Saturday, 15 July 2017

part 29 : Beetein_Lamhe

"mumma door andar se bandh hain..!!" arima declared being extremely perplexed.. the trio has just returned from their beach side evening party, while junior nd arima are completely wet, riddhima was half drenched,herself.. well.. how can u think dat armu will leave his darling granny untouched.. lately, he dragged her too, sprinkling water all over her saree nd face including her in his wet-gang as well..

"par aisa kaisey ho sakta hain..!" riddhima was equally surprised..
"omg mumma.. ghar mein chor ghusa hain.." arima suddenly shrieked as realization stroke her grey-matter.. "phone? Phone kaha hain mera?? We've to call police.. omg.. armu.. u stay away.. mumma aap bhi.. oh god.." the thought of a dangerous robber wandering inside their house rose arima's b.p. so much dat she became hysteric instantly..
"momm!! Chill.. it's not a case of robbery.." junior declared coolly avoiding his mother's aghast expression.. "armu??" riddhima was also going to intervene but armaan (senior) assured her at once.. "armu is ri8 jaan.. koi chor nhi hain andar.. relax.." riddhima calmed down being assured by her husband but nxt momnt asked him softly.. "fir??" armaan smiled showing his both dimples nd at once she understood his clue.. "oh my god.. sach mein??" he blinked in assurance making riddhima beam in happiness..
But on the other hand, arima was still shocked seeing her son's extremely cool reflex.. "armu. Bachcha u r not understanding.." but junior cut her again wth his expert tone.. "no mom.. u r imagining too much.. see koi sound nhi aa raha except the sound of the t.v.. aab chor ghar me ghush ke t.v. toh nhi dekhega,na??" junior stopped chuckling at d end.. arima tried to verify her son's wrds nd yes.. he's absolutely ri8.. there's no sound except the sound of t.v.. some commercial was being displayed there... frowning in confusion she looked at her son nd thn her mother.. both are relaxed nd smiling knowingly as if giving her any clue to crack but her brain was out of order that moment.. so, she scowled being unable to understand wat the duo have alrdy guessed.. nd at last being extremely frustrated she said.. "mujhey bhi batao na mumma.. akhir hain kaun andar??" ridhima could hlp but pat arima's head playfully smiling at her daughter's height of stupidity while armu said in his helpless tone.. "gosh mom! Apka kuch nhi ho sakta..sach mein.." nd without giving any chnce to protest, he rang the door bell.. arima looked at her mother pouting even more hoping to get the answer from her but before riddhima could reply melting by her cute expression, the door got flung open and a handsome voice rang just a few inches behind her back.. "welcome home ladies.."
"dad.." armu quickly jumped over him in utmost happiness nd he,too, took his son up at once making a hi-5.. "hellooo big boy.. hw r u??"
Arima at once turned to the source nd looked at the person in complete shock.. both the males chuckled seeing her bewildered expression.. "dad.. u won't believe mom acts so dumb sometimes.. u knw mom ko laga ki andar koi chor hain.." armu leaked her embarrassing secret to her naughty hubby who burst out into roars of laughter nxt momnt.. "nothing new champ.. ur mom is in born stupid, ri8 mumma??" samrat, arima's husband, crossed his wifey to engulf his darling mother-in-law in a warm hug wth his free hand nd thn bent down to take her blessings.. riddhima smiled happily seeing him after months nd asked immediately.. "tu toh 2weeks baad ane wala tha,na??"
As soon as riddhima completed her question, arima whined towards them.. "mumma?? Apko pata tha?? Fir bhi mujhey nhi bataya?? Nd I was crying lyk an idiot dat day.."
Ridhhima closed her eyes in an anticipation of hard time from her daughter nd looked at her ladla damad cum son for some hlp.. samrat blinked in assurance nd replied.. "well my dear stupid wifey.." arima scowled as soon as he addressed her stupid.. but he was in no mood to show any sympathy, so he carried on.. "I told u ki main armu ke pe nhi aa payunga nd u believed.. now isn't dat stupidity or wat??" he said nd ignoring her murderous glare went inside holding his mothr in law nd son by his both hands..
"samratt.. arri sach mein bahot gussa ho gayye hain.. aur mat sata ussey aab.." riddhia said wen she saw her not entering wth them but scowling still standing at the very same place.. "plz na mumma.. ussey tang karke bahot achcha lagta hain.." riddhima smiled at her fortune.. she got all crazy males in her life.. 1st it's her husband, thn cums her junior.. it was samrat who was missing till now but finally his visit made the circle complete.. "baad mein.. abhi go.. tab tak main fresh hoke aye.." samrat sighed nd thn nodded reluctantly.. "okk mumma.." nd went to manofy his angry wifey.. riddhima smiled nd was about to go but stopped nxt momnt wen she heard something that reminded her old times..
Samrat who went to manofy his frowning wife actually scowled himself wen he noticed arima properly.. "rii.. why are u so wet?? Mainey kitni baar kaha hain tumsey aisey bheeg ke bahar mat ghuma karo.. pata nhi kitney sarey kameeno ne tumhey gandi nazar se dekha hoga.." samrat huffed, all rdy to go out nd beat all those insane b******* but arima's reaction was complete opposite.. she juz smiled fully.. oh ho! Toh he's jealous.. gr8.. mujhey stupid kaha tha,na.. nw wait n watch mr. patidev..
Samrat was waiting for her sorry but frowned deeper wen he saw her entering the house wth her dont-care attitude along wth her mischievous smile.. "rii..." samrat called her shocked but followed anyway..
"oh boy! Dad is soo jealous.." junior said in astonishment.. riddhima who was standing juz nxt to armu, turned towards him at once nd smiled seeing his shocked expression.. she ruffled his hair nd said warmly.. "bachcha.. go nd get changed.. warna thand lag jayegi.." junior sighed nd nodding in yes went towards his room while riddhima walked towards hers.. men will be men! No matter it's 90's or twenty 2nd century.. smiling in her heart she went inside her washroom to change herself in something dry..


"arrey yaar yeh traffic jam!" armaan extended his head out of the window of his taxi to see the extent of traffic jam ahead.. "god!" being frustrated he brought his head inside and looked at his wrist watch impatiently.. "10minutes mein riddhima ka exam khatam ho jayega.. mujhey nhi lagta main time se pahuch payunga.." it was his wife's 1st exam in college.. seeing her nervousness, he promised that he'll come everyday to bring her to college nd also to take her bck home.. nd it seemed like he had to brk his promise on d very first day.. he excused himself for a half day after faking lots of severe emergencies to his cranky boss nd finally became able to come out of the office but unfortunately he was running late.. so, to save time, he hired a taxi in stead of taking his usual bus but heck this jam! In no way it'll clear any soon.. so he payed the driver the fare nd started walking hurriedly along the pavement.. "bas pari.. main pahuchne hi wala hoon.. tum darna mat.. I'm sure tumhari exm achchi gayee hogi.. par agar mein tym se nhi pahucha toh tum dar jaogi kuch na kuch boora soch ke.. armaan yaar.. jaldi chal.." he mentally kicked himself nd accelerated his pace but wen he reached her college the scene in front of his eyes didn't mke him happy at all, it fact it burnt his heart.. vry vry bad!
There she was.. coming out of her college smiling heartily wth a guy.. "kaun hain yeh kameena??" armaan cursed the guy in his heart.. in deed he was a good guy.. any one could say that seeing the way he was talking to her.. yes, he was coming wth riddhima but there was a respectable distance between the duo but wen it comes to his darling wifey all rationality of armaan got evaporated at once forcing him to act as dumbest nd stupidest as possible.. nd today was no exception! being a possessive husband that distance wasn't enough to mke him comfortable.. rather the fact that his wifey has befriended wth a guy, burnt his heart real well..
"hey armaan.. issey milo.. yeh hain atul.. humarey class ka most intelligent student.. aur atul.. yeh hain armaan.. my husband.." riddhima introduced each other while blushed at d end introducing armaan as her husband... "hayee main mar jawa.." armaan couldn't hlp murmur under his breathe seeing her flushed cheeks.. gosh! The feeling of being addressed as her husband was too divine to describe..
"hello armaan.." atul said smiling sweetly.. armaan too passed his sweet smile reciprocating atul's greeting.. "toh kaisa raha tum logo ka exam??" although armaan asked to both of them but his gaze was on his wife only.. "bahot achcha.. right riddhi??" atul asked smiling while riddhima juz nodded in agreement.. the fact that armaan was standing one or two inches away made her heart beat like maniac.. "umm.. achcha riddhi.. main chalta hoon.. all the best for tomorrow.." atul said nd excused himself giving them a perfect moment..
"exam achcha gaya,na??" armaan asked softly while tugging a loose strand of hair behind her ear nd as expected she shivered feeling his touch.. "hmm" she muttered gasping in between making him satisfied to the core..
"ghar chalein??" he asked nxt extending his hand.. riddhima looked at him being completely aghast seeing him offering his hand to hold in public.. they were out of her college, for god's sake! As if armaan read her mind, he replied.. "bas hath hi pakad ne ko kaha hain.. kiss nhi kar raha joh itni shocked ho rahi ho.." his shameless reply did nothing but made her perplexed even more.. armaan sighed nd holding her hand tight himself he started walking towards the bus stand ignoring all her weak protests..
As soon as they took their seats, riddhima looked outside the window.. she alwaz loved travelling being seated window-side.. the way running wind alwaz played wth her hair n face made her relax completely making her forget all her worries or tension.. armaan who was lost in her beauty till now, finally came back to his senses as the driver applied a sudden break.. "zz.. aauchh.." she shrieked slowly while massaging her elbow..
"riddhima.. kya hua dikhayo.." he tried to see her wound closely but riddhima juz wriggled nd withdrew her hand.. "armaan.. hum bus mein hain.. sab dekh rahe hain.." she said indicating the person standing nxt to their seat wth her eyes, armaan followed her direction nd thn again looked bck at her.. "toh?? Tum patni ho meri.. bhaga ke nhi le ja raha.. tum bhi na pari.. chalo.. let me see.."
"nahi na armaan.." she protested shying hard..
"uff!! Tum ladkiya bhi,na.." he said feeling annoyed..
"armaan.. tum ghar tak wait nhi kar saktey kya??" she said hlplessly..
"umm.. waisey toh nhi kar sakta par iss bar main romance nhi kar raha tha.. bas dekh na chahta tha ki kahan pe lagi hain.." he said simply while she felt her cheeks getting hot wth embarrassment..
"pagal.." finally she said smiling fullest nd looked outside the window..
"achcha ji.. main pagal aur wohh tumhara dost.. ussey toh bahot pyar se has has ke baat kar rahi thi.. tab kyun nhi sharma rahi thi batao.. tumhey toh bas bahana chahiye mujhsey door bhagne ka.." he whined like a stubborn baby..
"ar..maan?? wohh bas ek dost hain.." she tried to mke him understand.. but failed miserably..
"toh mainey kab kaha ki dushman hain.. par itna kyun has rahi thi tum uskey sath.. chipku kahin ka.." he cursed atul openly this time..
"armaan kya bachcho jaisi batein kar rahe ho?? Atul chipku nhi hain.. wohh bahot achcha ladka hain.. intelligent.. decent.. sweet.." she was juz being practical but it did nothing but added fuel to his jealousy..
"abhi tum kisi doosrey ladkey ki tareef kar rahi ho apney pati ke samney aur tum kehti ho main bachcha hoon?? Haddh hain yaar.." he was highly pissed off now hearing nothing but good wrds about dat idiot atul..
"arrey meri ma.." he glared at her immediately..
"sorry.. tum maa toh nhi ho saktey.. gender mistake.." he glared even dealier..
"stop glaring.. tum mujhey dara rahey ho.." she couldn't hlp but said meekly..
"good.. tumhey dara ke hi rakhna chahiye tha mujhey.. zyada choot milte hi dekho kitni bigad geye ho tum.." he said crunching his eyes..
"armaan??" she shouted slowly disbelieving his logic..
"mujhey mera naam yaad hain.. itni baar kehne ki zaroorat nhi.. pata nhi mainey tumhey gals college mein kyun nhi admit karwaya.. u dnt knw riddhima boys kitney kameeney hotey hain.. jahan sundar ladki dekhi wahan line lagana suru.." he said in his expert tone this time..
"aan haan.. toh patidev jealous feel kar rahe hain.." riddhima couldn't hlp but chuckled as she finally solved his riddles..
"huh! Jealous aur main?? Pheww!! Never.." he tried to sound confident but it sounded melodramatic only..
"haan haan.. wohh toh dikh raha hain.." riddhima said nd thn started giggling making him scowl in embarrassment this time..
"main jal nhi raha.." he said emphasizing each word..
"nhi nhi armaan.. tum nhi main jal rahi hoon.." nd she burst out into her heartiest laughter turning his frown into a loving admiring smile..


"god! armaan.. dara diya tumney mujhey.." she said putting her right hand over her fast beating heart.. actually, armaan was juz standing outside the washroom waiting for her but wen riddhima opened d door lost in her past sweet memories she wasn't expecting him to be there nd naturally gor frightened..
"uff tum bhi na riddhima.. kabhi nhi badlogi.. abhi bhi baat baat pe darr jati ho.." he said playfully but hugged her anyway.. "u okk??" he asked softly caressing her back lovingly.. "hmm.." came her smiling reply.. detangling her, he pecked her forehead affectionately n apologized.. "srry.. I didn't mean to scare u.." she smiled nd went towards her dressing table saying.. "it's not ur fault armaan.. mera dhyaan kahin aur tha.." she started combing her hair while armaan came nd stnding beside the mirror, asked.. "kahan??"
"wohh.." but before she could reply, samrat came.. "mumma??" she turned at once nd smiled widely.. "man gayee arrii??" he nodded in yes nd coming near pecked her right cheek lovingly.. "u knw na how charming ur boyfrnd is.." he paused nd nxt momnt both laughed their hearts out.. but before samrat could praise himself more, he received a deadly warning from his son who also came to call riddhima but now was standing wth his both hands on his waist disapproving the sight happening in front of his eyes.. "dadd!! She's not ur GF anymore.. okk?? Naani bas meri GF hain.. hain na naani??" he asked hopefully coming near riddhima making her smile huge.. "of course.. samrat.. dekho firsey meri BF ke samney mujhsey flirt mat karna.." riddhima said in a straight tone mking junior grin wide in victory but nxt momnt his grin turned into a dejected scowl wen she completed her sentence.. "karna hain toh uskey absence mein karna.." nd at once both riddhima nd samrat burst out into roars of laughter while poor junior kpt staring at them feeling extremely betrayed.. "oh.. I missed u mumma.." samrat said nd hugged her again.. "missed u too beta.." she replied smiling widely..

_______________to be continued______________

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