Thursday, 6 July 2017

part 9 : Want to spend everyday with U


Armaan and arjun both looked up to see who just came n werer left shoked with a smile on their lips it was none other then ridhima she was looking breath taking in that red evening gown that armaan had gifted her and all the jwelary were just perfect like the dress was only made for her and it was hard ot tell that the dress was making her look beautiful or she was making look nice.
Armaan immediately got up and went to her and asked her

" does this means that you also love me and your father has no problem with this relationship??" he asked in an eager voice staring at her intensely..
Ridhima was too shy to even look at him after seeing his face as she came out of the car.. she was blussing and her face was maching her red dress.. All She could manage as a reply was just nod in a yes..
For few second armaan just looked at her and then just pull her in to a rib crushing bear hug, it was their first hug and both were feelling on top of the world.. Ridhhima was too shocked to reply at the sudden contact but hugged him back knowing what he might be feeling..
Arjun stood there looking atr them and admiring their love for each other its been few minutes they were still in hug so arjun thought to bring them back to the earth..
Ar: ahhm ahhm
A: what?? Cant u do anything else but disturb us!!
Ar: shut up armaan and lets go in and enjoy the party..
A: is this why you came here or to support me??
Ar: of curse to have a blast.. (he said with a meaningful smile)
A: what??
Ar: you though that I was here to support you.. nahhh I just want to have some fun so can we go in or you want all of them to come here..
R: ok lets go in nd ya thanx arjun..
A: why r u thanking him.??
R: for the car and the driver!!
Armaan looked at Arjun dazed.. his words got him back to the world.. "ya I send the car for her with the driver coz she did not had any ride to come here so she called me.." Arjun said casually..
" oh ok.. what you knew that she was going to come???" Armaan was shocked to know that Arjun was playing with him since the whole evening now.. he knew Ridhhima's answer yet didn't tell him anything..
" ya why??" Arjun asked still playing..
" so that's why you were saying all those Dumb job about be positive" Armaan said in mock anger pointing at arjun..
" no I just wanted you to know that my blood group is b+ so if something happens they don't have to wait till my blood test comes so u better not forget that its b+.." Arjun said in a teasing tone to irritate Armaan abit more.. Armaan was about to say something but stopped on hearing loud giggle..
They both turn and saw ridhima laughing her heads off.. Armaan felt a bliss looking at her like that.. he was ready to be her clown for life just to see her laughing like this.. She stopped as she saw armaan glaring at her
" I m sorry but that joke was really funny.. arjun I think its from No Entry right it's the part where anil kapoor says this to fardin khan right??" She said overcoming her hesitation nd blush..
" ya see you got it but this dumbo did not u know he did not even smile at that joke." Arjun again teamed up against Armaan..
" it was such a lame joke.." Armaan retorted..
" no it was not.." Arjun said
" yes it was.."
" no it was not.."
R: ok stop it and lets go in..
Armaan made a face at Arjun nd followed Ridhhima keeping at pace with her.. while amused Arjun followed them both smiling widely.. As they entered they were welcomed with a sweet heart shaped candy nd a rose.. Armaan smiled nd put his Rose forward for Ridhhima.. She looked at him for a second, blushed nd accepted it.. "God.. she looks even more beautiful when she blush.." he thought
A: (whispered) "You looking gorgeous.. nd you look even more beautiful when you blush.. just like you're doing right now.." his compliment made her blush all the more..
just as she was about to say something Arjun interrupted them..
Ar: "Shall we sit.. or you guyz wanna go for a dance..?.."
(Armaan was now irritated.. he wanted Ridhhima alone for sometime so was about to say dance when Ridhhima interepted)
R: "lets sit.."
(now he had no option but to agree..)
At the table Ridhhima nd Arjun were having a conversation while
A: (to himself) "Why did I ask Arjun to accompany me to this party.. that too without a partner.. Armaan Mallik you're the biggest fool ever.. you've spoilt your first date yourself.. nd look at Ridhhima.. jiske saath aayi hai usse dekha bhi nahi aur Arjun ke saath baatein kiye ja rahi hai.."
(he was jerked out of the thoughts when he heard Arjun's question..)
Ar: "Ridhhima what was the image you had for your life partner before you knew Armaan personally.. was it always to have a serious bussiness man or something else.."
(the question made ridhima blush.. She caught hold of her breath as Arjun mentioned Armaan as her partner nd continued in a shy tone..)
R: "Arjun I've imagined nothing extra ordinary.. I always knew I would love a simple man.. not a prince charming riding my way on a white horse or something.. I wanted him to be good at heart nd the one who can love me nd my family for what we are.. who would be man enough to take my hand nd announce to the world how madly he is in love with me.. nd ALL THAT I'VE SEEN IN ARMAAN NOW.. even though he is such a popular business man, he accepted my love nd respected my family enough to decide about our relationship.."
All this while Armaan was just staring at her , not blinking once.. his eyes had love, faith nd passion in them.. he felt like taking he in his arms nd staying like this forever.. when Ridhhima looked into those deep eyes she was lost in them.. his eyes had that effect on her.. she felt his love for her nd thanked god a millionth time for giving HIM to her.. what felt like ages when Arjun unintentionally broke their eye lock with his next question..
Ar: "Lekin tumne kuch to special socha hoga na.. jo vo tumhare liye kare.. somewhat like a special gift or a date.."
A: (thought) "date to barbaad ho hi gayi.. iss Arjun ko to main baad mein dekhunga.. ek ek minute mein aise questions pooch raha hai jaise koi love questionare fill kar raha ho.. I hope jab main apna surprise Ridhhima ko dun tab yeh koi gadbad na kare.."
A: (out aloud) "Abbe yar kyun itne sawaal kar raha hai.. she'll get bored.."
R: "Umm.. nahi its okk Armaan.." (trying to calming the hyper Armaan..)
nd then answered Arjun's question..
R: "Arjun.. I seriously have never thought of any fairytale sort of experession.. I just want him to be so sure of our love that he can announce our love to the world without any hesitance.."
Ridhhima's last line brought a wide smile on Armaan's face.. she wanted what he has already planned for tonite but now he is going to edit his plan abit..
A: (thought) "I'll make this evening special for you I promise.."
As the time passed Arjun excused himself from the couple nd left them alone for a while.. Armaan sighed relief.. he caught Ridhhima's hand on the table while she blush
A: (whispered gently) "Ridhhima.."
(he passion in his husky voice was taking her over now..)
R: (whispered back) "Armaan.."
he went down on his knee nd asked her for a dance..
As the soothing beats filled the room.. we could see all the couples on the sance floor while our golden couple was so lost in themselves that they didn't realise when the time slipped off.. it was the time to move.. Armaan excused himself nd vanished somewhere.. Ridhhima stood there all alone at the drinks counter looking for Armaan.. It had been almost 30mins… Her restlessness was mounting..
R: (to herself with a froen on her face) "Armaan kahan reh gaya.. this is so great.. apni pehli date pe I'm here standing all alone.."
just as she turned to go the other way The room got filled with darkness.. all the lights were off nd suddenly a spot light fell on Ridhhima.. she heard a distant voice.. without any efforts she knew it was Armaan.. looking around trying to locate him but in vain..
A: "Friends.. All of you here are lucky guys to have your love with you.. main bhi kisi se bohot pyar karta hoon.. aur har roz yeh pyaar badta jata hai.. aaj main aap sab le saamne usse yeh batana chahta hoon ki vo mere liye kya hai.. May I..?"
hearing the crowd howl nd cheer he continued..
A: "Ridhhima.. tumse milne ke pehle maine kabhi pyaar ke baare mein socha bhi nahi thha.. lekin jabse tumhe dekha hai main tumhare baare mein hi sochta hoon.. I've started to fall in love you deeper with each passing minute.. mere paas sab kuch thha sirf pyaar nahi thha.. lekin ab vo bhi hai.. main aaj inn sab ke saamne kehta hoon.. Ridhhima I Love You.. You Really Mean More Than My Life to Me.. (he appered in front of her nd got on his knees putting forward the ring) WILL YOU BE KIND ENOUGH TO MARRY ME ND MAKE ME THE MOST LUCKIEST MAN IN THIS WORLD.. I PROMISE TO GIVE THE WORLD.."
Every one was shoked as hell coz it was so not what they had imgine to their valantine party will be all the college stidents ans ridhima;s friend new that armaan malik was coming to the party and that to with ridhima but now in their wild dream they had thought that they will be seeing armaan malik the tycon himself sitting on his knees nad proposing to ridhima
Ridhhima was also too shocked to say anything at the moment.. she just stared at him.. she sensed the love nd honesty in his voice.. she had tears in her eyes.. never had she imagined her biggest dream to get fulfilled so soon.. she looked at the ring.. It was a beautiful blue saphhire nd diamond ring..

R: (whispered) YES
the room was filled with cheers nd applause.. everyone in the hall agine got the shoke on hering yes from her but they all were very happy to their love and happiness
Armaan carefully put the ring in her finger nd kissed her hand warmly.. the kiss gave her goosebumps nd she blushed to the core.. he then got up from his knees and pulled her into a comforting hug
R: (whispered) "this was the best surprise I've ever got Armaan.. I Love You.."
Those three words from her made him fly.. he felt himself floating nd reaching the heaven.. he lightly pinched himself secretly yo confirm if it was real or his dream.. but no it was his dream that came true with his love in his arms..
after a while they part from eath other everyone came to them and congratulated them
the party was on the pick and everyone was enjoing the party exept armaan because he wanted to be with ridhima so correction HIS RIDHIMA that world mad him give out his million doller smill
armaan excused him self in order to use a washroom but in his was he taxed arjun to meet him
arjun came their
Ar: what do u want??
A: leave
Ar: what??
A: i mean i want u to go to ridhima n tell her that you have to leave as there is something very important came up
Ar: why there is no work i want to have a blast i know ur bloodu b but i m not
A: shut up i want to spend some time with her alone and you are keep bugging us with ur stupied question
Ar: i m not buggin her its ony u who is borring and has no sense of enjoyment
A: arjun yaar try n understand i realy want to b with her alone so you leave any way you have no partner so there is no point for you to stay back so leave
Ar: i cant belive this if u want to b alon with her then go tell her that you need to talk to her there something has come up that you have to do so you both can go out of here and then take her any place you want
A: ya thats a gud idea but where shud i take her??
Ar: u know armaan i still have dought that you got your MBA from harver university i mean use ur brain when it comes to business it work like a jet but now its like not there
A: just shut up n tell me where shud i take her!!!!!!!
Ar: how about
A: beatch she loves them i know it i will take her their
Ar: impresive
A: oh shut up
then they both walked in to the hall n went to their table
Ar: uhhhhh ridhima we have to leave its like ............. something very important has come up n.........
R: ya armaan thats ok lests go
A: i m realy very sorry ridhima but...........
R: armaan its ok lets go
they bid bey to everyone and walked out of the hall


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