Friday, 21 July 2017

part 5 : A divine touch

riddhima had no way to escape'' she was living on his mercy' she started to countdown for that day and started preparing herself for a hell life with angad.
but angad had his own plan.
One morning uncle phoned papa that angad copied uncle's signature and took out a lump sum money from the bank and escaped somewhere..uncle didn't want to make it police case because it's a family matter'..he did not want this news go to the media.

But now, there was darkness all around her...kahan jaye!kya karey!kise bataye!!she decided to finish her day when mumma was not at home,she swallowed full bottle of sleeping tablets.
But she was saved'..papa didn't say a word to her only asked '"who?.....
riddhima didn't reply but hid her face in pillow .mumma was always with her after that day.when she was a little well,mumma asked her lovingly about that person who was responsible for it. riddhima broke down and told that it was angad but couldn't say about what he did with her.mumma knew her mental condition so didn't discuss much about it but informed her husband .sashank talked about it to billy and they tried to search angad but failed. now riddhima's parents were too much worried about her. her parents knew that she had not that condition to abort the baby .they discussed about it to billy and one day billy came to her and said : "'mai apne bete ke liye bahut sharminda hun beta par mai promise karta hun ki aapko koi takleef nahi hone dunga. is bachche ke janam tak aap meri bahu bankar mere ghar rahna,mere arman ki biwi bankar,uske baad aap azad ho..bas kuch din...

riddhima shivered hearing it. a cold fear ran through her spine remembering arman's face but she was forced to marry him to save her parent's reputation and she accepted it cause it was her fault who believed that greedy wolf blindly.she didn't want her parents suffer because of her mistake


Next day when riddhima woke up got that arman was not in the room. she took a shower and came the downstairs.uncle was sitting in the dining room.he requested her to sit near him and uttered with a choked voice ," beta,mai janta hun arman ne tumse achcha behave nahi kiya hoga. wo mujhe bahut manta hai,isliye usne chupchap ye saadi kar li..agar wo maan liya aur tum bhi uske saath rahna chaho to thik hai,barna wo idiot kabtak chupkar baitha rahega?...paisa khatam hote hi loutega aur tum chaho toh'.(cut the words)'..i know you love angad"'..

riddhima heard uncle's word silently and didn't reply but her heart mocked her on this situation when she hated angad and didn''t like arman.she didn't want both in her life.

1 month passed after her wedding. slowly riddhima started adjusting with the situation.the big relief for her that arman had no expectation from her as his wife. he always kept busy himself in work ,came late night at home and used couch as his bed to sleep. even he didn't talk to riddhima ...
As doctor said her to bed rest and nothing in the home to do so riddhima was getting bored. she called mumma to send her books.she was fond of reading story books from childhood. now she was passing her time reading those books. one day when she was engrossed fully in a romantic books ,heard someone's angry voice : "'yeh books hi aafat story..huh! in writers ko pata hi nahi ki love naam ki cheez hoti hi nahi."'

hearing it riddhima closed the book and replied slowly : "'aap galat kah rahe ho,pyar hota hai..sachcha pyar hota hai ..

Arman threw a sarcastic glance to her and uttered in an angry voice : "'sachcha pyar! huh! iska result toh yahi hota hai..."'riddhima noticed that he was pointing at her belly.

she heard arman's sarcastic voice : "pyar karti thi na usey? mere warn karne ke baad bhi?

riddhima replied in a stern voice : "'mai usey pyar nah karti thi bas pasand karti thi ,wo mera college friend tha.

arman's harsh words pierced in her ears : "'huh! just liked and slept with him! r u mad?

riddhima burst in anger : "mai waisi type ki nahi hun.he cheated me..mere biswas ka mazak udaya hai usne aur mujhe behosh karke..."'suddenly she stopped and started looking other side as she didn't want to remember those days or to say arman,whom she didn't like anyhow.

she got up from the bed,kept the book in shelf and about to go from the room but arman was there blocking her way.riddhima uttered without looking at him : "mera rasta chodiye..

but arman uttered in a stern voice : "'angad ne kiya kya tha? i want to know riddhima..i want to know the truth."'

riddhima looked at him and uttered sarcasticly :"' kya faida? mai toh barbaad ho chuki hun.""

she heard arman's angry voice : "'barbaad hokar bhi chup ho? r u idiot? tum janti ho papa ne kya decision liya hai? unhe pata hai ki tum usse bahut pyar karti ho aur mujhe apnana tumhari mazburi hai so unhone decide kiya hai ki agar angad wapas aaye toh sirf tumhare liye wo anagd ko maaf kar denge aur most of property uske naam kar denge kyonki wo tumhare is halat ke liye,apne friend sashank ke samne sharminda hain. wo sirf tumhare liye angad ko wapas lana chahte hain and u r telling,you don't love him..he cheated u?jis insaan ne tumhe cheat kiya hai uske sath sari zindagi gujarna chahti ho tum? aur mai kaise tumpar trust karun ki tum usse pyar nahi karti?tum itni bewkoof toh dikhti nahi ki usne kaha aur tumne surrender kar diya?

now riddhima blasted out : "'haan..mai usse pyar nahi karti thi par pasand karti thi ,i didn't know he trapped me . aap janna chahte ho na toh suno...

she told about the day when angad made unconscious her and raped but couldn't say about those pics and about her hell life after that day when angad used her months.her eyes were constantly flowing. after that she sat on the floor while holding her face in her palm and uttered in her sob : "'mai us janwar se shadi karne se achcha mar jana chahungi..i hate him. par mai kisiko kah nahi sakti kyonki galti meri thi ,maine sabke mana karne par bhi uspar trust kiya tha. mai toh mar hi jana chahti thi..
she left her word incomplete feeling someone's touch on her was arman..riddhima saw his eyes were wet . he kept riddhima's hand into him and uttered in an assuring tone : "'i am with you riddhu. don't worry,ab mai tumhare sath hun."saying it he left the room but riddhima was surprised seeing the sudden change in arman. his words echoed in her ears..."'i am with u riddhu...riddhu...he called riddhu..means he knows that she liked her riddhu name .her mumma papa called her riddhu and now arman,who assured her to be with her called riddhu.."'she wiped her tears and mumbled in her shy smile : "'arman,mai sirf sympathy nahi chahti,bas mujhe ek support chahiye,kya tum de paoge? promise mai is bachche ke is duniya me aane ke baad kahin chali jaungi kyonki mai tumhare liye burden hi hun.bas tab tak mujhe us angad se bachakar rakhna."'

love u all

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