's absolutely okk.." armaan said to soothe the poor soul but soon burst out into feasts of laughter unable to control anymore.. "armaan.. haso mat,na.. plz.." she said pleadingly only to mke him laugh evn louder.. "ar..maan??" her dejected tone forced him to control his laughter nd finally composing himself, wen he stood in front of the mirror, unknwn to himslf his lips curved upwards seeing the scene.. his cute lill wifey had successfully knotted the tie but not the way it should hve done but in the exact way kids knot their shoe-laces...  "armaan.. haso mat na baby.." she again pleaded pouting her lips while hoping him not to tease her anymore.. on d other side, seeing her cheeks all red wth embarrassment through the mirror, he turned and going near her he pulled her in another loving kiss.. "u're such a baby sometimes, jaan.." riddhima pouted even more making his dimples deeper than before but wen she saw him admiring her lovingly while his lips were curving into his most charming smile, she couldn't hlp but smile in response.. "sorry" apologizing one more she corrected the mess dat she had created.. making him wore another perfectly ironed tie wth proper knot she finally protested.. "waisey meri galti nhi thi.. I told u to stop par tum toh meri baat suntey hi nahi ho.."
"joh bhi ho,jaan.. but I bet aisa tie aaj tak kisi bhi wife ne apney husband ko nhi bandha hoga..." nd he again burst out into laughter making her die in sheer embarrassment..


"it wasn't my fault.." riddhima hissed while putting her plate in the sink..
"oh it was urs fault only.." armaan blamed her grinning shamelessly making her blood boil even more..
"armaan.. mainey kaha na meri galti nhi thi.. it was becoz of u nd ur non stop romnce mein distract ho gayee thi.." frustration was getting better of present riddhima seeing him accusing her for no reason.. he's such a stubborn! why cnt he juz accpt his mistake in stead of blaming her.. well.. it was only him who was responsible for dat blunder..
"to.. main chahey kuch bhi karoon.. iska matlab yeh thodey hi na hain ki u'll mke me wear a tie like that.. riddhima jaan.. i was supposed to go for a business meeting not for any fancy dress competition ki tumney ek cute sa swt sa bow bana diya tha merey galey mein.. bacho ko bhi tie bandhni ati hain jaan par tum toh.. khair.. aab meri kismat mein yehi tha toh kar bhi kya saktey hain.." he said d last line wth a sad unhappy tone..
"oh really.. thn tumhey kyun nhi ata tha tie bandhna, mr. allrounder husband mallik??" she shot bck wth a victorious tone but nxt moment shied away wen se heard him replying her question softly.. "u sure mujhey tie bandh na nhi ata tha?? Thik se soch ke dekho jaan, humari shadi se pehle bhi mai office jata tha..." nd wth this realization stroke her mind.. she at once looked at him only to see him winking at her mischievously nd then going away.. but his words made her heart swell wth utmost love, tender n care.. he loved her too much.. well.. he still loves her too much only.. but still in this long journey of togetherness she nvr realized this simple fact that armaan nvr knotted his tie by his own only becoz he wanted to do his lill shaitani before going to office.. those moments while tying his tie were one of the sweetest moments of their journey.. she mentally thanked him for gifting her those sweet, cute, adorable moments nd once again felt extremely blessed to get such a life partner who knows how to kp the thread of their relation strong nd smooth.. truly he's d best husband one could get.. before she could shower more love upon him in her heart, junior came nd tugged her saree pallu, drawing her attention towards him..
"yes bachcha??" riddhima asked smilingly while taking his plate from his hand nd putting that into the sink..
"naani.. mom se kaho na evening mein beach pe chalne ke liye.. wohh man nhi rahi hain.. but mujhey jana hain.. plz naanii.." armu pleaded to his darling nani knowing she could nvr resist his pleadings nd as expected riddhima blinked in assurance making armu squeal in excitement..

_____________to be continued______________

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