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***TRAILER*** : sirf tum


"Arggghh..." and anger took over him which resulted the phone break into pieces Poor Phone has to sacrifice itself only coz of his anger "Enough... Shayad tum janti nai Bracelet jab Armaan Malik ko gussa aata haina vo kisi ki nai chalne deta... Sirf uski chalti hai" he gritted his teeth angrily

"Pata nai ye sunke Bracelet kaise react karegi... Jaan hi le legi vo teri... Agli baar Holi pe aaya tha lene tujhse baat tak nai ki thi usne... Is baar to shayad jaan hi lelegi teri... Yaa fir kya pata mana karde jaane se" his heart said "Nai kuch nai kahegi Armaan... Apne Papa k samne muh tak nai kholegi" His mind said happily making him grin when something clicked his brain "Ammm Uncle excuse me" Armaan excused

"Sure" Shashank smiled and Armaan moved at a corner

"Haa Rehaan..." Armaan said as Rehaan picked his call

"Bhaijaan... Itni raat ko kyun phone kiya" Rehaan asked in sleepy tone

"Yehi isi sab drame ki wajah se Mom... Aap logo ka vohi rona dhona hotaa fir kuch sympathies milti... Aur aapki bahu ek alag hi piece hai... Shayad Divorce hi de deti mujhe... Fir Dad ka lecture shuru hojaata ki gadi thik se kyun nai chalate etc... Aur Shilpa ki family alag... Not to forget Rakhi buaa aur Geeta buaa(his two real aunts) k taunts aapki laadli bahu ko milte... Main to usi waqt ready tha Bracelet ko chodne k liye but yehi sab drame k wajah se chup tha" he take out all his frustration coz of their constant questions which definitely made them quiet and after two minutes of silence

"Ye ab tak aaya kyun nai... Zyada gussa hai kya" she whispered to herself slowly looking at the door wearing a yellow loose top which was has boat neck but wd rubber style and it has sleeves till her elbow white pant just above her anklet she as made her hairs in loose pony earrings were small small her eyes had mascara and liner not to forget her wedding chain was around her neck "Tu naa ek dum Pagal hai... Gadhi" she smacked herself mentally while putting the plates on table


"Mujhse kyun puch rahe hai... Saare faisle aap khud hi to lete hai... To ye b decide kar lijiye" moving away from him she blurted out


"Mere bolne naa bolne se tumhe kya farq padta hai" he taunted

"Fir jab Doctor ne kaha tumhe bachane k liye bacche ko abort karna padega... Meri to duniya hi hil gayi thi us waqt..." he gripped her hand tightly he was not staring at her he is looking ahead "Par mere liye tum important ho... Baaki sab baad mein... Aur fir sign kar diya" He looked at her who smiled sadly "Mujhe is baat ki koi takleef nai thi ki humne apna baccha khoya ... Kyun ki vo duniyaa mein aaya hi nai tha toh dukh kis baat ka... Haa par hopes jaroor tute thae... But tumhe sahi salamat dekhne k baad sab bhul gaya..." he pinched her chin lovingly making her kiss his nose

"Ye ladkiyo ka matter hi galat hota hai" he spoke angrily moving tro and fro while they three were watching him from past ten minutes they were sitting on sofa while he was standing "U know Rehaan acha huaa tune shaadi nai ki... Kyun ki shaadi k baad teri marzi to bilkul nai.. Chalegi kyun ki ladkiyo k drame itne rehte hai ki insaan sunte sunte mar jaaye" he was saying this angrily while other three were looking at him "Pyaar vyaar sab bekaar... Insaan shaadi se pehle jitna khush hota hai utna shaadi k baad to ho hi nai sakta" he pointed them

"Baat to sahi kahi tune" Aditya agreed to which Dev also nodded when Rehaan hit him wd his elbow making him looked at the door where an Angry plus Hurt Shilpa was standing

"Armaan.." Dev immediately called him

"Bolne de yaar Dev..." he cut's him "I don't know girls ko kahan se ye misunderstanding hai ki... Sirf vohi marzi chala sakti hai... U know guys main likh k de sakta hun.. Ki agar ladkiyo ko ye world de do to vo pura world khatam kar dengi" he said frustratingly

"Par bhai..." Rehaan interrupted

"Ek minute Rehaan..." he cut him in middle to which Rehaan just prayed for him "Ye shaadi naam ka bomb sabse pehle jisne phoda hai... Agar kabhi mile to Main jaroor puchna chahunga... Ki kya mila kisi ki Zindagi barbaad karke" he spoke irritably turning around but stopped seeing a teary eyes Shilpa wd hurt & angry look he immediately closed his eyes "Brace..." he moved to say but she ran from there

"Keh nai sakte... Kyun ki unki Brain pe direct waar kiya gaya hai... Vaise kya isse pehle b aisa kuch huaa unke saath" Doctor asked frowning making Dev nod

"Haa kariban 3 saal teen mahine pehle iska accident huaa tha... Aur ye apne life k six months bhul gaya tha.." Dev informed which made Arjun to look at him shockingly

"Dhadkane itni tej kyun ho rahi hai..." Shilpa thought entering in their room entrance while holding a trey on which coffee mug was put and wd thudding heart she opened her room's door and her heart skipped seeing him

"Haan Bhaaijaan puchiye na... Aapko kabse permission leni pad rahi hai" Rehaan spoke smilingly sitting on bed coz Dev already informed him about Armaan's doubts

"Kiya k baare mein" he directly asked which made Rehaan shocked "Uska kya hua in teen saalon mein..." he asked that question which was bothering him since he got conscious

"Bhaijaan... Vo" somewhere Rehaan

"Dare you touch her" His deep voice made her open her eyes instantly she moved her head to look and found her one and only husband

"Armaan" she whispered slowly wd a smile

"Tu kaun??" Man questioned

"Tujhe isse kya... Problem kya hai... Himmat kaise hui uspe haath uthane ki" he spoke calmly which made Shilpa to grip his arm tightly making him looked at her

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