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part 7 : A divine touch

Now riddhima's delivery day came near'..arman and uncle decided to send her to her parents but riddhima refused politely So billy said arman to stay at home for some days till her delivery. riddhima realized that arman started taking extra care of her .in between he started share his thoughts to
riddhima. he started share his mumma's memory but riddhima always felt weird as angad cheated her in the name of her mumma.arman understood and stopped to talk about that but he started asking about her parents,about her childhood etc and its made riddhima happy .she always lost on those days when she was talking about it. nowadays she couldn't sit straight so arman made a special chair for her and whenever she sit or used to get up,arman gave support holding her hand softly.riddhima had a wish to get this support for her whole life but she knew its not possible ,she was here now for only some days.after handling the baby ,she will go from there as she couldn't love the baby and she scared if anagd come back .she didn't want to marry him and knew arman couldn't accept her as wife.

one day ,when riddhima was walking on the terrace ,suddenly a pain arose in her belly.she sat on the floor and screamed with pain. she was surprised that arman came there in a while and seeing her condition,picked her in his arm to come downstairs. he made her lie on the bed and called the ambulance immediately. riddhima started crying as she had horrible pain and it was increasing. arman was feeling helpless seeing her condition.he phoned her parents and even billy too. riddhima heard arman was yelling angrily in phone : "papa,riddhima ki halat aisi hai aur ambulance bhi late kar rahi hai..damn it! "'

riddhima wiped her tears and uttered in a weak voice : "'mai thik hun arman..tum gussa mat karo."'
arman uttered in a wet voice : "'i can't bear it riddhima..tumhari takleef mai nahi dekh sakta."'
just then they heard ambulance syran and in a while arman picked her in his arm and ran to the ambulance. he made her lie on there and sat beside her while holding her hand tightly as if saying : "'mai tumhare sath hun riddhima,tumhe kuch hone nahi dunga.."'

riddhima wished in heart : "'kash aisa hota..tum sada sath hote arman..
she closed her teary eyes with this pray.
after some hours riddhima got conciousness and the first word she heard : "'how is my wife doctor? and my baby?

riddhima knew it was arman who was asking worriedly about them.her eyes started flowing with joy as first time arman accepted her as his wife .she heard doctor's voice : "'fine mr. malik,both are fine."'

she heard billy papa's voice from back : "'beta,agar inhe kuch hota toh tu doctor ko zinda nahi chorta yeh inko bhi pata hai,hai na doctor?

doctor laughed and said : "'ya mr.billy.actually case thoda difficult tha so i suggested surgery but mr. arman toh aise react karne lage,i am scared. thank god sab thik hai. see,aapke biwi aur bachchi dono sahi salamat hai.'"

hearing bachchi,riddhima looked at the baby but remembering angad's face she closed her eyes again. this baby was not the sign of love ,she was the sign of lust of angad and riddhima couldn't accept her in her life.but she was surprised hearing nurse's joyful voice : "'beti aap par gayi hai mr.mallik.dekhiye,aapke jaisi aankhen,aapke jaise honth aur aapke jaisa gora rang bhi."'

arman laughed and said : "'par uski mumma bhi bahut gori hai aur dekho iske eyes riddhima jaise hai..bilkul uske tarah..beautiful big almond eyes she has..""

a lone tears escaped from riddhima's eyes realizing that arman noticed her eyes like that. she wished if she would say him that she wanted to spend her life with him.
riddhima came back from hospital but she didn't accept the baby.she refused to take her in her arm and fed her.when the baby cried for her feed ,she felt it was angad's blood ..and hated her. arman was surprised to see her reaction about the baby. one day when the baby was crying and riddhima was laying on the bed without caring about it ,arman came and picked the baby in his arm and asked angrily : "'yeh kya baat hai riddhima,kya tumhe sunai nahi de raha bachchi ro rahi hai? ""

riddhima uttered harshly : "'toh mai kya karun?
arman uttered surprisingly : "'kya karogi? u know usey bhukh lagi hai.tum uski mumma ho ,aise usey ignore kaise kar sakti ho?""

riddhima didn't reply but closed her eyes and turned other side. arman went to the kitchen ,took baby's feeding bottle and fed her.after made her sleep on her baby cot he came to riddhima and asked in a serious tone : "'baby ne kya galti ki hai?""
riddhima.who was watching all these silently ,got up and replied : "'maine kya galti ki thi arman? par saza toh mujhe hi mili hai ..

arman kept quiet for some time then asked : 'tumhari galti yeh thi ki tumne sab kuch jante hue bhi angad par trust kiya tha.par baby ne aisa kuch nahi kiya par agar tumhe lagta hai ki tum bina wazah saza kaat rahi ho toh tum jo decide karo,kar sakti ho.""

riddhima uttered in a stern voice : "'mai us bachchi ke sath nahi reh sakti,i want to go from here.""
arman looked at her surprisingly then asked : "'oh!toh tumne faisla kar liya hai? ok,tum ja sakti ho par kya tumhe aur kisika kuch bhi khyal nahi aaya?papa,jo aaj bhi guilty me ji rahe hain..tumhare mumma papa ,jo aaj yeh sochkar khush hain ki at least unki beti khush toh hai aur mai....

riddhima jerked hearing it.she uttered : 'tum kya arman?tumne toh mujhe aaj bhi angad ki property samajhkar apni farz ada kar rahe ho..kab wo wapas aaye aur tum usey louta do.

arman mocked : "'itne dino me tumne mujhe aisa hi samjha hai na riddhima? mai tumhe angad ko wapas kar dun aur tum chali jaogi? i know riddhima tum mujhse pyar karti ho ,maine tumhari in ankhon me angad ke liye jitni nafrat dekhi hai mere liye utna hi pyar..

riddhima cut his words and uttered in wet voice : "'mai kisise pyar nahi karti.aur pyar naam ki koi cheez hoti hi nahi yeh toh tumne hi kaha tha na arman.pyar par trust na karne wale ko ko aaj achanak yeh baatein shobha nahi deti.

arman came to her and uttered holding her hands : "'ok,i am sorry. shyad mai pyar naam ki cheez ko trust nahi karta par kuch toh hai hum dono ke beech jo humey ek dusre se bandh rahi hai,kya mai is bachchi ko apni bachchi aur tumhe apni biwi kahne ka haq nahi pa sakta? kya itne dino tak hum dono me yeh rishta bhi nahi bana ki tum mujhpar trust kar sako ki chahe kitni bhi mushkil aaye,mai tumhara hath nahi chodunga..kya itna biswas nahi kar sakti mujhpar?

riddhima looked at him ,their eyes locked for some time..they forgot about the world,forgot what they were talking about,riddhima forgot that she wanted to go from here. suddenly baby started crying in her high tone..they jerked and arman went to the cot and picked the baby in his arm and went from the room saying that : "'tum jahan bhi jao riddhima,bas itna samajh lena ,tumhari identity riddhima arman malik hi rahegi aur yeh meri princess hai,meri rishima arman malik..chahe lakhon angad aa jaye par ab mujhse tum dono ko koi nahi cheen sakta...""

riddhima was dumbfounded hearing it. she realized that arman accepted them from heart and now no one in this world to snatch them from him.
love u all

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