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part 35 : Sirf Tum


4 days later

"Armaan breakfast karke hi jaana" Ananya shouted as she saw Armaan descending from stairs in hurry

"Mom mujhe bahoot kaam hai" he shouted back going towards the entrance

"Offo... Jo karna hai karo mujhe kya" she gave up and started doing her work which is too fold the clothes of Billy giving for laundary when she felt someone hugged her from back

"Mom..." he said hugging her tightly

"Aree dur hato tum..." she said moving away from him who took a seat on breakfast chair

"Acha vo sab chodo... Sab kahan hai??" he asked taking a bite from his breakfast and she smiled seeing him eating his breakfast

"Sab tumhaari tarah thodi hai ki jab chahe aao aur jab chahe jao..."she scolded him who rolled his eyes "Dev aur tumhaare Papa office gaye hai.. Dada Dadi garden mein baithe hai Shilpa, Aditi aur Anant k saath" she informed serving him juice who nodded

"Acha Mom teen din baad mujhe Panchgani jaana hai.. Vo Hospital ka koi to function hai" he informed

"Bata rahe ho ki puch rahe ho" she asked strictly

"Mom not again haa" he whined

"Main kuch nai jaanti... Tum Shilpa ko b saath le jao... Patni hai tumhari... Jahan jaoge uska saath hona jaruri hai... Varna logo ko pata kaise chalega ki tumne shaadi kisse ki hai" she said angrily to which he held his head

"Aapko lagta hai aapki aagyakari bahu mere saath jaygi" he spoke annoyingly

"Kyun nai jaygi... Main kahungi to jarur jaygi" she said polietely

"Fine aap hi manao usko... Main to jaa raha hun bye" he spoke cooly while stooding up and kissing her cheek he left leaving his Mom think what to do about him his careless nature towards Shilpa but she barely has any idea that his days & nights start wd his Bracelet and ends too wd his Bracelet only


3 days later...

- Panchgani's Orphanage -

"Wow!! Armaan its beautiful" she commented as landed out of the orphange house

"I know... Ab chale" he said taking her hand in his when

"Dr. Armaan aaiye" a young man came wd a smile

"Amm haa Keshav... Bracelet ye yahan ka Junior Doctor hai" he introduced when his cell phone rang and Keshav took their bags towards the house "Haa Arjun bol" he said as he receives the call "Kya?? Acha ruk... Main abi tujhko uske details send karta hu" he said and hungs the call

"Kya hua??" Shilpa asked normally staring at his worried face

"Kuch nai... Bas mujhe thodi daer k liye Hospital jaana hoga" he said wd a small smile

"Kya?? Armaan main yahan kaise akele" she said slowly when he cupped her face

"See Bracelet work come first... Please its important I promise main jaldi aaunga" he said lovingly to which she nodded silently making him smile he kissed her head "Main Keshav ko bulata hun" he said and called his name who came immediately "Keshav yaar tum Shilpa ko andar le jaao... Main aata hun.. Thik hai" he spoke

"Jarur Dr. Armaan aaiyee Bhabhi" he said smilingly to which she also smiled and giving her side hug he left

"To tum yaha k Doctor ho..." Shilpa started to which he smiled "Aur kitne Doctors hai yahan tumhare saath" she asked just to start a conversation

"Yaha sirf hum teen Junior Doctors hai aur Maasi hai jo yahan baccho ki care karti hai... Aur b bahoot saare baccche hai yahan" he informed "Trust me bahoot shaitaan hai vo" he made a horrified face making her giggle and they reached inside the house and Maasi came from inside

"Hello... Beta Armaan nai aaya" she asked as she saw Shilpa

"Hi... Vo unhe kuch kaam se bahar jana pada" she smiled to which Maasi nodded smilingly

"Acha aao tumhe sabse milwaati hun... Shilpa yehi naam haina tumhaara" she said smilingly to which she smiled while nodding her head in YES "Acha zara baccho se bachke vo bahoot shaitaan hai" she informed as they came towards garden after showing the house she brought her here

"Acha mujhe to nai dikh rahe... Kahan hai" she asked looking around when all children shouted

"Hum yaha hai" they ran towards her and circled her which definitely made her laugh

"Hi... Mera naam Rahul hai" a little boy forwarded his little hand towards her wd a wink which madE her amused

"Hi... Main Shilpa" she shakes her hand wd him smilingly

"Aapne humse hamara naam nai pucha" a girl asked wd a pout

"Oo haa... Par isne to khud hi introduced kiya khudko... Maine thodi bola... Par main chahti hun ki aap sab apna apna naam mujhe line se batao thik hai" she said in kiddish tone making everyone smile and they shouted in YES "To pehle tumse shuru karte hai" she pointed at a little girl who smiled widely and the kids started introducing themselves while she was commenting cutely and wdin a seconds everyone mingled wd her while Maasi admired her

"Aap b Doctor ho" a little kid asked innocently and before she could reply

"Matlab.. Aap b injection lagaogi hume" another little kid asked

"Nai baba main khud injections se darti hun... Aur main koi doctor nai hun" she replied smilingly pinching the nose of that little kid who smiled widely

"Fir aap ho kaun??" a little girl asked

"Mmmain..." she said but stopped how to introduced herself

"Ye tumhare Dr. Armaan ki wife hai" Maasi spoke smilingly

"Wife kya hoti hai??" a boy asked innocently making Shilpa and Maasi smile

"Kuch nai... Main unki sabse achi dost hun jaise aap sab ho ek dusre k saath" she bend to his level and kissed his cheek lovingly making everyone laugh "To chalo ek game khelte hai" she spoke excitingly making all kids shout in YES and they all started playing blindfold Shilpa spent her all day wd the kids while kids loved her company too


Duniya ki har ik khushi

Mai chod doon only for u...

"Hii Maasi" Armaan spoke cheerfully as he entered in the house

"Hello beta..." she smiled while keeping the books on table properly

"Bacche so gaye??" he asked

"Haa bacche so gaye... Aur tumhari bahoot achi dost b" she said wd a smile making him confused

"Dost??" he narrowed his eyes

"Haa to tumhari Shilpa ne sab baccho ko aise hi introduce kiya..." she informed whole day's event wd a giggle making him chuckled "Jao bina khaaye soyi vo... Aur thak b gayi thi achanak" she spoke concernedly to which he nodded and moved to go inside when

"Armaan... Choice bahoot achi hai" Maasi commented which made him smile broad and shaking his head he went inside the room

"Bracelet" he called as he entered in the room but found her in the blanket "Bracelet..." he removed her blanket from her face and looked at her pale face which has sweat "Bracelet... Tum thik to ho naa" he asked worriedly while caressing her face "Bukhar to nai hai... Fir" he mumbled and nudge her

"Amaan sone do mujhe... Thand lag rahi hai" she spoke in sleepy tone which made him to lay beside her inside the blanket

"Thand lag rahi hai janta hun but at least chalo khana kha lo" he said lovingly pulling her closer who kept her head on his chest hugging him tightly who responded equally "Tch!! Bracelet chalo kuch khao" He caressed her hairs lovingly making her snuggled into him "Gosh!! Ye ladki khud b nai khaygi aur mujhe b aise sulaygi..." he muttered when he didn't felt any movement from her "Chalo Madam to so gayi... Ab mera kya hoga" he spoke mockingly and tried too sleep which was far away from his eyes so he started playing something on his phone after one hour of playing his eyes got heavy and sleep took over him when he felt nudge on his shoulder "Amm..." he stirs

"Armaan... Utho na... Mujhe bhook lagi hai" she almost ordered which made him to open his eyes and looked at his dear wify who was sitting while nudging him

"Kya yaar Bracelet abi to soya tha..." he whined sitting beside her

"Mujhe bhook lagi hai Armaan" she spoke innocently keeping her head on his shoulder who shook his head

"To pehle kyun nai uthi... Jab utha raha tha" he lightly hit her head who pouted

"Pehle bhook nai thi ab hai" she said slowly still sleepy


Bcoz i luv u

I luv u...woohh

I luv u...

"Acha chalo..." he smiled and moved down from bed forwarding his hand to her who gladly kept on his hand and they both reached at the dinner table Armaan waited for her to serve the food and after serving she sat beside him "Tell me... Tum itna kyun thak gayi thi aaj ki sidha bed pe" he asked genuinely taking the morsel inside his mouth

"Pata nai... Shayad baccho k saath khelte khelte thak gayi" she answered thoughtfully

"Aree waah Bracelet abi se hi... Khudko prepare kar rahi ho" he teased

"Armaan..." she glared to which he pouted for kiss making her smile "Armaan aap to yahan kisi function k liye aaye the.. Vo kab hai" she asked normally

"Amm vo kal hai..." he informed

"Acha to hum parso ghar chalenge??" she asked happily

"Nai mujhe abi kuch kaam hai yahan" he replied slowly

"Konsa??" she asked confusedly

"Hai ek..." he said slowly looking away from her "Vaise tumhe yahan acha nai laga... Kya??" he asked

"Nai acha hai... But main sabko bahoot miss kar rahi hun" she said cutely which made him grin

"Don't worry nai tumhe mauka hi nai dunga kisi ko miss karne ka" he spoke mischievously at the end winked to which she shook her head smilingy "Aur vaise b abi tumhe Panchgani b to ghumana hai" he said to which she nodded excitedly and just as this they talked while finishing their dinner and as they landed on bed she immediately fell asleep "Sorry Bracelet nai bata sakta ki sachme main yahan kyun aaya hun... Sorry" he thought staring at her face who was sleeping peacefully and kissing her head he too closed his eyes He cant tell her that why he is here but he knows later he will definitely inform her


"Next day evening @ Charity Hall"

"Dr. Armaan please maan jaaiye please" A boy requested him who totally ignored

"Haa Sir please hamare paas option nai hai" another boy request to which Armaan stood from the chair

"Pehli baat Ye main kaise karun.. Ye kaam Amit ka hai agar vo beemar pad gaya to mai kya kar sakta hun" hespoke annoyingly to which the students looked at him wd puppy face Actaully the thing is today is Sanjeevani orphange house's 25th anniversary and a group of boys were to perform on the stage but the main lead who was a singer fainted on floor which resulted him for high fever so now everyone was chearing their name outside and here they hadnt decided who will sing the song then Keshav suggested about Armaan who had a band too in College and was a Singer too So boys dragged him to back stage leaving Shilpa in audiance So everyone was requesting him now but he totally rejected

"Dr. Armaan sab jaante hai aap gaa sakte hai... Please sir Sanjeevani k reputation ka sawaal hai" Ankit pleaded to which Armaan closed his eyes

"See main Doctor hun Singer nai" he spoke taking a sigh when

"Armaan" Shilpa said slowly while knocking on door to which everyone looked at her

"Bracelet... Chalo" he said while moving out from the room and she looked at the boys who looked at her innocently

"Kya huaa Keshav...??" she asked

"Mam vo..." and he narrated her everything to which she smiled

"Mam please unhe manaiyee na" Ankit requested to which she giggled

"Ok... Don't worry ho jayga tum log taiyaari karo" she said cooly to which they smiled widely

"To fir thik hai Mam... Ye lijiye kapde unhe de do... Band mein sabko same pehna hai" Kunaal said forwading the white shirt and black pant wd black tie

"Ok... All the best... Bye" she spoke chearfully taking the clothes and moved out "Ye Armaan kahan hai..." she looked around and kept the clothes on a table

"Kahan thi yaar tum..." he asked wd a slight angry to which she ignored "Bracelet main tumse keh raha hun" he asked frowningly

"Boliye na mai sun rahi hun" she said not intrestingly making his mouth open at her sudden change of tone

"Bracelet kya huaa hai tumhe" he asked slowly

"Mujhe kuch nai huaa... But aapko kya huaa hai... Maan kyun nai jaate gaane k liye" she said directly crossing her arms to which he rolled his eyes

"Not again yaar... Chalo" shaking his head he grabbed her wrist

"Nai...main kahi nai jaaungi" she spoke stubbornely and sat on a sofa removing her sandals

"What the h..." he muttered angrily but when she glared he shut his mouth "Yaar kya tum b... Chalo naa.." he stood infront of her keeping his head on his waist to which she looked up

"Nai pehle aap bolo gaaoge" she almost ordered to which he closed his eyes irritately

"Bracelet problem kya hai yaar" he asked angrily to which she too got angry and stood up

"Aapki problem kya hai... Yaha kitne log request kar rahe hai lekin nai Mr Akdu Armaan Malik ko to sirf apni padi hai" she spoke angrily pointing her sandal towards him who was hell shocked to hear 'Akdu Armaan Malik'

"Main Akdu Armaan Malik" he asked angrily pointing at himself while she wore her sandals

"Yahan aur koi Armaan Malik hai" she said sarcastically removing her scarf from her neck

"Bracelet... Kyun behes kar rahi ho yaar main nai gaunga" he spoke annoyingly

"To kyun vo guitar ghar mein show piece k liye rakha hai... Usse dustbin mein phek dijiye..." she taunted to which he rolled his eyes

"Main nai gaa sakta thats it jo sochna hai socho" he spoke tierdly

"Iska matlab aap looser hai..." she showed her fingers in 'L shape' to which he narrowed his eyes

"R u mad...?? Looser and me Impossible" he gave her challenging look

"So make it possible" She smirked

"Kya chahti ho??" he asked directly but wd a smile

"Ki... Aap... Gaana... Gaao..." she stretched every word slowly pointing her index finger at his chest "Mere liye... Sanjeevani k liye" she requested cutely brushing his nose wd her little finger making him blinked his eyes


Bcoz i luv u

I luv u till the end


"Kyun...??" he banged her wd his chest by her waist making her eyes big

"Armaan..." she glared to which he kissed on her nose

"Meri drama queen bolo b kyun??" he asked lovingly

"Kyun ki sab chahte hai... Aur Sanjeevani ka b sawaal hai" she said cutely which he cant ignored

"Fine..." he agreed to which she smiled widely

"Sach mein... I luv u" she said excitedly and hugged him tightly not before kissing his cheek

"Oyye hoyye" he grinned

"To fir ye rahe clothes aap change karli main boys ko bata k aati hun" she spoke happily and handling the clothes she left from there living him shook his head smilingly

"Meri pagal Bracelet..." he smiled while picking the clothes which he changed except the pant he wore the white shirt wd black tie and his denim jeans his shirt was not tucked inside his jeans he was correcting his hairs by his fingers when his cell rang flashing Arjun's name "Haa Arjun bol..." he said as he received his call

"Armaan dhyaan se sunn... Shakti ko Hydrabad k ek restaurant mein dekha gaya hai... To jaise hi mujhe uske baare mein kuch pata chalega main tujhe bataunga thik hai... Mujhe jaana hai bye" he said in one breath not giving him chance to say anything

"Abbe haal chaal to puchne diya hota..." he said sarcastically which made him laugh "Koi nai beta baad mein puch lunga bye" saying this he cutted the call "Ye is Shakti ka kuch karna hoga varna aise hi mujhe sabki tension hogi" he sat one of a chair thoughtfully when

"Armaan chalo..." Shilpa said but seeing him not saying anything she sat beside him "Kya huaa??" she asked lovingly while keeping her hand on his which made him to look at her

"Kuch b to nai but tum kab aayi" he asked frowning

"Abi thodi daer mein... Jab aap kahin khoye thae..." she replied smilingly "Acha chalo... Sab wait kar rahe hai" she spoke happily and seeing his he thought to tease her

"Agar main kahun mujhe mood nai hai tooo..." he spoke carefully making her narrowed her eyes

"To mood banaiyee" she spoke in ordering tone while standing up and grabbing his wrist to go

"Aur iske badle mein mujhe kya milega??" he asked teasingly pulling her on his lap and opened her hairs from that clip coz he loved her opened hairs

"Kuch nai..." she spoke angrily moving away from him

"To fir main b nai perform karunga" he ordered making her hell angry

"Argghh... Bhaad mein jaaiye" she stumped her foot angrily and went from there leaving him smiling

"Ab to manana hi padega" he grinned and ran outside

"Stupid..." she cursed him while moving upstairs towards exit while crowed were cheering for the band when

Naa jaanu maii

kaisi ye bekaraari hai

Shayad dil k

Jaane ki ab taiyaari hai...

Her feet stopped in her tracks hearing a familiar voice the same voice which always make her heart beat raised she can here the crowd cheer for that most amazing voice she didn't have to turn she can surely guess who it might be, No not guessed she can surely say who it is!

Naa jaanu maii

kaisi ye bekaraari hai

Shayad dil k

Jaane ki ab taiyaari hai...

"Armaan" she whispered wd a smile wdout looking at him turning at him her hairs were flying wd the wind she knew he want to see her but he made a prank on her so a little wait is needed "Agar ye itne hi acha gaate hai to Doctor kaise ban gaye ye" she thought doubtfully


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