Wednesday, 19 July 2017

part 3: A divine touch

when riddhima reached his home got that he was alone there.angad said that papa and arman went to their village for performing some rituals as his mumma's death anniversary was.
riddhima : "'tum nehi gaye angad?"'

angad kept quiet for some time then uttered in a choked voice : "'bhai ka manna hai ki mumma ki mout ka jimmedar mai hun isliye wo kabhi mujhe mumma ke kisi kaam me involve nehi karte."'
riddhima asked surprisingly : "'par uncle?
angad uttered sarcastically : "'papa sirf bhai ki baat mante hain,arman mallik jo kahe wahi sach...arman..arman..arman...
wahi unka sab kuch hai,mai kuch bhi nehi..sab kuch arman ka,mera kuch bhi nehi.."saying it he started crying like a child.

riddhima was sad seeing his state,she uttered holding his hand : "mai hun na tumhare sath angad..
angad cought her hand tightly and uttered : "bas ab tum hi ho riddhu..mujhe ab kuch nehi chahiye..i love you..
kya tum bhi?"'saying it he looked at her.
riddhima nodded with a blushing face.
angad wiped his tears and uttered : "'thank u riddhu,tumne mujhe kya diya hai tumhe khud pata nehi,i got the whole world in my arm...i got everything..chalo mai tumhe mumma ki pics dikhata hun.
riddhima was happy seeing his mood got changed.she nodded and they came in his bedroom.angad took out their family album and said : "tum album dekho riddhu,mai jhat se 2 cup coffee banaker lata hun."
riddhima : "mai bana leti hun angad."'
angad uttered pinching her nose : "'u r my guest riddhu,aaj mere hath ka kamal toh dekho.waise bhi shadi ke baad mai hi cooking karunga,tum toh princess ho,waise hi rakhunga mai.
riddhima smiled on his words .
angad : "'yeh hui na baat,bas mai 2 minute me aaya.
riddhima was so engrossed in album din't know when angad came in and sat beside her .riddhima felt his hands were in her thigh.
riddhima felt uneasy and moved a bit while uttered : "tum bachpan me bade cute they."'
angad uttered smilingly : "toh kya abhi nehi hun."'
riddhima smiled and said yes through her eyes.angad took her hand in his and uttered : "'promise me riddhima,kabhi bhi mera sath nehi chodogi."'
riddhima nodded pressing his hand. after that angad started to tell about his mumma,his childhood...riddhima was listening attentively while seeping coffee. after some time she felt dizziness.she tried to get up but fell on angad's lap. angad smiled cunningly while uttered wrapping his arms around her : "chalo riddhu,aaj aisa karte hain ki hum kabhi alag na ho..aaj yeh raat ..mai aur tum..bas hum dono..
"riddhima didn't understand what he said only uttered : "'i love u angad..
angad laughed and bit on her neck like a hungry lion.riddhima moaned in pain .angad laughed and picked her in his arm and made her lie on the bed. riddhima felt that he was undressing her..kissing her ,biting her..sucking her..but she was not able to stop him anyhow. slowly riddhima sank in a deep sleep .

when riddhima got sense,she felt like a heavy stone was on her head...she slowly opened her eyes and jerked seeing her condition.she was na**d ,lying on angad's bed and he was sitting beside her while caressing her body ,gazing her like a greedy wolf.

love u all

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