Wednesday, 19 July 2017

PART - 30 (B): Beetein_Lamhe

"rii.. plz pehley poori baat sunlo fir panic ho jana.." samrat said timidly seeing his crazy, now completely out of mind, wifey wandering along the room in utmost frustration.. he waited nd waited but arima didn't bother to show any care about wat he juz whispered.. she juz kpt on roaming nd
muttering under her breathe forcing poor samrat gulp in fear.. her muttering was though inaudible but samrat was sure dat she's cursing him only! finally unable to bear the tension anymore, samrat shifted beside riddhima nd whispered to her still kping his gaze fixed on his cranky wifey.. "mumma.. yeh volcano toh explode hone wala hain.. kya karoon aab main??" armu, too, came near them seeing his dad shifting beside his naani.. "yes naani.. abhi aap hi dad ko bacha saktey ho.. mumma toh ful2 phoolan devi mode mein chali gayee hain.." nd wth this both son-dad duo exchanged their helpless nd frightened glances wth each other as if telling dad way did u say this like dat?' while samrat's look was like.. sorry armu.. I didn't think this way..'
 riddhima who was herself afraid to face her extremely angry daughter finally nodded meekly in agreement seeing how hopeful both her sons regarding her nd so building up courage she whispered at last.. "I'll try armu, samrat.. but plz tum dono bhi madat karna.. aaj arrii kuch zyada hi gussein mein lag rahi hain.." nd this did nothing but feared samrat more.. "mummaa... aap mujhey dara rahe ho!!" he said dejectedly after examining his furious wife once more.. "sorry.." riddhima whispered guiltily nd moved forward taking a brave step.. god! yeh ladki waisey toh bilkul apney papa pe gayee hain sivayee iss gussey ki.. aaj mujhey sach mein armaan ke liye boora lag raha hain, becharey ne kya kya nhi kiya mujhey manane ke liye.. arriii, tujhey is baat pe apney mumma pe jane ki kya zaroorat thi, papa jaisi nhi ho sakti thi kya.. abhi bhagwan hi bachaya hum sab ko..' but before riddhima could think more her chain of thoughts got broken as  armu tugged her pallu from behind nd whispered.. chak de phattey naani.. tussi dariyo mat.. hum sab hain,na... aap bas age age chalo.. dad aur main peechey peechey aatey hain.." he said nd smiled cutely exposing his both dimples... oh! How much she loves this lill angel.. it is becoz of him, she's still able to bear the pain of separation from her love.. he's juz d best medicine for their family.. nd she can nvr thnk god enough for sending this lill angel to their lives who knows exactly wat one needs.. smiling widely riddhima blinked her eyes in assurance making armu smile sweeter dan before nd then turned around to fetch her crazy daughter..
"arriii.. bachcha sun toh le ekbar samrat..." but riddhima's words got cut in between as arima shouted in extreme frustration.. "sunoo?? Kya sunoo mumma.. aap suniye kya kiya hain aapkey ladley betey ne.. mummaaa.. usney samney se resign kar diya hain... u are understanding mumma.. logo ko job milta nhi hain aur yeh hain ki.. god!!! is he mad or something.. kyun bhagwan kyun.. sarey stupid, idiot, pagal mujhey hi milna tha kya.." she said in exasperation nd looked at samrat threateningly as if all ready to murder him wth her bare hands..
"jaan.. suno toh.." samrat tried once more plastering a sweet smile on his lips but unfortunately his smile was too wide stretched dan it was necessary nd so it did exactly wat he didn't want to do.. yes.. it agitated arima even more!! Poor soul.. he froze in his way nd not going near her any further, he hid behind his shield, his one n only savior, riddhima..
"don't u dare act cheesy wth me.. pehle galti karo aur fir jaan.. jaan..' kehke merey peechey peechey ghumo.." arima said crunching her brows showing her index finger dangerously towards him.. boy! She is completely mad now.. samrat kicked himself mentally for not representing this sensitive matter properly..
"arrii.. yeh kya baat hui.. ek toh bechara kab se tujhey samjhane ki koshish kar raha hain aur tu hain ki uski politeness ka galat faida utha rahi hain.." riddhima scolded arima while samrat hugged her from behind nd made a too innocent face.. "see.. kitna sad lag raha hain mera beta.." riddhima scolded arima even more who huffed n puffed seeing her own mother being partial to her husband but not her.. she looked at samrat more angrily who juz flushed his 32 all out grin boiling her blood even more but before he can join his rii-ko-satao-aviyan' riddhima smacked his hand gently nd whispered.. "yeh kya kar raha hain tu.. yahan main arrii ko manane ki koshish kar rahi hoon aur tu ussey aur gussa dila raha hain.." nd at once samrat wiped off his smile nd muttered a soft.. "sorry mumma.." but he was alrdy too late, now it's time for the volcano-eruption..
"mumma.. dekha aapney.. kaisey has raha hain aapka BECHARA beta.. ek toh khud job chodke aa gaya.. mujhsey... MUJHSEY ekbar poocha bhi nhi.. consult bhi nhi kiya bass aa gaya resign deke.. aur sorry kehne ke wajah smile de raha hain.. had hoti hain yaar besharmi ki.." she spat nd sat on the couch wth a loud thud..
"par arrii... pehley tu sun toh le wohh..." but arima again cut her.. "no mumma.. mujhey kuch nhi sunna.. alrdy dimag kharab ho raha hain, abhi aur kuch sunney baithi toh zaroor pagal ho jayungi main.." she said nd gve samrat another mean glare but before anyone can say anything, armu handed her a glass of chilled juice nd said.. "right mom.. abhi aap juice piyo.. baad mein hum milkey dad ko dekh lenge.." arima smiled thankfully taking the glass while samrat gave him a mean look of betrayal but armu blinked in assurance signaling him to stop sulking.. "waisey mom.. ek baat poochun??" arima who was quite calmer now nodded in yes still enjoying the chilled juice which is successfully soothing her throbbing nerves.. "mom.. aap sach mein is liye gussa ho ki dad ne resign kar diya ya fir is liye gussa ho kyun ki dad ne apko yeh baat pehley nhi bataya.." nd dat's it.. armu successfully hit the bull's eye nd at once arima froze in her way nd gulping the freshly taken sip slowly n forcefully, she looked at armu timidly.. her look was crystal clear for armu to know how correct question he has raised.. so, without wasting this chance, he continued slowly.. "jahan tak mujhey pata hain meri mom roz yeh hi sochti hain ki kuch miracle ho jaye and dad humarey sath reh jaye, unhey wapas na jana padey.. hain na mom??" arima at once closed her eyes being caught by her own lill son nd then opened her eyes hlplessly which was full of raw emotion nd truth... armu smiled fully this time nd said.. "toh dad ki baat ek baar sun lo na mom.." arima sighed nd put her half-empty juice-glass aside, now knowing very well how her son caught her off guard nd manofied her without her own knowledge.. smiling brightly at her birthday boy she stretched her arms nd at once armu is on her lap enjoying his mother's warmth.. on the othr hand, riddhima smiled contently seeing how well armu can manage his mother nd nxt momnt wen she looked sideways her smile widened seeing how samrat's eyes are expressing the same pride n contentment for junior.. truly he's the best thing happened to them!
"abhi wahan pe khade khade kyun mushkura rahe ho.. jab sunna nhi chahti thi tab chup nhi ho rahey the.. abhi I'm waiting toh kuch keh nhi rahe ho.." arima said teasingly smiling at her sweetest.. "see betu.. ur dad acts so dumb sometimes.." nd both mother-son giggled seeing his father making an O in his mouth but then he too smiled seeing his two angels giggling so merrily.. this is wat he was craving to see nd this scene in front of his eyes states how right his decision is.. drinking every drop of their carefree laughter through his longing eyes he sighed in contentment nd thn coming near their couch, he knelt in front of arima nd aftr taking her one hand in his, he said soulfully.. "sorry rii... par main tumhey aur khas kar ke armu ko surprise dena chahta tha.. mujhey laga yehi sabsey achcha gift hoga armu ke liye.." samrat paused nd looked at junior hopefully who juz smiled teary eyes nd hugged his dad tightly nxt momnt.. "u r ri8 dad.. it's d best gift u can ever give me.. thnk u dad.. thnk u soo much.. u hve no idea how much we've missed u.." samrat at once tightened his grip around his son nd whispered emotionally.. "me too bachcha.. me too.."
Armu disentangled himself after composing his racing emotion nd sat beside his mom silently giving his parents comfortable space to discuss the matter.. "par sam.. aisey achanak.." arima asked him slowly still unable to believe her prayers has got answered finally.. it still seems like a dream.. a overwhelming nerve numbing dream.. she craved for this moment too much nd now wen it's exactly happening she can't believe her eyes..
Samrat smiled sweetly understanding her condition nd then entangling his fingers wth hers, he started.. "don't wrry rii.. mainey sab soch samajh ke  yeh decision liya hain.. do u really think ki mumma mujhey support karti agar yeh galat decision hota toh??" he paused nd looked behind towards riddhima who getting the clue, immediately came forward nd assured arima.. "samrat sahi keh raha hain, arrii... yehi sahi hain tum teeno ke liye.."
"par mumma.. aisey job chodne se.." arima tried to protest once again but samrat cut her this tym.. "rii.. don't worry.. mainey job zaroor choda hain but I'm planning to join dad's business.." nd as soon as samrat leaked the most imp info, arima looked at him aghast.. "but sam.. u hated ur family business.. didn't you??" her tone was soft like feather but full wth emotion remembering how much her husband fought against his dad nd entered navy.. in fact, her father-in-law was so angry wth his decision that he broke all ties from his elder son.. he suffered so much to achieve his goal then why all of a sudden now he's all ready to sacrifice his dream.. is he alright? Has anything happened to him wen he was all alone far away from her? Panic nd tension hit her heart n mind wth so much force dat all she wanted then is to embrace her love in her arms nd probe him to open his heart so that she can hlp him to solve his problem but she restricted her desire sensing riddhima nd armu's eyes on them.. on d other hand, samrat smiled soothingly, fully knowing wat she must hve feeling inside.. he thnked god once again for gifting arima as his soul-mate.. it was alwaz her who supported him in all thick n thin, encouraged him to follow his heart, nvr cried wen he left for his job living her nd their only son far behind knowing how painful it would be for him to go then.. she was alwaz his strength nd it was solely becoz of her repeated tries, the father-son relationship between him nd his dad became smoothened.. she is his ultimate solace.. nd finally he's home, forever! he has alrdy missed too much to live his dream but now it's time.. it's time for his actual dream to live nd dat resides beside these two angels, his wife nd his only son..
"yes baby.. I hated our business before nd nvr wanted to join it as  business n all nvr appealed to me nd who cn know ds better dan you, ri8 jaan?.. but now.. now I realized dat I don't hate it dat much how much I crave for u both.. I miss u, rii.. nd I miss my son too.. I want to be wth my family now.. I don't care if I join our family business finally.. in fact  now we I think about my last conversation wth dad, I feel happy.. u knw he was too happy wen I mentioned this.. he's aging, rii nd u are right.. it was alwaz me he was closest to and that day wen dad said how from my childhood he dreamt only to see me at his place managing everything, how he alwaz  wanted me to be his ultimate support, I understood why he was so agitated dat day wen I left d house for my job.. u were again right as usual, he wasn't angry but hurt.. sometimes I wonder how u manage to live wth me.. I'm such an idiot.." samrat paused nd arima smiled at him lovingly.. "I knw he acted too stubborn dat tym but I guess I'm no less.. I ,too, went against him, nahi? I'm not a perfect son, rii.. I've hurt dad so much... nd I'm not a good husband either.. I left u alone wth armu.. nd i.." but before samrat curse him more, unable to control anymore, arima threw herself upon him, embracing him tight.. "oh samrat.. plz nvr evr say like this.. u are d best son, husband nd father one can get.. plz kabhi bhi aisey mat sochna.." samrat who was feeling guilty nd restless from last a few months finally found his solace... finally the wait of years of longing is over.. finally he got his most imp part.. his family, his life.. he alwaz wondered why in spite of achieving his goal, he nvr felt contended but today he has d ans.. staying away from them for years made him realize how much imp his family is for him.. nd now he'll nvr repeat this mistake of hurting any one of them be it unknowingly or knowingly..
On d other hand, armu who was watching nd absorbing each interaction between his parents, became emotional as well.. god knows how many tym he prayed for this day.. how many times he felt the vacuum in his life wen on spcl days he nvr get chnce to spend quality tym wth his dad lyk most of his frnz did.. so, today finally wen he got his most precious gift, his happiness had no barrier... unable to control his own emotion, he, too, hugged his parents tightly..

Riddhima smiled... smiled to her fullest.. finally her work is over.. finally she can handle arrii nd armu to samrat nd take a leave from her responsibility.. finally she, too, can rejoice as her years of longing nd waiting for her love is going to end soon.. finally her home is calling her too.. she once was forced to come back from the step of her home but now wen the work is over, she knew he won't close the door for her anymore.. some where he, too, waited patiently for this day.. he nvr accptd but she knew.. the person whose whole world resides around her, the person who's alwaz afraid of darkness nd loneliness but tolerated all this torture only for his princess nd her family.. so, now wen arima got her share of love, it's tym to return every drop of luv nd affection she possess for this person.. the person whom she loves beyond anyone's imagination, the person who loves her beyond any barrier or jurisdiction.. finally it's time of another reunion.. the reunion of two purest souls.. the reunion of armaan & riddhima!

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