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Monday, 3 July 2017

part 36 : Sirf Tum


Naa jaanu maii

kaisi ye bekaraari hai

Shayad dil k

Jaane ki ab taiyaari hai...

Her feet stopped in her tracks hearing a familiar voice the same voice which always make her heart beat raised she can here the crowd cheer for that most amazing voice she didn't have to turn she can surely guess who it might be, No not guessed she can surely say who it is!

Naa jaanu maii

kaisi ye bekaraari hai

Shayad dil k

Jaane ki ab taiyaari hai...

"Armaan" she whispered wd a smile wdout looking at him turning at him her hairs were flying wd the wind she knew he want to see her but he made a prank on her so a little wait is needed "Agar ye itne hi acha gaate hai to Doctor kaise ban gaye ye" she thought doubtfully

Tu dil kaa


Hun tera


He gripped the mike tightly staring at her back Yes he had saw her stopping on her tracks hearing his voice but she still didn't turned he knows that she recognized his voice then why she still didn't looked at him he is waiting for her reaction and that amazing expressions he did that prank just too tease her... Come on look at him atleast once... he thought


Dewaana tera

Tujhe hi pukaaare

Ye marzi teri

Tu aaye naa aaaye...

He pulled the mike closer singing at the top of his lungs making the crowd cheer for him loudly while the band members were smiling seeing the crowd's cheer for them

Dewaana tera

Tujhe hi pukaaare

Ye marzi teri

Tu aaye naa aaaye...
Shilpa giggled hearing his loud voice plus crowd's cheer for it she knows he was waiting for her one reaction her heart wanted to turn and to look at him to see his expressions that how he sings but her mind stopped to teach him a lesson

Puche nigaahen meri

Hai kaha raahen teri

Jaane ku naa jaane tu

Tanha hai baahen meri...

He looked at her wd pleading look as if requesting her to turn while pulling the mike little closer to his mouth making her know that what he wants from her which make her smile

Puche nigaahen meri

Hai kaha raahen teri

Jaane ku naa jaane tu

Tanha hai baahen meri...

He shouted loudly which made her giggle to hear his desperation in his voice to see her so she moved ahead making him little confused wd her sudden move

Neendo me

Raat b guzaari hai

Jo utare naaa

Teri hi to khumaari hai

Mushkil hai bhulaana

Hoon tera dewaana...

He took the guitar from a boy and pulled the mike little closer to his lips staring at her expectantly while playing wd the strings of the guitar which had defo pulled her heart's strings too! ;)

Dewaana tera

Tujhe hi pukaaare

Ye marzi teri

Tu aaye naa aaaye...

He shouted while pointed at her and moved some steps back to play the guitar more loudly while other boys jumped wd the songs and also the crowd cheered for him loudly jumping in air wd the base of the music

Dewaana tera

Tujhe hi pukaaare

Ye marzi teri

Tu aaye naa aaaye...

He sang gripping the mike looking at her back who was nowhere in sight and his eyes searched her all around the hall looking at every corner where ever his eyes could trace her but poor him didn't even saw a glimpse of her!

Dil me jo Armaa jaage

Tere hi peeche bhaage

Rukna hai tujhpe ab to

Jaana nai hai aage...

He handed the guitar to that boy and pulling the mike closer to his lips he prayed to see her but crowd's loud and the crowded people standing position's were blocking his view to see his life his wife

Dil me jo Armaa jaage

Tere hi peeche bhaage

Rukna hai tujhpe ab to

Jaana nai hai aage...

He shouted at his top voice which made her smiled and pity on his voice so she stopped in her tracks and that time his eyes caught her view which was near the exit door and seeing this he shouted more just to know that she will look at him or not when

Surat ye

Yun aankho me utaari hai

Maine to

Bhulaai duniyaa saari hai

Hai tujhko batana

Hoon tera dewaana...

He smiled as she turned towards him slowly and smiled lightly making her both hands moved behind her back and gesturing him to sing the song through her eyes he was mesmerized by her the red knee length skirt wd black belt and her opened hairs were making her soo beautiful that he sang the last line only to make her understand that he was cleaned bowled by her

Dewaana tera

Tujhe hi pukaaare

Ye marzi teri

Tu aaye naa aaaye...

He shouted pointing at her who giggled seeing his happy face and gave a flying kiss to him who grinned gripping the mike tightly making the crowed jump wd his loud music and voice she showed I love u by her fingers in sign manner which made him smile broad showing off his dimples!

Dewaana tera

Tujhe hi pukaaare

Ye marzi teri

Tu aaye naa aaaye...

He shouted looking at the crowd who totally enjoyed this night Shilpa smiled seeing his talent and now she decided she will make him sing for her daily if not daily then definitely once in a week he looked at her wd love filled in his voice when she told in sign language that she is waiting for him outside and he has only five minutes so shaking his head he finished the song and bowed his head giving the mike to Ankit he left the stage for whom he is 'Dewana'

Chahe kch b ho

Mai tujhe

Unhi chahun


"Ye Armaan na... Agar aana nai to bata dete... Ab main rickshaw kaha dhundhu..." she muttered angrily while looking around for rickshaw actually Armaan was about to go towards her but the chairman of Panchgani's Sanjeevani branch stopped him for something so Armaan sent Keshav to inform this to Shilpa who messaged him that she is going bye and started walking but she didn't find any rickshaw still "Offo!! Ye rickshaw b na jab jarurat hoti hai tab nai milta" she cursed under breath when she felt a horn behind her loudly "Offo!!" she turned angrily and fell on the bike making the rider stopped abruptly "Dekh k nai chala sakte andhe ho... Bike road k upper chalane k liye hota hai logo k upper chalane k liye nai" she spoke angrily wdout looking at the rider and bend to take her purse and when she looked up found her Dear Husband infront of him who removed her helmet

"Exactly... Footpath logo k chalne k liye hai... Road pe chalne k liye nai" he taunted while keeping the Helmet on bike and his hands above it she smiled seeing him but pretended to be angry

"Armaan..." she said wd fake anger

"Haa Armaan ki jaan..." he smiled

"Aap kahan thae... At least mujhe message kar dete... Vo to Keshav ne bataya... I hate u" she spoke angrily which made him shook his head

"Jitna to tum mujhe I luv u nai kehti... Utna I hate u kehti ho yaar" he said to which she crossed her arms angrily "Aree yaar ghasit liyaa unhone to tym nai tha... Keshav mila is liye use bhej diya... Ab chalo late nai ho raha hai" he spoke annoyingly which brought a little smile over her face

"Nai main aapke saath nai jaungi" she directly rejected

"Come on yaar... Faltu ka tym nai hai" he requested

"Armaan... Main bike pe aapke saath nai aaungi" she announced which made him held his head tiredly how can she make him understand that she can't sit on bike in this skirt it will make her uncomfortable "Vaise aapki car kahan hai...?? Aur ye bike kahan se mili aapko??" she asked confusedely

"Meri car... Keshav layga... Kyun ki orphanage house k baccho ko laana hai to maine uski bike le li... Ab khush chalen..." he informed as well as asked also pleadingly which melted her

"Fine..." she said wd a pout making his smile broader showing his million dollars dimples and hessistately carefully sat on bike behind him while correcting her skirt its always a debate for her to sat on his bike but it also made her happy that this place is only hers she looked at his face and thought she can't live wdout him his presence is more than anything in her life her day & night only wd him she don't want anything except him her hands were on his shoulder when she fell on him "Armaan" she dragged his name while hitting his back

"O hello !! Maine kuch nai kiya... Road kharab hai.. Aur yaar tumse kitni baar kaha ki pakad k baitho... Par nai tumhe to meri koi baat sunnn..." stopping the bike on side road he scolded her when she cutted him

"Bas bas... Samajh gayi..." she spoke annoyingly and keeped her hands on his waist "Bas khush chalen" she said slowly which made him smile

"Nai..." he said teasingly and pulled her more closer by her hands while keeping it on his chest "Ab sahi hai chalo.." he grinned starting his bike where as she smiled while keeping her head on his shoulder "Kya huaa Bracelet..." he asked softly while concentrating on road

"Kuch nai..." she whispered hugging him more tightly and closed her eyes "Armaan" after some time she whispered still wd closed eyes to which he just hummed "I luv u..." she said softly which made him smile "Aur thank u... Gaane k liye" she said tierdly

"Kyaa baat hai... Bracelet... Itna pyaar aaj kyun" he teased

"Aise hi Mera Mood Mera Pati" she replied

"Oyyye hoyye..." he grinned "Acha Bracelet thak gayi kya??" he asked lovingly to which she nodded her head in YES which was on his shoulder "Acha ruko abhi hum orphange house pahuchne wale hai" he said while taking a turn carefully

"Nai.. Mujhe shopping karni hai" she moved back while ordering him which made him to stop the bike

"Bracelet ajeeb ho tum b... Pehle kehti ho thak gayi... Fir kehti ho shopping pe jaana hai... Ek hi pal mein mood change" he asked irritadely while keeping the Helmet down and looked at her

"Bas mujhe jaana hai to jaana hai" she almost ordered which made him confused

"Yaar tumhaari tabiyat to thikane pe haina... Alag hi roop dekhne ko milta hai tumhaara roz" he asked confusedely to which she pouted "Fine but baad mein mat kehna ki..." he warned "Armaan main thak gayi" he mimicked her who smacked his back and he was about to wear his Helmet when

"Armaan" she called softly to which he turned towards her

"Ab kya Maharani Saahibaa" he asked in mocking way

"I luv u..." she kissed his cheek which made him narrowed his eyes

"Tumne pura plan banaya haina mujhe pagal banane ka" he said while wearing his Helmet which made her giggle and she hugged him from behind as he started his bike "Acha tumhe kabse shopping karne ka mood hone laga... Tum to thairi maha boring ladki jisse agar ek credit card b dedo to vo b hafte laga deti ho sochne mein ki kya lun" he taunted to which she smacked on his back

"Bas mera mood hai isliye" she said

"Yaa rite..." he rolled his eyes and here started their cute nok jhok

2 days later

Har mod pe

Mai tere saath hi



"Haa Arjun bol... Kya huaa??" he asked as he recieves the call

"Sunn... Kal Shakti ko mere Watchman ne dekha mere ghar k bahar kisi ek foreigner k saath... Main usi ka CCTV footage dekh raha hun.. Main tujhe send karung vo tu dekh k bata... Kya tu usse jaanta hai" Arjun informed

"Abbe mujhe kaise pata hoga... Mujhe to yaad hi nai haina... Tu ek kaam kar mujhe send kar main Rehaan ko bolunga may be vo pehchaan jaaye" he said while walking tro & fro in the backyard

"Haa ye b chalega..." he agreed

"Acha kya tu mujhe us foreigner ka naam pata laga k bata sakta hai..." he asked

"Dekhta hun... Agar pata laga to inform karta hun... Bye" he spoke

"Haa chal bye.." saying this he hung up the phone and looked at the Sea site where the Sun was drowning slowly behind the Sea the orphanage house was behind the sea so from the backyard it can seen "I hope ye problem jaldi solve ho" he took a sigh and sat on the sofa which was placed in the backyard its face was infront of the house and its back was towards the sunset "I think mujhe aaj to Bracelet ko yakeen dilaana hi padega ki... Yes I forgot my six months of life" he thought closing his eyes while keeping his back against the sofa when Shilpa came calling his name making him to open his eyes

"Armaan..." she spoke angrily standing in-front of him who raised his eyebrows "I hate u" she said wd a pout


"Kuch naya bolo yaar..." he rolled his eyes making her more angry "Acha sorry... Batao kya baat hai..??" he asked while making her sat beside him by her wrist

"Aapki wajah se ab saare bacche mujhe Bracelet didi bulaate hai" she said angrily which made him burst wd laugh "Aap... Aapko hassi aa rahi hai.. I hate u" she crossed her arms angrily to which he controlled his laugh

"Ok sorryy..." he apologized still controlling his smile "To isme itna gussa hone wali konsi baat hai" he pulled her in his arms who glared

"Armaan... Vo log mera naam chodke kuch aur bula rahe thae" she spoke wd a pout "Aur aaj to vo Swini jo sabse cute aur choti hai... Mujhse boli... Ki Bracelet didi meri help kardo na project mein" she complained which made him chuckled she was constantly blabbering and he was only staring at her then out of blue he kissed her on her lips making her stunned wd wide eyes "Armaan" she whispered softly as he left her lips

"I luv u... Soo much" he cupped her face wd a smile which made her blush and he took her in his arms hugging her tightly

"Ye kyun...??" she asked shyly playing wd his shirt's buttons when he lightly slap her cheek which made her frown "Ab ye kyun??" she pouted

"Ye isliye ki mujhe yaad aaya us din tum road k bich chal rahi thi... Kuch ho jaata to... Isliye maara" he scolded her while hitting her head lightly who smiled

"Aur kiss kyun??" she asked again softly while keeping her head on his chest

"Aise hi mera mood" he copied her line which made her smile and she hugged him tightly who kissed her head and moved his hand to open her hairs from that pony but she stopped

"Nai garmi lag rahi hai" she said slowly making him shook his head while she pulled her legs up on sofa laying on him "Yehi mauka hai Armaan bata de Bracelet ko" his mind reminded him "Bracelet..." he called her slowly to which she whispered YES "Mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai??" he said slowly parting her away who frowned "But u have to promised me... U don't freak out... Aur meri puri baat sunne k baad hi kuch bologi... Aur gussa nai karogi... Aur mujhe chodkar nai jaogi promise me" he asked scarily to which she nodded silently coz seeing his serious face "Hmmm ok... Main apni life k... Six months bhul gaya hun... Aur vo b hamari shaadi engagement first night sab kuch" he said carefully but hessistately where as she was confused "Ye mat kehna ki meri b yaadast gayi hai" before she could say anything he spoke coz many times he tried to say this and she reacted in same manner

"Aap mazak kar rahe haina??" she asked in full serious tone to which he nods his head in NO innocently "Kaise?? Aap to" she asked confusedely

"See the thing is..." and he narrated his accident and what he remembered "Samjhi... Mujhe sirf itna pata tha ki tumne mere sar pe vo danda maara tha... Uske baad main ghar kaise pahucha aage kya hua mujhe yaad nai... And its true ok" he said in one breath coz seeing her preprelexed look

"Matlab aapko hamari engagement yaad nai..??" she asked confusedely and he nod in NO "Hamari shaadi b nai" she again asked and he nodded in NO carefully which made her shocked and she put her hands on her mouth

"See tumne promise kiya tha... Ki tum gussa nai karogi" he reminded her who looked at him in anger

"Main kaise maan lun..." she asked still wd confusion which made him rolled his eyes

"Ok test it??" he crossed his arms camly

"Thik hai..." she give him a challenging look "Kyaa aapko yaad hai hamari first date... Jisme aapne khud kaha tha ki chalo Allu Arjun ki movie dekhte hai" she lied only to test him who made a face

"No ways... Main aisa keh hi nai sakta" he refused to which she looked at him

"Aapko kaise pata... Aapko thodi yaad hai" she smirked making him irritated

"Simple si baat hai jab tum mere saath first tym date pe jaate waqt itni pareshaan thi... To definately shaadi se pehle jaana to impossible hai" he spoke logically

"Whatever" she rolled her eyes "Acha aapko yaad hai aap jab pehli baar mujhe dekhne aaye the ghar pe... To aapne mujhse kaha tha ki... Aap puri life sirf meri sunenge" she maked a story just to see his expression which was confused right now

"Sach mein..." he asked doubtfully to which she nodded in YES "To kaha hoga" he said cooly and that made her confirmed about his memory that he really forgot she looked at him shockingly

"Means aapko kuch yaad nai... Hamari pehli mulaqat ko chod k" she asked shockingly to which he nodded calmly "Matlab uske baad kuch nai... Ye b nai ki aap mujhe temple k bahar mile thae.. Mere ghar pe aaye the aur maine aapko.." she asked still in dazed but stopped seeing his confused look So What he forgot his memory at least he didn't left her specially when he forgot their marriage then also he loved her like no one does Means he didn't remembered their meeting outside the temple and When she mistook him as an electrician

Their engagement when he knowingly bended his finger just to make her looked at him Or most important their marriage which tied them together which is the reason behind their togetherness So it means he did'nt remembered that also when he shouted on her in car after her 'Bidaai' and their first night where he was very calm person and the next day where many awekward moments came That means he forgot everything


Now she understood why his behavior was different when he came back from NY coz he forgot her that's why his behavior was very different from before which was calm and strict Yes Dev had told that he changed strict after he did that mistake in which the old man died coz of his carelessness and that resulted him as a matured person living the chearful Armaan behind Yes she gotted coz he forgot that days that's why he is very cool and chearful now and she can't let him think that she felt bad or will live him Yes it shocked her but she loves him and cannot live widout him

"Bracelet... I know tumhe bura laga hoga but..." his fearful voice made her looked at him and hearing this she controlled her feelings while cutting him

"To aapne mujhe accept kaise kiya...??" she asked doubtfully which made him confused "I mean main agar aapki jagah hoti to... Divorce de deti.."she said cooly which made him smile

"Maine b vohi socha tha... But kya kare..." he said smilingly pulling her closer coz he knew she will not leave him coz she had put her hand on his which was a green signal for him and guess what he fall for her more today "Tose naina jabse mile... Ban gaye silsile" he sang hugging her from back who smiled

"Tch ! Armaan agar aap mujhe divorce de dete to kitna acha hota... Main hoti kahi Darjling aur Dehradun mein" she said making a face which made him chuckled

"Too bad... Acha huaa na nai diya varna... Main to kunwara hi reh jaata" he said in dramatic way which made her giggle "Aur vaise b Madam divorce dene k liye shaadi yaad honi chahiye jo mujhe yaad nai" he pinched her nose lovingly

"Iska matlab.. Aapke liye to main aapki wife hun hi nai.." she asked shockingly

"Haa... Tabi to main hamesha kehta hun ki tum mere liye girlfriend ho" he said nonchantly which made her mouth fell

"Haaww matlab aap mujhe... Apni girl friend sanjhte ho wife nai" she asked wd a pout

"Agar tum chaho to tumhari... Khushi k liye main tumse dubaara shaadi karne ko taiyaar hun" he spoke calmly pulling her closer who smiled hearing this

"Nai main galti sirf ek hi baar karti hun" she said proudly which made him chuckled and he tucked her strands behind her ear

"I luv u" he said lovingly to which she put her head back on his chest who immediately engulf her into him thanking god to give her in his life here he thought she will leave him after knowing this but once again she proved him wrong

"Armaan" she called softly to which he hummed in YES "Aapko sab yaad kab aayga??" she asked slowly playing wd his shirt

"Pata nai Notice nai aaya abi tak" he joked to which she smacked on his chest "Aaww mujhe kaise pata hoga yaar" he said tierdly to which she smacked again "Ab ye kis liye" he asked narrowing his eyes

"Mujhe pehle nai batane k liye" she said angrily

"Acha jab b kehta tum saaf saaf kehti... Ki meri b gayi hai" he carressed her hairs who snuggled more into him

"Aap mujhe bhuloge to nai naa... Armaan yaadast aane pe" she asked innocently

"Naah... Ye kaise hoga pagal... Jab main already six monthes bhul chuka hun to tumhe kaise bhulunga.. U r into me... Never in my life tumhe bhulunga" he said lovingly kissing her head

"Fir b.." she parted from the hug "Ye iske liye ki aapne mujhe nai bataya" she picked a cusion and started hitting him who protected himself by his hands

"Ok... Sorry yaar" he apologized and their cute little fight started but wd more strong love building inside them while the Sun already disappeared from the sky

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