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chapter 8 :I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

The next morning, both Armaan and Riddhima were anxious. They were both lost in thought when they reached Sanjeevani and went to the locker room.
The interns were already there and greeted them as usual. But, neither Armaan nor Riddhima replied. They were surprised to see their seniors so lost. So, they greeted them a little louder, which seemed to bring them out of their thoughts.
"Sorry, guys. Woh main kuch soch raha tha", Armaan clarified.

"Kya soch rahe the aap, Dr. Armaan?" Su asked.
"Kuch nahi, bas kisiko kuch samjhana hai", he replied cryptically.
"Yahi ki Dr. Armaan kabhi galat nahi hote."
"Woh toh pata chal jaayega, Dr. Armaan, I'm sure that I know my sister better than you know her", Riddhima butted in.
"Yes, but she is also one of my friends. I'm sure ki uske bare mein itna toh main jaanta hi hu, Dr. Gupta."
Just then, Sister Lovely entered the Locker Room.
"Oh ji... Dr. Riddhima Ji! Aap yahaan kya kar rahi ho ji? Woh Dr. Anajli kabse aapko aur Dr. Atul dhoond rahi hai. Bohot pareshaan lag rahi thi."
"Kya!" Riddhima exclaimed, "Di yahaan hai?"
"Haan ji, bas abhi 15 minute pehle aayi hai. Main toh shock hi ho gayi ji unko dekhkar. Par woh bohot pareshaan hai, shayad airport se seedhe yahin aayi hai. Aur unka chehra bhi kitna utra hua hai. Aisa lag raha hai jaise saara rastaa rote hue hi aayi ho."
Saying so, she left.
The interns also left as they had to report for their duties.
Riddhima looked at Armaan to see him smiling at her, smugly. Seeing that she was looking at him, he raised his collar and said in his most know - it - all voice, "Maine kaha tha na, Dr. Armaan ko sab pata hai."
"Haan, haan theek hai. Zyada udo mat. Waise bhi pehli baar hi mujhse jeete ho."
"Woh sab theek hai. Par ab tum ready rehna. Main bet jeet gaya. It means ki tumhe woh sab karna padega joh main bolu."
"Sab nahin, baat toh sirf ek kaam ki hui thi. Tum zyada smart banne ki koshish mat karo. Samjhe?"
"Haan, haan ek hi kaam karwaunga. Aur mujhe smart banne ki zaroorat hi nahi hai. Main toh paida hi smart hua tha."
"Ugghhh...tumna, tumse toh baat karna hi bekaar hai. Jarrannum mein jao", saying so she walked away. It took her a moment to realize what she said. She had said the same words to him so countless times during their internship days. She waited for a few seconds and as expected, Armaan called after her -
"Kitni baar kaha hai, Basket, address toh batati jao!"
Riddhima turned around and smiled.
She felt a sense of dj vu envelope her on hearing him say those words again, as she cherished the fact that his memory had returned.
She remembered the day she had found out about it. The situation had been entirely too similar. They had been fighting over something trivial, something so entirely unimportant that she couldn't even remember exactly what it was. In the heat of the moment, she had said those same words to him - "Jarannum mein jao."
"Jarannum mein jao!" she yelled at him, exasperated. Then she turned to walk away from him. It was only moments later that she realized what she had actually said to him. Unbidden, memories rushed through her - when she had said those same words to him so many times in between a fight when she got too irritated or mad at him. And he always replied her with the same answer.
Her steps faltered as she realized that he didn't remember that part of their lives anymore. He didn't remember how they fought on every little thing, how they pulled pranks on each other, how they became friends and how he stood by her through the toughest phases of her life or how they fell in love for the first time. He didn't remember their stupid fights and how he would come with new ways to apologise to her after each one of them. He didn't remember the heartache they went through, which only made them stronger or how they literally fought the whole world to stay together - how they stood up against their friends and her family to be with each other.
He didn't understand the importance of the color red or how special a place the basket ball court really was. He didn't know why Riddhima would blush everytime she passed the fire escape or when she looked at the window on the driver's seat of his Scorpio.
A tear or two fell from her eyes as she remembered everything that Armaan didn't. It shouldn't matter, she thought. He was back, and he was hers. They were so happy together and they were making new memories together. That was what was more important. So, why was she still bothered by the fact that Armaan had lost his memory?
"Address toh bataati jao!" she heard Armaan call from behind.
"Kya kaha tumne?" she asked, surprised. Armaan grinned at her. He just realized that he hadn't told Riddhima about his amnesia getting cured.
"Wahi jo hamesha kehta hu, Address toh batati jao'. Ab agar tum address nahi bataogi toh main kaise jaunga? Mujhe toh nahi pata ki jarannum kahaan hai", he replied cheekily.
"Nahi... tumhe kaise pata ki tum hamesha yahi kehte the?"
"Kya yaar Basket, ab main kehta tha, toh mujhe toh yaad hoga hi na?"
"Armaan tum seedhe seedhe jawab do. Samjhe? Zyada smart samajhte ho khudko?"
"Samajhta nahi, sweetheart, hu", he replied, remembering their first encounter at the basketball court when he had said those same words to her.
Tears spilled out of Riddhima's eyes before she could control them. He remembered. He remembered. It was what she had hoped and longed for in those heartbreaking days following his accident which resulted in his amnesia.
She smacked his chest before hugging him tight, "Bataya kyu nahi?"
"Woh...woh main bhool gaya", he replied sheepishly.
"Armaan!" she yelled exasperatedly.
"Arreee...sorry baba, kabhi ye topic nahi utha. Kya kehta, Oh by the way, Basket, meri yaadash waapas aa gayi hai.'? Doctors ne kaha toh tha ki temporary amnesia hai. Wahaan Canada mein treatment ke waqt mere psychiatrist ne techniques suggest ki jisse meri memory waapas aa gayi."
"Achcha theek hai, toh phir mujhe batao ki maine tumhe pehli baar I Love You' kahaan bola tha?" she asked, to make sure that he really had regained his memory.
"Wahaan OPD mein. Kitna drama kiya tha yaar Basket, I hate you, I hate you, Armaan, I hate you...I love you'. Sab yaad hai mujhe."
Riddhima smiled widely before hugging him again. She then pressed her lips to his, kissing him with all that she had.
Armaan was surprised at first, but he responded after a fraction of a second, pulling her closer and running his hands up and down her back.
Riddhima rested her head against his chest after they broke apart, right on his heart, listening to his heartbeat.
"I missed you, Armaan. Tum nahi jaante ki maine kitna intezaar kiya hai uss din ka jab tumhe sab kuch yaad aa jaye."
She felt him smile against her before he kissed the top of her head.
"Ab yeh batao ki tumhe yaad kaise aaya?"
"Woh jab main Canada gaya than a treatment ke liye, toh wahaan mujhe mere doctors ne psychiatrist suggest kiye, jab mujhe treatment ke waqt flashes aane lage. Toh unhone mujhe kahaa ki mujhe aisi cheezo ke paas rehna chahiye jisse mujhe tumhaari yaad aati hai, jab maine unhe tumhaare baare mein aur apne flashes ke baare mein bataya. Actually, mujhe unme humaari pehli mulaqat dikhti thi, basketball court waali. Toh main apna bohot time basketball court pe rehne laga. Aur library aur laal cheezein, dheere dheere mujhe aur cheezein aur instances yaad aane lage. Aur phir kuch dino mein meri yaadash waapas aa gayi."
Tears spilled from both their eyes, as they got lost in memories - their fights, their love, their happiness and their pain. Armaan hugged Riddhima pulling her as close to him as humanly possible - the two of them lost in the beauty of this moment and the overwhelming peace it brought along.
(Flashback end)
"Ridzy", Anjali's broken whisper brought her out of her thoughts.
Riddhima immediately hurried towards Anjali pulling her into a hug.
Anjali hugged her back tightly, "Ridzy, Atul ko kya hua hai?"
Riddhima looked at Armaan. She didn't want to be the one to break the news to Anjali.
Anjali looked up to see Riddhima looking at Armaan. She turned to him and asked, "Armaan, tum batao na, kya hua Atul ko?"
Before Armaan could answer, Atul walked in. He was surprised to see Anjali there.
"Anjali, tum yahaan?"
Anjali looked up to see Atul and the relief that washed through her was palpable.
She rushed into Atul's arms, giving him a tight hug.
"Thank God!" she cried in relief. She then pulled out of his arms and inspected him from head to toe. Atul blushed under her scrutiny.
"Tum toh bilkul theek ho?" she said, confused, the sentence coming out more as a question than a fact.
"Haan, mujhe kya hoga?" he asked her, failing to see the desperate gestures Armaan was making in his direction.
"Mujhe kal kisi Dr. Sona... nahi, Su... Su, haan Dr. Suvarna ka phone aaya tha ki tumhaara accident ho gaya hai", she turned to Riddhima, "Aur tumne usse mujhe phone karne kaha."
Riddhima shook her head vigourously. It didn't take Anjali too long to understand who was behind all this. Only one person was capable of doing this.
Anjali turned to glare at Armaan, who visibly cowered.
"Armaan", she spat his name venomously.
"Hi Anjy", he said, waving at her and grinning innocently.
"I'm going to kill you", she announced before running to hit him. However, Armaan had anticipated something of this sort and made a run for it.
Armaan ran around the hospital, trying to save himself from Anjali while Riddhima and Atul followed them amused.
Armaan reached the canteen where he spotted the interns who were chilling before they had to report for their duties.
He jumped and hid under their table. The interns were shocked to see this.
"Dr. Armaan, aap wahaan neeche kya kar rahe hai?" Yuvraj asked him.
"Shhh..." - he put a finger to his lips to emphasise his point - "Chup raho. Kisiko pata nahi chalna chahiye ki main yahaan hu."
"Par kyu?" Suvarna asked, confused.
"Kyuki hum hide - and - seek khel rahe hai aur main chup raha hu", he replied annoyed.
Just then, Dr. Kirti came to the caf. The interns offered her to join them and she graciously accepted.
She sat down and stretched her legs, accidently hitting Armaan. He yelped, causing her to look down.
"Dr. Armaan aap yahaan kya kar rahe hai?"
Before he could reply, Su did saying, "Ma'am who Dr. Armaan hide - and - seek khel rahe hai and isliye yahaan chupe hai."
"What?" she asked confused.
That was when Anjali came in looking for Armaan. She made a dash for Dr. Kirti, who was surprised to see her.
"Arre, Dr. Anjali? Aap yahaan? How are you? Aur LA mein sab kaisa hai?"
"I'm fine Dr. Kirti and LA is amazing. We can catch up later, aap mujhe ye bataiye, aapne Armaan ko kahin dekha hai?"
"Dr. Armaan? Aap unhe kyu dhoond rahi hai?" she asked, surreptitiously glancing at Armaan who was pleading with her not to tell Anjali.
"Kyuki aaj main uska murder karne waali hu. Idiot kahin ka."
"Ab kya kiya Dr. Armaan ne?" she asked, exasperated. She should have known that Armaan wouldn't be able to resist pranking anyone for a long time.
"Arre ma'am who main baad mein bataungi. Aap ne usse dekha hai?"
Seeing that Armaan was so desperate, she decided to take pity on him.
"Haan, woh morgue ki taraf jaa rahe the."
"Thanks", and flashing a smile, Anjali left, Atul trailing behind her.
Riddhima smiled, seeing the exchange. Then she knelt down at the interns' table and held out her hand.
"Di chali gayi hai. Baahar aa jao."
"Thanks" he replied gratefully, taking her hand.
"Thank you so much, Ma'am", he said turning to Dr. Kirti.
"Kya Armaan, kitni ulti - seedhi harkatein karte rehte ho. Di ko phone karne se pehle ek baar toh mujhe poochna chahiye tha na", she said, annoyed at him.
"Sorry", he said, holding his ears and pulling his puppy - dog expression which melted her everytime.
"Don't try to get cute with me", she replied, already smiling.
"Arre, Riddhima. Relax. Tum dekhna, Anjy na thode dino mein mujhe Thank You' bolegi."
"Thank you? Tum paagal ho gaye ho? Di na tumhe peetne waali hai Armaan."
"Arre, tum thode na usse mujhe maarne dogi?" he asked in a rhetoric manner, putting his arm around her shoulder and pulling her close, smiling angelically at her.
"Main tum done ke beech mein nahi padne waali", she replied in a sugary sweet tone, removing his hand from her shoulder. HE looked positively scandalized.
"Tum mujhe marne ke liye chod dogi?" he asked dramatically, putting his hand on his heart.
"Haan. Aur tumnhe koi kaam nahi hoga, mujhe toh hai. Bye", she told him before leaving.
"Kaise din aa gaye hai, genuine insaan ki toh kisi ko value hi nahi hai", Armaan muttered, before leaving the cafeteria.
To say that the interns were surprised by the course of the events would be an understatement.
Dr. Kirti just shook her head and resumed drinking her coffee as if she had witnessed the most natural thing in the world. To her it was, the previous intern batch had outperformed all their other batches in everything - be it dedication and seriousness to their work or playing pranks. They had been the best batch Sanjeevani had witnessed who showed a lot of promise and potential and had lived up to their set standards. She was also the closest to them. They were like family. She felt as if she was an elder sister to them. They had helped make her life beautiful - with Shubhankar, Navneeta and their little one, Samrat. And she was grateful for them everyday.
The Guptas were ecstatic to have their elder daughter back home. Anjali was greeted with tears of joy and laughter of happiness by her step mother at home. Shashank was equally enthralled to have her home. After all the laughter and tears and squeals, Anjali told them how Armaan had had someone make that stupid phone call to her which resulted in her sudden visit.
She expected Shashank to be mad at him for pulling her out of her job so suddenly for the sake of a prank. But, she was surprised when he laughed about it and joked about being thankful to him as he brought his daughters back to him. So, she spent the next hour sulking and plotting her revenge alone.
Armaan on the other hand, had spent the majority of his day hiding from Anjali. As a result of which he hadn't seen Riddhima the whole day. This fact was totally unacceptable for our Hero and so he decided to go to the Gupta Mansion for dinner. He figured Anjali would not do anything to him with Padma mom and Shashank sir present.
So, he made his way to the Guptas after work along with Atul - additional protection, just in case. You could never be too prepared. But, he was sadly mistaken, thinking Anjali wouldn't do anything. He was greeted by a pillow hitting him square in the face as soon as he entered the hall.
"Ouch! Paagal ho gayi hai kya Anjy!" he exclaimed.
He had no time to expect what was coming before he was tackled to the ground, and someone was sitting on him, hitting his chest continuously.
"Idiot, stupid, fool, moron, jerk."
"Anjali! Kya kar rahi ho. Utho... chodo Armaan ko", Shashank said, pulling her off him.
He then gave Armaan a hand and helped him up.
He looked around and Riddhima and Atul immediately burst out laughing. Soon, Padma and Anjali followed.
"Maa! Aap bhi in logon ki side le rahe ho?" he asked, incredulously.
Padma and Shashank tried their best to stifle their laughter, failing miserably.
"Haan, haan. Has lo sab mujh bechaare par. Mujhe na kisise baat nahi karni!" he said, and turned to leave.
Sadly, he bumped into Naina and the two of them stumbled, falling to the ground. This set off the others again and they burst out laughing, louder than before.
Armaan just scowled at them and helped Naina pick up all her stuff.
"Aap log" - he pointed at everybody - "aap log bohot kharaab ho. Mujhe kisise baat nahi karni. Main jaa raha hu."
Hearing this, even Naina broke into peals of laughter. Armaan turned to her and narrowed his eyes. Then, he shook his head and turned to leave.
"Arre Armaan! Ruk!" Padma mom shouted after him.
"Maa, maine kaha na. Mujhe kisise koi baat nahi karni. Main chala jaata hu. Fir aap log achche se has lee jeeyega."
"Armaan! Sorry, beta", she apologized, holding her ears.
"Maa! That is cheating! Aap aise nahi kar sakte ho", he said. He knew that Padma knew that he wouldn't able to leave when she was sad.
"Sorry", she repeated.
"Aap na, bohot cheating karte ho", he said, shaking his head and hugged her.
"Chal ab. Khaana laga deti hu."
He nodded and they made their way back.
Before going into the kitchen, Padma pointed at everybody and said, "Armaan se koi kuch nahi kahega. Samjhe sab?"
Everyone nodded obediently, trying to hide their smiles.
Armaan smiled smugly at them before seating himself on the dining table. Everybody else followed suit.
"Waise Armaan, tum yahaan kaise?" Riddhima asked him.
"Tumse matlab? Tum jao aur jaake haso", she replied kiddishly.
"Nahi main toh bas isliye pooch rahi thi kyuki jis tarah aaj poora din tum Di se chup rahe the, mujhe toh laga tha ki tum ab 10 - 15 din ke liye ghar hi nahi aaoge", she replied cheekily.
Armaan just fake laughed, scowling at her.
"Riddhima, kyu pareshaan kar rahi ho usse?" Shashank asked.
"Dad", Anjali said, surprised.
When Shashank looked at her questioningly, she continued, "Aap Ridzi ki side chodke, Armaan ki side le rahe ho? Aap ki tabiyat toh theek haina?"
"Ab tum ladkiyon ki majority hoti jaa rahi hai, toh mujhe bhi toh apni team banana padegi na, right Naina?" he asked, looking at her.
Naina surprised at this, only nodded. Armaan smirked at Anjali and Riddhima and took an imaginary collar up.
They both scoffed.
Naina laughed. Over the past month, she had come to realize that Armaan was a prankster and a total drama queen. At first, she hadn't been able to comprehend that her boss, who was always very serious when it came to work was actually such a cheerful and lively guy. But slowly, as she saw him interacting with everyone outside of work, she had come to know that he was actually one of the funniest person she had come across. She really liked these small glimpses that she had gotten of Armaan. It was really hard not to like him. Thinking about it, she smiled to herself.
Padma Mom came back with the dinner and everybody ate quietly, enjoying the food.
The next morning, Riddhima left for Sanjeevani a little early. She had some making up to do. Apparently, Armaan had taken their teasing to the heart and was now not talking to her.
She knew that whenever Armaan was upset with her, he would come to Sanjeevani early and work to keep his mind off of their fight. As she predicted, Armaan was at Sanjeevani, in the childrens ward, playing with the kids.
She stood by the door and looked at him, reveling in the moment. He was clearly enjoying himself, of course he was - he was no better than a 5 year old himself. Riddhima stared at him, getting lost in his joy and his smile and laughter, thanking God for the millionth time for giving her Armaan.
Armaan felt her gaze on him and turned to see her leaning against the entrance of the ward, looking at him like he was the most precious thing on earth. He smiled widely on seeing her before he remembered that he was supposed to be angry at her and turned his expression into a scowl. Riddhima laughed on seeing this and pushed herself from the door and moved towards him. She grabbed his hand and pulled him and took him to the locker room.
She made him stand there while she removed something from her locker. She handed a box to Armaan. He looked at her confused. She urged him to open it, which he did. A huge grin made its way to his face when he realized what was in the box. Riddhima smiled at hs childish exuberance.
"Itne saare comics! Mere liye?"
Riddhima nodded and brought her hands to her ears, "Sorry", she said, apologizing cutely.
"It's okay", he said nonchalantly.
"I love you", she declared emphatically. Armaan's face lit up and he pulled her in for a tight hug.
He pulled her close, nuzzling her hair. "I love you, too."
Riddhima smiled hugely.
They stayed like that for a few minutes before pulling away. Armaan held Riddhima around her waist and she wrapped her arms around his neck, playing with his hair. They both sighed contently.
"Waise Basket..." Armaan started to say, seeing her nod, he continued,"Bet toh main jeet gaya. Kyuki Anjy aa gayi jaldi se yahaan."
Riddhima just nodded. "Toh matlab ab, main tumse kuch bhi maang sakta hu tumse, job hi main chaahta hu."
"Kya...kya chahiye tumhe?" she asked, hesitating a little. Riddhima knew that Armaan would never make her do something that she wasn't comfortable with, but he could ask for anything, it was Armaan after all.
Armaan pretended to think for a while, enjoying Riddhima's expressions. She looked confused and scared and apprehensive and excited all at the same time.
Finally, he said,"Dekho, hum kitne time se ek doosre ke saath hain", seeing her nod,"par, tum ab tak ek baar bhi mujhe date par nahi leke gayi ho! Main tumhe kitni baar bahaar lekar gaya hu, par tum mujhe kabhi nahi leke gayi. Yeh toh galat baat haina. Har baar main hi kyu le jau? Tumhaari bhi kuch responsibility banti hai, apne boyfriend ko khush karne ki, uske liye surprises plan karne ki, right?"
Riddhima nodded, saying,"Toh tum chaahte ho ki main tumhe date par le jau?"
Armaan nodded, smiling widely. "Aur koi aisi waisi nahi, bohot bohot bohot achchi date par."
"Theek hai, done. Main tumhe apni zindagi ki sabsi achchi date par leke jaungi, Dr. Armaan Mallik. Tum bas dekhte jao."
Armaan grinned and pulled her into his arms, hugging her tightly.
They pulled apart when they heard footsteps approaching. It was Su and Sid.
"Good morning", they greeted Armaan and Riddhima.
"Good morning."
In another few minutes, the locker room was full as all the interns reached and everyone got busy sorting their stuff before duty.
Atul entered the locker room, humming to himself.
When he spotted Riddhima there, he made a mad dash for her and pulled her into a big hug. The others looked on curiously. He then pulled away and started dancing with her. Riddhima was highly amused by his antics.
"Kya baat hai Atul, aaj bohot khush lag rahe ho?" she asked as he twirled her around.
"Haan yaar Ridz! Khushi ki toh baat hai", he told her.
Riddhima knew what he was talking about. She just smiled and said, "Baat toh sahi hai."
"Haina? Main bohto khush hu aaj", he told her, before pulling her into another rib crashing bear hug.
"I love you, Ridz", he told her.
"I love you, too", she replied, amused.
"I love you 3, 4, 5 raisd to infinity", Armaan announced, hugging both of them.
Then they burst out laughing. Atul left Riddhima and hugged Armaan.
"Thanks, Armaan, ek tu hi mera sachcha dost hai", he told him dramatically.
"Obviously yaar Champ. Tu mera bhai hai na?" he asked.
When Atul nodded, he continued, "Toh mujhse better tujhe kaun jaan sakta hai?"
Atul smiled happily before hugging them again. Then he gathered his stuff and the 3 seniors left the locker room.
The interns looked on, amused and surprised.
Naina just shok her head and smirked. "Dr. Armaan kabhi nahi sudhrenge", she said, referring to the dramatic way he announced his love for Atul and Riddhima.
On hearing her, the others looked at her curiously.
"Kya mujhe aise kyu dekh rahe ho?"
"Tune aisa kyu kaha ki Dr. Armaan kabhi nahi sudhrenge?" Sid asked her, "Hamesha itne gusse mein rehte hai. Kabhi kabhi toh inhe aise normal dekhne milta hai. Jab who Dr. Riddhima aur Dr. Atul ke saath hote hain." The others nodded in agreement.
"Woh tumlog isliye keh rahe ho kyuki tumne kabhi hospital se bahar nahi mile ho."
"Kyu?" Su asked, highly interested in talk about Armaan.
"Arre Dr. Armaan itne zyada fun loving aur lively hai. Ek number ke drama queen."
"Kuch bhi!" Yuvi scoffed. "Aise bakwaas mat karo, Naina."
"Bakwaas nahi kar rahi hu. Tum abhi tak asli Dr. Armaan se toh mile hi nahi ho. Main keh rahi hu, who bohot amazing hain."
"Aur tumhe ye kaise pata hai?"
"Kyuki woh almost har roz Gupta Mansion aate hai - breakfast ya dinner ke liye."
"What? Woh wahaan kyu aate hai?" Su asked, surprised.
"Yeh toh mujhe bhi nahi pata. But, woh Guptas ke bohot close hai. Riddhima Di ki mom ko who bhi mom bulaate hai. Aur kabhi - kabhi toh mujhe aisa lagta hai jaise Padma Aunty Riddhima Di se toh zyada Dr. Armaan se pyaar karti hai. Aur woh Shashank sir ke bhi bohot close hai. Kal toh sabke saamne, Dr. Shashank ne dinner pe Dr. Armaan ki side li, Riddhima Di ke against."
The others looked surprised.
"I don't believe you", Su said.
"Hmmm... ab iske baare mein toh main kuch nahi kar sakti."
Just then, Anjali arrived.
"Hey Naina."
"Hey, Anjali Di."
The others looked at Naina, waiting for an introduction.
"Di, ye sab mere co - interns hain, Yuvi, Su aur Sid", she told Anjali, introducing them.
"Aur yeh hain, Dr. Anjali Gupta, Riddhima Di ki badi behen."
"Hi guys, nice to meet you. I hope tum log Sanjeevani mein enjoy kar rahe ho aur kaam bhi seekh rahe ho."
The others smiled and they made small talk for a while.
"Di, aap yahaan kaise? Mujhe laga aap poora din Padma Aunty ke saath spend karne waali hain."
"Haan, Naina. Laga toh mujhe bhi yahi tha. But Mom haina, agar unke ladle Armaan ko koi kuch bhi keh de toh unka toh khana hi neeche nahi utarta", she made a face, "Isliye mujhe bheja hai. Kaha Armaan ko sorry bol kar aa. Bechara mera bechcha. Kitna sad hoga. Sorry my foot. Taang na tod du uski. Bas poora din doosron par apne stupid pranks khelta rehta hai. Kabhi kabhi toh sochti hu Ridzi se kahu ki woh Armaan ke against prank war start kar de. Wahi toh hai ek jo Armaan ko bhi buddhu banaa sakti hai", Anjali ranted, "Chalo, jaa rahi hu usse dhoond ne. Ghar pe milte hain, Naina."
The interns were really surprised to hear all this.
"Kaha than a maine. Dr. Armaan is really nice", Naina said smugly before they left for the nurse station.



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