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Saturday, 29 July 2017

part 8 & 9 : Dil ka rishta

Next day

Armaan was way too happy and cheerful as he decided to do somthing soo that Ridz might give him attention......He was wearing purple T-shirt and blue similar to black denims jeans...

Here on the other side Ridz was excited to see Armaan's reaction.....
She was literally happy....she was wearing red suit...

They reached college.....Armaan saw Ridz with Muskaan and thought to tease her.....

As he reached there...he spoke loudly

Armana-Hi Muskaan....

Muskaan-Hi hero

And saw Ridz and said with surprise

Armaan-Arre Riddhima tumm..kaisi ho.....

Ridz (mind)- Mujhe toh laga tha ki yeh gussa hoga aur isse toh kuch bhi nahi...

Ridz-Huhh...haan...voo..voo mujhe kyaa hona tha Armaan..main bilkul theek hoon


Muskaan-Oyee hero, Ridz tum dono ko kyaa hua...

Armaan was abot to speak....

Ridz(hurriedly replied)- kkk...kuu...kuch nahi...humein kya hona hai...

Muskaan-Hmm...,but then her eyes fell on armaan's hands....as he was wearing T-shirt...she saw some wounds...

Muskaan-Oyee hero yeh kya hua....

Armaan(looking at Ridz who was really apologetic)-Kuch nahi ek jungli billi ki vajah se aur billiyon ne kaat liya tha

Muskaan-Huh!!! Chado ji...chalo class main..

As this class was free Ridz decided to go to library and Armaan followed her

As she was getting in Armaan came but she stopped as they need librarian's permission to get in...armaan bumped into her....

Ridz looked at him with anger in her eyes-Don't touch...
Armaan-Kyun tum naha ke nahi aayi...

Ridz-Huh! ahhhhh!!! tumse toh baat karna bekaar hai....jahnum main jao....

Armaan-Yo miss.bracelet raasta toh bata do!

Ridz (looks at him)-Huhhh......uffff

As she asked librarian to get in she entered Armaan stepped his feet just infront of her and she tripped and fell but got saved by her balance....
Ridz got up.....

But when he moved his feet little further...Ridz stepped her leg and Armaan fell and everyone laughed......

They entered the Library and thought to get a book from a shelf between the Library and was completely surrounded by shelves....Ridz too decided to bring herself a book from there.......

As Armaan left Ridz decided to find the book and as she saw the book but it was too high....Armaan came and helped her.....
Armaan was looking into her eyes with love

But ridz was confused as she was not able to figure out what he is thinking..........


part 9 :

Armaan and Riddhima were drowned into each other eyes......they were soo drowned that Ridz left the book and the book fell down and they came out of the trance...

Armaan-Uuh...uhhh...woo mai book lene aya tha...tumhe chahiye toh le lo

Ridz-Naa..nahi tum le lo......main dusri laye lungi...

With this they moved out of the library after issuing the books...

Armaan-BTW tumne jo raat main kiyaa..

Ridz-Wo...haan I'm sorry mujhe nahi pata tha kuch aisa ho jayega


Ridz points to his wounds by the girls nail.....

Armaan-Ohh yeh...yeh toh kuch bhi nahi tha...BTW would you be my friend?

Ridz-Huh!! sirf baat ki hai......baat karo toh dost ban jao.....dost ban jao toh...

Armaan cuts her-Toh??!!

Ridz-Toh...toh kuch nahi....main tumhari dost nahi banoogi.....nahi nahi nahi

With this they were moving to canteen

Armaan-Lekin yaar main itna bhi bura nahi hoon....


With this Armaan started singing

Armaan-Kuchh toh bata are kuchh toh bata
(Armaan hold Ridz hand and plead to her)

Ridz-Na na na na na
(Ridz takes her hand out from his grip)

Armaan-Phone ka number ghar ka pata
(Armaan comes in front of her and shows her his phone )

Ridz-Na na na na na
(she with fingers said no)

(Ridhima went to the coffee center and asked for her cappuccino)

Armaan-Kuchh toh bata are kuchh toh bata
(Armaan gave the money instead of Ridz)

Ridz-Na na na na na na na na
(Ridz with attitude leaving coffee went to the table to sit)

Armaan-Phone ka number ghar ka pata
(Armaan takes a paper and pen and placed infront of her)

Ridz-Na na na na na na na na
(Ridz takes the paper and crushed it)

Armaan-Tere liye haal hai yeh
(Armaan says pointing to her and then his heart)

Ridz-Dekh mujhe tu yu na sata (Ridz points her finger to him)

Armaan- Kuchh toh bata are kuchh toh bata
(Armaan brings cappuccino and placed infront of her)

Ridz-Na na na na na na na na
(Ridz pushed the cup to the other side of table)

Armaan-Haan phone ka number ghar ka pata (Armaan pleaded)

Ridz-Na na na na na na na na (Ridz again with attitude)

(Armaan hold Ridz hand to stop her)

Ridz-Kehna hai jo kaho jaldi jaldi, varna yuhi raho main toh chaldi (Ridz turned to him)

Armaan- Aise karo nahi hi bye, aao piye kahin chai vai
(Armaan take her to the table and make sit her on the chair)

Ridz-Samjaoon kitni baar yeh koshishe bekaar, sun lo mujhko hai inkaar (Ridz gets up )

Armaan-Dil mein pyar hai albatta (Armaan points to his heart)

Ridz-Na na na na na na na na
(Ridz moves to the garden)

Armaan- Kuchh toh bata are kuchh toh bata
(Armaan followed her there too)

Ridz-Na na na na na na na na na (Ridz looked back and started moving backwards with her face facing him)

Armaan-Tere liye haal hai yeh dekh mujhe tu yu na sata
(Armaan take her to a tree and was trying to make her sit)

Armaan-Kuchh toh bata are kuchh toh bata (Armaan pleaded)

Ridz-Na na na na na na na na
(Ridz with finger said noo)

Ridz-Dil ka kahoge jo kissa vissa, aayega mujhko toh gussa vussa
(Ridz points her fist to him)

Armaan-Jaane de gusse ke chakar vakar, aa chalke dekhenge picture viture (Armaan steps back)

Ridz-Karte ho kyun yeh shor dekho karo na bore, yeh dil maange na anymore (Ridz points to her ears and with hands gestures why)

Armaan-Koi toh milne ka rasta, (Armaan asks her)

Ridz-Na na na na na na na na
(Ridz moved her face negitively)

Armaan- Are kuchh toh bata are kuchh toh bata
(Armaan made her sit besides him under tree)

Ridz-Na na na na na na na na
(Ridz trys to get up)

Armaan-Tere liye haal hai yeh, dekh mujhe tu yu na sata
(Armaan points to her with fingers)

Armaan-Haan kuchh toh bata are kuchh toh bata
(Armaan says with his hands joined)

Ridz-Na na na na na na na na
(Ridz with attitude)

Armaan-Phone ka number ghar ka pata (Armaan shows her phone)

Ridz-Na na na na na na na na
(she takes her books out)

Hey hey hey hey la la la, ha ha ha ha la la la

Armaan-Yaar riddhima please

Ridz-Kaha na nahi...ab mujhe padhne do

Armaan-Acha suno.....please half an hour ke liye mere saath chalo...nahi acha laga toh main tumhe kabhi force nahi karunga

Ridz thinks for it.

Ridz-Sirf half an hour

Armaan-Haan pakka

Ridz-Phir mujhe kabhi pareshaan nahi karoge??!!


Ridz-Theek hai college khatam hone par chalege...


And then Armaan leaves happily
Ridz sees him going and smiles and says in mind- itna bhi bura nahi hai......

To be continued....


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