Sunday, 30 July 2017

part 3 : AR love story

He looked at his watch for  what seemed like the hundredth time. It had had been 20 minutes since he had arrived.  He had thought that if he arrived 10 minutes earlier than he could have maybe impressed Miss Gupta by showing her that he was very serious about wanting this land. It was now 12:10 and she was 10 minutes late.  Armaan got up and started walking around, he looked around and was very impressed with what he saw. It was a simple yet beautiful outdoors caf  type restaurant. "God where could she be? She didn't stand me up did she?"  Lost in his thoughts he felt himself bump into
somebody., luckily this time he didn't fall. He looked up to see who he had hit into, but all he saw was black silky hair covering the face. He noticed the girl struggle to remove the strands of hair from her face. She was wearing a baby blue halter top with a white skirt that came just right below her knees. She definitely had a good figure, hmm maybe she can be a model for my company Armaan thought.  He noticed the girl finally manage to remove the hair from her face, but once she did he was shocked.
Ar: YOU?!?!

Girl: OMG not you again, don't you have anything better to do than to bump into me.

Ar: Actually yes I do, I'm here to meet some Miss Gupta, I have a very important meeting with her.

Armaan noticed the girl get a slight smirk on her face. That can't be good he thought.

Girl: Oh, I see, so your Mr. Armaan Malik?

Ar: Yes I am, but how do you know?? All of a sudden it hit him, Omg your Miss Gupta?

Girl: Yes I am, Actually its Miss Ridhima Gupta.

Ar: Oh man, oh man.

R: She laughed, so you obviously know that I'm not going to give you the land at all now, so I guess this meeting is over?
Ar:  Aww no please just listen to me. This is really important for me, just hear me out once. Here I'll apologize for hitting into you for both times. I'm sorry.

Ridhima was amused, there was no way she was going to give up this land but there was nothing wrong in listening to why he wanted it anyway.

R: Alright why not.

Ar:  Great. Here lets sit down and talk.

As they sat down a waiter approached them to ask what they wanted.

Waiter: What would you like today?

R: Can I just have an ice cold lemonade?

Waiter: And what about you sir?

Ar: I'll have the same as the lady.

The waiter brought them there ice cold lemonades, it was a hot day and drinking an ice cold glass of lemonade felt refreshing.

R: So Mr. Malik, start talking

Ar: Okay, so Miss Ridhima you know that in London I own a fashion designing house  called  KASH, well I want to open up a building in India too. That land that's in your name is just perfect for a place to build the new KASH building. So what do you think?

R: Well what would I get out of this?

Ar: Hmm good point. I guess I can share what ever profit I make with you.

R: Look Armaan..I mean Mr. Malik…

Ar: You can call me Armaan that's fine.

R: Look what I'm trying to say is that  I can't give you this land. I'm sorry.

Ar: Why not? Is it because we started off with a bad beginning? Look I said sorry for that what more do you want me to do?

R:  Excuse  me, your acting like your doing such a big favor on me by saying sorry., god who do you think you are?  I had come  here deciding that I wasn't going to give the person the land in the first place, I even felt bad about  it, but now after knowing that the land would have  belonged to somebody like you if I would have agreed, I'm glad I said No and I don't regret my decision. Bye Mr. Malik, have a good day.

With that She just turned around and left. God she couldn't believe it, this guy just had soo much ego and attitude.  She wasn't going to give this land up anyways, but definitely not to somebody like him.
Armaan just watched her walk away, he couldn't believe it, this was only their second meeting and yet once again they fought. But ugh this girl definitely has too much attitude. Who does she think she is?
Armaan just got into his car and drove off,  I need to go on a long drive and just clear my mind,  but as he was driving his phone rang……

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