Monday, 17 July 2017

PART - 30 (A): Beetein_Lamhe


"happy birthday 2 u.. hppy 2 u.. hppy dear armuu.. hppy to u.." the trio sang in unison smiling heartily seeing their laadla swaying wth the music before blowing the candles off..
"aaa.." both arima nd samrat opened their mouths from either side of junior making him gulp in confusion & fear.. "betu itna bhi kya sochna.. tu pehley apni mom ko cake khilayega, hain na baby??" arima said in her sugar coated tone while throwing a challenged look towards her husband..
"arrey darao mat tum merey betey ko.. armu.. u'll feed ur dad 1st, ri8 champ??" samrat  asked him smiling too widely while throwing a mean glare to his wife..

Poor armu juz sighed deeply.. both were acting like crazy! So, he decided to play safe nd wise nd hence bending forward he made riddhima eat the 1st bite leaving the duo extremely baffled to their wits.. "yeh cheating hain.." both said in unison scowling hard nd thn looking at each other they frowned deeper as if it was the opposite person's fault that he/she missed the 1st offering..
"cheating?? Well my dear, now out of mind, parents.. everything is fair in luv n war nd agar main aap dono me se kisi ko bhi khilata toh I'm sure ki yaha pe 3rdworld war toh zaroor strt ho jata.. nd dat's exactly wat I want on my, ri8 mom nd dad??.." armu said d last line sarcastically throwing a hopeless sigh at d end expressing his disapproval for their KG like behaviour.. nd as soon as armu finishes, both samrat n arima bent their heads dwn guiltily like a student being scolded by his teacher for his utmost stupidity..
riddhima who was juz watching nd enjoying the drama from a corner, smiled widely this time.. somethings feel best wen dey remain unchanged.. she still remembers how crazy nd stupid arima used to behave wth armaan(senior) nd the scene was like this before as well.. where she used to play the role wat armu is playing now nd used to scold both arii nd armaan for their kids like idiotic behavior! It's been years to see the history repeating in front of her eyes this way nd needless to say that the satisfaction is beyond one's imagination.. a teary smile glittered on her eyes nd lips, making her heart swell in joy nd extreme contentment.. "jaan.." armaan (senior) whispered in her ear nd hugged her from behind giving all the support she needs that moment.. "she's behaving like before armaan.. our arrii is coming back.." she whispered in a chocked yet happy voice.. "hmm.." he whispered tightening his grip around her waist while his eyes are still busy drinking the eternal beauty of the sight in front..
to riddhima finally arri's frame got her picture perfect! she alwaz saw how arima secretly broke missing her husband in every spcl occasion while armu was no less. he secretly sends mails to his dad everyday saying wat he did that day.. both son n mother nvr discussed how much they crave for their father/husband so that other doesn't feel the pain of emptiness due to samrat's absence.. nd if dey weren't enough riddhima often got samrat's call asking how everything is going.. he, himself, avoided to talk to either of them personally as then he won't be able to focus on his job.. they all are juz made for each other nd deserve to be together nd she's happy dat finally everything is going to be alright.. finally their years of wait nd longing will end.. nd wth dat an enchanting smile came to her lips wen riddhima remembered how she nd samrat worked out everyting nd how hppy arri nd armu will be wen samrat will give armu the most precious gift..
riddima's chain of thoughts broke wen she heard arima's pouted apology nxt momnt.. "cholly na betu.."
"mera bhi sorry bachcha.." samrat was no behind, he too made his cutest face nd apologized to his son guiltily..
"jeez.. kya karoon main aap dono ka.." junior said nodding his head sideways showing how fade up he is managing these two grown up kids bt next momnt wen he heard his nanni's melodious laughter, he knew he couldn't carry his nautanki anymore..  her laughter is too contagious nd as expected his lips twitched nd curved into his cutest smile... looking at his naani, he tried to sound offended but failed miserably.. "kya naani.. kitna maza aa raha tha.. aap bhi,na.. poora maza chaupat kar diya.." nd wth this he, too, joined her in her carefree laughter followed by samrat nd arima nxt second..
"ok guys.. plz stop.. main.. main aur nhi has sakta.. my stomach is aching.." junior said after sometime in between his hiccups.. his eyes are teary due to this maddening laughter, cheeks hurting, every muscle of his abdomen aching..
"yeah.. plz.. main bhi.." arri said too.. her condition is same as her son.. riddhima nd samrat looked at each other smiling heartily wth their own watery eyes nd riddhima blinked her eyes knowing how badly he waited for this moment.. being the man, he nvr disclosed his depth of emotion to arima as he knew it'll harden the work for her to stay away from him managing all by herself.. but wth riddhima the bond is different.. getting her as mother-in-law, gifted him second chnce to hve his long lost mother again.. wth her, he can't hide himself.. she juz reads his all unexpressed emotions lyk a mother does for her own son! He cnt explain how fortunate he feels whnvr he talks to her.. she is the medicine every son wishes.. she is the ultimate serenity every son seeks.. nd that's d reason often ppl become confused whthr riddhima is his moher or arima's.. she is juz the best mother-in-law one can ever get..
As alwaz riddhima understood wat torment her son is facing inside.. so she went near him nd cupped his one cheek by her fragile, now aged hand.. nd dat was all he needed from his mother dat momnt nd at once he hugged her gently maintaining their comfortble silence.. ridhima stroke his back tenderly so as to mke her son calm nd composed..
While riddhima nd samrat had their own sweet mother-son tym, arima nd armu was no exception.. they too hugged each other feeling emotional in their own way.. though they nvr talked to ech othr directly but they knew how much lonely it was without the only man of their family.. nd wth this suddenly the home which was vibrating wth happy laughter a few minutes ago became emotional wth the depth of parental bond.. it was armu, as usual, who thought of breaking this intense situation to lighten his family's mood.. though he's turned 12 today, but his maturity was far beyond his age nd tym had made him one of the strongest wall of his family.. he juz knows wat his family needs most at the crucial moments.. be it his understanding or his nautanki.. he alwaz balanced the weight of an intense situation maturely nd today was no exception..
Armu disentangled himslf from arima nd thn shouted melodramatically, "this is so not fair naani.. mera hain nd aap dad ko hug kar rahe ho! So bad.. so so so sooo bad! now i'm sure ki koi mujhsey pyar nhi karta.. kisiney abhi tak mujhey gift bhi nhi diya.. ek beta ghar kya aya, sab mujhey bhool gayee.. chal beta armuu.. tera khatam ho gaya.. no gifts this tym.." armu paused nd acted as if he is wiping his tears while all knew there wasn't a drop in his eyes nd thn he strted walking towards his room putting a face as if he's heart broken nd crest fallen.. the trio chuckled seeing their laadla's nautanki and as expcted the ambience became light nd sober.. but before armu cn leave the room, samrat took him in the air quickly nd settled him in his arms.. on d othr hnd, arima showed her 32 all out huge grin nd fled from there only to be back soon.. "tadaa.." she said chirpily extending a huge packet.. armu 1st felt a lill baffled seeing his mom so enthusiastic but accepted the gift anyway.. hesitantly wen he unwrapped the packet, he squealed in joy.. "omg mom! Thank u thnk u thk u.. you're d best.." armu shouted happily nd coming down from his dad's arms, he strted twirling the coat to nd fro and then going in front of the mirror he examined happily how gud the dress looks on him.. actually, he was pampering arima to get him formal.. coat, trouser, tie etc etc.. his latest crush has a fascination towards Hollywood stars and according to her, boys look best in formals but wen he demanded to buy formals, arima simply rejected d idea saying he is too young to try something formal but today unexpectedly she is gifting him that nd he's beyond happy.. "see... I told u my gift is gonna be d best.." arima said triumphantly showing samrat some more attitude who juz smiled widely seeing his love acting so childish after so many years nd nxt moment pecked her cheek lovingly making her shocked like hell.. "sammm??" she shouted in a low voice disbelieving her husband.. god! this guy is juz shameless.. but as if it wasn't enough that her own mother joined the 'let's- embarrass -arri' mission.. "relax arri.. humney kuch nhi dekha.. hain na bachcha??" riddhima teased making arima turned into deeper shades of scarlet.. "kya mumma aap bhi.." she said shyly nd quickly hugged samrat to hide her embarrassment who juz grinned proudly..
"dad? Gift?" armu said after a few minutes not only breaking their lovey-dovey momnt but wiping his smile off as well.. "wat?? Dnt tell me dat u forgot to bring my gift? Daddd??" armu juz shrieked in extreme betrayal.. "umm.. nahi.. wohh.. okk.. u say.. joh mera beta kahega, I'll give him.. promise.." samrat said smiling sweetly.. armu 1st frowned at his forgetful memory but then smiled widely getting this brilliant opportunity.. "pakka? Dad.. u cnt bck off later, u knw.." armu said challenging samrat wth hs most mischievous tone.. "nope.. u juz order.. kya gift chahiye??" samrat came nd took his son agn up in his arms nd settled on d couch... armu took a deep breathe nd started.. "umm.. dadd.. can't u stay wth us now??" before anyone can say anyting armu continued.. "well.. I knw I'm acting childish.." to which d trio chuckled.. "wat?? Dnt look at me lyk ds all of u.. I'm a big boy now.. huh.." he whined making their chuckle louder dan before.. "fine.. kuch nhi chahiye mujhey.. let me go.." he said feeling annoyed nd wriggled in samrat's arms but he juz tightened his hold around him..
"armu?? Yeh kya bachpana hain bachcha??" arima tried to protest but samrat cut her.. "let me handle rii.." he said sweetly nd looked at his mother-in-law who nodded in assurance..
"kya baat hain??" arima asked in confusion seeing the mutual conversation of them via eyes..
Riddhima sighed nd said.. "samrat.. I guess u should tell arri everything now.."
Samrat nodded nd putting his son beside, he got up nd went near his confused wife.. "rii.. wohh.. actually I resigned  from my job.." he paused nd got an expected loud "what??" from arima..
to be continued.............

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