Monday, 24 July 2017

part 8 : A divine touch

6 months passed but riddhima couldn't go from there.whenever she thought to leave that home,don't know why a horrible pain wrenched in her heart thinking she was away from this home,from away her family which included arman ,billy and baby too. after that day's conversation arman had taken all responsibilities of baby. now he made office in home and did most of work from there so what he
would take care the baby .may be he got scared that riddhima would leave the house without saying him so he kept his eyes on her too. riddhima completed her degree and one day billy asked her to talk .when riddhima came in his room,saw that he was sitting with some paper in his hand. seeing her billy forwarded those papers to her and said : "'beta,isme sign kar dena zara.""
riddhima uttered surprisingly : "'yeh kya hai papa?
billy uttered smilingly : "'yeh mere business ke papers hain,maine iske kuch shares aapke naam kar diye hain.ab aap bhi humare business partner ho aur ab se office ka kaam sambhalna padega aapko bhi."'
riddhima opposed : "'par papa,mai..yeh sab..
billy : "'nahi beta koi bahana nahi chalega.aapki studyies complete ho gayi hai aur rishu bhi ab 6 month ki ho gayi hai toh aise ghar par baithe rahna,i know aap bore hoti hongi toh why not u join us?
riddhima had tears in her eyes.she couldn't imagine that she will do business like her papa but it was her dream from childhood that she will become a famous business women. she heard billy was saying : "'mere arman ki life partner uska business partner bhi bane isse badi khushi mere liye kuch bhi nahi beta and i know aap ek sucessful business women banegi,aapke papa ki tarah hi talented hain aap.""
riddhima uttered in wet voice : "'but papa aapke bete..
billy : "mere bete kya? arman ko toh pata hi hai,wo mere is decision par bahut khush hai aur wo nalayak,jisne aapki zindagi kharab ki aur mooh chupaye kahin baitha hai,usey toh mai apne property se kuch nahi dunga.mera bas ek hi beta hai ,uski bahu aur humari rishu..
riddhima bent and touched his feet and uttered in teary eyes : "'thank u papa,par mujhe business ke barey me kuch nahi pata."'
billy uttered smilingly : "'mera arman sab kuch sikha dega beta ,aap kyon tension le rahi ho.achcha chaliye aaj is khushi me mujhe meri favourite pav-bhaji banakar khilaiye.""
riddhima uttered smilingly : "'par papa aapko doctor ne mana kiya hai aisi cheezen khane ko aur arman ko pata chala toh bahut naraj honge.""
billy laughed and said : " arman ko bhi aapke hathon ki pav-bhaji bahut pasand hai beta isliye toh usne aaj mujhe permission di khane ko.usey bhi mil jayega is bahane.""
riddhima blushed hearing it.she knew arman liked her cooking,he never told it but their maid said : "'janti ho riddhima bitiya,aapke aane se pahle arman ghar par khana khata hi nahi tha par jab se aap cooking me mujhe help karne lagi,wo bade pyar se khane laga hai aur raaj ki baat bataun,kabhi kabhi chupke se mujhse puchta hai ki aaj riddhima ne koun sa dishes banaye hain,aur jaise hi pata chalta hai ki aapne cooking ki hai,jaldi lunch par aa jata hai.""
riddhima smiled remembering it and came to kitchen to make pav -bhaji and arman's favourite gajar ka haluwa.
riddhima's new life she was the business partner of arman. arman started teaching her everything about business deal ,always with her in meeting to give her support and courage and he himself prepared her speech ,which she gives in riddhima learnt many things and had confidence to deal with every situation and her business client. rishu was about 1 year now. but arman had siill her responsibility, took great care of she started learning one or two words and first word she uttered.."PA.."'.arman was very happy hearing it.he told everyone that his daughter called him pa .her first word is pa not ma..

riddhima wastoo happy hearing it as she knew arman deserved it.he loved rishu so much and rishu too. even at night,arman slept on the couch while holding rishu on his chest.rishu loved to hear lullaby from her pa and loved to lie on his chest.she didn't care riddhima much but papa was her life.sometimes when arman used to go out for business work,she refused to eat or sleep without her papa. riddhima was very happy seeing rishu and arman's bonding but somewhere she was hurt not getting any response from arman's side for herself. her heart said : "'ridhhima, wo tujhe shayad pyar karta ho ya support karta ho par tujhe dekhte hi usey apne bhai ki yaad aati hogi aur sara sach samne aata hoga. wah tujhe kaise apna sakta hai? pyar alag baat hai,sympathy alag cheez aur physical relation alag cheez hai.wo us insaan ko kaise apna sakta hai jo uske bhai ke bistar ki shobha ban chuki hai .

riddhima didn't want to remember those things but how she could forget them which angad did with her. sometimes she felt that she was dirty and had no right to come close to arman so she should keep herself away from him but she had a great urge to love that man who was now everything for her..his muscular oceanic eyes..riddhima's heart desired sacrifice everything on love snuggle him..but she knew it was not possible in this life,she had to wait for next birth to get this greek god in her arm.
love u all

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