Friday, 7 July 2017

part 38 : Sirf Tum


Same Night

"Hii everyone" A cheerful Armaan entered in hall finding everyone silent "Oyyye kya huaa... Itna sannaata kyun hai" he asked in joking way sitting beside Aditi who was holding little Anant in her lap and he sat beside her "Heyyy... Dude..." taking Anant in his lap he started playing wd him who laughed more loudly wd his Supercool Uncle's company

"Aayyee.." Anant's happy voice made Armaan to show more funny faces which made him happy he was playing wd him when

"Armaan..." Ananya's slow voice made him looked at her "Dophar mein ek hadsa ho gaya tha" she informed carefully making him worried

"Haadsa??" he questioned while Aditi took Anant in her lap coz she knew hearing this news he will be shocked

"Haa... Vo Dophar mein.. Shao Pao" Ananya spoke softly but stopped

"Kya Shao Pao?? Aur sab thik to haina...?? Gosh koi bolega kya huaa hai??" he asked worriedly seeing everyone's down face

"Armaan Shao Pao ab nai raha" Dev spoke directly but softly making him shocked

"Kyaa??" he asked shockingly

"Haa beta... Shaam ko uski body swimming pool mein mili hume" Dadi informed tearfully to which Dada rubbed her back

"Kkaaaise?? I mean swiming pool mein kaise?" he asked in strong voice

"Pata nai... Shayad dophar mein khelte khelte vo swiming pool mein gir gaya... Aur us waqt shayad Shilpa so rahi thi... Aur hum sab b apne apne rooms mein thae... But shaam ko Kaka ne bataya ki unko Shao Pao mila paani mein... Aur jab check kiya usko tab tak der ho chuki thi" Aditi informed wd moist eyes

"ppaar... Kaise... I mean saare naukar kahan thae uswaqt" he asked controlling his emotions

"Pata nai beta... Maine b unhe khub sunaya" Dadaji said to which sat on sofa helding his head

"Sambhal khud ko..." Dev put his hand on his shoulder

"Haa Armaan... Pehle Shilpa ko sambhalo... Kyun ki jabse usne ye dekha hai... Vo bas ro rahi hai" Ananya spoke concernly making him looked at her

"Haa beta jaa... Kyun ki ye uske aur tumhare bache k liye thik nai hai" Dadi said to which he nodded in YES while clearing his face and calming himself he stood up

"Aur vo apne aapko b blame kar rahi hai Armaan" Aditi informed and that made him to ran upstairs he knew that now its very hard to calm her to make her happy after loosing Shao Pao she will blame herself and will not take care of herself Shao Pao was very important part of their life he brought them closer and also completed their family everyone in the family loves him

"Bracelet..." he said in normal tone after composing himself and entered in their room not before closing it "Bracelet... Kya huaa??" he asked in strong voice as he sat beside her on bed who was sitting like a ball putting her head on his knees while crying "Hmmm lagta hai... Mujhse gussa ho" he asked in teasing tone making her clutched her knees tightly he only knows how he made himself this normal just for her just for their coming baby "Bracelet" he caressed her hairs lovingly while controling his emotions and that made her breakdown more

Tanhaai me dhundhe

Tujhe dil

Har pal

Tujhko soche...

"Arm...aan" looking up she cried which made him more low seeing her dull face "Ss...Shao... Paao... Arm...aan" she hiccuped gripping his arm tightly

"Ssshhh..." cupping her face he tried to calmed her "Kucch... Nai Bracelet" he hugged her tightly "Main hun na..." he kissed her hairs while rubbing her back who was crying bitterty

"Armmaan..vo.." she tried to say still hugging him

"Sshhh... Main janta hun... Calm down Bracelet... Tumhari galti nai thi... Vo to hona tha so ho gaya" parting her he tried to made her understand while cupping her face who sniffed

"Armaan... Hamara Shao Pao... Meri wajah se... Main kisi ka... Khayal nai rakh sakti" she said while bitting her lower lip trying to control her tears

"Bracelet... I know vo nai raha but... Agar tum rogi to kya vo wapas aa jayga" he asked softly being a Doctor he can understand this coz he had seen in hospital everyday "Nai naaa... Tumhare kuch nai khaane se... Tum apni health to kharab kar hi rahi ho... Saath mein hamare baby ka b" he spoke slowly while clearing her tears from his thumb "Mujhe b bura laga hai... Coz vo tumse zyada mujhse pyaar karta tha... Mere saath khelta tha.. Mere shoes ki laces k saath khelta tha... But I know jo jaa chuka hai... Hum usse wapas nai laa sakte..." he took her in his embarace who was taking small small hiccups now "Aur ro k khud ko takleef deke... Hum us jaane wale ki rooh ko takleef dete hai... Kyun ki tumhare rone se vo jaha kahin b hoga vo chain se nai hoga.." he was ruffling her hairs calmly while she was quiet now "So rone se kuch faida nai hoga... Hume strong hokar sacchaai ka samna karna chahiye..." he made her understand in most innocent way that she easily got it "Aur ye maine tumse hi seekha hai... Trust me" making her to look at him he kissed her eyes making her close them

"Armaan... Shao Pao..." she said softly to which he put his index finger on her lips

"Ssshh... No more words... I know Shao Pao nai raha but agar tum kuch khaogi nai.. To hamara" he said calmy while taking her hand in his and put his other hand on her stomach "baby bhuka reh jayga... Aur ye uske liye acha nai hai" he said softly to which she hugged him tightly

"I am sorry Armaan... Main aapki di hui pehli amanat nai sambhal paayi" she said still hugging him who caressed her back

"Aisa nai hai... Bracelet.. Ye to hona tha so hogaya" he whispered calmly "Aur agar tum aise hi roti rahi to hum apni... Dusri amanat b kho denge" he said wd a smile to which she gripped his back tightly

"Nai Armaan... Aisa nai hoga" she spoke scardely hugging him more tightly

"To fir apna khayal rakho..." he kissed her hairs lovingly "Agar tum kaho... To main dusra dog.." he said slowly but she cutted him

"Nai... Shao Pao ki jagah koi nai le sakta" she said teirdly which made him smile and he engulfed her more into him and after few minutes he felt her slow breath

"Aur meri Sleeping beauty so gayi" he said wd a smile and made her lay on bed following beside her "I know Bracelet... Tumhe takleef hui hai... Mujhe b use k jaane ka gam hai... I miss u Shao Pao... Shayad hamara saath yehi tak tha... Rest in peace" he thought and took her in his arms "Yaar ye to so gayi... Bina kuch khaye hope baby thik ho" he said worriedly putting his palm on her stomach and kissed her forehead "Hmmm dinner to nai kiya isne... Iska matlab raat ko confirm hai iska mujhe jagana... Chal beta... Soja" saying this he closed his eyes

After 5 hours later...

Tanhaai me dhundhe

Tujhe dil

Har pal

Tujhko soche...

"Armaan jaldi..." she whined tapping her fists on kitchen shelf

"Haa baba... Dus minute ruk jaogi" he said while blowing air on the spoon "Hmmm.. Thoda aur" he said as he tasted the 'Kheer' which was cooking from twenty minutes for his dear Wify actually the thing is Shilpa wokeup at midnight which was expected by Armaan and almost blackmailing him wd her crying voice she woke him too and demanded 'Kheer' wd lots of dry fruits in it and milkmaid which made him almost fainted coz he didn't had any idea about it but as always her sad face and complaining voice made him to land in kitchen So after tip toeing and looking around he came in kitchen wd her and now he is making kheer for her by watching a cookery video from his phone while she was sitting on side shelf

"Armaan mujhe bhook lagi hai..." she spoke innocently making him to walked in front of her

"I know babu... Par thoda aur wait karlo... Bas ho jayga" he requested lovingly putting his hands on her waist while staring up at her

"Vaise Armaan... Aapne b kuch nai khaya na...??" she asked putting her hands around his neck who nodded in NO "To fir bola kyun nai... Main abhi aapke liye kuch banati hun" she said worriedly trying to jump down but his hold on her waist made her stop she raised her eyebrows for answer

"Yehi ruko jab ban jayga to saath mein kha lenge... Thik hai Armaan ki jaan" saying this he kissed her nose making her smile

"Armaan I think vo ban gaya" she said slowly seeing him moving towards her lips "Dekhon na..." she lightly pushed him shyly making him pout "Jaona..." she kissed his cheek making him grinned

"Haa haa jarur free ka chef jo mila hai" shaking his head put off the gas and put the bowl on kitchen table "Nai vahi ruko... Main aata hun" seeing her trying to jump down he moved towards her "Madam don't forget ab aapko apna hi nai... Kisi aur ka b dhyaan dena hai" picking her up in his arms he said lovingly making her giggle "Aahh... Kamar tod di tumne meri yaar... Kitni bhaari ho tum" he said teasingly while making her sat on chair who opened her mouth in 'O shape'

"Haaww main bhaari... Aur maine aapki kamar todi... Huh baat nai karni mujhe aapse" she pouted crossing her arms making him sat beside her

"Aree meri Tinker bell mazak tha... Chalo khaate hai yaar mujhe bahoot bhuk lagi hai" he said lovingly to which she smiled and he forwarded a spoon full kheer towards her mouth not before blowing it

"Ammm lovely" she spoke happily as she ate the kheer making him happy "Ye kahan se mangvaya??" she asked just to tease him who looked at her

"O hello!! Nai khana to mat khao... Insult mat karo Chef Armaan ko" he spoke proudly keeping the bowl infront of him to which she immediately took

"Nai mere Armaan ne banaya hai to ise sirf main khaungi" she said wd an attitude making him smile at her word 'Mere Armaan'

"Tumhare Armaan ne" he asked lovingly tucking her hairs back on her ear making her blush while nodding in YES "I soo luv u" he kissed her cheek

"Hmmm" she forwarded a spoonful morsel towards his mouth who took it inside gladly

"So brilliant... I am talented haa" he praised himself making her giggle "I want ki hamare kids b meri tarah talented ho" he pulled her closer by her shoulder making her shy "U know vo meri tarah hi honge... Aur tumse zyada mujhse pyaar karenge dekh lena" he said wd a smirk

"Aur ye aap itna surely kaise keh sakte hai" she asked raising her bows

"Zahir si baat hai jab Shao Pa..." and its just slipped from his mouth who immediately closed it and it made her sad again "Dekho Bracelet..." he tried to say as he saw her pushing the bowl aside lightly "Aise thodi sad hote hai... Yaar please" taking her hands in his he said while she already has tears in her eyes

"Armaan... I miss him" she sniffed to which he cupped her face

"See I miss him too... But yaar tum baar baar yaad karke usse takleef de rahi ho yaar... Aur saath mein mujhe not to forget Ohaana" he spoke lovingly making her calm but hearing 'Ohaana' she frowned

"Kaun Ohaana??" she asked slowly but wd a pout to which he smiled

"Ohaana vo jo tumhaare baad meri life mein hogi" he said in lost voice making her heart sank

"Armaan" she said wd moist eyes almost in verge of crying

"Aree meri maa... Khabardaar jo ab royi..." he pointed his index finger to which a tear landed and he rubbed it wd his thumb "Ohaana hamari honewali beti" he said softly pulling her closer who looked at him "Haa hamari beti" he said teasingly making her shy

"Aapko kaise pata ki beti hogi hume" she asked wd a blush making him smirk

"Vo aise..." he forwarded the kheer again towards her mouth who took it inside "Kyun ki meri kundali mein likha hai ki mujhe pehle ek beti hi hogi" he said while taking another bite in his mouth

"Kuch b haa... Sach bolo" she spoke and gripped his arm

"Ok fine... Kyun ki mujhe ek beti chahiye pehle... Baad mein ladke vadke... Lekin pehle Armaan Shilpa ki beti chahiye..." he said pulling her closer who smiled

"Aur aap uska naam Ohaana rakhenge??" she asked slowly

"Haa to... Kitna cute sa name hai... Aur different b... Maine to soch b liya hai ki main usse pyaar se Ohnu bulaunga" he informed cheerfully to which she laugh "What's so funny" he asked frowning

"Kk..kuch nai.." she said controlling her laugh "Aur ye aapne kabse soch k rakha tha" she asked lovingly pinching his nose

"Ammm jabse Sanjeevani ka first day join kiya tha tabse... Jab maine pehli baar us cute si ladki ko godh mein uthaya tha" he informed making her frown

"Konsi cute si ladki...??" she asked wd a smile

"I tell u... Actually Sanjeevani k pehle din jab maine elevator mein entry li tab us lift mein sirf main ek nurse wardboy aur ek pregnant lady thi stretcher pe jise operation theater mein le jaaya jaa raha tha... Uski delivery thi but suddenly lift stop ho gayi..." He started remembering that day while she was staring at his face "Aur hum sab vohi attak gaye the usko pain ho raha tha aur main thaira ek Nurosurgeon aur cardiologist tabhi maine phone kiya Doctor Kirti ko aur unhone bataya ki operation andar hi karna padega..." he shook his head ij unbelievably "Aur main hi janta hun kaise maine vo kiya tha ... Aur us lady ko ek cute si daughter hui jisse sabse pehle maine godh mein uthaya tha... Trust me Bracelet vo kitna amazing moment tha mere liye... Vo jis tarah se mujhe dekh rahi thi naa... I can't express in words..." he smiled where as she was admiring him more "Aur uske Parents ne mujhe force kiya uska naam rakhne pe... Aur pata nai kaha se Ohaana nikal gaya mere mooh se.. Mera pehla case tha vo b successful..." he chuckled "Aur tabhi maine decide kar liya tha ki mujhe ek beti chahiye matlab chahiye... Aur usska naam Ohaana hi rakhunga" he spoke happily making her smile "Mujhe beti hi chahiye thodi tumhari tarah... Aur pura meri tarah" he pinched her nose making her giggle

"Mujhe b" she spoke softly putting her head on his shoulder who put his head on her head

"Acha Bracelet... Tumne koi naam socha hai hamare baby k liye" he asked entwining their fingers

"Hmmm... Trisha... Mujhe bahoot pasand hai ye naam College se" she informed making him smile

"Great fir hum... Uska do naam rakhenge... Trisha aur Ohaana... Ek school ka aur ek ghar ka naam... Cool haa" he grinned imagining that scene making her giggle

"Par Armaan... Agar ladka huaa to??" after sometime she asked gripping his arm

"Naah... Ho hi nai sakta... Aur agar ho gaya to hum usse hostel bhej denge... Fir apni beti ko layenge" he spoke nonchalantly making her to look at him wd open mouth

"Aur agar tab b nai hui to" she asked raising her bows

"Main puri koshish karunga aisa hoga hi nai... Jaise is baar ki hai... I know ki pehle mujhe beti hi hogi" he spoke proudly making her blush

"Argghhh... I hate u" she smacked his arm lightly while blushing

"Yaa I luv u too... Vaise tumhare I luv u kehne ka style different hai Bracelet" he pecked on her lips making her shy "Chalo pehle isse khatam karo... Pehle meethe ko haath b nai lagati thi ab to bas meetha meetha" he scolded while forwarding a bite towards her who smiled and took inside her mouth

"I luv u..."she said lovingly pushing a morsel inside his mouth

"I luv u too Ohaana urf Trisha ki Mummy" he said teasingly chewing the food making her hell blush and they finished their midnight dinner wd their cute romance and teasing actually it became a habit to them that Shilpa's eyes always opened in midnight where she woke him too and they ended like this only Armaan thought that their family didn't knew about this but they already knew this coz Shilpa's sickness always came in dinner time and she fell asleep so they knew that she will definitely woke in night and they also hears their cute nok jhok in night time so they ignored thinking it will make ArSh relation more strong...

3 days later...

"Rehaan 290 patient k details send kar mujhe abi" Armaan ordered on Phone and hung up the call "Haa ye wali" picking a yellow file he started reading while sitting on his cabin's table when his cell phone's ring made him looked at it "Haa Nikki bolo sab thik to haina... I mean Bracelet thik to haina" he asked while checking the file

"Haa vo to thik hai but usne... Meri class jarur laga rakhi hai... Please yaar aake dekho" Nikki spoke in whinning tone making him closed the file

"Kyun kya huaa??" he asked worriedly moving out from his cabin

"Tum khud aao" she requested

"Aa raha hun" saying this he hangs the call and ran down stairs Shilpa came for check up after forcing by him and his family so first she came to meet him but he was busy so she waited for him and as he entered she fainted making him worried and he called Nikki for her check up coz she is her Doctor So she took her for check up "Kya huaa??" he asked as he entered in room where Shilpa was sitting on bed and Nikki was standing beside her

"Dekho na Armaan ye injection nai lagwa rahi... Keh rahi hai dawa kha legi but injection nai lagaygi" Nikki complained which made him shook his head and stood beside her who crossed her arms

Milne lage dil

Pehle se zyada

Pehle se zyada

Ishq hone laga hai...
"Bracelet.." he spoke sternly making her looked at him

"Nai Armaan... Mujhe dawa chalegi but injection nai... Bahoot dard hoga" she spoke like a kid griping his hand

"U know Bracelet... Mujhe b dar lagta hai injection se... But ek Doctor hone k naate mujhe lagana padta hai" he said softly trying to divert her attention which made Nikki and Nurse giggle "So laga lo ye tumhe strong banayga... Aur baar baar jo sickness ho rahi hai vo nai hoga ab..." cupping her face he explained to which she pouted

"Nai..." she denied to which Nikki and Nurse giggle making Armaan to glare

"Ajeeb ho tum b yaar... Kitne pyaar se keh raha hai vo" Nikki said controlling her giggle

"Haa vo to ye hai duniya dawa nai khaane k liye injection lagwata hai aur ye... Injection nai lagwaane k liye dawa khaygi" he taunted to which she smacked his arm "To fir lagwa lo... Hamare baby k liye" he requested to which she hugged his waist tightly forwarding her one hand towards Nikki making everyone smile "Jaldi karo varna... Kab ye mukad jaaye pata nai" he said

"Nai jaldi nai... Araam se" she looked back at Nikki who giggled and nodded to which she again hugged his waist who caressed her hairs lovingly

"Yaar abi to lagi b nai... Aur abi se ye dar rahi hai" Nikki smiled seeing her hiding her face in his waist

"Tum bas karo yaar" he requested making her to inject the injection on her hand

"Aahhh.." she whined holding him tightly

"Bas... Ho gaya" he said lovingly parting her who looked at him sadly by holding her hand

"Don't worry ye bilkul thik hai... Bas thoda energy k liye injection lagaya maine...hmm" Nikki spoke to which he nodded and forwarded a glass of water to her who made a face

"Nai ye tastless hai" she pushed the glass lightly making Nikki laugh and Nurse giggle

"Bracelet... Ye tasteless hi hoti hai... Piyoo" he spoke in fake angry tone to which she took the glass and started taking sips

"Achi class lagayi hai isne tumhari" Nikki giggled and before he could say anything she ran out following nurse behind her

"Ho gaya..." he asked as she empitied the glass

"Haa..." she replied trying to stand but her head became heavy and she landed on him

"Aram se Bracelet... Koi jaldi nai hai... Baitho" he said lovingly and made her sat again on bed "Tum thodi daer yaha araam karo fir ghar saath chalenge" he kissed her head who nodded in YES weakly

1 hours later...

"Armaan..." she called slowly while gripping his arm more tightly to which he hummed in YES staring at the sunset "I miss Shao Pao" she whispered slowly

"And I miss him too" he spoke softly keeping his head on hers whose head was put on his shoulder They were living for their house when he stopped his car on a beach to take her for fresh air and now they were sitting on sand witnessing the Sunset "Kuch khaogi??" he asked lovingly staring at her who nodded in NO when a dog's loud bark made her scared

"Armaan" she said scardly hidding her face in his chest making him smile and he looked at the owner of the dog who was trying to dragg his dog by his belt

"Relax Bracelet dekho vo udhar jaa raha hai" he caressed her hairs when the dog's voice increased and her heart beat too so she didn't left him

"Sorry" the owner apologized seeing her scared to which Armaan passed a smile

"Its ok... She has Cynophobia( fear of dog's barks)" Armaan informed to which the owner smiled and took his dog wd him far away from them "See vo gaya" parting her he pointed on corner where the dog was wd his owner "Abi to Shao Pao ko yaad kar rahi thi aur abi... Ek dog se dar b gayi" he chuckled making her pout

"Shao Pao.. Chotu saa tha aur ye Buldozer" she spoke angrily making him to kiss her cheek

"I luv u..." he pulled her closer who blushed "Tumhe ye place yaad hai Bracelet..." he asked to which she nodded her head and hugged him it was the same place where he celebrated her first b'day and from where their love story started where she first time noticed him

"Armaan..." she called softly still hugging him who nodded "I luv u too" she whispered wd a giggle making him kiss her hairs lovingly and after staying for minutes they left from there

Night time

"Chalo aaj to Miss Cindrella ne.. Time pe kuch khaya iska matlab aaj raat vo mujhe nai uthayengi" he whispered laying beside her who was sleeping peacefully her face was towards him "Hmm I so luv u... Cindrella" tucking her hairs aside he kissed her ear he always called her by different, different names of Disney princess coz she always watched Disney movies "And Papa luvs u too" he kissed on her waist to their baby and layed beside her not before pulling the blanket up on them and switching off the lamps he drifted too in a good sleep

2 weeks later...



"Bracelet... Bas ek hi hafte ki to baat hai fir to main aa hi jaunga tumhare paas..." cupping her face he tried to make her understand who gripped his shirt tightly from front nodding in NO "Aur vaise b ye pooja humhare liye hi to hai" he explained to which she hugged him tightly

"Nai Armaan main akeli nai jaungi... Main aapke saath hi chalungi" she said clutching his shirt tightly from back Actaully the thing is Daadi keep a puja for Armaan and Shilpa' welfare life in Armaan's hometown but he got an emergancy case so he have to stayback here for two weeks and hearing this Shilpa got scared she didn't want to go alone wdout him an unknown fear gripped in her heart Today they have to leave , everyone was waiting in down but here his Rupenzel was not leaving him for seconds.. bags was already packed by her reluctantly

"Akeli kahan Bracelet sab honge na... Aur main puri koshish karunga jaldi aane ki" he said softly caressing her hairs who looked back at him

"Promise..." she pointed her index finger which made him smile and he kissed on her pointed finger whispering 'pakka promise' "Hmmm to thik hai main jaungi" she said wd a sad look making him kiss her forehead

"Luv u..." he cupped her face "To fir thik hai... Apna khayal rakhna aur hamare baby ka b... Idhar udhar ghumna mat aur specialy bhagna mat... Kisi b stool pe chadne ki jarurat nai hai... Hamesha kuch khati rehna aur juice peeti rehna bich bich mein... Aur kya..." he said thoughtfully which made her hug him making him stop "Ab kya huaa??" he askd responding her

"I will miss u..." she sniffed that time he realized she was crying

"Bracelet... Kya huaa..." making her looked at him he asked worriedly "Tum itni rotlu kabse ban gayi yaar" he said woriedly while wiping her tears who hugged him tightly

"Pata nai kyun Armaan ek ajeeb saa darr lag raha hai... Please aap b chaliye na" she said softly hugging him who made her sat on bed and kneeling infront of her

"See... Itna kyun dar rahi ho yaar... Kuch nai hoga... Bas ye ek choti si insecurity hai... Kyun ki tum mere bina kabhi nai rahi na isliye tumhe darr lag raha hai... Jisse apne dimag se nikal do... Trust me kuch nai hoga" he made her understand holding her hand who nodded "I luv u... Aur agar tum abhi bahar nai gayi to late ho jayga sabko" he chuckled to which she also smiled "Ab chalo" standing up he dragged her towards the entrance when she pull him towards her making him frown

"I luv u too..." kissing his cheek she whispered making him grin "Aur khabardaar agar kisi b ladki ko apne karib aane diya" she pointed her index finger "Aur khana time pe khana... Late night ghar mat aana... Shoes aur kapde idhar udhar mat fekna... Aur mujhe phone kar dena kyun ki main nai karungi" she said in fake angry tone making him pulled her closer by waist

"Direct bol diyaa main nai karungi... Not good haa" he said mischievously moving his face closer to her

"Haa to u des..." but her sentence hang in middle coz pulling her closer he kissed her passionately while cupping her face and her eyes automatic closed responding his kiss sucking her lower lip he kissed her whole mouth making her moan while moving her one hand in his hair and other was pulling him closer by his collar after five minutes of kissing he lived her feeling her out of breath and touched their foreheads and his hands were already cupping her face

"See.. Tumhhari... Jagah ...koi nai le... Sakta coz I... Luv... U" he whispered pantingly wd a satisfying look which made her hugged him wd thudding heart

"I luv u too..." she whispered and he kissed on her head

"Ab chale..." he asked while parting from her who nodded in YES shyly and taking her hands in his they walked down stairs and bidding bye to Armaan everyone left not before making fun or pulling legs of each other "Hmm... Chal Armaan beta ab tujhe akele hi ye ek hafta guzarna hai" he thought as everyone left "Kaka room mein coffee bhijwaana" he shouted and ran upstairs

5 days later 3 am

"Armaan boliye naa kya karun..." she asked annoyingly on Phone while looking at the above shelf in kitchen

"Tumhaara abhi khana jaruri hai vo... Subhe nai kha sakti" he said in sleepy tone while laying straight

"Haa mujhe abhi chahiye vo Armaan.. Aur main chad rahi hun stool pe bas" she announced which made his eyes fully opened and he jerked

"Main marunga Bracelet agar tum uss stool pe chadi to" he spoke angrily

"To main kya karun... Mujhe khana hai vo achaar(pickle)" she said stubbornly making him held his head

"Uff... Ye ladki... Ek pregnant wife se achi to ek normal wife hoti hai" he muttered under his breath "Acha ruko do minute haa..." he said softly

"Do minute kyun??" she questioned

"Bas do minute shaant raho... Main wapas call karta hun" he said carefully and disconnected the call

"Do minute mein kya karne wale hai vo... Kahin yaha to nai aaynge... Par kaise vo to kal aane wale hai" she thought moving here and there The thing is as always she woke at midnight feeling hungary she tried to search him by moving her hand tro and fro but didn't found him then she realized he was not here she is missing him badly and entered in kitchen scardly that time she missed him entering in kitchen she searched for pickle which she was craving but found that on upper shelf which was out of her reach so after struggling wd herself she called him

"Kya hua Shilpa" Dev asked while rubbing his face tiredly

"Kkuch nai..." she replied slowly staring him who stood on stool making her frown

"Hmmm" picking the pickle jar down he forwarded her

"Tumhe kaise pata" she asked frowning taking it from his hand

"Actaully tumne tumhare Pati ki neend kharab ki aur usne meri... Usne Aditi ko call kiya tha but maine utha liyaa... Aur ab main tumhare saamne hun" Dev answered smilingly while giving her spoon and pulling another chair he sat beside her who was sitting on chair wid a giggled "Achi class lagai hai uski tumne... Aur vo meri laga raha hai" he said while drinking a glass of juice which he took after giving her pickle

"Sorry..." she said smilingly while eating her pickles when

"Utha lo tumhare Shauhar ka hai" he chuckled

"Hello..." she said smilingly

"Mil gaya na... Ab main chain se soun..." he asked hugging the pillow tightly

"Haa... Thank u" she replied

"Naahh... Say I luv u..." he teased coz he knew she will not say infront of Dev "Say... Na" he giggled who dragged his name "Koi nai betaa... Aake batata hun... Muuuhhaaa bye" he spoke wd a grinn making her blush

"Bye..." saying this she hung up the phone

"Hmmm tum b piyo... Ye bahoot healthy hai" he forwarded a glass full of juice to which she made a face "Piyo... Yaar" he ordered which she has to obey

"Dono... Bhai same to same hai" she thought while gulping the sip and they both started talking just random things for timepass

Next day in a Hospital

"Excuse me!!" Armaan asked pantingly to the receptionist who can clearly see the worried look on his face

"Yes sir" She asked politely

"Mr Balwindar Malik and Shilpa Malik ka Room no... Please" he asked in strong voice controlling his inner panic to which the receptionist passed a smile and looked at the Register but Armaan didn't responded her smile he was hell worried for both of his most important person of his life "Please God sab thik ho" he prayed in his heart when the receptionist looked at him

"Sir pehla second floor room no 234 and dusra third floor room no 360" she smiled and thanking her he ran to the stairs he cannot wait for the lift his life is depended on them it was when he reached at his hometown's house finding that his family left for 'puja' and he ran towards his car to the temple which was far from his house and as he reached their found the temple empty and asked the Priest who informed that YES there was a 'puja' but the family didn't showed up still and wd the confusion he moved towards his car who was on his way to house when Dev's call came and hearing his voice worried took over him but what he said made him hell shocked Dev informed that "Armaan... Dad aur Shilpa ka accident ho gaya hai... Actaully jis Car mein thae vo dono us Car ki break fail ho gayi aur Car ek pedh se takra gayi" as he informed Armaan's world had stopped taking the Hospital's address he speeded his car

"Mom Dad kaise hai..." he asked pantingly as he reached outside Billy's Room and Ananya hugged him

"Vo thik hai beta par unka pair fracture ho gaya hai..." Ananya informed hugging him

"Hum unse mil sakte hai" he asked worriedly

"Haa tumhara Dadaji andar hai... Chalo" she spoke slowly to which he immediately ran inside

"Dad aap thik to ho na??" he asked as he reached inside making Billy to look at him while Dadaji was sitting on stool

"Haa... Puttarji main to thik hun... Par dekhna yaar kabse puch raha hun... Shilpa kaisi hai koi jawab hi nai de raha" he answered in his usual way making Armaan relaxed but hearing his Shilpa' s name his heart started beating fast!

"Mom..." he turned to Ananya who gave a worried look

"Pata nai beta... Dev Aditi aur Maa uper hai..." She informed softly

"Mmm main... Dekhta hun" how he said this he only knows and wdout saying furtur he ran upstairs and as he reached their found Aditi on chair wd Anant sitting on her lap sleeping peacefully and Dadi beside her while Dev was standing outside the Operation Theater "Dd...Dev" he called wd thudding heart reaching beside him who hugged him

"Dont worry kuch nai hoga usse" he rubbed his back concernedly

"Kya hua hai..." he asked parting away wd moist eyes

"Pata nai andar hai vo..." Dev informed putting his hand on his shoulder when the Doctor came out from the room

"Amm mujhe aap sab se ek permission chahiye... Unke Husband kaun hai" Doctor asked hessistantely making Armaan to move ahead

"Mmmain hun... Kya baat hai" he asked holding his trembling voice

"Actually... Hume unka operation karne k liye bacche ko abort karna hoga tabhi vo bach payngi" Doctor said slowly and he stepped back

"Kya??" Dev asked shockingly while Aditi cried and Dadi hugged her to console her

"Ji haa agar aap agree hai.. To main papers mangwata hun" He asked to which everyone looked at the only person who has right to take this decision

"Aap papers laaiye... Main sign kar dunga but meri wife ko kuch nai hona chahiye" Armaan said in strong voice to which the Doctor nodded and went

"Armaan sambhal khud ko" Dev spoke worriedly as he banged his back lightly wd wall hidding his face in his palms crying

"Haa Armaan sambhalo khudko" Aditi spoke putting her hand on his shoulder and Armaan hugged Dev tightly crying bitterly

"Mera puttar sab thik hoga" Dadi said while holding Anant firmly to which he rubbed his eyes and made him self strong for Shilpa when Nurse handed him the papers which he took wd thudding heart

"I am sorry Bracelet... Please mujhe maaf karna is decision k liye... Par tumhare liye main duniya ka koi b decision le sakta hun" he thought while signing on papers fearing for her reaction "Please God meri Bracelet ko thik karna varna mai mar jaunga" he prayed in his heart staring at the Operation Theater which was showing red bulb from one hour when the light went off "How is she??" he asked instantly as the Doctor came out

"I am sorry..." he apologized slowly and Armaan's world break into pieces...


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