Friday, 21 July 2017

PART - 30 (C) : Beetein_Lamhe

The thought of their reunion was more than enough to cause goose-bumps across evry inch of her body.. the fact that she will be finally able to consume her love in evry possible way was too overwhelming and nerve-numbing dat she felt herself trembling badly.. in stead of repeated tries, the excitement, the satisfaction, the contentment of this thought forced her heart to beat at its loudest
making her rib cage swell forward wth each deep inhale of hers.. god! it's been ages dat she faced any emotion this strongly.. nd needless to say this sudden flow of excess emotion was too much for her to handle properly.. with every passing second her shivering rose as well as her heart beat nd breathing rate.. she felt as if she's on the verge of explosion due to this extreme happiness as well as this utmost nervousness.. happiness was becoz she's finally going to be his forever nd nervousness was becoz the thought, itself, was beyond her imagination.. like every gal she alwaz wanted a soul-mate throughout nd after her life but nvr in her widest dream she thought of happening this to her in reality.. so, now wen she is steps away from her ultimate destination she felt herself shivering like a teenager who recently fell in luv nd all nervous nd excited to marry her dream man juz after a few encounters.. god! she needed something badly.. some distraction.. some miracle.. whatever.. but she needed something immediately to divert her mind or else this extreme happiness will make her faint leaving her final task incomplete nd surely she can't afford that.. both she nd armaan tolerated this extreme torture of nearness yet farness juz for their princess and armu.. now she won't stumble before she arranges the final straw perfectly.. nd so she surrendered to her ultimate cure... the cure which can soothe her in every critical situation.. her love, her life, her husband... "armaan.." she called her savior finally.. nd as alwaz he came.. he came immediately to protect her, shield her, strengthen her so dat she can finish her last task properly.. "sshh... it's ok jaan..  I'm here.. I'm here only.." he 1st rubbed his palms warmly along her hands erasing each trace of goose-bumps from her ice-cold skin.. nd then hugged her tight from her back pulling her closer to himself.. "I love u.." as soon as he whispered these 3 wrds soulfully in her ear, she closed her eyes feeling extremely blissful.. funnily, these 3 words still have the same magic on her as it had years before.. still these 3words can make her heart race maddeningly or can calm her racing heart immediately.. so ironical.. isn't it? But this is the bond between these two.. ages, years or distance nothing evr had d potential to become a barrier in between their relation.. in fact the more they grew up together, the stronger their relation became.. sighing in contentment she too finally whispered honestly yet affectionately.. "I luv u too armaan.. I luv u too.." nd it was all they alwaz crave to hear, no matter how many times they hear the same sentence from each other but still the hunger for these 3 words nvr got evaporated.. neither any of them complained saying the same age old 3 words agn n agn nor they show any exhaustion of hearing it god knows how many times.. they are juz hopeless examples of 'forever-in-luv-couple'.
Minutes passed but neither of them showed any interest to broke the contact.. while in one corner of the room there was arima nd her family laughing nd talking their hearts out, in another corner it was armaan nd riddhima who were busy in enjoying their comfortable silence like alwaz.. no words, juz the sound of riddhima's fast beating erratic heart nd uneven breathings..
Finally after another few minutes, armaan said  breaking the silence.. "princess kitni khush lag rahi hain,na??" riddhima smiled nd sighed in agreement... "haan.. bahot intezar kiya arrii ne samrat ke liye.. finally aab uska bhi intezaar khatam hua humeri tarah.." she whispered d last line wth so much emotion dat if armaan had hve a beating heart, it'll definitely skip a beat.. "thanx to u.." armaan said after turning her around nd kissing her forehead lovingly.. he poured all his luv n care in dat one kiss showing how grateful he is to god dat he allowed him to hve her in his life.. he can nvr imagine wat he had hve done if he didn't meet his angel dat day.. embracing her warmly nd possessively in his arms he continued pouring his heart out... "I'm really proud of u jaan.. the way u handled princess nd armu.. main toh kabhi nhi kar pata par again tum to tum ho.. meri super woman.." he said d last line laughing merrily at the end remembering how during their young age she used to manage everything alone... offer her help nd she alwaz startd her non-stop lecture on gals are no less.. they can handle everything perfectly blah blah blah blah... riddhima, too, smiled knowing very well wat he must be thinking but wen she started answering his statement unknown to herself she became emotional in stead of being witty... "main yeh sab kabhi nhi kar pati armaan agar tum sath na hotey toh.. tumhey pata hain na tum takat ho meri.. tum ho toh main hoon.. tum nhi toh kuch bhi nhi.." nd finally her eyes failed to protect the damn any farther and tears started flowing from her gorgeous grey eyes along her now slightly wrinkled cheeks.. "jaan.. plz.. rona mat.. u knw na I cnt see u in tears.." armaan said feeling helpless to himself.. he, too, was controlling his emotion wth gr8 difficulty.. now if riddhima breaks dwn in frnt of him, it would do nothing but break him too.. but thnx to his stars, riddhima quickly regained her composure.. they have alrdy decided not to cry today but end this chapter of their journey wth smile, laughter nd happiness... "sorry.. I didn't want to par yeh stupid ansoon.." riddhima said in between her tear n smile.. nd then wiping her eyes quickly she started teasingly this time... "aur waisey bhi tumsey behtar yeh kisko pata hain ki meri ankho ki tanki kitni bhari hoti hain humesha.. wohh kya kehtey the tum.. umm.. haan.. jaann kya hain yaar.. itna sara pani kahan se manage kar leti ho tum.. aisa hi chalta raha toh ekdin govt. tumhey uthakey le jayega aur Rajasthan mein plant kar dega.. all tym water.. wohh bhi without any cost.. " riddhima brilliantly mimicked armaan n nxt momnt both burst out into laughter... "riddhimaaa... tum na.. tum na..." armaan 1st paused intentionally to tease her but then completed his sentence affectionately nd lovingly.. "bahot achchi ho.."... nd as expected riddhima's lips curved into her most charming smile feeling relaxed to see her love happy once again.. "wohh toh main hoon armman.." riddhima declared proudly making him chuckle at her child-like reaction.. but soon riddhima changed her expression feeling extremely embarrassed under his scrutinized gaze nd diverted the topic hurriedly.. "offo armaan kitni batein karte ho tum.. abhi lets go to our room jaldi.. issey pehley arri ya armu mujhey akeley akeley baatein kartey huye dekhe aur tumhari wajah se mein firsey phas jayun humhey andar chalna chahiye, sachi mein.." riddhima said as a matter of fact tone but then smiled too wen she saw her armaan smiling satisfyingly after giving a quick peck on her right cheek.. oh! How she loves this smile on his face... "aye aye captain.. as u say.." he said in his melodramatic manner like alwaz nd dragged her wth him to her room...
They are now sitting on her bed... riddhima juz completed the letter she was writing from last few minutes nd carefully placing it on the bed-side table she turned sideways to meet the extremely longing eyes of the person she loves more than herself.. "all done?" his voice was soft like feather.. "hmm.." dat is all she was able to mutter.. as alwaz his intense gaze hypnotized her under his spell making her puppet of his will.. he smiled fully getting her expected response.. god! he loves her.. he loves her too much dan one's imagination.. he waited for her patiently.. though he nvr accepted but he, too, was equal sufferer staying away from her... necessity made him push her away from him though only he knew how much he craved for her every moment during these years.. he was alwaz dependable on her.. his morning, his night, his smile, his anger, his love, his hurt... everything.. every single emotion allocates upon her.. nd staying near yet far away from dat very spcl person was overwhelming as well as heart wrenching...
"armaann.." his chain of thoughts broke wen her affectionate tone hit his ear drums.. looking at the source he smiled fully wen he found his love resting on the bed putting her head on his lap.. and as alwaz his hands entered in her hair, massaging her scalp tenderly providing all warmth n love she deserves.. "haan jaan.." he said lovingly wen he found her eyes alrdy drooping in extreme satisfaction.. "I luv u armaan.." this was all she uttered before getting lost in her ultimate sleep... "I luv u too jaan.. I luv u so much.." he confirmed once again very well knowing she can't hear him now.. she was on the way to meet him for eternity.. she's on the way to come n stay wth him forever.. she's on the way to complete her final promise.. he sighed but kpt on caressing her head.. her body lied comfortably on the bed, face so serene to believe her death, lips tightly shut but yet curved in a small satisfactory smile.. in short none can guess whether she's in her temporary sleep or slipped into the permanent one.. "sleep well swthrt.. slp well.." armaan shifted her head on the pillow nd then left a final long lingering kiss on her body before leaving the place forever after nd meeting the person who's waiting in this unknown voidity only for him nd his companionship...

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