Tuesday, 4 July 2017

part 8 :Want to spend everyday with U


ridhima was sitting on her bed in her room and was looking at the kada that was given by armaan and was thing about this afternoons event a smill touched her lipes n she went in to a flashback

A: ridhima i..uhh.......I realy love u very much ridhima u r the one n only girl that came near my heart and changed me from just a famous business man in too a fun loving man people call me the best and Mr perfect but i became Mr perfect when u came in my life u thought me how to leave a life i changed but for gud .............
A: ridhima why r u not saying anything i mean dont u l....
(armaan wanted to say dont u love me but he stoped on looking at her shoked face i think she dont think of me like that the diary in it she did mention the seh loves me but............)
R: uhhhhhhhh armaan i mean
A: i m sorry ridhima i read ur diary that day n i came to know that u also love me but i m ready to give u the time u need i just wanted to say I LOVE U N ONLY U
Ridhima was going thru lots of emotion at the same time she was realy happy that her dream has come true, she was blussing that the guys she loved also loved her and she was confused on but why me???
A: ridhima plz say something to me dont just keep quit
R: uhhhhhh armaan i .....
A: u need time ti think about this but i dont understand that u love me n i love u then y do u need to think
R: uhhhh armaan its true that i love u very much but i mean u r ARMAAN MALIK the business tycoon n very famouse n...........
A: u r just a small town girl right then ther is that u r from middle class n i m very rich right (she just node in agreement) but ridhima when v fall in love we just fall in love we dont see if the person that i m falling in love is a rich or poor or anything for that matter and this types of thing does not come in the word love its just a love........
R: i know armaan but then my parents what about them they dont know al this n............ i think i shud go n think about this and
A: ok u want to think then think about it but if ur heart says then u have to come to the party tonight with me and have to ware the dress that i have sent to ur home
R: what u send a dress for me that to my home have u lost ur mind armaan
A: ya totaly to u
ridhima just loked at him with a wide eye and thought ( OMG armaan mailk is seroisly flurting with n he loves me n i m fool that i did not accept it)
R: i need to go to home other wise mom will b very angrey
A: ok then i will drop u off
R: no its ok i will manage
A: plz ridhima i want to drope u home other wise i wont b at pease
R: ok fine
They both left the parking lot area and went to ridhima's house
Ridhima start talking ot her self
R: what shud i do i do love him but then mom dad i just cant say anything without their permition n then how wud i tell them............ i think i shud just go doen n tell mom about this n she will tell me what shud i do ............ ya that sound good
she went doen stare but as she was prosiding towards kitchen she heard the dore bell n went to open the dore
to her horere it was there was standing armaan mailk with arjun
R: what r u doing here??
A: hunnn
Ar: ridhima plz let us come in first
A: ya dont u know that
just then padma walkes in n sees armaan n arjun at the dore n ridhima was blocking their way
P: ridhima let them come in beta
A: thnxs aunty (ridhima moved n the walked in n armaan bend to padmas feeet to take her blessings)
P: jita raho
P: u came here so sudeen i mean.....
Ar: aunty we came her for very impostent thing cane we talk to u plz
P: ya sure
Ar: aunty uncle is not here??
R: dads at the office he b here soon
Ar: aunty i dont know how to say this but i m the only family for armaan so i guess i have to do this..............
just then shashnk walked in n saw armaan n arjun
n got very plsent shoke
Sh: are app log yaha asa achanak
A: namaestay uncle (n bend doen to take his blessings)
Sh: jeeta raho
Ar: acha hua app agaye hum yaha ek bahut he jarurri bat karna aya hai
Sh: ha boliey kya bat hai
Arjun looked at armaan n then at ridhima n then at armaan n took a long breath
Ar: uncle hum ya ha.......... armaan aure ridhima ka ristaki bat karna aya hai
after hearing this there was a pin drop silent shashnk and padma looked at eachother with wide eye n open mouth n rtidhima looked at armaan n ten arjun with wide eye
Ar: uncle app kuch boliya na
Sh: main kya bolo muje kuch samaj main nahi aa raha
A: uncle i realy love ridhima i promishe ot u that i will give her al the happyness in the world
Sh: but beat how can u b so sure u just meat her few times
A: uncle my dad always said that for love it only takes n moment
P: per beta tum to it na bada
A: hain mare pass bahut sara paisa hai lakin phit bhi main kanagal hum kyun ki mara pass mere mom dad nahi hai main jab use din ap sabk ko mila to asa laga ki mare mom dad milgay muje ko
ridhima was very quit was not even lookeg at anyone
Sh: ridhima tum hari kya........
A: she also loves me but she wont say it until u say yes to us
Ar: uncle main armaan ko bshut saloo se janta hun ya ek serois type ka admee hai lakin jab say ya ridhima se mila hai ya itna change ho gaya hai ki office ka sara staff soch ta hai ki kahi unka boss jawani main sthiya to nhi gaya
at this everyone started to laught including ridhima
A: its not funny ok
Sh: thik hai lakin muje is bat pa sochna ka time do main ridhima se bat kar na chahta hun usi ka bat........
A: think hai uncle ap sochiya
Ar: ok then we will leave
A: ya we will (then he looked at ridhima n cont) plz reameber that if its yes then u have to come to the party wearing that dress
after saying thta armaan n arjun both left the house
padma and shashnk looked at the huge smile on ridhima's face
P: beat a kya tu bhi use pyaar karti hai
ridhima started blussing n huged her mother
Sh: to phir pahla kyun nahi bataya
R: papa app ko koi problem nahi hai
Sh: beta muje kya problem hogi muje pata hai who ek bahut hi neak insan hai aur uska pyaar uski ankhoo main dekhasta hai ise acha ladka huma kahi nahi milaga
P: aur tu bhi to use pyaar karti hai to phir hum kasa mana kar shak ta hai
Ridhima eas realy happy on gettign yes from her parents so she huged them n went to her room very exitadle
she ran to her room n took out the dress that armaan had send it for her with the dress there were maching jwelary with it.
At armaans house
A: what do u think arjun will she come there i mean what if her father sasy no then..............
Ar: shut up armaan how many time do i have to tell u b positive
A: but why r u telling me b positive
Ar: coz thats my blood group if i need the boleed this way u will remaber that my blood is b+
A: u shut u arjun that soooooooooo lame joke n besid this is not the time n place to jock
Ar: ok fine i was just trying to cheer u up
A: ok fine i m sorry but yaar i m realy worried waht if she did not came
Ar: armaan listen to me do u love her
A: of course i do
Ar: ok then if ur love it true then she has to come n she also loves u then dont worry she will defenatly come

At the valantines party
al the girls eyes r glud to the fornt dore ot the hall coz they want to see armaan first
boys r getting realy irretedt with this
rahul mushkan atul anjali were already at the party when they heard that armaan malik had asked ridhima to come ot the party with him ther were very shoked first ridhima was comming to a party and that to with the hot hunk like armaan mailk was totoaly unbelivable to everyone
on the other side ridhima was getting dresses to come to the party
she was ready
she was looking realy gourgeuse in the dress
she came down to the hall shashnk and padma sow her n she was loking soooo beautiful that both them had tears in their eye on think that their lil princess had now grown up and was very soon going to leav their house
ridhima had already called arjun n told him that she is going to come ot the party so arjun had sent a car for to coem to the party hall
on the other side out side the party hall armaan n arjun were standing well arjun was stading n armaan was walking back n forth he was was visibly nervoue and was very scared too
just then one car cmae to the hall and stoped n from the car came out one beautiful girl wearing red dress

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