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part 37 : Sirf Tum

3 hours later...

Jab tak chale ye


"Bas Bracelet... Bas aur kitna yaar... Kitna khaogi" he asked unbeleivingly to which she ignored and continued eating her Pani puri Actaully the thing is, Shilpa felt hungry craving for some spicy food which made him confused and she litreally dragged him towards a food market which was near the orphange house and since the time she came she was only eating even she did'nt like 'Dhabeli' but she ate that's also which was shocking for him "Aaj to lagta hai pura stall khali karegi ye..." he thought while staring at her face who was eating cutely as if feeling the food after she craved for that

"Ammm..." she moaned taking the bite of a 'Samosha' which made him smile seeing her this side when she offered a bite towards him who shook his head

"Tumhe hi mubaarak ho" he said shaking his head to which she rolled her eyes making him smile

"Hmmm... Ho gaya" she said happily stretching her arms

"Ho gaya... Ab ghar chale" he asked tierdly to which she nodded like a kid "Hmm ye lo paise..." he gave a 500 hundred ruppee to the Shopper who looked at him

"Chuta nai hai kyaa??" the Shopper asked

"Actaully jitna isne khaya hoga... Shayad isse b zyada ho" he said in sarcastic way to which Shilpa smacked on his arm while Shopper smiled and nodded in NO "Fine ek min... Bracelet yehi rehna haa... Main aata hun" he spoke normally to which she nodded obidentely and he left from there for rupee change after some time he came and gave the money to the Shopper "Ab chalen..." he asked grabbing her wrist while they moved ahead slowly

"Armaan ice-cream" she pointed which made him close his eyes

"Not again yaar" he muttered under his breath as she moved ahead when he pulled her back "Ruko main lata hun... Gaadiya hai vaha" he said polietely making her smile and buying the ice-cream he gave her one and other he took for himself and they walked slowly steadely on the side road "Tell me..." he started to which she looked up at him while taking a bite from her ice-cream "Aaj tumhe itna bhook kaise lag gayi... Vaise to khaati nai ho... Fir aaj kyun?" he asked raising his bows while stopping her in middle

"Pata nai..." she shrugged her shoulders staring at him who just finished his ice-cream "Shayad... Mera mood" she answered wd teasing smile while finishing her ice-cream which made him chuckled "Kyun aaj zyada pareshaan kar diya" she asked cutely to which he pulled her closer by her waist

"Nai... Aaj zyada pyaar aa raha hai" he replied kissing her cheek making her blushed

Mai to jeeun

Only for u...
"Armaan... Lagta hai baarish hone wali hai" she looked up at the sky which became dark wd black clouds while keeping her hands on his chest who kept his hands on her waist

"To koi baat nai... Bheeg lenge" he said teasingly while nuzzling in her neck

"Nai mujhe bheegna nai hai... Sab chip chipa hoga" she made a face to which he kissed on her nose

"Fine... Par chalna to padega hi... Kyun ki tumne mauka hi nai diya bike yaa car lene ka" entwining their fingers he moved ahead

"To iska matlab hum bheegenge" she asked innocently

"Nai meri jaan..." he pinched her nose lightly "Hum umbrella lelenge" he said and buying a umbrella thay moved ahead wd their hands entwined they were talking when the rain started pouring its heavy drops on them

"Armaan... Eeeww" she made a face to which he laughed and opened the umbrella making the both inside it

"Ab khush" he asked smilingly to which she nodded happily while grabbing his arm he was gripping the umbrella and was just to ask her about her wiered behavior when his cell phone's ring made him recieved it "Haa bol Arjun" he asked as he heared Arjun's voice and Shilpa took the umbrella to her hand making him smile

"Sunn mujhe uska naam to nai pata chala... But haa maine pics send kardi hai dekhle whatsapp pe... Aur haa vo video b" Arjun informed

"Acha main thodi daer mein dekhta hun..." he replied when he saw a car was coming towards them and making Shilpa side he moved towards the roadside which made her smile seeing his protective side he was talking on phone and a bike was about to hit him but she pulled him more closely by his arms and hit his arm who looked at her confusedly raising his eye brows for answer to which she shook her head "Haa thik hai... Chal bye" as he hung the call a car passing them threw water on him by its wheels making him all wet which made her giggle and the umbrella fell from her hands "Stop it ok..." he spoke irritably while she laughed and the rain made them fully drenched "Bracelet... Chalo... bheeg jaogi" he spoke in warning tone seeing her twirling in rain enjoying the weather and her yellow skirt was clinging to her skin

"Nai mujhe bheegna hai" she said cheerfully taking the drops in her palms

"Lo... Abi khud keh rahi thi bheegna nai hai aur ab khud bheeg rahi hai" he shook his head and grabbed her wrist "Dekho bemaar pad jaogi..." he said softly which made her hugged him tightly

"Sshhh Armaan thodi daer aur... Please" she requested softly hugging him who smiled while hugging her back

"Bemaar padogi main nai janta fir" he warned to which she nodded in YES still hugging him who smiled "Aaj sach mein tumhe kuch huaa hai" he said kissing her head who snuggled more into him making him to feel the rain while keeping his head up to feel it he is happy to have her in his life as his wife Today when he was about to told her about his accident he was scared to loose her thinking she might leave him but it resulted her more closer to him and he is happy that now all the burdens were gone from his shoulder coz there is no secret between them now and he will make sure that there will be no secret between them in future also

Next morning

Bcoz i luv u

I luv u


I luv u...
"Uth gayi... Ab tabiyat kaisi hai tumhaari??" Massi asked as she saw Shilpa awake

"Time kya ho raha hai??" she asked tierdly holding her head wd one hand while sitting

"11:30 ho raha hai... Par tum kaisi ho ab" Maasi asked again sitting beside her who looked around for Armaan "Armaan ko emergency aa gai to usse jaana pada" she informed wd a smile answering her unasked question which made her look down and find herself in a 'kurta' which she remembered that she changed last night but what happened after that she didn't remembered some blur images came her holding her head Armaan asking what happened and then her falling on his chest and what happened after that she don't know

"Mujhe kya huaa tha??" she asked pulling the blanket more up

"Tumhe kal raat bahoot tez bukhaar tha... Mujhe to Armaan ne subhe Hospital jaane se pehle bataya..." Maasi informed caressing her head "Shayad Puri raat vo jaag raha tha.. Tumhari dekh bhaal karne k liye... Bahoot pyaar karta hai vo tumse" she commented which made her smile "Chalo... Kuch khalo" she said lovingly

"Pehle fresh ho jaun..." Shilpa replied in weak tone making Maasi nod when all children rushed towards her

"Bracelet didi... Aapko raat ko bukhaar tha" Swini the little one asked innocently

"Haa bahoot tez.." she replied in same tone

"Aap baarish mein bheegi thi na to iss liye" Rahul spoke making her nod

"Ye aapke liye hamari taraf se" two girls forwarded some flowers

"Awwe... So sweet" she spoke cutely while taking the flowers and kissed them

"Vo kya kehte hai... Ggg get...well son" Swini said in her kidish language which made everyone laugh

"Aree buddhu... Vo soon hota hai son nai... Son to beta hota hai" the eldest one corrected while laughing

"To kya huaa.. Abi ye choti hai badi hojaygi to sikh jaygi" Shilpa said lovingly pulling her on her lap to which Maasi moved to take her but Shilpa gestured that she is fine by her eyes making Maasi smile

"Haa" Swini nodded making Shilpa to kiss her cheek and they all were talking and making fun when Shilpa's phone rang

"Ssshhh bacha log phone hai... Chalo jao homework b to karna hai" Maasi spoke to which all childrens left obediently

"Take care" Swini kissed Shilpa's cheek and ran outside making her smile

"Bacche tumhe bahoot pasand karte hai... Shayad ab Armaan se zyada.. Kyun ki vo unka favorite Doctor hai... Par tum Doctor to nai but favorite jarur ban gayi ho" Maasi said which made her giggle "Aur tumhe b Armaan ki tarah bacche pasand hai... Haina" she asked teasingly to which she nodded smilingly "Mujhe pura yakeen hai bahoot ache parents banoge aage" she commented and handled the phone which was ringing from past few minutes "Baad mein aati hun main" saying this she left the room living a blushing Shilpa there who looked at the caller Id 'Armaan'

"Hello!" she said slowly as she received the call while laying straight on bed

"Good morning Wify" his cheerful voice made her smile broad "So how r u??" he asked while relaxing on his chair

"Main thik hun" she replied in weak tone

"Aur bheego baarish mein... Dekho abhi b shayad bukhar utra nai hai... Mana kiya tha..." he started scolding her when her voice stopped him

"Armaan I luv u..." she spoke slowly but lovingly and hearing this he smiled

"Oyye hoyye..." he grinned keeping his head on the chair post "Tell me... Tumhe sach mein kuch huaa to nai haina..??" he asked teasingly which made her bit her lower lip

"Nai to..." she replied slowly pulling the blanket on herself "Aap kab aaoge Armaan...?" she asked like an kid which made him smile

"Aunga... Bas shaam tak kyun ki abhi cases b baaki hai... Aur kal hume nikalna b to hai" he said thoughtfully to which she hummed"But tab tak aap rest karengi... Maine Maasi ko bol diya hai to vo... Aaj pure din tumhara dhyaan rakhengi... So take care my baby... Abi mujhe ek case k liye jaana hai" he informed

"Armaan please jaldi aana... I am missing u" her tone was weak he can sensed that she still have fever

"Don't worry meri jaan aa jaunga jaldi tum aaram karo... Aur haa I am begging u kuch kha lena... Please" he said in strict tone which made her smile

"Haa khalungi" she replied smilingly while playing the hem of pillow "Aur aap b... I know aapne b kuch nai khaya hai..." she said slowly

"Tum khalo main khalun... Baat ek hi hai" he spoke teasingly

"Cheesy lines" she chuckled to which he also smiled "Armaan aap kal raat soye nai the na meri wajah se.." she asked turning towards one side while the phone was on her ear

"Kyun aisa kya kiya tumne kal raat" he asked wd mischievous grin making her drag his name "Aree nai yaar soya tha but tumhe pakad k u know kal raat tum bahoot hot thi" he said wd a grin

"I hate u... Go do ur work" saying this she hung up the phone

"Aree par..." he said but stopped seeing the call disconnected "Hmmm I luv her" he took a sigh while hugging the phone Yes yesterday when they returned to orphanage house she was shivering but he thought may be coz of rain but after changing her clothes she held her head and after he changed his clothes he saw her fainting on his arms panic took over him and he tapped her also but when he touched her found her burning body against his cold one picking her up he made her lay on bed and sat beside her while caressing her head lovingly and brought a dry strips wd cold water and took care of her all night he knew it was coz of rain in which she drenched so laying beside her he took her in his arms and slept in morning he didn't wanted to leave her but there was an emergency so he had to leave reluctantly so before living he informed Maasi and also spoke to take care of her

Same night

"Maasi Armaan aaye kya??" she asked as she woke up again feeling light coz in afternoon her head got heavy and she fainted again

"Beta vo to do ghante pehle hi aa gaya... Tumhare paas hi baitha tha abhi abhi koi call aaya tha to bahar gaya vo" Maasi informed while giving a glass of water to her who emptied the glass in one go making Maasi smile "Kya huaa??" Maasi asked frowning as she saw her struggling wd her dress

"Vo pata nai kyun dam ghut raha hai mera... Is dress mein" she replied irritably making Maasi smile

"Acha tum ruko... Main abhi aayi..." Maasi excused and after some tym she came wd a simple pink saari "Ye lo... Isse pehen lo halki hai" she handled the saari to her who looked at the saari for sometime then hessistately took it "Vaise tumhe dekh k lagta hai... Ki kuch to gadbad hai ek baar check karwa lena" Maasi said teasingly which made her blushed

"Aisa... Kkuch nai hai" she replied shyly staring at the saari

"Hmm jo b ho main to sirf keh rahi thi" she giggled and left the room making Shilpa to change the saari

"Kuch to karna padega... Kahi vo Shakti meri family ko kuch kar na de" he muttered under his breath worriedly while moving tro and fro wearing a white kurta paijama which Maasi gave coz he was drenched in rain and his bag's keys were wd Shilpa who was sleeping at that time so Maasi gave this to him

Bcoz i luv u

I luv u

I luv u till the

"Armaan" her lovely voice made him turned to look at her and he left stunned seeing her in just simple pink saari she moved ahead while tucking her strands of hair behind her ear "Aap yahan hai..." she asked as she stood beside him but he was lost in her "Armaan" she nudged him who came out from his dream world

"Ammm... Vo haan phone aaya tha... But tum kyun aayi ??" he asked worriedly "Dekhnedo... Bukhar utra ki nai" he kept his hand on her forehead checking it which made her smile "Nai uttar gaya" he took a sigh

"Armaan mujhe ghar jaana hai" she said slowly to which he forwarded his hand towards her who frowned

"Haath do..." he said softly to which she kept her hand hessistantely making him pulled her closer by her waist "Chalenge... Pehele meri jaan thik to ho jaaye... Tab jaayenge" he spoke lovingly caressing her waist lightly making her blushed "Aur vaise b kal to jaahi rahen hai..." he smiled to which she kept her hands around his neck

"Sorry" she whispered softly which made him frowned "Vo baarish me bheeg k beemar hone k liye" she said biting her lip to which he pecked on her lips making her startled

"I already told u... Don't do this or else I will kiss u... So.." he spoke teasingly and moved to kiss her again who stopped him

"Armaan..." she blushed when taking her hand he twirled her and she landed on his chest and her hands around his neck

"Don't be sorry... Kyun ki uski saza to dehi dunga main" saying this he picked her in his arms

"Armaan" she said scardely "Koi dekh lega" she looked here and there holding him tightly

"Dekhne do..." he spoke cooly moving inside their room and made her lay on bed while laying above her "So.. Mrs Armaan Malik..." he traced her neck huskily wd his index finger making her closed her eyes wd thudding heart

"Armaan..." she gasped as his lips came closer to her he was about to take her lips in his when "Armaan... Nai mujhe bukhaar tha" she stopped him who made a face

"Shut up!!" saying this he captured her lips in his while entwining their fingers and wdin a minutes their clothes were threw down by him and they spent their night wd full of love

One week later...

"By God!! Subhe se ye paanchva nimboo paani ka glass pi rahi hai tu" Aditi asked shockingly seeing her gulping the fifth glass of lemonade

"Haan subhe se ajeeb saa feel ho raha tha aur..." Shilpa replied keeping the glass on table

"Teri harqate kuch ajeeb si lag rahi hai... Baat kya hai bata mujhe" she asked suspiciously bending towards her who was sitting on kitchen shelf

"Kkkuch b to nai..." she refused hessistately to which Aditi raised her eye brows "Pata nai do teen din se vomiting ho rahi hai mujhe... Aur ajeeb sa b lag raha tha" she said slowly staring at her glaring eyes and amushed smile "Aur maine... Apne... Da...tes... Miss kar diye hai" she informed nervously biting her nails

"By God!! Kya??" she asked happily "Sach mein... Matlab... Wow" she said excitedly jumping on floor

"Main sure nai hun Aditi" she spoke slowly

"Tu chup kar... Aur ready ho jaa... Hum abhi Hospital jaa rahe hai chal..." she dragg her outside happily not giving her chance to say anything

"Aditi... Par" Shilpa tried to stop her but Aditi didn't listened her and pushed her inside her room

"Jaa change kar main... Bahar wait kar rahi hun" saying this she left before Shilpa could stop her

"Aarrggh.. Lagta hai ab jaana hi padega" she said scarily while picking dress
Night time

Jeene laga hun

Pehle se zyada

Pehle se zyada

Tumpe marne laga hun...
"Kal shaam ko result aayga... Aditi ko bol to diya hai ki tab tak kisi ko kuch naa bole... Jab tak result nai aajaye..." she thought while moving upstairs "Par Armaan ko kaise bataungi.." she bit her nails "Aur agar result negative aaya to... Armaan sabka kya hoga... Kitni umeede hai" she thought scarily and opened her room's door finding her Dear Husband who was busy in talking wd Arjun through bluetooth while roaming here and there

"Haa tu bas dekh yaar... Aur Suhaani kaisi hai..." Armaan asked while landing on bed laying straight and when his gaze landed on Shilpa who glared him for not keeping his things properly to which he gave a kiss by pouting his lips which made her shook her head 

"Nai yaar abi to koi plan nai hai aane ka.." he said coolly grabbing the pillow under his head his legs were on right side of the bed while his head was on left side of the bed he was laying in middle not in a proper way "Yaa rite" he chuckled and grabbed her wrist who just passed from his sight "Tu bol..." he said not before kissing her hand who smiled he asked through his eyes that what happened to which she shook her head in NO "Dekhta hun agar possible huaa to" he pulled her by her end of the saari making her fall on him but before she could fall she dentangled herself from his grip smacking his arm who gave a flying kiss to her to which she showed her thumb making him chuckle "Nai yaar kuch b to nai... Tu bata Prashaant kaisa hai" he was talking when he felt Shilpa beside him he looked down at her who just put her head on his chest tierdly making him to take her in his arms lovingly "Tu bas dhyaan de apna main yahan dekh lunga" he was talking while caressing her hairs and after some time he bid bye Arjun and hang up the call "So gayi meri jaan" he kissed her head caressing her hairs he looked at her tiered face "Ye itni down kyun lag rahi hai" he whispered worriedly seeing her pale face coz of cases and that Shakti topic he didn't get a better chance to see her or spend his time wd her and now his work was done n about the Shakti topic Arjun will take care he had promised so now he can take care of his dear wife when Shao Pao's loud bark made him looked down at the floor his tiny eyes were calling him to take care of him also "Aur beta Vada Pao... Aaja" making her head lay properly on pillow he moved down "Aaja mere sher..." he picked him up "Kuch khaya??" he asked in kiddish tone to which barked which means YES "To fir chalo tumhe b sula dete hai" he made her lay on his basket who immediately laid closing his eyes which made him chuckled "Good night" pulling his little blanket on him he stood "Chal tu b soja" he stretched his arms and making Shilpa lay properly on bed he laid beside her and switching the lamp off, he pulled the blanket on them "Good night Bracelet" he whispered while taking her in his arms and Kissing her head he too drifted in sleep

Next day

"To tune socha... Tu kaise batayegi Armaan ko" Aditi asked excitedly looking at Shilpa who was sitting on sofa wd crossed legs while staring at her three in laws who was soo happy to hear this new which was a positive one the Reports were in Ananya's hand

"Maa main dusri baar Daadi bannejaa rahi hun" Ananya spoke happily seeing the Reports again and again

"Aur main par Daadi" Dadi smiled

"Mummiji pehle ye socho kaise bataygi ye Armaan ko..." Aditi spoke

"Haa aap.. Sab hi batao kaise bataun main unko... Aap sab ne kaise bataya tha" she asked nervously staring at them

"By god!! Maine Dev se kaha tha ki... Kya tum ek aur responsiblity utha sakte ho... Vo to confuse ho gaya... Fir maine kaha thoda mushkil hoga but do... Logo ko ek hi kamre mein sambhaal lena" she said smilingly

"Fir..??" Shilpa questioned

"Fir kya vo khud hi samajh gaya" she giggled to which they also smiled

"Bhaai hamare zamane meun... Khud hi samajh jaate thae... Mere chaaro baccho k time khud hi samajh gaye thae tumhare Dadaji" Dadi informed proudly

"Aur mere tym... Maa ne hi Billy ko bataya tha... Dev aur Armaan k baare mein" Ananya smiled

"Ab ye tujhpe hai..." Aditi patted her back who looked down

"Vaise sabko pata chal hi gaya... Hai.. Bas ab tumhe Armaan ko batana hai" Ananya said teasingly

"Sabko??" Shilpa's eyes widened

"Haa maine Dev ko message kiya... Mummiji ne Dadiji ko... Aur Dadiji ne Dadaji ko" Aditi spoke nonchalantly making her embarrassed

"Kya aap log... B" she said while playing wd her fingers

"Main to jaa rahi hun... Kuch meetha banane..." Ananya stood up and went inside the kitchen

"Aur main jaa rahi hun... Anant ko maalish dene uth gaya hoga vo..." Dadi spoke while standing up

"Chaliye main chod doon" Shilpa stood to help

"Nai nai abse tum aaram karo bas... Main itni b budhi nai hui hun" Dadi smiled and left living the two ladies alone Shilpa moved to take the Reports which was inside the envelope when Aditi picked it teasingly

"Kya huaa chahiye... Le" she teased to which Shilpa moved to take but Aditi teased more and Shilpa moved upstairs angrily living a laughing Aditi behind

"Argghh... Pagal Aditi" she sat angrily on bed "Par... Main Armaan ko bataaun kaise..." she got confused and took the pillow on her lap "Hmmm tu likhe de de" her mind spoke "Par likhegi kya..." she asked to herself "Ki main aapke bacche ki Maa banne wali hun... Argghhh gadhi kitni cheap line hai... Dusra soch... Ye kaisa rahega... Ki agar tu Armaan ko bahar le jaa k bade bade bold letters mein flowers se likhe ki aap Papa banane wale ho" her heart gave an idea 

"Nai zyada filmi ho gaya... Tu do teddies k bich ek chota sa teddy rakh de... Nai nai ye to Armaan kabhi samajh b nai payenge... Kitna ajeeb Husband mila hai Doctor hoke nai samajh paa rahe... Par vo busy b to hai to dhyaan nai diya hoga... Haa ek aur plan hai agar tu direct bol de ki I am Pregnant" she was debating wd herself that how to tell him or how to not

2 hours later


Mera dil

Aur tum ho yaha...
"Hii Aditi..." Armaan's cheerful voice made her looked at him who had just came from Hospital

"Hii Deverji..." she teased to which he rolled his eyes "Kafi khush lag rahe ho" she asked wd a grin while keeping the glass on table

"Yes kyun ki aaj se main thoda free hun... U know saare cases khatam kar diye maine aaj... To khushi to hogi hi" he spoke happily standing beside her who giggled "kya huaa?" he frowened

"Kuch nai... Bas soch rahi hun ki tumhara to fir se kaam badhne wali hai" she said teasingly which he didn't get and his eyes landed on Dinning table to that envelope which had Shilpa's name was written on it!

"Bracelet... Ka naam" he picked that confusedly which made Aditi's eyes big

"By God! Armaan nai vo tumhare laayak chiz nai hai" she moved to snatched it from his hand but he hide that behind his back

"Ek minute isme kya hai... Sab thik to haina" he asked worriedly

"Haa baba sab thik hai... Bas vo use thoda bukhar tha... To usi ka report hai ye" she lied coz she knew Shilpa wanted to disclose this newz to him and she didn't wanted to spoil this but her words made him shocked

"Kyaa?? Bracelet ko bukhar tha" he asked shockingly and before she could say anything he ran upstairs when Dev stopped him

"Oyye rukja... Gale to lagaane de..." saying this he hugged him which definitely made him confused "Congratz" he spoke happily parting from the hug

"Thanx" Armaan smiled thinking he was congratulating for His successful cases and in that time Aditi also came there hurriedly

"Dad haan" Dev teased punching on his arm

"What Dad??" he narrowed his eyes when

"By God! Iska matlab tha ki... Dadiji b khush hai is newz se" Aditi rescued before he could ask anything else to which Dev looked at her asking for that who nodded in NO "Acha... Tum ye envelope do mujhe" she tried to snatch it again

"No ways... Bye" saying this he ran upstairs while looking at the envelope

"By God!! Please ye padhe na" she prayed making Dev to glared her for answer "Aree Dev usme Shilpa ki reports thi... Aur abhi tak Armaan ko nai pata... Kyun ki Shilpa use khud batana chahti thi" she informed in one go to which he laughed

"Matlab jisse sabse pehle pata hona chahiye tha... Usse hi nai pata" he spoke in between his laughing

"Dev" she smiled too
~ In ArSh's Room ~

Fir ku ho palke jhukaye


Tumsa haseen

Pehle dekha nai

Tum isse pehle the

Jaane kaha...
"Bracelet... Bracelet" he called loudly as he entered in room looking here and there for her who moved down from the bed

"Kya huaa??" she asked but as her eyes landed on his hand on the envelope her eyes widened "Armaan ye..." she immediately snatched it from his hand making him confused

"At least mujhe dekhne to deti" he pouted "Whatever... Tumhe bukhar tha tumne mujhe bataya nai" he asked worriedly cupping her face who gave a hessistant smile

"Vo... Ab main thik hun" she replied slowly moving away from him who just moved to kiss her

"Haan to thik hai..." he pulled her again closer trying too kiss her

"Armaan... Pehle fresh ho jao... Main khana lagati hun" She moved away pushing him lightly who pouted

"Fine tumhe meri kya jaturat raho yehi huh..." Saying this he moved inside Washroom banging the door hard making her shut her eyes tightly

"Offo!! Ab to batana hi padega... Aur kitni jaldi gussa hote hai ye... Baap re acha huaa inko zyada gussa nai aata varna main to kabhi nai reh paaun inke saath..." she smiled shaking her head she looked at her Reports while smiling and moved out

"Pata nai kya ho gaya isko... Sabke aage mujhe bhul hi jaati hai" he muttered under his breath moving out from the Washroom changing in  t-shirt and jeans "Huh..." and in anger he started doing push ups when Shilpa walked in

Image result for armaan riddhima push up

"Ohhoo... Koi to abhi b gussa hai" she said teasingly bending to his level who ignored "Armaan bas haan... Itna gussa b thik nai hai" she pointed her index finger who looked at her angrily "Ok... Sorry... Bas" she held her ears who sat up wd pouted lips making her smile "sorry...vo.." but her words were left incomplete as he pulled her closer by her waist and gripped her hand wd his other one

"Ab kahan jaogi..." he smirked seeing her blushing face who didn't tried to free herself "So... Mrs Malik... Kiss me" he directly asked moving his lips closer to her who hugged him suddenly

"I luv u... Armaan" she whispered hugging him tightly who smiled hugging her back

"I luv u too... Par achanak... Kyun" he asked caressing her back who snuggled more into him

"Bas aise hi" she whispered making him kiss her head "Acha Armaan usme kyaa hai??" she asked while moving her head back staring at him who looked at the side where she was looking on the bed where a small shopping bag was placed

Jeene laga hun

Pehle se zyada

Pehle se zyada

Tumpe marne laga hun

Hmmm... Hooo...
"Pata nai..." picking up in his hand he shrugged and opened the bag finding two envelopes "Ye kya hai" he frowned while opening the envelope where as she hides her giggle "Wow!!" he commented finding a card on which written "World's Best Dad Armaan" it was hand made by her she bit her lower lip while moving her lashes down thinking he understood "Par father's day to abhi aaya nai... To tumne kyun banaya abhi... Apne Dad k liye... Aur mera naam kyun likha" He asked frowningly making Shilpa's head snapped to look at him "Kya tum b" he shook his head making her mouth fell he didn't get what she wanted to say

"Armaan I hate u..." she said angrily while smacking his arm who got confused

"Aree par kyun" he rubbed his arm

"Itni si baat samajh nai aati aapko" she said angrily smacking him again who frowned

"Acha itni si baat kya??" he asked grabbing her hands

"Yehi ki agar card pe World's Best Dad Armaan likha hai to... Mere Papa ka kaise hoga ye... Iska to saaf matlab hai ki vo aapke baare mein hai" she spoke frustadeley making him narrowed his eyes

"Par main thodi Dad hun kisi ka" he asked

"Nai ho to... Ban nai sakte... Iska matlab saaf hai ki aap Dad banne wale ho... Par na..." she replied annoyingly but stopped immediately as she realized she told him who was just staring at her and an instant she was banged wd his chest by him

"Main Dad kya??" he asked wd a little grin to which she looked down shyly "Bolo Bracelet" he pulled her more closer whose hands were on his chest

"Haan Armaan aap Papa banane wale ho" she answered blushingly looking down where as he smiled wd moist eyes and wdin a second she was in his arms

"Bas yehi sunna chahta tha Bracelet... Sirf tumhare mooh se" he whispered nuzzling his head in her hairs who hugged him more tightly

"Matlab... Aapko pata tha...??" she asked wd a pout looking back at him who grinned

"Haa to... Tumhe kya lagta hai... Tumhari Reports mere haath mein aaye aur main dekhun na... Impossible..." he spoke proudly kissing her nose who smiled "Vaise b doubt to mujhe kabse tha tumhari harkato ki wajah se... But jab Aditi ne kaha ye tumhaari bukhaar ki Reports hai... Bas mujhe yakeen ho gaya" he said smilingly making her blushed

"Very bad... Armaan iska matlab aapka gussa vo sab natak tha" she smacked his chest who chuckled and sat properly while pulling her in his lap

"Nai gussa real tha... Kyun ki ye baat sabse pehle mujhe jaane ka right tha... But sabse last mein mujhe pata chala" he pouted making her to kiss his cheeks lovingly while cupping his face

"Sorry..." she whispered slowly to which he pulled her more closer

"Koi baat nai... Next time mujhe sabse pehle batana" he teased wd a wink to which she smacked his chest blushingly and hugged him "Thank u Bracelet..." he hugged her back

"I luv u..." she whispered kissing his neck who engulf her more

Same night

Rehte ho aake

Jo tum paas mere

Tham jaaye pal ye

Vohi bas mai

Ye sochun...
"Acha Bracelet... Tumhe jab pata chala kaisa feel ho raha tha??" he asked staring up at her face who was caressing his hairs whose head was on her lap while she was sitting against the bed post where as Shao Pao was playing wd Armaan's phone beside them Dinner was done wd family who were soo happy that they were teasing them down Armaan was retorting back whereas, Shilpa was only left wd blush it was thier family moment and now they were resting finding a peace wd each other "Bolo na Bracelet" he asked again like a kid to which she smiled

"Aap batao...?" she questioned back pinching his nose lightly

"Main... Ok... Trust me Reports padhne se pehle hi mera heart jump kar raha tha... As if results aane wale ho exam k... Par jab reports positive aaye... Tum nai janti Bracelet kitna khush tha... Ki tumhe kiss karne ka mann kiya isilye to main... Room mein daud k aaya but tumhe dekhne k baad socha... Ab to tumhare mooh se sunna hai bas" he spoke wd so much of excitement in his voice that she felt to cuddle him "Ab tum??" he kissed her hands

"Main... Mujhe to test dete waqt b dar lag raha tha... Aur dene k baad pura din main tension mein thi... Aur jab Reports haath mein aaye kholne se darr lag raha tha... Fir Aditi ne chin k padha aur mujhe gale laga liya... Tab samjhi... Ki" she spoke slowly

"Ki??" he asked teasingly

"Ki... Aap Papa ban gaye ho" she replied pinching his nose making him smile

"Aur tum Mamma" he said wd a grin pulling her head closer to his lovingly and the two lovers started spending their most romantic time wd each other discussing about their future

1 month later...

3 AM

Sochun mai

Tham jaaye pal ye

Pass mere

Jo hai tu...
"Armaan... Utho na... Armaan" she nudged him angrily who again changed his side "Armaan" at last she hit him wd the pillow which mad him annoyed

"Kya hai Bracelet..." he yelled annoyingly while seating up

"I hate u... Armaan" she spoke angrily while crossing her arms "Yehi hota hai... Saare husbands aise hi karte hai... Jab wifes moti ho jaati hai" she spoke almost in verge of crying which made him held his head,Yes one months has gone she is two months pregnant when she demands anything reject anything coz of her pregnancy hormones whenever her mood swings she love him cares for him and if her mood swings then she shouts on him get angry wd him sometimes she doubts also that he is ignoring her coz she was getting fat which was a complete false coz she is just two months pregnant and when he told her to inform this news to her Parents she became hell nervous coz It was very hard for her to inform this news to her family specially to her mother that she is also going to be a mother she was hell nervous when like a Knight in a shadows came her hubby who maked her understand that it will give happiness to them coz they will have their first grand child So after listening him she told to her mother who was very happy to hear this and like this her sisters her family everyone was happy and they also visited her which made her very happy but also came her insecurities to loose him or everything but his knight never let her feel this

"Ab ye kahan se bich mein aa gaya" he pulled her closer lovingly to which she pouted "Aur don't compare me wd other husbands ok... Kisne kaha tum moti ho gayi ho... Aree yaar abhi to tum sirf two months ki pregnant ho ahi se ye sab sochne lagi" he spoke calmly hugging her from side who looked at him

Sochun mai

Tham jaaye pal ye

Pass mere

Jo hai tu...
"Sach mein... Main moti nai hun" she asked cutely making him kiss her nose lovingly answering in NO "Sorry" she apologized hugging him who hugged her back "Vo kya haina maine ek sapna dekha jisme aapne ye kaha... Ki tumse sundar patli to meri girlfriendz thi" she said innocently which made him chuckled

"Bracelet vo sapna tha... Aur ye real... Trust me tum bilkul moti nai ho..." he spoke slowly making her to look at him "Haa thodi heavy ho par... I can adjust... Aaawww" he joked but she smacked on his chest "Acha vo sab chodo ye batao... Meri neende kyun udaadi" He asked kissing her cheek

"Ooo haaan... Mujhe yaad aaya... Chaliye" she spoke widening her eyes to which he narrowed his eyes "Aree mujhe bhook lagi hai" she whinned

"Kyaaa?? Bhook itni raat ko??" he exclaimed but then he remembered that in dinner time she fainted and didn't had her meal and when she woke she just gulped a glass of lemonade and she slept after that "Oo... Haa... Yaad aaya" he said

"Haa to... Chalo" she moved to go but he pulled her back

"Tum ruko main laata hun" He spoke calmly

"Nai main b chalungi" she whined

"Acha thik hai... Par khana kya hai tumhe" He asked lovingly

"Masala Dhosa" she replied happily making his eyes big

"Kyaa??? Masala dhosa?? Itni raat ko??" he asked shockingly

"Kya huaa nai laa sakte" she spoke slowly

"Bracelet... Itni raat ko kahan se launga main masala dhosa tumhara" he spoke still in shock "Aur uper se itni raat ko kaun sa pagal tumhare liye apni dukaan kholega" he almost scolded her which made her looked down as if she will cry anytime "Okk...ok fine... Ab rona mat drama queen... Chalo" seeing her face he has to agree which made her happy "Abhi se isne meri band baja dii hai... Aage kya karegi pata nai... Acha hai aadat dila rahi hai baccho ki... Kyun ki ye thodi kisi bacche se kam hai" he thought taking her hand in his while moving out from the room taking his wallet and car keys wd him

"Armaan" she spoke staring at him who was looking here and there

"Ssshhh Bracelet... Sabko jagaogi kya" he whispered while taking her towards a pillar which made her frown she was about to ask but he gestured her to quite by his finger "Aao... Chalo" grabbing her hand he moved down stairs looking everywhere seeing is anyone was awake or not which made her giggle and as they came towards their Car Shilpa hugged him happily

"U r the Best Husband Armaan" she kissed his cheeks who smiled

"Ho gaya... Ab chale... Dhosa khilane tumhe" he asked lovingly tucking her strands of hair behind her ear who nodded smilingly and they both moved inside their car
After 50 minutes...

Chalti hai saanse

Pehle se zyada

Pehle se zyada

Dil dhadkne laga hai

"Bas yaar kitna khaogi..." he asked unbelievably seeing her starting her third 'Masala Dhosa' as if craving for ages...

"Armaan pleasse.." she spoke cutely while the food was still inside her mouth

"Fine... Par aaram se khao yaar Dhaabe wala utha nai lejayga tumhara Dhosa" he said wd a smile staring at her cute face wd crossed arms sitting opposite her admiring her Yes he was not getting irritated or bored infact he was more falling for her day by day After searching for minutes he found this Dhaba opened which was far away from his house they were still in their night clothes he wore a full sleeves black tshirt wd a track pant while she wore a orange and pink punjabi dress which is very simple

"Aur paaji... Kuch aur aap dono k liye laaun" the Punjaabi shopman asked seeing this Adorable couple

"Ji.. Nai shukriyaa... Aapne itni raat ko apni dukaan khol k rakhi hai vohi bahot hai... Varna kaha dhundta main itni raat ko" he said polietly making the Shopper laugh

"Koi nai jiii Biwiyo k aage kisi k nai chalti" he joked which made him smiled too but Shilpa stopped her food hearing this which he saw

"Aree Paaji... Aap to mera Divorce karaoge...aap jaao ek glass juice laado mere liye" he requested to which the Shopper laughed seeing his scared look and left

"Armaan main hukum chalati hun" she asked wd pouted look making him close his eyes

"Nai yaar vo mazak kar rahe thae... Tum itna kyun serious ho rahi ho... Tum khao na apna dhosa" he said carefully while taking his chair beside her

"Nai khana mujhe" she crossed her arms

"Please khalo.. Iske paise to aise hi waste ho jaynge" he offered her a bite but hearing this her mouth fell and he inserted that bite inside her mouth "See I luv u..." he kissed her cheek who chewed the food slowly still wd pout

"I am sorry Armaan" she apologized as he forwarded another bite towards her but stopped hearing this "Vo main aaj kal bahoot overreact karti hun na... Aur aapko bahoot pareshaan b karti hun na" she said slowly making him shook his head and ate that bite himself

"Not Really..." he spoke cooly gulping the food "Do u know Bracelet... Ye jo moment hai isse main feel karna chahta hu... Aur trust me tum mujhe karva rahi ho..." taking her hands in his he spoke calmly making her stared him "Kyun ki ye baby hamara hai... To iski care hum dono ko hi karni hai... Tum iska khayal rakh k karo... Aur main tumhara... Infact I am loving this phase of my life" he said softly moving to kiss her who moved her head back hinting him that they were in public place making him smile "Koi baat nai ghar pe kar lunga..." he winked while forwarding a dhosa bite towards her who took inside her mouth gladly

"Paaji... Aapka juice..." a young boy kept the glass on table

"Hmmm... Thank u" he spoke polietly nodding in YES the waiter left "Lo piyo" he forwarded the glass juice towards her who made a face "Chup chap piyo... Zeher nai hai ye juice hai... And its ur punishment for not eating ur meals at proper time" he scolded her who wd pouted lips has to obey his order and she started drinking the juice while he finished the left over food and paying the bill they returned to MM as they reached he fell on bed tierdly following her behind he immediately fell asleep but she just only admired his lovely face thinking their kid should be also like him and admiring his face when sleep took over her she didnt knew...
Next morning

Tanhaaiyo me

Tujhe dhundhe mera dil

Har pal ye

Tujhko hi

Soche bhala ku...
"Aaahhh... Armaaan" she whinced in pain holding her one leg which swelled and hearing this he left his file coming towards her

"Bracelet calm down... Baitho yahan" Helding her arm he made her sat on edge of bed and kneeled down infront of her

"Armaan... Dard ho raha hai" she spoke painfully as he started rubbing her feet

"Do minute shaant ho jao please" he requested looking up at her who made a face

"Pata nai saari proplems kyun ladkiyo ko hi jhelni padti hai" she spoke angrily which definately made him held his head

"Aur pata nai ladko ko ladkiyaa hi kyun jhelni padti hai" he said also in same tone making her smacked his head "To fir do minute shaant raho" he held that hand and started massaging her leg which made her relaxed "Now feeling good" he asked carefully who gave a relaxing smile making him smile too and sat beside her

"Armaan... Kahi meri pair ki tarah main moti na ho jaaun... Aur agar delivery hone k baad main aur moti ho gayi to" She asked worriedly making him closed his eyes wd a chuckled

"To fir hum dono hi saath mein gym join kar lenge thik hai... Aur fir hamare baby ko b saath le lenge" holding her by her shoulder he said nonchantily making her smile too and she hugged him when Shao Pao ran towards them barking loudly "Lo aa gaya tumhara Vada Pao..." he joked to which she glared "Ok Missele Pao" he said to which she smacked him and picked Shao Pao in her hand

"Boww..." Shao pao barked making the two giggled

"I luv u... Armaan" she hugged him while Shao Poa nuzzled his little face in his palm who was playing wd his nose

"I luv u... Too" he kissed her cheek "Acha tell me... Tumhara ye Vada Pao tumse zyada mujhse pyaar karta hai haina..." he asked teasingly making her pout

"Kya kar sakte hai... Mera Pati hai hi aisa" she pinched his nose lovingly making him to show his dimples

"Oyyyeee hoyyyeee" he hugged her who giggled while the little creature was in between them "Acha tell me... Jab hamara baby ho jayga... To kya tum Missele Pao aur mujhe importance dogi" he asked as she parted from the hug

"Ye sawaal to mujhe aapse puchna chahiye" she questioned back

"O hello! Main sirf tumhe importance dunga... Chahe kuch b ho jaaye... First u then our baby" he said pulling her closer who smiled "Now tell us hum dono hi tumhare answer ka wait kar rahe hai" he pointed at himself then at Shao Pao who also staring at her hopefully she looked at both and giggled

"No never... First u two... Then anyone else" she replied kissing his cheek and hugged Shao Pao to which he kissed her cheek while hugging the both

"Me too" he whispered still hugging her and their cute little family was enjoying their quality time

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