Saturday, 4 November 2017


Armaan places the phone back and looks at riddhima. She is sleeping peacefully. She had an innocent face and is sleeping like baby. He goes near to her, kisses her forehead and starts caressing her hair.

Armaan: I love u Riddhima!!! I love u a lot.... I can't live without you!!!

He starts caressing her forehead with lots of love in his eyes when suddenly she wakes up. She sees armaan looking at her lovingly and caressing her.

Armaan: good morning jaanu. (Kissing her forehead)

Riddhima: Good morning Armaan. When did u wake up sweetheart?

Armaan: Just 15 minutes ago. You know, u were looking like an angel while u were sleeping.

Riddhima is now blushing and gives him a side hug.

Riddhima: I love you Armaan.... Love u choooooo much.....

Armaan: Love you too jaanu....

Armaan is now moving close to riddhima and riddhima settles on his lap caressing his cheek and armaan is holding her waist ensuring that she won't fall.

Armaan: Riddhima, today is like something special for me. I wannna share my life with you. Today, you are my only family member. You should also know about my past.

Riddhima: Lekin Armaan!!! Why do you want to tell me about your past?

Armaan: Riddhima, cause you are the only person in this world who is mine. Whom i can't live without and whom I love the most.

Riddhima: I love you Armaan.

Armaan: I love you too jaanu. Shall i tell you something, before i met you, i used to have many girlfriends but i didn't love anyone of them. You are my first love riddhima. It was like, when i was in my college, i used to bet with my friends that i will make the most beautiful girl of this college mine. I used to have girlfriends like that. I never loved them.

But when i met you for the first time i was like the same but soon i changed very much. Just for your love riddhima. Main cool se serious aur ek responsible insaan ban gaya hoon. Pehli baar mere zindgi main pyaar hua. I loved a girl for the first time and felt that i will live and die along with her only.

You were very understanding. You care for your family and friends; you value and respect your relationships.

Riddhima, I also have a family. A mother who loves me so much, a father who is a doctor, who doesn't believe in relationships and is alcoholic. I am their only son. My father never took care of me and my mother. My mother expired when i was 18 years only. After that my father married another woman. I used to live with shehnaz bi and not with my father. He used to send me the money for my studies. After that i stayed in a hostel and continued my further studies. Shehnaz bi used to come occasionally to see me. And i never learnt about relationships and always wanted someone who loves me a lot. My father used to call me once in a week. I hated him a lot that i stopped speaking to him for a long time. Now I don't depend on him. I started earning my own money. Today I have a job in Sanjeevani, I have mu life, my Riddhima who loves me a lot and soon i will be having my kids. I will have my own family who will be the world for me riddhima.

Now in my life, I have only you Riddhima. I really love you so much and can never imagine my life without you.

Riddhima is having watery eyes and Armaan is now crying bitterly and hugs her tightly and riddhima caresses him as if a mother caresses his son when he cries for something. (lol...)

Riddhima: Armaan.... Please armaan ro mat.... I am there for you. Main tumhe kabhi akela chod ke nahin jaoongi. Main bhi tumhare bina nahi jee sakti hoon. Aur haan, mai bhi tumhe utana hi pyaar karti hoon jitna tum mujhse pyaar karte ho. I also love you a lot.

Riddhima controls armaan and she also gives him the confidence that she also loves him the same.

Armaan becomes normal and now with a naughty tone.

Armaan: You know something riddhima, I always know that you love me. Even after our breakup during our internship, i knew it. And suddenly remembering of an incident happened during holi.

Now armaan is smiling to himself.

Riddhima: Armaan.... Why are you laughing?

Armaan: Uss din... Holi....

Riddhima: Haan holi... (Assume that she doesn't know anything about the things happened after holi and armaan did not tell her about what happened between them any time to her).

Armaan: Theek hai... But you should not get angry with me cause i never told you anything about that.

Riddhima: Ok ok... Please batao na!!!

Armaan: That day, you ate the laddoo's which were mixed with bhang. U lost your senses and started.... (laughing)

Riddhima: (Now getting tensed as she doesn't have any idea about what had happened during the holi day) And started..... Kya? Armaan please jaldi bolo na... Please Armaan...

Armaan: (Enjoying and laughing to look at her so enthusiastic to know about what happened) And you started singing JAI JAI SHIV SHANKAR......

(Riddhima has a confused and tensed expression on her face)

And he continued: I saw you singing and took you to your home and he tells her everything about what happened outside her house...

Armaan: And you know, we entered your house and you jumped on my back telling that I am your horse. (Laughing again)

Riddhima: Armaan... Phir kya hua??

Armaan: You started singing CHAL MERE GODE TIC TIC TIC...

Riddhima gets embarrassed and is hiding her face in his chest.

Armaan: Aur jaanti ho, uske baad tumne mujhse kya kaha tha...

Riddhima: Kya?

Armaan: I made you sleep on your bed and you told me that

Armaan please mujhe chod ke mat jao. I love you Armaan. Main tumhare bina nahi jee sakti hoon. Bus thats it. You went back to sleep and i kissed you on your forehead and i left.

Armaan: Do you know how i felt after that? (Not allowing her to speak and continuing to talk) I felt that someday you will realise that you will come back to me in my life. I felt really happy. After our break up, it was the first time i smiled happily and I slept peacefully.

Riddhima's expressions change from happy and embarrassing to sad. He notices that and doesn't want to spoil their mood and tries to make the situation happy.

Armaan: But basket you are really bad.

Riddhima: (Confused and is unable to predict why he told that) K.y.u.n... ?

Armaan: I kissed you on your forehead on that day but you didn't return it to me. Till now... (Stressing the word TILL)

Riddhima: Armaan... (Smiling to herself) and kisses him on his forehead as well as cheek.

Riddhima: Hmm... the second kiss for making you sad sweetu.

Armaan: Sweetu?

Riddhima: Hmm... You are only my sweetu.

Armaan: Ok then, I will order coffee and breakfast for both of us. You go and fresh up. We will go out for shopping.


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