Wednesday, 12 July 2017

part 28 : Beetein_Lamhe

"wow.." arima exclaimed in amazement seeing the scenic beauty in front of her eyes.. it's been years dat she came to any beach at this hour of the day to spend some quality time wth her family or frnds.. after that horrible incident where she lost her dada, she became so much matured all of a sudden dat thereafter all her concentration became focused in her family nd work only.. family to protect from
any further damage nd work to divert her mind from thinking about the person she was the closest to.. her life changed so much on that very unfortunate day dat she stopped thinking about spending time for her own pleasure nd automatically the beaches which used to be her fav hang out spots got deleted from her to-do-list.. but today, thnx to armu's pleas nd not to forget her mumma's strict order, she joined them to spend a nice family evening but now after coming here she couldn't hlp but thnk her son nd mother mentally for dragging her out of their house ignoring all her lame excuses..
"it's so soothing here.." she couldn't hlp but whisper in pleasure wen cold breeze came nd kissed her cheeks, ruffling her hair making her tremble in utmost satisfaction..
"see.. I alwaz tell u to come but u alwaz make an excuse to stay locked up at home.." junior's complaining tone made her turn towards him nd nxt momnt she hugged her baby boy apologizing cutely.. "cholly na betu.." armu smiled at once seeing his mother's cutest expressions.. to him his mother is the cutest person on earth wen she makes such faces or use her babyish tone.. feeling contented he hugged his mother back nd replied.. "it's okk mom.. I'm happy dat finally u joined us.. but we really missed u every time.." arima hugged him tighter than before feeling the sadness nd loneliness in her son's voice.. nd at once she decided to gift her son a memorable evening today.. composing herself, she detangled junior nd knelt in front of him.. "done.. we'll have lots of fun today.. I promise.." her assuring tone along wth her sweetest smile took armu's happiness to its peak.. jumping in sheer excitement he quickly pecked her cheeks nd started dragging her towards the sea without any delay..
"betu.. wait.. let me take off the sandals.." arima shouted in between her laughter.. oh! His happiness is her medicine.. today she regretted for avoiding beaches till now.. juz bcoz it had her old best memories wth her dada, dat doesn't mean dat she can make her own son stay away from portraying his share of memories.. he too deserves some sweet childhood memories wth his parents nd beaches alwaz play a huge role in that.. but unfortunately she nvr realized it this deeply before today.. thankfully it isn't dat late.. she'll compensate a huge amount today for sure..determining in heart, arima gave in herself completely in the moment nd started painting her son's life with colors of smile nd laughter..
Quickly removing her sandals, arima looked at her mother who was standing behind them at a short distance but before she can say anything, riddhima smiled understandingly nd assured her to go along, she'll sit there until they come back.. arima smiled thankfully to her mother nd rushed behind her alrdy running son to catch him in water..
Riddhima smiled fully.. finally arima is overcoming her weakness.. sighing in relief she put the lill basket having their snacks on sand nd sat beside it after lying a mat there.. she was sitting alone but extremely happy.. nd why wouldn't she be? finally her daughter has started breaking the shell she formed years ago.. she waited patiently for this day wen arima will start living her life as care free as before nd finally today her prayers got answered making her truly happy after long time.. her smile was becoming wide to wider as she watched ari nd armu playing in water like two lill kids, they were alrdy dipping wet but she knew there's no way that the duo will come out of the water now.. nd she herslf was in no mood to call them intervening their moment.. the sight is too blissful to interrupt! Although she was feeling extremely contended seeing her daughter n grand son but her heart was still not satiated.. she was missing him! God knows why he didn't come there still.. she doesn't want him to miss this view.. he deserves this satisfaction.. he truly deserves to be in this picture perfect.. her heart was getting impatient nd restless wanting him by her side, living the moment wth her nd as if her earnest wish got heard by her love, as she felt a lill pressure over her palm nxt momnt nd at once she looked at the source.. finally he's here.. she smiled contently after exhaling a deep sigh of relief.. as expected he got lost in the beautiful picture in front of his eyes as soon as his eyes fell upon his two sweethearts.. in deed he's feeling emotional that moment.. there were thousands of memories wth beaches nd he was alwaz the actve prt of them but today he cnt go nd join the persons he alwaz craved to touch during these years.. riddhima sighed feeling his mental state nd thought of distracting him at once..
"tumhey yaad hain armaan.. humari pehli beach visit??" she said nd as expected he looked at her direction nd nxt moment both smiled divinely understanding wat the other person was trying to do..
"of course jaan.. I cn nvr forget that.. tum aur tumhari mummy ji ke utpatang lessons!!" he said chuckling only to receive her playful smack nxt mommnt.. "tumsey toh baat karna bekar hain.. har baat pe masti.."


"armaan ji.. yeh aap mujhey kahan le jaa rahe hain??" riddhima asked for the hundredth time until they reached the beach.. "beach??" she asked aghast disbelieving her eyes.. she nvr saw a beach before.. the feeling was overwhelmingly exciting yet frightening.. "pasand aya??" he asked sweetly understanding her situation.. clearly she loved the sight in front of her eyes.. he, too, was mesmerized wen he 1st visited d beach here.. but still that momnt was not as spcl as today as then he was alone, far away from his pari but today, she's juz beside him.. nd the feeling of togetherness was too overwhelming for him that while she was swallowing the scenic beauty as much as possible, he was doing nothing but admiring his lady love, or better to say, his darling wifey.. her face was nothing less than a treat to watch at dat moment.. clearly the vast sea was beyond her imagination nd the beauty of sunset on the beach left her mesmerized making her eyes wide open in amazement..
He nodded sideways smiling happily nd thn going behind her, he hugged her close around her waist making her shiver wth his touch this time.. "armaan ji??" she gasped as he put his face on her left shoulder nd inhaled deeply enjoying her fragrance.. "hmm..??" he asked without breaking the contact but soon smiled widely wen he heard her fast beating heart under her saree pallu.. understanding the havoc she was going through, he broke the hug nd stood by her side so that she could compose herself.. after some minutes wen he was sure dat she has overcome the effect of their intimacy, he held her hand nd indicated her to walk along.. 1st she kpt on walking feeling hypnotized by his presence but soon shrieked in fear wen sea water touched her feet.. she quickly hugged him tight making him bewildered very momnt.. "riddhima?? Kya hua?? Riddhima?? Ankhein kholo.. kya hua jaan??" he asked soothingly controlling his own panic while caressing her head wth his free hand as other was held tightly by her.. he tried to peep into her eyes but she was in no mood to leave him or open her tighjtly shut eyes..
"riddhima.. main hoon,na.. kya baat hain batao mujhey??" he again tried his best so that she opens her fear to him nd thankfully this time she opened her eyes nd looked at him.. "mujhey samunder se dar lagta hain, armaan ji.." she said simply.. "oh mera bachcha.." he hugged her at once wen he saw her  eyes having lill drops of tears.. she's such a baby sometimes! nd she's his.. he'll protect her from every fear whether it's big or small.. He hugged her tight protecting in his arms nd she at once gave in to him hugging him back as close as possible..
After a few minutes, he strted softly.. "jaan.. dekho.. kuch nhi hoga, main hoon,na.."
But she was juz too adamant n stubborn.. "nai.. main doob jayungi.." nd hugged him tighter even that was possible..
"nahi dubogi.. main hoon na?? tumhey lagta hain main meri pari ko kuch hone dunga??" he asked in his best soothing voice hoping that it'll work this time..
Riddhima broke the hug nd looked at his eyes directly.. she said nothing juz kpt on staring at his hazel blue eyes for sometime nd thn she whispered.. "aap mujhsey door nhi jaoge,na?? warna main doob jayungi.." armaan smiled at his cute lill wifey.. "par jaan u knw swimming.. tum doob nhi sakti.." he said caressing her hair trying to put some sense in her adamant brain.. "par wohh toh bass chota sa talab(pond) tha gaon (village) ka.. aur yeh samunder hain.. itna bada.. aur pata nhi kitna gehra.. main pakka doob jayungi agar aap mujhey chodkey chaley gaye toh.." she was whining like a lill baby who doesn't knw anything but wanted to prove his point correct anyhow.. he sighed nd thn said smilingly.. "okk baba.. I promise main kahin nhi jayunga.. waisey bhi mujhey toh bas tumsey chipak ne ka bahana chahiye hota hain.. abhi tum khud mujhey chance de rahi ho toh main kya pagal hoon joh tumhey chodke jayunga.." he said naughtily drivinng her mind from her fears nd as alwaz it did magic.. "armaan ji.. aap bhi na.." she blushed hard but thn buried her face in his chest without getting any other place to hide from him..
Armaan smiled and nxt momnt rising her up from her feet, went deeper side of the sea.. riddhima was soo lost in her embarrassment that she juz kpt clingling onto him not realizing that he had lifted her up alrdy nd now walking wth her towards the sea.. but the momnt didnt last for long as she yelled in fear wen water came upto her waist.. being shocked she loosened her hold around his neck nd as a result made him off balance as well nd nxt momnt both fell into the water.. she, at d bottom nd he, on the top of her.. both are completely wet now.. "armaan ji??" she asked dejectedly nd tried to push him away but the more she tried to detangle him, the more they lost their balance going deeper inside the sea.. "babaji.. kaha fasa diya apney.. aab hum dono doob jayenge.." she whispered under her breathe nd was about to strt crying but armaan silenced her immediately wth a loving gentle kiss on her lips to wipe off her fear nd it did wrk.. in no way she was expecting this move of him nd she naturally she froze.. armaan chuckled seeing her eyes wide open in horror nd felt proud to know how to shut his wifey from blabbering her stupid talks in future.. in deed he's luving the way to shut her mouth nd he'll love to apply it again n again, nvr getting bored of this procedure..
getting up, he made her stand on her feet.. "see.. tum doob nhi sakti yahan pe.. bas waist tak pani hain.." he said indicating the water level but before she could reply, she fell on the sand due to the speed of the coming waves.. frowning she again stood up only to be fallen by another gush of waves nxt momnt.. her frown was becoming deep to deeper as the waves weren't allowing her to stand on her feet.. the more she tried not to fall, the more she fell off balance unable to control her body weight against the speed of the waves but gradually her annoyance turned into utmost fun as she willingly started falling on the sand repeatedly.. armaan who was standing nxt to her nd watching her from the very beginning, smiled happily as finally she overcame her fear.. getting the clue, he too jumped in the moment nd started sprinking water all over her face making her wetter dan before if dat was even possible.. she giggled happily driving him crazy wth her melodious laughter.. she was alwaz a water-lover.. often she used to forget the time while she nd her frnz went for swimming in the ponds of their villages.. today was no exception.. 1st seeing the sea, all she wanted was to jump thn n there nd get wet nd make armaan drench as well but she was nvr inside a sea before.. so an unknown fright caught better of her making her nervous to the core.. besides that the thought of playing in water wth armn was although too tempting, she couldn't afford to try any of those desires as her mummy ji strictly told her not to do any stupidity dat she used to do before her marriage or else armaan will leave her doubting her capability of being an ideal wife.. nd the frustration of not going inside the water wth her love, also added fuel to her unknwn fear making her repelled from the sea.. but thnx to armaan, she's finally in the moment now, enjoying her fullest forgetting all her worries nd taught lessons.. she's completely drenched and thnx to her crazyness, armaan was no behind from her, he's as dipping as her.. both were alrdy out of breathes laughing their hearts out but still in no mood to come out of water..
After like ages, finally armaan offered her his hand so that they can go back as it was getting quite late nd besides, he alrdy felt her trembling in his embrace due to cold nd damp but as expcted, his lill wifey was in no mood to leave this pleasure now.. water was alwaz her addiction.. "armaan ji.. plz??" she asked making the cutest face possible melting his heart vry same momnt but before he can gave in, some thing struck his mind nd he said.. "hmm.. ok lekin ek shart(condition) par.." she looked confused nd asked.. "shart??" he nodded in yes nd going nearer he said.. "tum mujhey armaan ji nahi armaan kahogi aur aap nhi tum kahogi.. bolo manzoor hain??" he asked smiling his most charming smile.. she bit her  lips to compose herself.. The offer was indeed too tempting.. but how cn she accpt that?? She's married to him.. how cn she call him by his name? he's her husband after all.. "umm.. armaan ji.. umm.. wohh mummi ji ne..." but before she could say anything, he shushed her putting his finger over her lips.. "riddhima jaan.. plz boora mat manna par har baat pe mummy ji ko lana zaroori hain kya??.." she was about to protest but he hushed her again.. "nahi.. pehley meri poori baat dhyan se suno.. dekho riddhima.. I knw mummy ji ne jo kaha hain wohh humarey bhaley ki liye kaha hain par this isn't working.. mujhey achcha nhi lagta jab tum unki bato ko manke chalti ho toh.. tum pari hi achchi lagti ho mujhey.. plz waisey hi raho.. yeh wali riddhima mujhey nhi pasand.." she lowered her head nd whispered.. "apko main pasand nhi aab??" she paused nd thn started chokingly.. "Mummy ji ne mujhsey barbar kaha tha ki aisa hi kuch hoga kyunki main humesha kuch na kuch gadbad kar deti hoon.. main humesha bachcho jaisi harkatey karti hoon,na.. toh ek din aap gussa hoke mujhey wapas Punjab bhej denge.. aur dekhiye bilkul aisa hi ho raha hain.." nd wth that she started crying stupidly.. "riddhima??" armaan called her in extreme hlplessness nd hugged her at once.. she wriggled 1st but thn gave in.. "jaan.. main kya karoon tumhey leke.. batao mujhey.. arrey mujhey tumhari bachcho jaisi harkatein hi pasand hain aur main wohi wapas mang raha hoon tumsey.. meri pagal jhalli ko wapas lana itna mushkil hain kya??" she broke d hug nd looked into his eyes.. "I luv u jaan.. main tumsey bahot pyar karta hoon.. kya tum plz merey liye meri pari banogi firsey?? Mujhey yeh ideal wife nhi chahiye.. tum samajh rahi ho main kya kehne ki koshish kar raha hoon??" she sighed nd timidly nodded in yes.. "jaisa aap kahey.." he again felt lyk beating his head hard against a wall.. "merey liye nhi.. apney liye bhi.. in fct humarey liye.. hum aisey khush nhi reh saktey jaisey mummy ji ne bataya hain tumhey.. tum khud hi socho sab ko ek cheez pasand ati hain kya?? Shayad tumharey papa ji ko aisi patni chahiye hogi par mujhey nhi.. aur jahan tak mujhey pata hain tum bhi kuch zyada khush nhi ho itney sarey niyamo(rules) ko man ke.. hain na??" she bit her lips being caught by him correctly nd finally he smiled in relief.. "mujhey pata tha.." he paused nd laughed a lill... "aab mrs. Patni mallik ji agar aap is bar pehley jaisi nhi banengi toh pakka main apko wapas apkey mummy ji ke ghar bhej dunga..." he teased making her mouth wide open.. "tum mujhey wapas bhej doge?? Ar..maan?? main chodungi nhi tunhey??" she forgot all her taught lessons nd finally understood wat was best for him, for her, for them.. armaan sighed in extreme satisfaction finally hearing her calling him by his name without her 'ji'
"aan haan.. pehle pakad ke toh dikhaiye patni ji.." he said while running towards the dry sand.. but poor gal, she felt at least ten times before joing him on the beach again..

__________________to be continued__________________


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