Thursday, 13 July 2017

part 6 & 7 : Dil ka rishta

part 6 :

Next day

In college

The gang was sitting in the cafeteria and chilling since there was time for the class to start.

Armaan sits besides Riddhima and whispers in her ear:Aaj shaam ke liye tayaar ho na?

Riddhima yeh sun kar nervous ho jaati hai aur idar udar dekhne lagti hai, while Armaan smirks seeing her state.


Armaan(smilingly):Main main kya?
Aaj shaam ke liye ready rehna, main tumhe aath (8) baje pick karne aaon ga and I promise yeh tumhari life ki best date hogi

Riddhima yeh sun ke shock ho jaati hai, phir uske dimaag mein ek idea aata hai; usse yaad aata hai ke usne Armaan ki diary dekhi thi jis mein Armaan ne apni sab ex girlfriends ke numbers likhe huye te, Riddhima mann hi mann smile karti hai aur kehti hai

Riddhima:Nahi main khud aa jaaon gi, tum mujhe address sms kar dena; btw tumhara favorite color kya hai?

Armaan(dumbstruck): huh.. uh red...laal

Riddhima(smilingly):Sauce wala??

Armaan:Huh...uh haan sauce wala red..I mean laal


8:00 pm

Riddhima calls all of Armaan's ex gfs to Blue Lounge hotel, instead of going there herself.

Riddhima(thinking):Hehe bechara Armaan, usse lagta hai ke main sach mein aaon gi par uss bechare ko kya pata ke main nahi, balki uski ex gfs aayengi...then Riddhima smiles to herself.

On the other hand, Armaan us waiting for Riddhima, he also told one of the waiters to inform him when a girl in a red dress comes.

Armaan (talking to himself):Yeh Riddhima kahan reh gayi, abhi tak aayi kyun nahi hai; aath (8) baje ka kaha tha par ab toh nau (9) bajne wale hain


part 7 :

Next day

At Blue Lounge Hotel

A waiter comes to Armaan and tells him that a girl in a red dress came and Armaan looks toward the entrance and gets shocked.

Armaan(shocked):Yeh Maya yahan kya kar rahi hai?

A girl dressed in a short red dress comes up to Armaan and hugs him.

Maya(excitedly):Oh my god! Ammy I can't believe ke tumhari dost ne mujhe phone kiya aur kaha ke tum mujhse milna chahate ho, date pe

Armaan(thinking):Kisne Maya ko yahan call kar ke bhulaya hoga?

Armaan was lost thinking about this when Maya brought him back to the world.

Maya:Ammy tum kahan khoye huye ho? Main kab se boli jaa rahi hoon

Armaan:Huh? Uh...kuch nahi tum batao kya bol rahi thi

In the meantime another girl came in the hotel wearing a red dress;Armaan looks at the entrance and gets another shock.

Armaan (in mind)- Yeh Mallika bhi...Inn dono ko toh two timing ki thi maine yaar...

Maya moved her hands on Armaan's neck like seducing him..

Maya-Kyaa hua Ammy

Armaan fumbles with words-Uh...uhh...kk..kk..kkuu...kuuch nahi...chalo yaha se chalte hain..

Maya-But...she was dragged out of the restaurant's INDIAN compartment and as he moved out he saw Kiara...

Armaan (in mind )-Oh god yeh bhi....arre Maya ke baad Mallika ke saath two timing iss Kaira ke saath ki thi.....

And soo he decided to turn opposite....and he saw a girl coming..and his eyes nearly popped out....

Armaan (thought)-Aaj toh tu gaya ARMAAN's Tanya coming.....,iske aur Kaira ke saath two timing ki thi....gaya tu toh Armana....iss Riddhima ne toh band baja di...

Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder...he turned around to see Mallika there....

Maya-Oh are Mallika right??!! Well he is here for me so just get lost..

Kaira comes-Hi Armaan how are you....

Tanya-What is this girls he came for me please leave..

The girls were busy fighting with each other and Armaan took the opportunity to leave but girls came to know that they all were cheated so they stopped Armaan and started beating Armaan..

All the people of restaurant were actually shocked......
And the girls left....

Armaan was left there sititng with his clothes having holes....
He got up and went to his car and started driving...

Armaan (in his thoughts)-Hmm toh yeh aapka kaam hai Ms. Riddhima..bohut chalaki......I like it...pehli baar koi ladki hai jisse Armaan Malik ke charms se koi asar nahi hua....I like u...noo noo...I LOVE U........

He stops the car and took out his phone and opened gallery and saw Ridz pics and said looking to the pic.....I LOVE U...muuwaah...

That's all for today guys


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