Sunday, 2 July 2017

part 7 :Want to spend everyday with U


It has been over one month form ridhima's b'day party very next day she went to armaan's office to return the kada but to her unfortunate n armaan's luck he was gone back to Mumbai coz there was some problem in his office down there she called him up regarding the kada but armaan turn her down by saying that he gave it to her coz he think of her as a very good friend n in friendship u don't see the value of the gift but the heart of the person that gives the gift at that ridhima cud not say no n accepted kada with happiness

That same day she told her parents about armaan's gift and they were also very shoked on hering it but hen understood his fellings. The college was going realy gud for ridhima she was keep on having the drimes which she thought that wont come true

On the other side armaan was totally loosing it he had started to dreem about ridhima doing things in the house like cooking for him n trying to wake him up in the morning n al but to armaan's unfortunate it was eather his helpers or arjun

Arjun was more then happy for armaan he knew that ridhima is oerfect girl for armaan she is beautiful intelegent and also the one that can bring some colore n life in to armaan's boring life which BTW has turn upsid down now days.

Arjun was having his gala time seeing THE ARMAAN MALIK acting al crezzy but loves's other name is also crazy

The vakantines day was coming close but for armaan it was way to far away he tried to talk to ridhima over the phone but everytime dial her number he wud just eather cut it or wud stay mum on hering her voice to his luck whenever he called her it said privet number on her cell so she cud not say who was actuly calling her for her the world was very good she happy by only seeing him in her drems but she was unaware of the fact that her beautiful face had done the damage to ARMAAN MAILK's heart for armaan it was a new n very nice felling of falling in love or actuly u cud say already in the love felling he wud go to his office but wud not b able ot do the work n wud only keep on staring at ridhima's picture that he had tsaken from the party secretly
The office ppl were on the verj to call the mantel hospital on finding their boss aka ARMAAN MALIK doing al the possible crezzy thing that he cud. But thanxs to arjun he was saved

It was a day befour valantines day.

Ridhima was  helping her other friends in the decoration
One of her friend said: ridhima will u come ot the party or not
R: no how can I have no partner
V: u do Miss Gupta
She turn around to see who it was n came face to face with armaan

Armaan walk towards her
A: yes ridhiam u do have a partner I will b ur valentine (in lil voice) forever
Ridhima did not heard the last part but other student who were helping in the decoration heard the first part n were left shoked

R: armaan sir app When did u come??
A: I cmae her last night n plz for the last time don't call me sir ur not my employee right now so its just armaan for u
R: ok but why did u come here I mean u don't like parties n al
A: god ridhima u r truly like my PA I came here coz I had some pares to sign n al ( god plz forgive me for lieying I was her only to dee her but I cant say that to her I will tell her that I was lieing when she is my wife but not before that)
R: oh ok
A: so u free right now??
R: ya
A: ok then lets go I want to talk ot u about something very important
R: ok just one minute
R: riya since I m not tonight u will have ot handel everything her are the keys n ya plz come at less an hour early so u can let the caters in so hen can start the set up ok
Ri: ys I will do that
A: wait ridhima why are you not going ot the party??
R: actuly I need a partner coz it's a valentine party n I don't have any partner so……
A: who said that didn't I just said that I will b ur partner
R: ya but u don't like parties n al
A: so but it wont hurt trying to see how the party is actuly condeucted n al right
R: right so thsat mens u will come with me
A: was I speeking in hibrew till now hun or u have lost it ridhima
R: ok I m sorry
Then turn to the other girl
R: ok then I will keep the keys n u don't have to come early I will come here n take care of everything
A: god ridhima v r gating lat lets go
He just hold her hand n dreag her out of the hall n thru the hallway to the parking lot
Everyone was looking at them andd were very shoked to see armaan malik holding ridhima's hand and h=was dragging her to the parking lot

Ridhima was just lost in her thought she felt he current going thru her body when he hold her hand she just cud not take her off him n was tring to look for any thing on his face but it was blank

For armaan he did that on purpose they were going no where but just needed to touch her for some reason n he got the best one to hold her hand during this dragging to parking lot he promished him slef ot hold this hand only till his last breath he knew she was stating at him n he also knew that she felt the same current that he felt when ever he touched her

They oth come ot n holt by one black car that was long very nice n new armaan stoped his foot n turn but ridhima was sooooo lost that she si not realize that she has to stope or she will bump in ot him n she did they bothe were very close to eatcher for the first time they were so closed that they both can feel eachother's heartbeat rising very rapidly
One of ridhima's hair came to her face when she bumped in to him n armaan cud not stopr himself from removing that hair that was blocking his view. When his hand touched her soft chikes ridhima felt the 1000 volt of current passing thru her n armaan was felling her soft chickes which were not stating to change their colore to pink n then lil red
Suddenly they both heard the lond horn which was given by the boys that wer witnedsing this scean
A: ridhima plz get in to the car I want ot talk to u n its realy very important
R: ( moved lil away from him) what do u want otalk about
Then they heard the car tyers scrach n armaan turn to see who it wa n saw that boys who bruind their scean were going out of the parking lot
A: unhhhh ridhima I want say that…uhhhhh……
R: ya what is it is ther a proble or something
A: no actuly its like………..( ok arman u have to tell her that u love her or someone else will take her u know that she isvery nice girl so make it fast)
R: ya armaan say it
A: I love u
He said it it was raly fast (armaan u know ur a fool she will not understand this n u might have ot reapet this)


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